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    The Steel Blue Eyed Stud

    The Steel Blue Eyed Stud: Part 1

    There was this instant level of comfort when we started speaking, as though we had known each other for a long time and this was just another conversation we were having. Yet, it was our first. I love it when two men are so comfortable with themselves that they can be completely comfortable with each other. And that we were. We knew what we wanted from each other. Casual sex. From the pictures we shared, there was definitely a physical attraction. We had similar body styles, medium height, bulky, healthy, shaved heads, decent definition… and we had similar desires. We agreed to meet, and since it was mid-September it was perfect weather for an outdoor meeting in the woods.

    We parked our cars near each other, and when he rolled down his window it seemed we both got the same excited feeling. His pictures, as good as they looked, did the actual man little justice. Inside I was saying WOW – and I think he could tell by the look on my face and the heavy bulge in my shorts that I liked what I saw. After a handshake and a hello, he offered for me to get into the passenger seat of his car. We were both from the local area, and he knew of a park where we could hike. The lot was empty when we arrived, and we started down the long trail. We walked hand in hand as though we had been dating for months. It was the first time I ever strolled with another man out in the open holding hands. It felt so great, and I loved being so close to him as we walked and chatted. He was so damned handsome. Shaved head with light blonde fuzz, beautiful steely blue eyes, that gym built body, and a friendly welcoming way about him that just made me want to be around him more and more. I couldn’t wait to kiss him.

    We found a bend in the path that would block the view of anyone coming down the trail, and went off path about 30 feet behind this very wide tree so we were hidden from sight, yet could easily keep an eye on the trail in either direction. We knew at the moment we were in total seclusion, and that gave us the freedom to focus on each other. Looking into his eyes, it ignited me. I had to have him right then and there. An adrenalized surge of excitement rushed through me during that ˝ second when our faces shot toward each other and our lips parted. His scent, his heat, and his aura hit me first followed immediately by the solid contact with his body and the softness of his kiss. I advanced on him as our tongues entwined and backed him up against the tree. My arms bent at the elbows and wrapped around the upper part of his torso above where his strong back was pressed against the bark of the tree. He put his arms around my lower back and pulled me in tight, kissing me deeper and forcing our crotches to slam together. My cock was getting hard, and I could feel his growing as our shafts mashed into each others. The thin fabric of our shorts barely made much of a barrier between our two cocks. Damn… it was so hot. He had these thick muscular soccer-player legs covered heavily in blonde hair, and they felt incredible rubbing against my own strong hairy legs. The manly strength of our two bodies embraced together put me in a sexual state that can only be reached when two men are bonding. It’s not a feeling I get to experience often, so I force myself to remain acutely aware of it – savoring every second. To put it plainly, this hot fucker had me so turned on I could barely stand it – and we were only kissing. I still couldn’t believe what a familiar and comforting feeling I had being with him, like we were long time boyfriends. The typical lack of emotion that exists on “hook ups” wasn’t an issue here. There was a warmth and a closeness that I’m not sure either one of us was expecting. It felt amazing. HE… felt amazing.

    My hands started tugging at his shirt, and soon it was lifted over his head and dropped to the ground. That same hot blonde hair that covered his legs, coated his entire torso. Not too much, but just enough. His nipples were so sexy, I could not resist them. I started kissing and licking my way down his neck and shoulders and worked my way down to his pecs and nips. The taste of him sent charges through my cock. I could feel the precum oozing out and soaking up my briefs. I knew they would be coming off soon. But I had to have more of him first. The way he was moaning and breathing told me not to change course just yet. I kept up on his nipples and had my hands on his abs and sides. The valley in the center of his chest between his pecs was bridged with that blonde hair, and had a scent of some type of cologne or body lotion. All I know is it smelled so good on him, especially when mixed with his light perspiration and the clean woodsy air. It turned me on more and more. My cock was pulsing at this point, and the precum seemed to be churning out with each pulse.

    I stood up and we kissed again, this time even deeper as the passion and adrenaline was kicking up inside of us. The feeling of his thick tongue and strong jaw simultaneously melted my insides and sent surges of adrenaline through every nerve. He ripped off my tank top and it dropped right next to his on the ground. Our hands were roaming all over each others backs and asses, our fingers finding their way under the waistbands of our shorts. In the next instant our hands were on the bare skin of our ass cheeks, squeezing the firm and hairy round globes while we pilled each other in tighter. Our cocks and chests were bumping while we kept up on our all-out tongue war. I remember glancing up and down the trail to see if anyone was coming, yet not really giving a fuck. There was no way I was stopping.

    I started back down his neck, his pecs, and to his abs with my mouth. I could feel his hands on my bald head, gently indicating he wanted me to go down further. I was all too happy to oblige, and my tongue trailed down his abs until my chin made contact with the waistband of his shorts. Then I dropped to my knees and brought his shorts down to his ankles. His hard dick sprang outward at the sudden release and met my face with a thud. I grabbed his shaft and guided it into my mouth. This guy had a great cock. Thick, with a good 7 inches on him or more. He had a set of heavy balls that were lightly coated with that awesome blonde fuzz, and his bush was thick and strong. OMG I was on fire for him. His big head stretched my lips open pretty wide and on my first thrust inward I gagged a little. I think he liked that. On my next thrust I relaxed my throat more and was able to get him further down. I kept up my assault on this dick and with my left hand stroked his shaft while I sucked. That intensity had him going wild. The excitement of being outdoors with the risk of being caught was such a turn on for both of us. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and yet it felt like it was something I was naturally made for. He tasted so good. A perfect mix of cock sweat, skin, and precum. FUCK!!! I kept up the pace on his cock, and he humped my face in perfect rhythm. His thick dick felt so good in my mouth. I didn’t want to stop. But after a few minutes he pulled out and I stood up. I guess he felt it was time I got some too. I was ready.

    We kissed again, and this time it was a kiss that felt like we got lost in each other. I could smell and taste his dick on my mouth, so I knew he could too. I thought that was really hot. For you married and/or bi-guys out there, ever notice that once you go down on a woman they no longer want to kiss? That’s the way it’s been with me, and is one of many reasons why sex with guys is more awesome. There are so many less boundaries, and our level of ‘nasty’ is way up there. I fuckin’ love it. We finally pulled away from our kiss, and our eyes met. He had this look on his face of total comfort and contentment combined with passion and heat. He didn’t waste a moment and knelt down to suck my cock. He had his face even with my crotch and pulled down my shorts. My cock was raging hard and dripping pre-cum like a faucet that wasn’t completely closed. I get a lot of pre-cum and he was finding that out. He took my wet dick and slid it into his mouth. Looking down at his shaved head bobbing in and out on my cock was quite a sight. His tongue was thick and wide, and I could feel it wrapped around the entire bottom half of my shaft. I guess you could say he was half-piping me, hehe. His lips made a perfect seal around my entire shaft and the sloppy wet suction he was creating made my cock feel like it was going to explode right then and there. He easily downed my 6 inch slim prick and he was blowing my mind as well as my dick. I’m a moaner, and I couldn’t hold back the grunts and groans from what he was doing to me. He responded by palming my ass cheeks and pulling me in harder. I was fucking this hot stud’s face. The more he sensed how much I was going wild from it, the more he intensified his sucking. I was getting weak in my knees, but I fought to keep steady so I didn’t lose a moment of being inside his amazing mouth. My balls were barely able to keep the cum from exploding out and he knew I was close. The sounds coming out of me were getting louder and deeper, and we both could tell my ability to hold my load back was moments away from failing. His head was going like a piston engine and he had me ready for some big time combustion.

    I told him I was going to cum. I wanted to give him the opportunity to pull off in case he wasn’t a swallower. To my delight, he was. He stayed the course and sucked me like a champ. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and the first shot of cum blasted from my cock. I love that feeling of being helpless to stop it. The automatic eruption of man juice is the greatest feeling in the world, and it jetted out of me over and over. I was moaning and sweating as he gulped and milked my cock for more and more batter. My knees felt like jelly and my body bucked and shook. Then the most amazing thing happened. He pulled off and stood up to kiss me. When I saw his face coming up to meet mine his eyes were closed, he was all flushed, and surrounding his parted lips were ropes of my fresh white cream. His lips jammed onto mine and immediately I felt my warm cum wet my mouth and chin. His tongue invaded my mouth and the thick taste of my cum and his kiss washed into me. It was one of the most amazing flavors I’ve ever tasted. The sneaky fucker was saving some of my load in his mouth and it gushed between our lips, around our tongues, and down our chins. The hotness of the moment sent us into a passionate kissing frenzy. At that moment if anyone was walking on the trail they would have been treated to quite a scene, because neither one of us gave a fuck anymore.

    As we kept kissing my hand found its way back to his big dick which was still throbbing and hard as a rock. I stroked him a few times, and the focus gently shifted from our wet cum kiss to his cock. I knew there was still some enjoyable work to be done and I knelt back down to take him on. I sucked on him with a fever and wild desire. I only cared about making him cum. Within a couple of minutes I had him ready to blow. I was willing to return the favor and drink him down, but he put one hand on the top of my bald head and pushed it back. Then with his other hand he grasped his cock and stroked it over my face. In a few quick strokes he started blasting cum all over my head. I could feel the warm strands landing on my scalp and across my cheeks. His hand was already massaging his cum into the top of my bald head, mixing with my sweat and creating a lather that absorbed into my skin. I knew at that moment I’d have him as a part of me forever. Then he guided his cockhead around my face, collecting the cum he just sprayed all over me and fed it into my mouth. Holy shit was that hot. I was his cock and cum worshipper, and all I wanted was to be fed more of his delicious hot jizz. I could feel between my lips that his cock was starting to soften and when he pulled out his dick flopped down onto his balls, soaked in my saliva and the remainder of his cum. There is a mental snapshot in my mind of how beautiful that wet cum-drained cock looked with my spit and his cum lining the shaft and caught up in his bush. I shoved my face forward into it, and bathed my face in his floppy cock and big heavy balls. I wanted to make sure I smelled like him for hours. Then I inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. I remember how it smelled to this day.

    Once we finally settled down a bit, we hiked our shorts back up and started to smile and laugh. Our mood was so light and easy, and our bodies felt incredible. We exited the woods the same way we entered, hand in hand as though we took walks like this every weekend. Our conversation was just as comfortable and familiar. He mentioned to me that he had never swallowed cum like that before, and that was a first for him. He didn’t know what came over him to do it, but he was so turned on he wanted it. This guy just continued to blow my mind. Near the end of the trail where the parking lot was, we spotted another car parked and a middle aged couple walking toward us. I wonder if they caught the grins on our faces, as the good fortune of the timing was not lost on us. Oh… if they had only shown up five minutes earlier.
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