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    The Football Player, The Genius, and The Rapper

    Chapter One

    In the Classroom all Jayson could hear was the sound of pencils scratching across paper. It was finals. Jayson Had studied all month for this was the final that would make or break his college career. Being a basketball star was not easy, On top of maintaining a 4.0 gpa, as well as memorizing basketball plays and on top of that making sure that Leo's homework was correct via. email, as well as making it to everyone of Jared's shows, He had to practice constantly. Even though all of this would have stressed the ordinary 22 years old student out, this was a calming bliss compared to the past four years of his life..as he picked up his test and made his way to the professor, each step he took reminded him of where he had come from...

    One step gave him a flash back of when he met Leonardo Jones in the tenth grade and they made love for the first time, another step reminded him of how Jared Reyes had always supported him through out everything and was always on his side, another reminded him of the Death of his friend Donte' from three years back at a house party from overdosing, another reminded him of the time when he was kidnapped and as he finally escaped, Leo was right there waiting for him, as he reached the professors desk and handed over his test, the last thing he was reminded of was watching Leo get on an air-plane to Alabama to pursue his football career...

    "Mr. James.." The professor said looking at Jayson, "Done already?"

    Jayson had finished his test way ahead of anybody in the class in fact he was the first.

    "Yes Professor.."

    "And you've looked over all the answers.."

    "Yes professor.." Jason replied sarcastically.

    Professor Lanner let out a sigh as he removed his glasses, “Look.." he said but now he seemed to be at the level of a whisper, "You do know this the last game before the final four right..We need our best player out there, if we win-"

    "Professor you don't have to remind me, I aced it.." Jayson smiled, Professor Lanner seemed to be a little relieved himself.

    "Good....well off you go Mr. James..And Tell Leonardo its all about the SAINTS!"

    Jayson Smiled again before leaving the classroom. Jayson and Leo's relationship had been public knowledge since they were in the 10th grade. When the country had heard the story of a football star rescuing his basketball star boyfriend from kidnappers, it kind of became an international story.

    Jayson walked outside and for the first time in hours felt the sun beaming on his face. The cold from the classroom seem to wash away with every second. As he looked toward his car he saw a familiar figure sitting on his trunk.

    "Why you always sittin on my car like its okay?" Jayson asked Jokingly, Jared blew out the smoke from his Black and Mild cigar, "Because it is okay, you passed yo tes?" Jared asked, "Yea.." Jayson simply replied, "What's wit all the traffic..and why is everybody runnin around crazy.." Jayson asked noticing the pandemonium going on around him, "and..is..is that a news Van??"

    Jared's expression seemed to change from calmness to a slight annoyance, "Well You're B-"

    "Mr. James Mr. James" a reporter shouted running towards them, Jayson looked at Jared for answers but he just closed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. The reporter was a middle aged white woman with slightly messy hair, the heat had caused her skin to turn a slight red hue, "Mr. James.." She said one again, "I just have a few questions I'd like to ask you concerning this weekends Basketball game.."

    "Umm..Sure" Jayson replied.

    "Thanks..John..camera.." She said to the husky Cameraman named John.

    "We're rolling Stace..", the reporter brushed her hair to give a somewhat professional appearance, causing Jayson to roll his eyes.

    "This Is Stacey Carr with Channel 5 news. Right now we have Cumberland’s Star Player Jayson James. Jayson has led Cumberland this far into the play-offs with him impressive skills, as well as his strategic plays. Now Jayson.." Stacey said turning toward Jayson, "How Does it feel to have led you team to the Elite Eight.."

    "Umm It feels pretty great, our team is still strong, and If we continue to play like we are we should have no problem making it to the final four.." Jayson replied. Jared smiled a little, it always makes him feel a little warm inside when he watches Jayson take the interviews.

    "Nice.." Stacey replied, "Well now that you have Mr. Jones here with you shouldn’t"

    "Umm," Jayson said turning around to Jared, "This isn't he's not Leonardo Jones.."

    "I Know.." Stacey said Causing Jayson to look confused, "He's right over there." She said pointing to a guy across the parking lot taking pictures with different students.

    Jared's smile disappeared instantly and He looked over at Jayson who he could see was fighting the urge run across the parking lot.

    "Miss Carr.. are we done?" Jayson asked without taking his eyes off of Leo.

    “Uhh but Mr. James, I've just start-"
    "Miss Carr...you're done" Jared said stepping in between them.

    Jayson stared at Leo until finally he saw him catch his eye...Leo dropped the phone he was holding, and Jayson could see the young lady was upset, but Leo turned and was now walking towards Jayson..

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    The Football Player, The Genius, and The Rapper

    Chapter Two

    Jayson could see him. It wasn't a thought, It wasn't an Instagram picture. It wasn't via Skype... he was right here. As Leo got closer Jayson could smell the scent of his cologne growing stronger and it was just as he remembered it from just a year ago.....

    One Year ago...

    Jayson and Leo sat at the table staring at each other. It was loud due to the busy traffic of people and machines moving throughout the air port. It was 11:32 am and Leo was to take a flight directly to Alabama from L.A. at 1 in the afternoon. Jayson had picked Leo up from his house which was empty because his father who married Art dealer Sinclair Vega, Mother of Victor Vega (Veevee) and Jason Vega, had run off to Paris. Lorenzo Jones (Rizzo), Leo's younger brother had been at school that morning taking exams. No one was there to say goodbye to Leo except Jayson who was now sitting across from him. "You not gon eat?" Leo asked, Jayson shook his head and said "Nah!" Leo gave him a sideways look, "I know you're hungry, why not just get something, I'll pay for it.." Jayson shook his head again, "I'm alright."

    "No you're not, you haven't said anything since we got out of the car...you knew this day was gonna come right?!"

    "But that don't make this any easier just cuz I knew.. you're about to leave and I can't stop you.."


    "I don't wanna stop you, I just...you goin to Alabama, I mean, Iíll be in Atlanta so it ainít that far. I just think about how every time we get separated somethin always,"

    "Stop!" Leo whispered. Jayson could tell that he wanted to yell by the look on his face and how hard he said it,"Jayson I donít wanna think about it like that, we can see each other all the time. On weekends breaks. But in between during semesters we gotta buckle down and be serious, I can't play ball if im thinking about if you're okay all the time."

    Jayson just stared, "I can't play if im thinking about you being worried about me..I can take care of myself."

    "And I need to Know that.." Leo said leaning forward, "I need to know that even though im away from you that you know I love you and nobody else. You have to be okay with me being away.."

    "Do you..after everything, can you really say that.." Jayson asked. The two of them had been through so many obstacles and overcome so much strain, that in fact this was the first time that they had really feared losing each other.

    "I almost lost you forever..."

    Jayson Knew Leo was referring to the time that he was stabbed, "Im not Losing you ever again..but even though im not with you your always on my mind..I love you because I chose to not because I have to." Leo smiled.

    Jayson smiled, "I just wanna know that your thinking about me as much as im thinking about you and i'll be okay.."

    "You promise?" Leo asked,

    "...No.." Jayson smiled, But Leo knew that he meant yes..

    The Two of them sat near the gate for almost an hour when they heard the stewardess over the p.a. system announce that Leo's flight would be boarding. They watched as the few passengers who were actually catching the flight stood up and gathered their belongings. They watched as all the passengers crossed through the gate until the walked over and Leo handed his boarding pass to the stewardess. "You should have boarded way earlier.." She pointed out, "We called this number in the first few groups."

    "Im sorry.." Leo said, "I..I must've missed it." He said looking over at Jayson, who was looking out the window trying to avoid eye contact with the lady. Leo looked down and saw Jayson's hand was clinched into a fist..He was fighting back his tear.

    "Jayson I have to go.."

    Jayson was still looking out the window..

    "Iíll call you when I get there.." Leo tried again,

    Jayson still didn't turn around,

    "Jay say something.." Leo said almost in tears himself, Jayson turned around, and to Leo's surprise he was smiling, But wasn't shocked to see that his face was in fact covered in tears.. "I Love you more than you will ever know..call me when you get there.."

    Jayson said trying his hardest no to run into Leo's arms, but when Leo grabbed him and pulled him in to hug him and he found himself wrapped in Leo's arms he couldn't help but cry. The boy He loved for 4 years was leaving him and he had to let him go...

    One year later..

    Jayson stood there as Leo looked him in the face, "Hey Jay.." Leo said, the words seemed to run so smoothly that Jayson could hear the sincerity in his voice,

    "Hey Leo.." Jayson replied, The sound of Jayson's voice seemed to force a smile on Leo's face and before he knew it Jayson was wrapped in Leo's arms just like in the air port one year ago when he said goodbye, now it was as if Leo was reclaiming Godís gift to him.

    "Mr. James, Mr. Jones, Leo, Jayson!!" The shouts seemed to come from all directions. As the two of them looked around the saw a crowd mixed with students and reporters, and phones and news cameras. They looked at each other and it felt as though there was nobody there but them.

    "Mr. Jones," One reporters voice stuck out, When Jayson caught a glimpse of the man his suit had been dishevelled and his toupee had been rearranged in an odd position."Mr. Jones, Greg Douglas channel 8" Stacey let out a grunt as she saw the News man close in on the boys,

    "Mr. Jones," Greg continued, "As the Crimson tides lead receiver, MVP from last years championship, and Heisman hopeful, It goes without question that you will be a number 1 draft choice in the near future."

    The boys looked at each other confused and looked back to Greg, "My question is who are you looking forward to going to as far as the NFL is concerned.."

    "Umm.." Leo started still holding Jayson in his arms, "I haven't given it much thought but.."

    as Jayson listened to Leo, in the distance he could see Jared. Jayson could tell that he was not amused, pleased, or happy about anything that was going on right now. He shook his head flicked his black and mild and walked off. Jayson couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

    As Leo was talking He noticed the shift in Jayson attitude. He looked over in the direction that Jayson was watching and saw Jared's tantrum. Leo then looked at Jayson. Jayson could see the confused look on Leo's face. In that moment he could feel Leo grip him tighter, and Jayson smiled. Leo then smiled again and continued talking to Greg. Jayson turned back to look for Jared but all he saw was his cigar burning on the ground...

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