Wondering if the JUB subscribers might help me. I read an erotic story four or five months ago. There were actually three parts to the story as I remember and it was a very enjoyable read. Unfortunately, I failed to save the link to the story anywhere, so now I have no idea where to find it and no way of knowing if it was continued. Google searches have yielded no promising results. I'll describe it to the best of my ability - The story begins with a man in his thirties who works from home. His job involves reviewing sex toys for some website. The man has a wife but she doesn't figure into the story very much. They live in a coastal town in Oregon or Washington state I think. She is a cruise director and is gone for weeks at a time. This means her husband has lots of free time since he is pretty much left to his own devices for extended periods of time. He has a lot of kinks and likes getting naked and watching straight and bisexual porn on the big screen TV in the living room.

The story really begins when his wife is preparing to leave for her job one day and he notices some new neighbors have moved in next door. He can see them frolicking in their back yard through a line of bushes. He quickly realizes that there are a number of young guys in the back yard of the house next door and one of the dudes in buck ass naked. He even points this fact out to his wife as she is preparing to walk out the door. Anyway, she leaves and he entertains some dirty thoughts about the naked young guy next door. He determines to go over the very next day to introduce himself on the pretense of welcoming the newcomers to the neighborhood.

He goes with great trepidation to the house next door bearing an offering of beer. One of the young guys answers and when the man is found to have beer, he is quickly ushered inside. He finds the college age guys are living in the typical college age guy fashion: sparsely furnished living room, already beer stains on the carpet and an unmistakable odor of marijuana. Also a subtle odor which can only be sperm. Our man from next door in introduced to the three guys who live there. He finds the guys to be very easy going, friendly and welcoming and of course they very much appreciate the beer. The three young dudes inform that there is a fourth dude who lives with them. The older man deduces that this must be the nudist from the previous afternoon since he has not been introduced to him yet.

Sure enough, his friends inform the young nudist, who is doing something mysterious in his bedroom, that they have a visitor and also that he should stop masturbating and would he please put on a pair of shorts. The hot young blond nudist trots into the living room where he warmly greets the friendly older dude from next door. The young blond nudist is so friendly and so outgoing, the older man takes an instant liking to him. You get the feeling that the young hot blond man is very easy. The younger guy can't help but like his new older friend. (The younger guy really is devoted to nudism. Apparently he only throws on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some flip-flops to go to class or just a pair of shorts for company. No under-ware.)

The five guys all become well acquainted. The older man invites the four over to use his pool and to skinny dip, which of course the young guys cannot say no to. They tromp over the next day and do just that. After an hour or so of horseplay and beer the young guys leave to go to work or class leaving just the young blond nudist and the older man. The thirty year old hairy chested guy invites his younger, very handsome guest inside for more refreshments and to maybe watch the boob tube. Once inside, the younger guy inquires what his older friend does for a living. The answer he receives shocks and delights him when he hears his new neighbor writes reviews about marital aids. Or sex toys. He also notices that there are a large number of porn DVDs stored in the cabinet under the TV and that a significant portion of those DVDs are bi-sex MMF DVDs. He mentions about the bi-sex MMF DVDs to the owner and is warmly invited to pop one in. Being a free spirit and being committed to trying everything at least once, he chooses one which looks to be heavy on MM and pops it in.

To make an already long synopsis a bit shorter, the young guy is lovingly jacked off and has his butt played with and cums. This begins a relationship between the older guy and the young nudist and to a lesser degree with the nudist's three room mates.

What I just described took place in part one of the story. I believe there was a second and third part. In the third part, all five of the guys go on a nude hiking adventure. They were just heading into the woods when part three ended. I would really like to find out what happens next.

I know my post is long and my writing style atrocious, but I wanted you to get a sense of what went on in the story, since I can't for the life of me remember a title or the names of any of the characters. Please, if you know what story this is, let me know

Sincerely, It's Driving Me Crazy