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Thread: Hi Bi

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    Hi Bi

    Here we are, legs entwined
    With your come in my behind.
    We just finished fucking hard.
    You came inside with all your heart.

    Now I’m yours. You’re deep inside –
    Fused into me, I feel such pride.
    Your creamy come has a new home
    And never from you will I roam.

    Now we wash up in the bath
    Soapy hands on cock and ass.
    With lots of kisses, lots of tongue
    And thinking of you in my bum.

    My mind moves back to your sweet cock
    How back and forth my head might rock.
    Now I can’t wait to give you head
    The moment we are back in bed.

    I take your hand to lead you there.
    To taste your come is my sweet prayer.
    Between the sheets we neatly slip
    And soon your cock is in my grip.

    My tongue extends to touch the tip
    And tastes some pre-come, your first drip.
    Soon my mouth slides down around
    Your long firm shaft and we are bound.

    Then back and forth you pulse within
    With firm intent, my heart to win.
    Then suddenly a leaping gush
    And I am yours in tasting love.

    It feels so good your slippery cream
    Fulfilment of a lover’s dream.
    It tastes of salt, perhaps chlorine
    And slippery silky love supreme.

    Now I’ve had you in both ends
    Proving we are more than friends.
    We’ll sleep together close entwined
    And wake up in a love divine.

    We’ll go to part -- and realize
    We must rejoin in loving sighs.
    Then we’ll kiss and fuck and play
    On and on throughout the day.

    Then we’ll sleep again entwined
    And wake again in love so fine.

    I must describe in more detail
    How it feels when you impale
    My behind with your cupid’s shaft
    And capture me in loving craft.

    I feel your firm and tender knob
    Pressed gainst my bum hole, seem to throb
    With tender loving firm intent
    To penetrate so we’ll be blent.

    I feel the pressure building thus
    Till it gives way to your loving thrust.
    Suddenly your head is in
    and your shaft and it begins.

    I am filled with ecstasy
    As we unite in full degree.
    I feel your pelvis, pubic hair
    Pressed firm against my derrière.

    I know you’re in me to the hilt
    On and on as I am filled
    With each loving thrust you push
    Deeper still into my tush.

    But deeper still goes Cupid’s dart
    Into the center of my heart
    And when I feel you gush within
    Here it ends and it begins.

    When you pull out, I realize
    You’re still within, with loving sigh.
    With a few steps I walk away
    But you’re still with me in this way
    And we’re together in one bod
    Thanks to your thrusting gushing rod.

    You followed me to reunite.
    You kiss me and you hold me tight.
    And I am yours and you are mine
    Because your come’s in my behind.
    And I am helpless in this bond
    Yet strengthened in our lover’s song.

    We slow dance naked to a song
    By who else but Elton John.

    I can be bi for just a while
    Then I need women to make me smile.
    I need to fuck them and to suck them
    And forever to be up them.
    To suck their tits or I lose my wits
    And have her at last or I’ll have fits.

    So there it is – once said and done
    Bi in a dream is just in fun.
    It’s a beautiful dream but still second-best
    And only with women is final success.[?...]
    To each his own is the right way
    To laugh and love in every day.

    If this poem got you hot
    And you are gay or bi, so what?
    We’re all some bi, is what I think
    With a nod or with a wink
    On the surface or down deep,
    We realize or else we sleep

    Unaware that it is there
    Till we wake up and look and stare.

    [Any emotion fully expressed, leads back to
    Love and true heart’s desire.]

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    Re: Hi Bi

    Wonderful and creative. I salute you. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Hi Bi

    Thanks Rickrock.

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    Re: Hi Bi

    (Meant to add) Glad you enjoyed it.
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    Re: Hi Bi

    I really like it.

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