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    Took a while, but he came back

    One of my first regular feeders was a straight guy I had met online in a “BiCurM4M” room for my area. He was mid-20s, tall, single, great shape, and a really nice cock, about 7 or 8”, cut and of average thickness, and completely shaven, not that his body had any hair anywhere else either.

    We had a lot of good fun for years when out of the blue he told me that he only wanted to play with women. I was going to miss our fun, but he wanted what he wanted and I wasn’t going to throw a fit about it or something.

    One night I was watching some late-night TV and was thinking about heading to bed and rubbing one out before going to sleep, when I heard my IM chime.

    “Hey,” It started. “Are you there?” I looked at the profile and to my surprise found it was him.


    “How’s it going?”

    “Ok. Getting late, so did you want something?” I wasn’t being rude, but I hadn’t heard from him in years. In that

    time I knew he’d gotten married and I hadn’t seen anything of him online or anywhere else.

    “Well. I was wondering…”

    “Here it comes,” I thought.

    “Would you maybe be interested in getting together?”

    I asked, “For coffee or something else?”

    “Something else.”

    “Tell me what you want.” I was going to make him work for it.

    “What we used to do.”

    “No. You tell me exactly what you want. Then I’ll think about it. Best I can do.”

    “I want to have you suck my cock.”

    “That’s better, but why?”

    “Because I miss it.”

    “Yeah? All these years and you didn’t miss it before. Now you just show up and want me to blow you? Just like

    that? Find me again sometime and we’ll talk more. “

    Two nights later another IM, “Hey.”


    “Sorry about last time. I know you have every right to be pissed.”

    “Not pissed, “ I said, “Just not that easy to pick up and not know anything about why, or if this is just some quick thing, or what is it?”

    A few long moments later he started typing. “Well, I thought I knew what I wanted, but I guess I didn’t. Things changed. She changed. I changed. I love her but miss stuff you know?”

    “Like what?”

    “The fun we used to have. A while back we hit a rough spot and I started thinking about you. I used to jack off now and then, thinking about stuff we did now and then, but when it got really rough I started jacking off a lot more.”

    I was curious. “What was rough?”

    “Stuff with her. Stuff I don’t really want to share if that’s ok?”

    “No problem,” I said. I wasn’t all that interested anyway, in case it was some drama. “So it got rough and…?”

    “So anyway,” He started. “One night things got the better of me and I wanted to see if you were still online and got lucky I guess. Your online name is different, but I recognize the profile.”

    “So you IMed?”

    “At first I just jacked off looking at your pics. But eventually I had to IM you. I really miss playing with you.”


    “So would there be any way you might want to get together? I know I probably shouldn't hope.”

    “So what is it you want?”


    “I know that! Lol “, I said. “But are you just looking for a one time thing, or just until you want to go all

    straight again, or what?”

    “I’d really like it if we could get together more like we used to.”

    “That’s going to be harder, since we’re both married nowadays.”

    “Yeah. Maybe we can work something out?”

    “Well, as luck would have it my wife works nghts. So if you want to meet now, then here’s your chance, before Is
    start thinking too much and change my mind.”


    “Really. I always loved sucking on that nice cock of yours. BUT, same deal as when we used to do this. Remember?”

    “Yeah. Never forgot. That’s what made it hot. When?”

    “As soon as you get here. Door’s open!“

    “I’ll be there in a few.”

    I prepped my living room, throwing some thick blankets down on the carpet, turning off a few lights, and stripping naked.

    A few minutes later I heard him open the door as I sat on my knees in the middle of the floor. He saw me and started stripping. He did remember how we did things as he was only in a Tee, running shorts, and sandals. I saw his cock was already hard as he pulled down his shorts after taking his Tee and sandals off.
    He walked over to me, his cock hard and a drop of precum at the slit.

    I could tell he was nervous, but I wasn’t, and I reached up and grabbed his cock and brought it to my mouth, licking the head for a moment before swallowing as much of his hard cock as I could.

    He moaned deeply and I could feel his legs shaking. “Fuck, I’ve missed your mouth!”

    I could feel his legs shaking , and looking up I saw he had his head tilted back, as I suck his cock deep into my mouth again and again. He was ever so slightly thrusting his hips, not quite fucking my mouth, when his legs started shaking more. He widened his stance, and I increased the speed of his cock thrusting into my mouth.

    “Oh, fuck. If this keeps up I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum…”

    I took my mouth off his cock and gestured towards the couch, not wanting it to be over in the first two minutes of our reunion or sorts. He promptly sat down and spread his legs wide. From my kneeling position in front of him . I looked at his hard cock laying against his stomach, his smooth-shaven big ball hanging down, and from under his balls the ring of his asshole.

    “You’re getting what you want, “I started, “but you know what I want.” He nodded and grasped his cock with one hand, starting to slowly stroke it. He laid back a bit, scooting his ass forward, and spread his legs wider. Then
    I saw what I was wanting: His middle finger started slowly circling the ring of his asshole. He watched as I stroked my cock, knowing that watching him finger his ass always got me hotter and harder.

    “It’s been a while since I did this,” he said a bit shyly. Taking his hand from his ass, he spit on his finger, then slid it back, working his finger slowly into his asshole. I reached out and started rubbing his balls gently with one hand as I stroked my cock with the other. He finger was deeper in his ass as I watched him stroking his cock. He had worked his finger almost all the way into his ass and was clearly enjoying it when I leaned over and started licking his balls. He stopped finger-fucking his ass when I did this, so I stopped my licking. Taking the hint, he started fingering his ass again, and I laved his balls with my tongue. Slowly I worked my way toward his cock and he stopped stroking himself as my tongue reached the base of his cock.

    I grasped his cock, stroking it for a moment, before bring my mouth down around it, feeling the soft skin of his engorged cockhead as I started filling my mouth with his cock.

    “Mmmmmmm!” He moaned as I worked his cock with my lips and tongue. I could feel his hand moving beneath my chin as he continued fucking his asshole with his finger. “God, I’ve been wanting this!”

    Stopping my cocksucking for a moment, I said, “Whose fault’s that?” Then I plunged my mouth back down onto his cock. I could taste precum leaking from his slit and licked at his slit. That always got a moan from him, and now was no exception.

    “Oh, fuck, man! I know. I’m sorry. I thought I was done with guys, but…”, he trailed off.

    “But…?” I asked around his cock.

    “But… I don’t know. Fuck, that feels good! I just… Missed it. Missed you. Fuck, man, you haven’t missed a lick.”

    Then we laughed a little, realizing what he just said.

    “And…?” I asked, his cock still hard and hot in my mouth. This is where I was going to make him work for it.

    He was silent for a bit, except for a moan that escaped him now and then, as I continued to work his cock in my mouth and he kept working his finger in his ass.

    I stopped sucking and looked him in the eyes. “Look,"I said."This can be a one time thing if you want, but I think we both know that probably isn’t going to do it.” He shook his head a bit. “Good, “I said, giving his cock a few slow strokes, “Then tell me what you want, and you know how to say it.”

    “Whew… You don’t make this easy, do you? “ Then he was silent for a few moments. I stayed put, kneeling there on the folded blankets on the floor, slowly stroking his cock.

    “I’m not trying to make this difficult, but you know what turns me on as much as I know what turns you on. So speak up!”

    He shut his eyes, took in a deep breath, and quietly said,. “I want to be your faggot feeder.”

    “What? Tell me like you mean it.” Then I sucked his cock back deep into my mouth once again.

    This time he blurted it out, “Suck my fag cock!” I felt his cock twitch and grow harder in my mouth as soon as he said it. “MMM, yeah. I’m your faggot feeder. Oh, fuck!” Precum was flowing from his slit and I could feel and taste every drop of it. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I cannot begin to say what a thrill I get hearing a straight guy with my cock in his mouth call himself “faggot” and such! It amuses me, and turns me on
    immensely, that I’m the one with a hard cock in my mouth and he’s the one calling himself, “Fag.”

    Once it was out, it was like the dam burst and years of pent up (“repressed” would be a better word) sexual wants came cascading out. His words were a steady stream of calling himself a “fag” and “faggot”, and calling me “cocksucker”, saying how much he missed my mouth and wanted to get back to doing all the things we used to do. I nodded, enjoying the effect of him letting it all loose, as I sucked his cock.

    Just for a moment I stopped sucking, wanting to to see him working his hole. He’d actually worked another finger deep into his asshole and was fucking himself hard and deep. Fuck, that was so hot to watch!

    I had to have his cum! I wanted to feel and taste what I hadn't had in so long.

    “Oooo, yeah. Suck that faggot cock of mine, cocksucker! Suck it! Oh, fuck, yeah!” He had his eyes tightly shut and was rocking his hips, not quite fucking my mouth but helping himself along, and adding to the fingering of his asshole, his breath coming in gasps. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna ficking cum! Yeaaaaaghh! I'm fucking cumming!"

    He thrust his hips forward as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I’m not one of those cocksuckers that cheats, and puts the head as far back in their mouth as possible, so they don’t have to deal with the feel and taste of cum. No, not this straight cocksucker! I want to feel every fucking hot drop on my tongue, filling my mouth!

    My tongue was right at his slit when the first hot jet of his cum erupted into my mouth. Mmmm! So fucking hot and smooth and so fucking good to feel and taste once again!

    He was repeating a steady stream of moans and filthy words, as well as his steady flow of cum. He always had nice big loads that just streamed from his cock, and now was no exception.

    Eventually he stopped cumming, though I made sure to lick and suck every last drop from his cock. He was fully
    laying back on the couch, his breaththing still deep, but becoming more normal. I released his cock from my mouth, the taste of his cock and cum still on my tongue, and watched him as he slowly pulled his fingers from his asshole, which gaped just a little afterward. "Mmm! Nice", I thought.

    “Oh..My.. God..” He panted. “I’d forgotten what that actually felt like.”

    “Hey, not my fault, “ I chuckled at him.

    He’d open his eyes, seeing me, now laying on my back, on the floor. His cock was flaccid now, his large balls now hanging low, his asshole just barely peeking out from under them.

    “So, “ I began. “I know it’s only been a couple minutes since we finished, and not to sound like a chick, but what
    do you think? Regrets? One time thing? Do you want to pick up where we left way back when? What?”

    He sat up, looking at my naked body. “I thought about that for a while before I contacted you. I wasn’t sure if you’d even want to meet again, since I sort of ended things in a hurry and stuff.”

    “ ‘Sort of’ ? ‘And stuff’? Really, bud?"

    He looked a bit embarrassed. “Yeah. Sorry about that. But, if you’re okay with it, I’d really like to be able to meet more often. Maybe do the stuff we were working on when I split? If that’s okay with you, that is?” He added in a hurry.

    “Yeah. I’m good. Just be honest with me about stuff. okay?"

    He nodded and mouthed a, “Yeah.”

    “Hey, “ he said, standing up and heading towards his clothes, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…”
    “No. It’s cool. Gives you some time to really think without all this in your face, so to speak. Let me know when you need something, again.”

    And he did a few days later…

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    Re: Took a while, but he came back

    Hotttt, hoping there is more to cum!!

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