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    How not to be basic...

    I’ve talked a lot about how (misplaced) fear holds too many guys back from being the Cumsluts and Pigs they want to be, but here I want to talk about another thing that holds some men back from getting their Bareback fuck on as often as they’d like. Namely: poor body image and low self-esteem. More than that, I want to share some simple ways to quickly get over it, get out there, and get laid.

    Your Self-Image Isn’t Your Own

    If you think you’re too fat, scrawny, short, tall, old or just plain “not hot enough” the first thing you need to do is realize that you’re being a slave to mainstream Gay media which imposes impossible ideals of physical “perfection” so it can make you feel inferior and, ultimately, sell you things. Just realizing this should inspire in you a desire to rebel against it and the lame, tame, airbrushed Gay identity they are trying to sell you.

    Sure, I like toned, big-dicked twinks as much as the next pig. At the same time most of them are useless piles of flesh and can’t fuck for shit. Do you really want to be like them, or even worry about attracting them?

    So start by realizing that most of what you think about your body is a lie, and not even your own lie. The only good slave is a fuck-slave. Mainstream Gay Clones who are slaves to media, though, are worthless. You should hold them in contempt, not envy.

    You Are Someones Fetish

    One pigs turn-off is another pigs fetish. There are chubbie chasers, boys with delicious daddy issues, and guys who love tiny cocks. For fuck sake, if there are men out there who are positively turned on by prolapsed anuses, scat and leather-clad midget fisters. There’s a fetish for everyone, and everyone has something that makes him another's fetish.

    As for those who aren’t into your “type,” their loss.

    Don’t Settle For Self-Acceptance

    Self-acceptance is fine and necessary. But it’s not enough. Grow a pair and go a step further by taking exceptional pride in your so-called-flaws. When I was first coming out, for example, I actually felt insecure about being Uncut. I thought it would make me less desirable to guys. It probably did, with some. But I soon realized that for others it was a massive turn-on (see above: a fetish). Now I don’t just accept my uncut cock, I think of it as superior. And it is, because I say it is.

    You are a living fuck-god … if you choose to be. If you own your body and yourself with pride worthy of a god. When you do, lesser men will notice and—whether you’re a Top or Bottom—they will worship you for it. They will cum to you (and in you) like moths to the flame. As they should.

    P.S. Don’t confuse this pride with the false, bitchy pride of shallow queens. It’s not about talking and acting like a self-involved cunt, it’s about knowing who and what you are, and carrying yourself accordingly.

    As correct as the above ideas are, I know that changing the way you think about your body is often easier said than done. So here are some easy ways to quickly break through the insecurities that are holding you back from being a slut.

    1. Go To A Bath House And Get Your Ass In A Sling

    If you Bottom but aren’t getting all the Loads your ass craves due to poor body image, one of the best things you can do is go to go to a bath house, get naked, get your ass up in a sling and wait. If you’ve never been to a bath house, let alone been sling-fucked, it can be a frightening but completely liberating experience. You’ll probably find that plenty of men will use you—they appreciate a slut who wants to be a fuck hole and care more about that than what “type” you are. But even if they don't, the mere act of stripping down and making your fuck-hole available will instill in you a new found confidence in your ability to confront those insecurities head on.

    Even just seeing the diversity of body types at a bath house can go a long way to making you realize that your own insecurities are unfounded, and that you’ve been holding yourself back for reasons that are all in your head.

    2. Be Honest On Your Hookup Ads

    A common thing for guys who have a poor body image is to lie on their hookup ads, about age, weight and so on. A little fibbing is fine, but what your hookup ads should be all about proudly selling what you are precisely so those kinds of guys into your “type” will find you. To learn more about crafting killing Hookup Ads check out This Post.

    3. Complete The Out Of Your League Breed Cum Challenge

    Most guys with low physical self-esteem fixate on this or that “ideal” type that they never seem able to hookup with. But you might be amazed at how easy it really is to land a hot raw fuck-fest with your "ideal" IF you are determined to make it happen and stop using your low self-esteem as an excuse.

    If you have low self-esteem and chase after a guy you consider out of your league, he will sense your insecurity and run away. But if you have embraced your body, written an honest hookup ad, and commit to fucking your “ideal type,” then you not only can, but will succeed.

    When you finally break through that barrier and get your Breed on with one, then another, then another incredibly hot "ideal" guy you will rapidly realize that no one is “out of your league.” Few things will improve your slut-self-esteem better than this realization!

    With that in mind, I’m featuring The Out Of Your League Breed Cum Challenge this month. Anyone who completes it gets double the normal Achievement Points! If you're new to Cum Challenges Read This.


    When choosing the pic for this post I was going to have one that showed some pig who didn't fit the mainstream image of "hot." I chose a close-up of a hard Cock sliding into a waiting, needy hole instead. The reason: To remind you that, in the end, that's what it's all about and why body image shouldn't matter at all. As a Bottom you are just a HOLE to be fucked and filled by any Cock that wants to use you. And plenty will. If you're a Top, you aren't a hot or ugly body when fucking, you are COCK and every one of those fuck-holes needs what you have to give.

    Remember that and you won't hold yourself back so much with foolish, lust-limiting insecurities.
    Agree? ^^

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    Re: How not to be basic...

    I don't even know where to begin.
    Recently I heard a 'wise guy' story that I had a party at my home for twenty-five men. It's an interesting story, but I don't know twenty-five men I'd want to invite to a party. ~Joan Crawford

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    Re: How not to be basic...

    How to get HIV real quick.

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    Re: How not to be basic...

    No news means good news , or at least it shows that majority of us are supportive to this kind of "ism." ^^ (supportive, aspired to be..)

    Quote Originally Posted by Harke the Boeotarch View Post
    How to get HIV real quick.
    Oh shush Harkey, said someone who brb himself

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    Re: How not to be basic...

    Quote Originally Posted by LilBit View Post
    I don't even know where to begin.
    Same... that made me want to curled up in safe haven of monogamous rltship- even though Im not a rltship person...
    this news kind of contrasting, considering US just passed/legalize gay marriage nation-wide

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