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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    Hey there.

    So, there is this straight 42 year old guy that works as a grave digger. I met him at the funeral of my friends grandmother. I asked my friend what is his name and he told me.

    Two years later he creates a facebook account and I'm like "hey i know this guy".

    I add him as a friend and two weeks later I talk to him. He replies back and we chat a little. I did that for like a month - talking to him once per week. I.WAS.CHILL.

    One night I see him online and I asked him why does he have only 3 photos in his profile - and that i would like to see more images of him. He asked what images I wanted to see. I was skeptical and I told him "nothing special, I just think you are handsome and that you should have more photos of you". He said:

    "Boy cut the crap, what do you want?"
    "I just wanted to say that you are handsome. Sorry if I brought you to a difficult position"
    "Oh.. Thanks. Where do you live?"
    "I live in ............"
    "So you know me then"
    "I have seen you, but we never spoke"
    "And what is your job?"
    "It has to do with computers and stuff"
    "Are you looking for anything at the moment?"
    "Why? would you have something good to offer?"
    "Haha - I can offer what is that you are looking for"

    And I'm like WOAH! Did he really say that? He must be kidding me. So I reply:

    "Nice Damn, the first time I saw you at the funeral I said you are hot"
    "Thanks. So what will you do?"
    "What do you mean?" I ask
    "What will I earn from this?"
    "The greatest blowjob you've ever had"
    "Mmm tell me more.."
    "I will lick your cock all fucking night"
    "Do you have such strength?"
    "Come and I'll show you..."
    "You sound very horny"
    "I can't help it - you are a very sexy man"
    "Thanks" he says
    "I want to see what you hide in your underwear"
    "How bad do you want to see it?"
    "Really bad.."
    "Do you have a place?"
    "Unfortunately, I dont. Do you?"
    "Me neither" he said
    "It's OK we can do it in the car - somewhere quiet"
    "When?" he asked
    "When do you want? Can you now?"
    "Nah it's too late. But we'll talk again tommorrow"

    After a while he asks:
    "Do you dress as a woman?" he asked
    "So.. you are like a normal guy?"
    "Yeah, is that a problem?"
    "I have never done anything with a guy so I don't know if I can manage..."
    "Not to worry. We are just gonna have some fun. If it doesn't work out, no harm."
    "Ok, we'll see"
    "Can i ask you something?"
    "Sure" he said
    "Can you please leave your cock unshaved?"
    "It's shaved"
    "I won't shave it until we get together, ok?"
    "Nice, thanks"

    And after a while, we said goodnight. From that day, we never spoke again. I send him 3 messages and although it says "Seen" he never replies.

    I want him so bad that I could kill myself so he can burry me. He is so handsome damnit!! And a straight guy -- not for long i hope!

    Please can anyone give me advice on how to handle this? What can I do? Is he mad? Was he joking? Was he drunk when we spoke? Or was with a friend making fun of me? OR MAYBE he is afraid to do it?

    I am 29 years old and never had real sex like with orgasm, kissing, etc. My sex life is inexistent. He is not married and single... maybe we can... be together and i can stop being sad.. just.. just make him hug me.

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    Re: Need advice

    I know the feeling. All I can say is that you should stay away from straight people when it comes to sex. I know the heart wants what it wants, but sometimes you have to be realistic. Unless they are bi there is nothing good that can come from it. If you do it and he ends up regretting it then you've just put him in a bad psychological state. Which would also put you in a bad place too since it's essentially rejection from someone you find really attractive about an act you enjoyed. It's best to just move on and start using dating sites or something. Get your feet wet with the right person, someone that you can have something with that's deeper, and not some straight guy who might want a blowjob someday when he's drunk. If he's not responding then take the hint and leave it alone. It's easier said than done, but it's the first step towards moving on. You are 29! I'm sure you can find someone that you can connect with on a deeper level. Good luck to you!

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    Re: Need advice

    How do you know he's not married? If he's straight, can't accomodate it's likely there's a reason and the reason is likely a spouse.
    It's also very unlikely going by your description of the conversation that this would be his first time... he asked if you dress in women's clothes for sex which says to me a lot actually - he probably more often than not goes with transvestites because it's "safer" or "more normal" for him. he most likely is closeted and maybe married or has kids (and therefore a lot to lose by being found out), he probably wants you to be completely submissive which might be fun if that's what you want but it also probably means he might just wants to fuck you go. sorry to be blunt but it's often the case, I wouldn't expect much intimacy and kissing from this kind of person.

    i'm not saying don't go for it, but be careful and think about what he most likely wants from this and what you want from this and if they match. you sent 3 messages, he's read them so the ball is now in his court, any further messages from you without one in return will most likely scare him off. So if he replies, great talk more if he ignores you from now on forget all about him and move on, there are PLENTY of other fish in the sea and more ways than ever to go fishing, so get out there make sure it's not 30 years old and never had real sex whether it's with this guy or not.
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