Been edging for days. At this point one pump and I nut. Thing is im getting locked in a chastity for a week after today. So i want to keep this edge going until its MISERABLE, and then bust 5 or 6 (minimumlooking to be pushed beyond my limit) more times back to back to thoroughly exhaust my balls. In between sessions of this first bust from the edge, im wearing a protective cup to act as a chastity. Im so reafy to go I might even accidentally bust in my cup.

Down to skype or cam 4, need people who WILL NOT LET ME CUM this first time, and control my edging seasion until Im either miserable or have no control over it. Then give me a few minutes, then I want to keep cumming back to back until im even MORE miserable than from the edge. I mean it--keep me going until its clear my balls have nothing but dust. My dick is your bitch. Looking for 3 or 4 people to take my cock as slave until we are done. If i make an accident, or do not follow directions, I will HAVE to complete whatever public humiliation challenge you give me. Looking for serious only--and looking to start immediately. reply to this thread or email me [email protected] and as soon as we have the people we will begin.

Really looking for some torture here, and have as much time as needed until you are ready to give me control of my dick back. Lets do this!