Since I become older I start to notice that there are some fantasies that really turn me on. It started when I was young, I guess I was 10 years old when I started playing with myself.
That's not very abnormal at the age of 10, and when I was 12 years old I went to high school and I remember there was this teacher with a huge bulge who always gave me a wet cock and a real hard cock.

Every day in school I jerked off with the idea that my teacher was fucking my hole and I sucked his dick for hours.

Now that's a fantasy most people have had in high school. I think.

Now I'm 23 years old and I have a lot more fantasies/fetishes.

I love role-play, especially when it's rough and I'm de bottom. Like fucking rape, that's my biggest turn on. And I prefer a mid east older man who is very dominant and I just want to be his bitch- and fuck boy when ever he wants.

Being used or abused is a big turn on for me.

What also turns me on is a lot younger boys with a smooth slim body and a smooth pink asshole. When I see boys like that in the shower or where ever. I would really love to fuck that soft pink hole.

And then there's another thing that turns me on.
I like taking full nude pics and vids of myself and post them online, or even better:
To share full nudes with other men/guys/boys on snap or whatsapp.

I am searching for a whatsapp gay group I can join. So I can share my nudes and watch your nudes as well.

I am very open minded, there are only 2 things I do not like.. And that's poo and piss.
But besides that I'm into A LOT!

And I'm sure I forgot 100 more fetishes and fantasies but I keep on posting.

So guys! I really want to get in contact with you via snap or whatsapp or any other app, you name it.

And off course I'm very curious if there are guys like me or mature hot men who have the same fantasies and maybe we can share some more here on JUB or snap etc.

Snap: Geronimo-2015

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