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    An Encounter to Remember

    I wrote the following story for myself to remember the experience I had, so this is based on a true story that just happened. This is my first time ever to writer a story of any kind, so I hope you'll like it.

    An Encounter to Remember

    Kyle never took CalTrain too often, so he happened to have caught the slowest one that stopped at every single station when he left Sunnyvale where his husband Sam dropped him off. He told Sam that he missed San Francisco after moving to L.A., and a day trip to the City on a beautiful April day might take some depression off: After doing admin work for an insurance agent in Mountain View for 3 years, they moved to L.A. for Kyle to pursue a dream career in the entertainment industry by starting with an admin position in a big company like Warner, Disney or Universal. Kyle was lucky that Sam’s job was already mobile and it paid well enough for them to live on that alone. Kyle only had 2 interviews so far since the job hunt began in December. Luckily, he was able to work part-time remotely from L.A. for the same insurance agent, but he was “discharged” from even that job with an “accommodating” one-day notice without any elaboration on why, while he gave that agent a 2-month notice when they planned the move.

    Kyle, however, had his own agenda for going to the City. He wanted a quick hook-up at a cruising spot there. Kyle loved Sam, at least in his own opinion, but they barely had sex anymore. Instead, they just take turn to use their only bedroom in the L.A. apartment to jerk off, alone. Sex wise, Kyle actually didn’t need much: he enjoyed long kisses, mutual sensual touching, and both giving and receiving oral sex. Sam, however, didn’t like long kisses, was too sensitive to be touched sensually, too rough of a person to know touching sensually, and above all, too much of a top to enjoy giving oral sex. It had been like this even before they got married in July, 2013, but they decided to do so because they knew they still depended on each other emotionally, and most importantly, Kyle was from China, and he had ran out of any other options to stay in the U.S. after graduating from college and already worked for a year on Optional Practical Training.

    As the CalTrain he was on finally pulled into the San Francisco station at 4th & King Street, Kyle already knew where he wanted to hook up. Since his plan was still to see the City, he’d need to walk towards Powell Station along 4th Street, which meant he’d reach Folsom Street first where the scandalous Folsom Gulch was located. Spending 10 dollars to hook up might sound too much when Kyle didn’t have a job, but he decided to go there because at least it was a legal spot to cruise.

    As soon as Kyle’s there, he wasted no time to pay for the arcade pass and then go in. It was dark there of course, and even darker when the arcade was still somewhat empty and some video screens weren’t even triggered on. He circled around the outside of the booths and noticed through the chain curtain a seemingly good-looking man paying for the arcade. He still circled on, but expectedly, he walked onto the now certainly good-looking man he saw. They locked onto each’s eyes instantly. He wasn’t your average San Francisco gay white man that looked like someone who just jumped out of a GQ magazine, but 30 something in age, short brown or dirty blond-ish hair, and a thin layer of definitely dirty blond mustache were enough to kill a gay man from China.

    He gestured Kyle to follow him into a booth, and he did. The first thing he did to Kyle in the booth surprised Kyle: he gave Kyle a very warm and tight hug. He didn’t reach for the pants, he didn’t reach for the shirts, but a hug. Without any words from either of them, he started to kiss Kyle’s neck and went on to lick his ear—a G spot that Kyle almost forgot he had since no one had been there for a while. Kyle could feel the heat from the handsome man’s breath sweep around the left side of his neck along with the wetness of his tongue tip sliding around. After getting lost in the pleasure for minutes, Kyle just remembered that he had to do something to reciprocate. Kyle then started to gently lick the man’s shaven upper neck. That turned Kyle on a little more, because as a smooth Asian man himself, he’d always enjoy kissing on scruffy skin. Unavoidably, their lips finally met.

    It was a long kiss Kyle had been longing for. The handsome man’s lips were amazingly soft. It felt like some delicate jello that could be easily torn apart, but of course Kyle was not going to do that. Instead, he was caressing those lips with his tongue; he’d bite a little bit just to appreciate the softness, all while enjoying the fraction whenever the man’s mustache brushed over his lips. Once in a while, they would let their tongues dance ballet around each other. The pleasure was so intense that Kyle had to gasp every few seconds. He tried to do that directly on the man’s shirt due to his constant insecurity with his own breath. Sam was literally very sensitive, meaning he was alert in all senses, he could hear noises Kyle couldn’t hear; and he could smell odors Kyle couldn’t smell. As a result, to Sam, Kyle always had bad breath no matter how much water he drank throughout the day. Luckily, the handsome man’s persistent reach for Kyle’s lips had informed him that he at least didn’t have to worry about his breath right at this moment.

    Another few minutes later, Kyle finally gathered up enough confidence to unbutton the man’s shirt, but it was probably because San Francisco can still be chilly in April, the man still had an under tank top on, so Kyle rolled it up, and he saw another piece of heaven. The handsome man had just the right amount of chest hair; he didn’t have a six-pack, but he had a nice flat stomach, much flatter than Kyle’s own mini Seth Rogen one-pack, which he often felt unsecured about. Kyle wasted no time to lay his hands onto the man’s chest hair, slowly brushed over his nipples, and his right hand followed the the even sexier happy trail down to the already pumped up manhood, revealed by the man’s pants that was somehow already unzipped by himself. Kyle then boldly reached into the man’s underwear, and at long last he grabbed a hold of the handsome man’s nice looking tool that seemed just the right size for his liking. Kyle soon started to stroke it.

    Although Kyle’s hands were occupied, he didn’t forget to do another thing he always love doing to another man: sucking on nipples. He loved hearing a man moan when he was doing it as well as feeling the man’s cock throbbing because of the pleasure. In the meantime, the handsome man is working on Kyle’s cock too, but he never stopped kissing Kyle on his lips, on his neck, and once in a while on his nipples. It felt so good that Kyle had to stop the man from stroking him so he wouldn’t come too soon. He would take a break there, and spent the extended time to caress the man’s addictive soft lips.

    “You wanna come?” Words have finally broken out of the handsome man. That question reminded Kyle what he was coming into Folsom Gulch for, so he answered: “Yeah!” As a result, Kyle started to stroke himself while engaging in another passionate long kiss with the man. Eventually, Kyle felt the stimulating rushing sore down there, and he caught his semen just in time with his other hand. Kyle thought the handsome man would want to leave then, but surprisingly again, he put Kyle’s head onto his shoulder to rest. After a few seconds, Kyle was probably touched by the handsome man’s personal gesture, he felt encouraged enough to ask softly: “What’s your name?”

    “Danny,” he replied, “My name’s Danny.” Kyle realized one of his hands was still holding his dripping semen, so he reached for the tissues in his pocket that was meant for his spring allergy. When he was wiping his hand, Danny also started to recompose himself a little bit. Just when they both thought they’d part their ways, they caught each other’s eyes again, and probably before they both knew it, they burst into another long kiss. They would take a break and just stared at each other, appreciating what they both saw. “You’re so cute!” Danny would tell Kyle. “You’re a cute guy too!” Kyle, on the other hard, thought his reply was somehow extremely Chinglish and didn’t sound sincere even thought he meant every word.

    “I hope I can see you again,” Danny said.

    “We moved to L.A.,” Kyle had to tell Danny the cruel truth he’d been dreading to say, “We used to live in the Bay Area, but my college degree’s in theatre, so L.A. would be a better place for me to find a dream job…” Kyle used “we” because he wanted to imply another cruel truth to Danny that he was at least already in a long term relationship with another man.

    For the following minutes, they hugged, they kissed, and they talked a little more. They’d told each other their life story briefly: Danny was originally from the D.C. area, and he’d been living in San Francisco for about 6 years; Kyle told Danny that he was from China, he used to go to school in East Bay, and then lived in San Jose. It was the longest goodbye Kyle remembered he’d ever have to tell, and it was not consisted of words but kiss after kiss.

    “You’re hard again!” Danny teasingly said to Kyle. Of course Kyle’s hard again, because Danny never stopped moving his lips and tongue to Kyle’s ears and neck from time to time while he was giving him a very long goodbye kiss. Above all, when he’s hugging Kyle, he’d also give him a loving back rub and head rub, and Kyle seriously couldn’t remember the last time he was caressed like this by a man he was attracted to. Kyle never stopped touching Danny either. His hands traveled from Danny’s chest, to his back, squeezed their way into his pants, and found their rest place on Danny’s buttocks. Danny was indeed not a gym animal, because instead of being firm, his buttocks felt as soft as his lips. Kyle would from time to time give Danny’s soft cheeks a tight grab, and Danny liked that as Kyle could feel Danny’s cock throbbing against his lower stomach.

    Kyle wanted to stroke Danny more, but he refused. “Are you going to stay here longer?” Danny asked Kyle.

    “Probably not, I do want to see the City since I miss it after moving away.”

    “You should. Especially since you already came.” Kyle could feel something from Danny’s words, but he didn’t know how to interpret it. Maybe Danny knew he might not be able to see Kyle again, but he at least didn’t want to see Kyle fooling around with another guy; Or he wanted Kyle to leave, and he didn’t want Kyle to see him getting his load off with someone else. Basically, he either really liked Kyle or he was simply a very sweet and considerate person to hook up with. Kyle, of course, chose to believe the former.

    They gave each other a final tight hug and kissed a little more, then they parted their bodies away, but their hands glided along each other’s arms into a double handhold. They gave their hands a tight squeeze, and Kyle then encouraged himself to turn around, open the door to the booth, walk away, and not look back, but Kyle was certainly already thinking about Danny. That is definitely not something he had expected before going into Folsom Gulch and it was truly too overwhelming for him. Why did a total stranger make him feel this way? Did this simply mean he should have more confidence in himself for the life change that was yet to come? Or did this mean something in his marriage is desperately in deed of fixing because obviously another man had made him feel special again? Kyle, however, couldn’t do anything about those feelings right away, but all he knew, as he was getting close to Folsom Gulch’s door, was that his life had to go on anyhow after he stepped into the ever beautiful California sunlight outside the door.

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    Re: An Encounter to Remember

    That was a moving story. Welcome to JUB and the story forum. For Kyle, this will be a memory to recall over and over. Particularly when he feels trapped in a marriage that gives him no physical satisfaction. In respect for his relationship with Sam, his brief encounter with Danny was enough to help him regain a self confidence and hopefully be able to rescue and rebuild his existing marriage.


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    Re: An Encounter to Remember

    Welcome to our story board and thanks fro sharing your 'memorable' tale.

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