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    19 year old with 52 year old -my first gay experience (oral)

    Let me begin by saying that this is actually a true story. It is the story of my first gay experience I had recently.Some negatives and some positives.

    I am a 19 year old college student and for as long as I can remember I've always had gay fantasies about being with an older man. The fantasies are strictly from a bottom position perspective, meaning I don't have the urge to ''fuck'' a man. I do however have strong desires to be fucked or to give a man oral.

    When I moved out of my parents house and into my bachelor, I realized that I had a better opportunity to experiment now so I started looking for an older man online. I was looking for anyone ''old enough to be my dad or maybe even grand dad .I don't know why I ,but the thought of being controlled and submissive to an older man really turns me on.
    I found someone that graduated from university the year i was born. Just that thought alone was a huge turn on for me. He is 51 that would make him 32 years my senior. We agreed on a time and place and he picked me up from a local park. We drove around for a bit and he asked me if i was gay or bi.I said I was bi and then we continued to talk.

    We stopped at a red light , and that's when he reached down my pants and I did the same to him. So we were playing with one another , and he was driving looking for a place to park. We chose one spot, but he left after a bit because he didn't feel safe there. We found another spot like 5 minutes away and when he parked I proceeded to give him oral. That was the first time I had a penis in my mouth , I have to say it felt kind of weird but not bad .As I was giving head, I stopped for a moment to ask him If I was doing alright and he said yes. After only 1-2 minutes, he then started to go down on me ,which was where it went kind of bad.

    Well let me say this, I don't have much sexual experience so yea... I came almost instantly. This was the turning point of my story. After that, I guess I just wasn't horny anymore but I still had to finish him off .Luckily it didn't take too long( maybe 3-4minutes),but I just wanted to get it over and done with. It's like my submissive side had totally faded. Needless to say I didn't swallow, but If I was still horny I probably would have. It was a very unpleasant 5 minutes to say the least, but here's the thing I'm pretty sure if I hadn't lost my steam I'd enjoy it more. I Felt like a straight guy with another mans penis in my mouth and that's the best way I can describe the 2nd half. The first half I can describe it as being nervous but horny. It seems me cumming totally changed the chemistry in my brain or just burnt me out for a bit.

    It pretty much clouded my view and opinion on giving a guy oral. I mean it was good for the first minute I guess but I was too nervous and afraid of doing it wrong so I can't really tell? The second half however was not fun because like I said I wasn't turned on after I had ejaculated. Its the same thing with porn for me, if I cum, I won't be in the ''mood'' for a little bit after that. I was basically me trying to get this over and done with not feeling sexual. ?What do you guys think, is it normal that I lost my desire to give oral for a little bit after i reached orgasm?

    I just want to give it a second try but this time I'll make sure that he is the first to cum? Does this make any sense? I'm pretty sure that a blowjob was just not appealing in my mind after I had already came because I was no longer horny. I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't came I would of enjoyed the bj more.

    I signed up to this site to share this story as this isn't really something I want to share with anyone in my real life at the moment .Let me know what you guys think



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    Re: 19 year old with 52 year old -my first gay experience (oral)

    Very Nice.......

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    Re: 19 year old with 52 year old -my first gay experience (oral)

    It's normal for most guys , once you cum it's pretty much over .

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    Re: 19 year old with 52 year old -my first gay experience (oral)

    Quote Originally Posted by RACERX71 View Post
    It's normal for most guys , once you cum it's pretty much over .
    Not everyone. On a number of occasions, I stayed horny and fucked or got fucked again. It's obviously more difficult when topping. A couple of times when bottoming, I came before the top. We'd lay in bed and relax and make out for 20 minutes, then resume fucking and I'll cum a second time (and I'm over 50 yrs old). If the top hasn't orgasmed and I have, I feel an obligation to make sure he does. Of course, I get the added benefit of a second orgasm.

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