I have a puppy play fetish 0///0. I like for my partner to treat me like a frisky, curious little canine. I like playing fetch, my belly being rubbed, walks in the park or playing around at the beach. I like when my partner puts a collar on me, attach fuzzy ears in my hair, and put my equally fuzzy tail in me (held their by a little but plug). It such a sweet, loving bond, and the sex is always pretty good. My owners have never complained about my puppy dog blow jobs.

I'm looking for a master or owner to give me bowls of food and water, play with toys, scratch behind my ears, all the fantastic delights a little puppy loves. Plus for you to use me as you want. If anyone is interested, you can shoot me a pm or leave a remark below!

To anyone curious, I'm a short (5'4), pale 24 year old. I way about 93lbs. Have shaggy, sandy blonde hair and big green eyes, and am completely hairless.