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    Scenes with the sex talk/the 'birds and the bees'

    Hey guys,

    So, in general, I don't have many sexual fantasies that I like for my porn. The one major (and I do mean major) exception to that is a father giving his son the sex talk. The intensity of how much I like the scene grows exponentially with how naïve/innocent the son is going in to the talk. Basically, in my hottest fantasty scene ever, the dad would broach the subject of sex with his son, and the son wouldn't have any idea what sex is, or even what his penis is for—and, because he's so naïve, he wouldn't even know that he should be ashamed/afraid to talk about it with his dad, so he's eager to learn all about it. The dad would show him what his penis is for, and rub it for him a bit so it gets hard, and pull out his own, and have him rub it, too, to see what an adult guy's dick is like. All along this, the dad is explaining what's going on with each part. Honestly, at the end, I don't even care if they do fuck, though that would be a plus. If they do, though, I'd like the lesson-learning to continue; no magically knowing what sex is and how to do it without daddy explaining (e.g. 'here son, now I'm going to put my penis in your butt. this might hurt').

    Now, there is a scene out there that's very similar, and it's found everywhere on every site imaginable. It's the super 80s one that I'm sure you've all seen at least and a handful of times. This is the only one even remotely close to what I'm looking for. Believe me, I've used it hundreds (if not thousands) of times. But, while it's so amazing and I absolutely love it, there are three things that keep it from being the perfect scene:

    1) The 'kid' is so jokingly not a kid. They should have used a twink. Instead, they used a kid with a fully-grown moustache and a chiseled sex-pack. Listen, the kid doesn't have to look prepubescent, I get that. But c'mon. At least make it plausible that this kid doesn't know what his dick is for. For god's sake, the 'kid' in the video they used shaves!

    2) Whilst the scene starts out perfectly with daddy explaining each and every step and each and every body part along the way, somewhere along the line, the kid magically knows all he needs to know, and somehow, without ever having even touched his own penis before in his life, he knows what sex is and how to do it, and does so with his dad. Explaining sex to his son is a big part of this fantasy for me.

    3) This is much more minor than 1) and 2), but the awful 80s music in the scene's a big turn-off for me. Ideally, it'd be a scene without music, but if there's something that satisfies 1) and 2) but not 3), I'll still be thrilled to find it.

    Alright, that's about it. Sorry for the length. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    Re: Scenes with the sex talk/the 'birds and the bees'

    No leads ?

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    Re: Scenes with the sex talk/the 'birds and the bees'

    No leads. But I want to see this too.
    "Baby, I love you, but no. You're too weird, it'll make him uncomfortable."--Logan (who is God)

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