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Thread: Fitness Freddie

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    Fitness Freddie

    Lots of stories available - see my signature for my Blog.

    This is part 1 of a chapter from my upcoming novel called "Mick's Tales"

    Part 2 of "Fitness Freddie" will follow in the next couple of days and will be a complete free story in itself.

    The original, published story about Mick is already released for the Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008TXC5A8

    The new upcoming novel will be a series of stories Mick tells about his sexual encounters with men.

    I have already released another three free episodes of "Mick's Tales" on Nifty, JustUsBoys and on my Blog:








    "We just need to build up your upper torso a little." Freddie said, running his hands up my chest, testing and feeling my muscle-tone. His hands and arms were compact and strong with blond hairs flecked on his forearms. His athletic, sleeveless vest left little to the imagination and his raised arms revealed darker blond nests of hair in his armpits.

    His face was pale and flecked with slightly red skin-pores. His blond hair was bleached blonder by the sun, his roots a little darker. His chin showed a dark shaving shadow, unlike my own where at just eighteen years of age I barley needed to shave yet.

    I had been walking along a street near where I lived, being eighteen and in my last year at school, I saw a sign on the railings leading to a basement. "Fred's Health Consultancy". This was nineteen eighty and interest in health and fitness was becoming more common. Underneath the heading the sign said "Personalized Fitness Consultancy".

    I walked on wondering what "Fred" was like. Was he young or middle-aged? Handsome or plain? How personal was "Personalised"?

    A handsome hunk came walking towards me dressed in trainers and a jogging suit. He nodded at me, his collar-length fair hair whispering in the wind. At maybe five feet nine he was a couple of inches shorter than me, but he was very fit-looking. His baggy jogging suit hid, no doubt, athletic curves. His face was pale and flushed red with a fine pair of blue eyes.

    Of course after he passed me, I had to look over my shoulder to see what his backside looked like. It looked fine inside the pale grey jogging trousers. He stepped down at the railings into "Fred's Health Consultancy".

    Of course I was having a consultancy within the hour how could I resist such a handsome hunk?

    "I want girls to admire me" I'd said. "They don't show any interest, so if I can man-up my physique a little, maybe they will."

    "I think girls will admire you well enough!" Freddie had said while watching me undress to my tight red briefs.

    He'd put me through a fitness test and lying on his massage bench, getting my breath back, he had felt and stroked my legs and arms. "For just eighteen, you are in great shape." Freddie had said, before running his hands up my chest and sending me into a sexual swoon.

    "I only seem to attract men and gay boys at school." I sighed. "I'm still a virgin." I lied. Well lied about the virgin bit. I'd popped my cherry with girls and with many males but I wanted Freddie to think I was inexperienced. The secret gave me a strong erotic thrill.

    "You'll find a girl soon enough." Freddie said, detecting some tension in my neck and pressing his fingers to release the lactic acid. "With your looks, you'll have no problem."

    We fell silent as Freddie massaged my neck. I realised my cock was swelling inside my briefs. During the exercising it had behaved, but now I was supine and being manhandled by a gorgeous young man I was getting excited. My cock was a big one and often attracted admiring glances in changing rooms and many a man had been intrigued to see it. But I didn't want Freddie to notice my asset too soon in his consultancy. I wanted to have some sessions with him and secretly be excited by him.

    Luckily he suggested I turn over onto my tummy, so that he could do the back of my neck. I did and pressed my hardening cock into the leather bench, wondering how many men's cocks had rested here.

    "I'll put together an exercise program for you to build you up a little." Freddie's slightly high-pitched throat-based voice said while he worked my neck.

    "That would be great." I said. "I want to become more manly to attract girls."

    Freddie was satisfied he'd worked my neck enough and he did some token strokes down my spine to release any locked-in energy.

    "Get dressed" He said, turning away and sitting at his little desk to fill in his report. He didn't look as I slid off the bench and pulled my trousers up to hide my nine-inch hard-on.

    "We could do some work now, but I wasn't expecting a client and I promised my girlfriend I'd spend the afternoon with her."

    I left the semi-basement, imaging all sorts of physical exercises gorgeous Freddie might get involved in with his girlfriend this afternoon.

    Freddie got me doing workouts in his little gym every day and he finished with some muscle-toning massage work on my upper body and arms. For our sessions he wore a modest short-sleeved tennis-style shirt and thick tennis style shorts. Very proper, very unrevealing. I exercised in a sleeveless vest and soft athletic shorts, with slightly long, loose legs so that my erection didn't peek out.

    Often I was hard and always semi. Freddie seemed to pay it no attention. I supposed he was used to men and was clearly not interested. My cock often intrigued even straight men. I'd had straight men in shower cubicles and changing rooms, but this one showed no interest in my size or state. Of course gay guys always showed an interest in my physique, but where was the challenge or interest for me in that?

    Over about three weeks, on the massage table, I'd told Freddie my story, making out I was a frustrated straight boy who got unwanted attention from queer boys and men. He laughed at my stories and assured me that heterosexual sex would arrive in due course.

    He got accustomed to my banter and getting off his massage bench he started to laugh and joke about my excitement saying things like "We'll need to get you a girlfriend soon!"

    He never showed any physical reaction and my furtive glances at the front of his tennis shorts, just showed an average bulge, neatly contained behind the thick, hemmed material of his button flies. But his body! Oh his body! So compact, so hunky so desirable! His legs were nicely developed with dark blond hairs on his calves, but smooth bald thighs that I just wanted to run my lips up and down.

    Inside his shirt his chest filled it nicely, he was walking perfection!

    One day he was massaging me with me on my back and my cock straining the front of my tight shorts. His hands ran up and down my thighs, but his fingers circled frustratingly away whenever they reached the hem of my shorts. Why couldn't he at least show a modicum of interest, a slight straying of the fingers?

    "I can't wait to have sex with a girl." I sighed.

    "I can see that!" Freddie laughed.

    "What's it like to fuck?" I said, feeling bold enough after the intimate weeks of workout.

    "Great!" He laughed. "We better finish and you better take a cold shower!" He joked.

    I swung off the bench and Freddie surveyed my body up and down and obviously he saw the tent-pole pushing the front of my shorts, straining them, threatening to burst them.

    "You're starting to build up nicely." He said professionally looking at my upper torso as I took off my sweaty vest. He stepped forward and felt my arms. I tensed my biceps and his hands griped each one, feeling the hardness of them.

    "Very nice!" He said approvingly. His hands slid along my shoulders and down my chest, feeling my pecs and abs. "Very nice indeed!"

    I slid my shorts down while he stood inches from me. My cock stood manfully at right angles to my belly. I hoped he would express similar approval. "Cold shower for you, my boy!" He laughed and turned me around by the shoulders towards the shower and giving my bum a playful slap.

    Leaving his consultancy basement I was at least pleased that he was showing non-sexual admiration for my physical development. But he was a hard nut to crack. By now I would have expected any normal guy to be at least fondling me and admiring my manly cock.

    At the end of my next session with me naked and strolling around his small gym with a full erection, Freddie said "I may be going away with my girlfriend for a few days from tomorrow. Maybe it is time for you to party and meet a girl to deal with that?" he nodded to my bobbing nine inches.

    "How long for?"

    "A week, a sort of belated non-honeymoon." Freddie said.

    "Lucky dog!" I said looking at the front of his non-excited shorts.

    "You've bulked-up and make a fantastic babe-magnet now." Freddie said, ignoring my innuendo.

    An appointment was made for ten days later once Freddie was back from his "honeymoon". I made my disappointed way back home. It looked like I was never going to get Freddie to go a little bent like so many straight guys do.

    That night the phone rang, it was Freddie. "Holiday is off. She has to go for a month to her mother's who is ill. I'm at a loose end for weeks, want an appointment?"

    Of course I did. I made one for two days' time. Eagerly I went along, keen to see the girlfriend-free Freddie.

    The session went as usual and as usual I got a raging hard-on under Freddie's massage. He seemed less distracted than usual, more attentive, more amused by my sexual excitement.

    The days rolled on with a session every day. We hung around afterwards watching his TV up in his apartment. Everything was idyllic and even if he didn't desire my body, at least he seemed to like me.

    One day, two weeks into his enforced celibacy, Freddie joined me in working out. He ditched his conservative tennis shirt for the revealing singlet he had worn that first day. There was plenty of room for him to sweat with the slack low hanging sides, giving me plenty of opportunity to look at his compact muscles in his arms and sides and to look at his sweaty dark patches of blond in his armpits. He wore small running shorts which showed his hairless, pale thighs up above the suntan-line of his tennis shorts. Freddie looked hunkier than ever and I was hard, even while exercising.

    When we finished he set me on the massage bench and I took the opportunity to glance at the front of his tight shorts. He had a modest lump to the left of the crotch. How I wanted to stroke and feel it!

    Silently he worked me over, concentrating on my arms and chest. "You have a great shape now." He whispered in a husky voice a little deeper than usual. "One of the best I've seen for a guy as young as you." His sweaty, oily fingers pressed into my stomach, his eyes concentrating on them, but he must surely be looking at my erection tenting my shorts too.

    "Do you think I am ready to be attractive to girls?" I asked my stupidly nave question.

    "More than ready!" He nodded and set to work on my thighs. "You've got a fantastic body, girls will love it."

    "I know queers like it, but do you really think girls will?"

    Freddie laughed and went to the end of the bench to work on my calves and ankles. I looked down my chest to his flushed face with my erection tent between us.

    "Do you think I am big enough for a girl, you know, my cock?" I asked as innocently as I could.

    "It looks plenty big enough, from here!" He winked.

    "Is it as big as yours? You having a girlfriend and everything."

    Freddie just laughed and ran his fingers over my knees and pressed hard into my smooth thighs.

    "Believe me you are way above adequate, in all departments!" He sighed huskily. "Beautiful!" he added quietly.

    Unusually he didn't get me to roll over, but quickly said "same time tomorrow!"

    I glanced at the front of his tight shorts. Was his bump a little bigger, a little firmer? He turned away and sat to write up his report, not looking at me when I stripped off my shorts and went for a shower.

    Getting dressed, he didn't look up from his papers and I knew I had him! Usually he would inspect my torso professionally, the fact he wasn't looking meant he did not dare to. I had him! I'd had enough straight men, even at the age of eighteen, to know when one fancied me.

    (Part 2 will be put on here over the next few days.)
    I have several gay/erotic books published on Amazon and lots of free stories.
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    Re: Fitness Freddie


    Next day I knocked on his basement consultancy door. He opened it, naked to the waist. Gone was his tennis shirt and his running singlet. His smooth chest was glistening in sweat, showing he had vigorously worked-out. His tight, tiny running shorts clung to his hips and his bulge was clearly showing a half hard-on.

    I ignored the signs as if I was a nave young boy and stepped in. I stripped to the waist. "Shorts only?" I asked almost shyly.

    "Shorts will be fine." Freddie said turning away to his desk. I dropped my trousers watching his naked compact, sturdy back and his tight buttocks, that were small for a man of his stature. My briefs rustled down my smooth thighs, but he did not turn around. My shorts rustled up and still he did not turn. I flicked my half-erection up my left hip.

    "Ready!" I said and Freddie turned around, not looking at me. Clearly he was fighting himself. Conflicted like straight men are when desiring what they felt they shouldn't.

    Freddie worked me out more vigorously than usual, but his hands kept making contact with my flesh while he inspected me. My forearms, my biceps, my shoulders, my back. He lightly ran his fingers down my nicely developed six-pack. He seemed to be taking pride in my shape and how he had developed it.

    "I'm ready for sex now!" I said shyly and enigmatically.

    "I think you are!" He replied equally enigmatically. Were we talking about being ready for a girlfriend or my readiness in the present moment for sex with him?

    I lay on the green rubber gym mat and Freddie knelt in front of me while I lifted the weights with my ankles. His fingers pressed and tested the back of my calves and the front of my thighs. He could not fail to see my rock-hard erection. "You are a perfect specimen." He said. "A perfect boy."

    The thrill of showing my physical prowess and my sexual potential was overwhelming and I almost didn't want the thrill of display to end and manifest in the inevitable outcome. But Freddie's fingers slid up my thighs. "That's it" he whispered "see how long you can hold the weight up off the floor. You are magnificent, I've never seen a male in such delightful shape."

    Freddie's professional demeanour was gone, his admiration was no longer simply clinical. His fingers slid up my thighs and under the stitched hem of my shorts. "That's it!" he encouraged unnecessarily. The tips of his fingers stroked the base of my balls.

    "Oh!" I gasped involuntarily and my thighs gave way dropping the weights which rolled off my ankles and over the floor. Freddie knelt in nearer and his fingers stroked my slack scrotum.

    "Do you think my cock is good enough?" I sighed and slipped my fingers into the waistband and slid the shorts down and over Freddie's wrists, holding his hands captive by the tight material. My cock sprang free and flipped powerfully up my crotch to tickle my belly button.

    Freddie's captured hands moved up so the tight shorts now held his lower forearms, allowing his hands to finger my hard cock. He rolled it in his fingers and palms and whispered "Magnificent."

    "Is it as good as yours?" I gasped while he manipulated it like he had all my other muscles.

    Freddie let my cock go and painfully ripped my rucked-up shorts down my thighs, the folds rasping into my flesh. He got them off my legs and gently pushed me back onto the foam mating. Kneeling up in front of me, he said "Let's see!"

    At last he revealed himself! He pulled his shorts off and his nice seven inches of almost hard cock sprang free and he flicked the shorts down to his knees and lifted each in turn to get them off. His cock bobbed with the motion.

    "Oh it's fantastic!" I sighed and Freddie lifted himself and lowered onto my torso, the torso that he had inspected and felt so intimately over the weeks. His lips caressed my shoulders in loving admiration for my physique, while his erection pressed onto mine. "Your body is beautiful!" I whispered as I stroked the sweaty blond hair on the back of his head.

    Freddie squirmed on me his sweaty body pressing to me. His lips went down my collar bone and he slid his hard cock off mine to worship my beautiful body with his lips. Over my upper chest they roamed and over my bullet-like nipples. Down my abs, his tongue licking each rib. He lifted his face off me to look at my hard nine inches, before lowering his face and kissing softly my hard shaft.

    "Is my cock good enough?" I asked unnecessarily and without answer he opened his mouth and devoured my foreskin-covered helmet. "Oh yes!" I gasped. "Mmm" He sighed as his hot-wet mouth took in several inches.

    I had him! My straight fitness guru was devouring me in lost admiration for my body. I wanted him, more than ever. I pulled his face off my cock. "Let me do you too!" I begged. He nodded and rolled around so we lay on our hips, face to cock. "Your body is fantastic!" I sighed.

    Wordlessly he put his mouth to my erection and took me eagerly back in. I responded likewise and used my lips to roll his tight foreskin down over his dripping cock. "Oh god!" he gurgled on my cock and did the same. Soon we were gasping and sighing and moaning while we face-fucked each other and our hands pummelled the other's buttocks.

    My nose felt his bollocks tighten and before he could pull off, I pushed into his mouth and fired my load at the same time as he did. I swallowed expertly and he tried, but gagged and let my erupting cock fall out of his mouth to spill the spunk over the green foam mat between us.

    I swallowed and sucked every drop from him while he moaned in lost ecstasy.

    "Sorry!" He gasped. "I got carried away."

    "No sex for two weeks." I laughed.

    "Maybe." He gasped and rolled onto his back.

    I stroked my hand over his heaving chest.

    "But I've never felt like that before." He said thoughtfully. "I've always admired the male physique and my own, but never thought of it as a sexual thing, before. But your body is so fantastic, it seemed to tip me over the edge from admiration to desire. It won't happen again." He said assertively and stood up on the mat.

    I stood up next to him and he touched a hand softly to my shoulder. "Sorry it was unprofessional and won't happen again.

    But it did. I led him by the hand to the shower and we washed together and soon his hard cock was worshiping my wet flesh and he humped against me before we took each other in hand and wanked the other off amid mighty roars of desire.

    Every day we worked out and had sex. He learned a boy's hole can make a great cunt.

    His girlfriend came back and his "consultancy" with me ended. But every few months he would ring me and secretly worship my masculine curves in our private work-outs.
    I have several gay/erotic books published on Amazon and lots of free stories.
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    My Blog page: http://richardpetersbooks.blogspot.co.uk/

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