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    Special Neighbors

    Marcus drove up beside me, snapping his fingers as the bass rattled my chest.

    "Hey Scotty, need a ride?"

    I didn't respond. He repeated himself twice as I looked for an alley, store, anything to hide in, but everything was closed. I sighed in such an exaggerated way, I'm sure I looked like a cross between Lindsey Lohan and a blowfish.

    "Yes, Marcus...why not."

    I hopped in as quickly as I could and tried to avoid eye contact.
    Marcus was 6'2" and build like a brick shit-house, as my momma would say. Yes, even she had the hots for my classmate. We lived on the same street, and had an early morning history class at the community college together and he would offer me rides.

    Now to the average joe, this seems harmless and it was, but I had the hots for Marcus like none other. Normally my dick would get rock hard just being near him, and I would always have to strategically place my book bag over my manhood to hide it. I was a good 7" when rock hard and I sometimes would precum, normally a lot whenever Marcus was around. The problem was, he was very straight acting and had a girlfriend. He had even talked about how he thought gays lived destructive lives, so I knew I'd probably never see him again if I came out to him.

    It was horrible to be around him as much as we were, and be so attracted to him. He was Indian and spoke with a British accent, and it just made my heart melt. Like I said, he was built! He always showed it off too, wearing tight shirts that showed off his arms, which I was sure were both bigger than my thighs, and his pecs popped out from his shirt like two beefy pieces of steel meat. His pants hugged his legs like skinny girl jeans, and he'd say "they just don't make cheap jeans for guys with my build Scotty!" I like many other Marcus fans, were grateful ten times over.

    Marcus had taken a liking to me obviously. He said I reminded him of his younger cousin who he never got to see anymore.

    "So did you study for the quiz?" he asked me.

    "Yes of course, let me guess you want to copy all my answers?" I asked jokingly. I couldn't help but gush when I was around him, and he had never objected up to this point.

    "Well, how else do you expect me to graduate this hell hole?" he laughed.

    We chatted a bit about the quiz on the way, about his girlfriend, and the lack of my love life, by the time we reached the university.

    "I just haven't found the right one, ya know?" Marcus playfully elbowed me in the gut.

    "There's always the locker room, ya know. The male locker room. We'll pass you around if no girl will touch ya!"

    I had to fight back another throb from the tent already jutting from my pants.

    "Ha, ha" I replied dryly as I jumped from the car, leaving him in the dust as soon as he had parked. "We're gonna be late!" I shouted back, but didn't wait for him to answer.

    We actually had 5 minutes till class, and our professor was normally late anyway. The bathrooms were right next to our classroom. I had more than enough time to take care of my manhood, that was begging to burst in Marcus' mouth. I quickly found the furthest empty stall, and dropped my pants and shorts, my boner popped out like a pent up buoy.

    No one else was in the bathroom, so I took a risk. I pulled up my phone and pulled up my favorite porno. It featured a threesome where one guy sucks off his friend as he gets a prostate massage from a dick in the ass. I fast forwarded to the cumshot to save time. All three of the men were near climax and were moaning loudly. I was already precumming and it was dripping on the floor in puddles. I couldn't help myself.

    "Marcus..." I quietly moaned as I shot my load. I made sure to point towards the center of the toilet bowel and not make a mess....like I had a few times in the past. Marcus would've already been in class by now, and surely was the professor. I quickly zipped up my pants, put my phone on silent and stepped out of the stall. Standing there was Marcus and a friend.

    I started back at them like a tree. Not moving. Not speaking. Barely breathing. They stared me down, until I finally dared to speak.

    "Haha that was funny, wasn't it. Bet your girl doesn't call your name like that!"

    I wanted to punch myself in the face. I knew I wasn't convincing but it turned out I was actually about to get my wish.

    Marcus' friend, Daren, raised his arms like a boxer and before I could respond, I was on the floor, holding my nose as I watched it spit blood. I couldn't tell if it was crushed or just whacked, but it felt numb. I was on the floor and fighting to regain composure.

    "Bet ya like dick, huh? Little faggot!" Daren lifted a leg as if to kick me.

    "Daren!" Marcus' shouted and pulled him back. Daren seemed like a pillow in Marcus' arms, and I found myself wishing I was in his arms instead. Marcus shoved him out the door.

    "You're gay??" Marcus blurted out, without helping me up. I just stared at him, I wanted to say no.

    "What do you think, muscleman?" I glared at him. "You might as well be one, you dress like one!" Immediately as I said it, I regretted it, but I couldn't take it back.

    "Girls, like how I look." he replied, "they love me!"

    "Well so do I!!" I blurted out. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand as soon as I said it. Before I knew it, tears were leaking out, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from making a sound.

    Marcus pulled me to my feet with a force that nearly sent me flying. By the time I had turned back around he had gone. I locked the door to the bathroom, something I should've done all along, and dabbed at my nose during the rest of the period until the bleeding stopped. I wanted nothing more than to never leave that bathroom and face the world outside, and to never see Marcus again.

    I peeked out of the door and seeing no, one, I made a beeline for the bus-stop outside. This was the problem with taking rides from Marcus. I now had no quick way to get home, and I also decided I could never set foot inside that history class again. To be safe, I decided, I might even need to take a semester off, so I'd never see Marcus again.

    I never went back to campus that day. I stayed home, watched soaps, and ate ice-cream. Yes I was moping and eating comfort food but I didn't care, and at least was enjoying myself a bit. Luckily my parents were gone for the week and I could just be alone.

    "This is shit!" I screamed as I threw the ice cream back on the table. I couldn't get Marcus out of my mind. I still found him to be the hottest man I ever knew, and while I knew we would never be friends again, I couldn't just forget him like that.

    Just at the same time I heard a knock at the door. I hesitated to answer, but was shocked when I saw Marcus through the peep hole.

    "Are you here to finish the job?" I shouted, not opening the door. Marcus folded his arms across his chest, making his pecs bulge. Ugh, did he even know what he was doing??

    "No," he scowled, "but I'm here to help, so you better open the door!" He knocked again, rapidly.

    "What!" i blared, swinging it open wide. Marcus raised his hair in the air.

    "Look, we can talk about this later, Daren is on his was over here now!"

    "Daren?!" I asked, bewildered.

    "He's...kinda crazy. He really hates gay people."

    "That's because he's probably a faggot himself!" I retorted!

    "Stop it!"

    "I'm sure he's got his hand on his dick in some bathroom right now, Marcus, thinking about you shirtless!"

    "You sex-crazed animal!" Marcus yelled as he lunged towards me.

    Suddenly a gunshot stopped him midstride, as he stumbled backwards a bit, and stared at me like a lost puppy.

    "Daren!" He gasped, but i barely heard it. He collapsed in my arms and I buckled under the weight. Another shot went off and it hit the wall behind me, grazing my ear. I saw the tailgate of a truck as it spun away, and thought I heard Daren's voice, but couldn't be sure. Blood had covered the floor and my knees were soaked in it. There were so many things I wanted to say and couldn't think of any of them.

    "Marcus!" my voice cracked. He was conscious but delirious and I seemed to be loosing him fast.

    "I'm really sorry, Scott..." his throat sounded like it was filling with fluid. He eyes shut as he lost conscious and I fought the urge to scream in horror. I gripped him tighter and began to panic, not sure what to do. I trembled, calling out his name, but he never opened his eyes. His heart was beating but seemed erratic. I found it strange now that he was finally in my arms there was nothing about it that was pleasurable, only horrific. My lips trembled as I started to imagine my crush was barely hanging onto life itself, I said his name again shaking him, to no avail.

    Tears flooded down my face and onto his, I could barely see anything anymore. Everything was a blur. It felt as if my very veins were about to explode and leak out of my body. I felt strangely warm and light. I tried to dry my eyes, but was still blinded. Everything was golden white and my hair was blown back as if by a cool breeze. I began to feel weak, and felt a tinge of pain in my back. Had I been shot too? Was i passing out from delirium? The last thing I remember is collapsing onto of Marcus' body and everything went black. However I still felt warm and could hear distant sounds afterwards.

    I awoke what I was to learn, was a week later. I had been shot in the back and barely survived, my Dr. told me.

    "And Marcus, how is he?"

    "Marcus, well he's fine, he comes to visit you everyday, he was lucky to get away with just a nick on the ear."

    I starred at the Dr. in disbelief.

    "But...Marcus was shot!"

    "It was a close shot, but no he wasn't hit. He's very lucky, and you are lucky to have him as a friend."

    I just stared at the wall in bewilderment.

    "Here he is now," said the Dr. "Maybe you'd like to speak with him yourself!" The Dr. walked out, leaving us alone, for the first time since...since the shooting. Marcus stared at me grimly.

    "We need to talk." he whispered and shut the door behind him.

    -------To be continued---------
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    Re: Special Neighbors

    Great beginning and quite intriguing. Welcome to the story forum, MPM. I look forward to hearing what Marcus has to say.


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    Re: Special Neighbors

    Wow, now I am looking for the next installment. Thanks for writing.

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    Re: Special Neighbors

    Great start! I am anxious to read more! Thank you!

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    Re: Special Neighbors

    Chapter 2

    “I’m not really up to talking, Marcus. I’m tired.” He slammed his hand on my food tray, causing me to flinch.

    “You’ve had all week to sleep, Scott. This is serious…” his voiced trailed off as he tried to find the words. Oddly enough, his accent was much less detectable than it used to be.

    “I remember being shot! I felt the bullet pierce my skin, and remember losing consciousness. Then I wake up with you on top of me and you’d been shot, but I felt fine! What’s going on?”

    I stared at him, unsure of how to respond. All I could think about is how I didn’t want to be dealing with any of this right now.

    “I was…” I began to say slowly. “But you weren’t actually shot…you hit your head and must have gotten things mixed up.” As I was talking I reached around and felt the gauze over the gunshot wound. It was still sensitive to the touch, and I flinched again, so I left it alone.

    “Do you really think that’s going to work on me? And stop mocking the way I talk” Marcus stared at me.

    I had been speaking with the hint of a British accent without even thinking about it.

    “I think you underestimate the power of head trauma, Marcus. It can mess with your head, both yours and mine...”

    “Damnit!” he raised his voice. “Don’t sit here and tell me I wasn’t hurt. I remember it clearly. I even remember Daren telling me he wanted to attack you and distracting him so I could come warn you!”

    “What do you want me to tell you?!” I shouted. Marcus stepped back, but leaned in and grabbed my hand.

    “Listen buddy, I didn’t react very well when I heard you jacking off in a bathroom to my name, but I don’t hate it.” He reached up with his other hand and brushed my hair. “I’ve been here every day for the past week. I care about you.”

    I brushed his hand away like it was a bug. It was so strange. I didn’t find him that attractive at all in the moment. He was still beefy and wore the same clothing, but right now, he was just another guy, maybe a little impressive looking, but right now, in my personal space.

    “Well that’s nice, but I don’t know what to say. I think you’re just remembering things wrong, maybe you should see a shrink. Now, where are my parents?” I asked quickly changing the subject.

    “They came back as soon as they heard that I – or you – were shot. They should be in the cafeteria.”

    “Can you go get them please?” I asked monotonously.

    “Sure,” he said, hissing the s. He stepped out and walked down the hall.

    I was glad he was gone, but I didn’t have any more desire to see him, even after the way he touched me.

    I remember the event happening the same way. Marcus had been shot in the back, and I grazed in the ear. Was I actually still unconscious right now? Was I in a coma right now, in the twilight zone? I pinched my hand hard until it bruised. It hurt. Nothing changed and I was pretty sure I was awake. I started checking the clock every few minutes to see if the time changed or not. It did, at a normal pace.

    Before I knew it, Mom and Dad ran in with Marcus walking in behind them. They gushed over me and said Daren had been caught, and was being held awaiting trial. They asked me if I had seen anything, how did I feel, did I want to get up at all, did I see the light? To be honest the questions bugged me a bit, but Marcus still lingered in the background, and I was grateful not be talking to him.

    “Oh and Marcus told us all about it!” Mom raved, her head only a few centimeters from mine. “He told us you jumped in front of him instinctively and how he called 911 and made sure to keep you awake. The Dr. thinks it’s because of him you’re alive.”

    “Yeah,” I pursed my lips, “Marcus is great!” is all I could say, trying my hardest to pronounce the ‘r’ like an American would.

    They chatted away, mainly with each other about me, and then ran off to pick up my sister from high school, to bring her for a visit. Marcus stayed behind.

    “You know, I might as well call you the undertaker if you hang around anymore people in the hospital.”

    “I’ll remember you said that,” he pointed his finger at me, playfully. “Just like I remember everything else…”his voice trailed off as he turned to leave.

    “I’ll be back again tomorrow,” he called back. “And you better tell me truth then!”

    “Crap!” I thought to myself, he hadn’t believed my story at all.

    The Dr. visited me the next morning, like he had every morning. He was amazed at the healing my wound was having.

    “I can release you tomorrow if you feel able?” He asked me.

    “Yes, please get me out of here!” I sighed.
    “And where then for you? Are you going to go back to class? I hope you know that people in town see you as a kind of hero.”

    “They don’t really know me,” I uttered, staring at the wall.

    “Well, I think you should keep going to class. It’s important after a traumatic event like this to continue with normal life. Reach for the stars! Just don’t grow stagnant.” He looked at me, but I didn’t look back. “If you would like to talk to someone, I can arrange a counselor to stop by for a visit…” he added.

    “Sure, doc, maybe.” I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to be left alone. I just wanted to go back to normal life. Not be the center of attention, and not be questioned at all. Of course it wasn’t long till Marcus showed up, keeping his promise to visit me. Even though I didn’t want to talk, it was nice seeing a familiar face.

    “Well look who it is, the town detective,” I said with a chuckle. “Are you gonna grill me? Slap me around a bit? Stick me behind a one way mirror??”

    “Yeah, you’d like to get slapped around a bit, wouldn’t ya mate?” He laughed, his accent obviously returning.

    I grinned, not even hiding the fact that I was mildly excited. Marcus had dressed in tight clothes again, and even in my state, I had to hide a growing boner under my hospital gown. Marcus actually looked down and changed the subject.

    “You obviously don’t know this isn’t the time or place…” his voice trailed off. “But, if you tell me what happened the night of the shooting, maybe I could oblige.” He continued.

    At hearing that, my boner popped to full attention. I rose up both knees to hide it between my legs. But I still didn’t know what I was supposed to tell him.

    “Can’t you just drop it? Seriously, I think you underestimate how trauma can mess with your mind!”

    Marcus banged my food tray again in frustration, but hadn’t seen a needle, a very careless nurse, had left behind. It pierced his skin, and was driven over an inch into his forearm.

    “Ow!” he yelled, trying to hold back tears. “Are there any drugs in this??”

    “No,” I looked over it quickly before pulling it out of his arm.

    “I think that hit a nerve! I can barely feel my pinky and ring finger…do you think there’s any damage?” Marcus asked.

    “I doubt it, but nerve damage can take a while to heal. The same thing happened to me once, and it took over a month. Let me see it.” I asked as Marcus held out his arm.

    To my surprise, even his arm was a bit heavier then I expected. His muscles bulged at the skin like they were begging to be let out. The spot where the needle poked him was oozing a bit, but it was the nerve damage that really bothered him.

    “You should learn to control your temper, Marcus.” I prodded. As I looked over his arm, holding it in my hands, I was suddenly overcome with a flood of emotion.

    “I’m so sorry.” I tried to hide the emotion in my voice. I placed my hand over the site of the “injection,” and strangely my hand started to glow like someone was shining a bright flashlight beneath it.

    I could see the veins and bones dimly through a golden glow that expanded until I could no longer see my hand or his forearm at all. I suddenly felt a tinge of pain in my forearm as well, and I recoiled unexpectedly.

    “What the hell?!” Marcus exclaimed. He brought both hands up to his face.

    I looked down at my arm, and began to twitch my fingers back and forth. I stared back at Marcus with a tremble in my voice.

    “Marcus…my fingers are numb and it feels like I just got a shot in the forearm…” I stared at him in disbelief.

    “Ummm,” Marcus felt his arm, and looked it over. There wasn’t even a mark on his arm at all. “Mine feels fine…” his voice trailed off. We both didn’t say anything for who knows how long.

    “You can’t tell anyone about this, okay? I just want to be left alone about it!” I begged him.

    “Are you sure?” Marcus grinned, “I could really use you on the football team.” He laughed.

    The mystery of the night of the shooting was apparently answered. Now I just had to make sure this stayed between us….
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    Re: Special Neighbors

    It gets more intriguing as it goes along. What are these "powers" Scott seems to have? Exciting things are happening and I can't wait for the next installment. Thanks, MPM.


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