2014 had not been a good year for me and I was struggling for most of it, but in December I was gifted with a dream come true that meant the year finished nicely.

It was April when I was fired from the job I had only acquired the previous September. Three consecutive late starts due to illness resulted in an investigation by management, and in the resulting argument as I defended myself I lost my job. I’d been one of the lucky few to go straight into employment after graduating from university but now I was lumped back into the pile of 18-24 year old job seekers. For the rest of 2014 I living with my parents whilst applying for jobs and doing cash in hand jobs for the friends of my father.

By the start November I was very depressed and was happy when a friend, Chelsea, from college offered to help me get a job at the Santa’s grotto she worked at over Christmas. If I got the job it would have meant six weeks of definite pay and I could get out of the house that now felt very claustrophobic. So I handed in my CV and Chelsea spent the application process bigging me up. She must have done well because a week and a half later I was told I had the job. I had to go to the office and get my uniform and be there the following Monday at 8am to start work. Now Chelsea wasn’t there when I started because she has a weekly job and only works at the grotto on weekends to give her a bit extra for Christmas; she’d been doing it the last four years. I was willing to work every available which meant 8am till 6pm every day of the week bar Thursday where we all had the day off.

Now, I didn’t expect to get anything sexual out of this job. Although I did have a little thing for older men I liked them slim and athletic with a clean-shaven face and salt and pepper hair, but on the Monday of work that changed indefinitely.

Walking into the grotto that 8am I fell in love with Arthur, the man playing Santa. As I walked in he immediately grabbed my hand to shake and introduced himself. I melted. My legs felt like had he held on any longer then they would have literally collapsed. Arthur was amazing. He looked exactly how I had always imagined Santa when I was a kid. He had white, curly hair that fell down to his shoulders and mixed in with his white, bushy beard that covered the lower half of his face. He had red rosy cheeks and a small red button nose, on top of which rested blue, sparkling eyes that I would have been happy to die looking into. His face was the definition of happiness and looked incredibly cute. Whilst he wasn’t wearing the hat and coat at the time he had on the rest of the attire that showed off his perfect Santa figure. He had on the big, black shiny boots; the red pants and black belt. Now, Arthur isn’t obese but is overweight which is necessary to play Santa. His belly was large enough that it was falling over the top of his straining belt but not so much that it looked ugly. His white t-shirt was sticking tight to his body and his large, arms protruded from the shirt like big oak branches, covered in a white fur.

It took a few hours to get confident talking to Arthur because I was such awe but when I finally did I couldn’t stop and spoke to him at every opportunity. I was so comfortable with him. That first week of work was amazing. Not only because I was back in work and working with a great team but because I could look at Arthur all day pretty much all day of the week. By the end of the week we were all incredibly friendly and on the Sunday before we went home we decided to home. We all decided to have our photos taken with Arthur. I was so excited to get a chance just to sit on his knee. So we all hung around and I waited impatiently to sit on Arthur’s knee. When I finally jumped on we did the usual questions he would ask little kids, but in a joking manner. We then turned to pose for the camera. I put my arm around his neck and he put his left on my hip and pulled me closer and his right hand on the thigh of my right leg. But then something went wrong with the camera. SO we had a minute to wait around. I could feel Arthurs left hand slowly sliding down to my arse and his left hand started to slowly caress my inner thigh – not too much so others would notice but enough so I would feel it. This confused me. I had never thought of Arthur as being gay but now he was doing this. I wiggled my arse around, claiming to be trying to get comfy, but I was trying to move nearer to his dick. Soon enough I could feel it getting hard and it started to stick into my right arse cheek. The camera was now ready and we both had huge smiles for the camera. As I went to jump off Arthur pulled me in close and whispered “naughty” and gave me a wink, I smiled and slowly dragged me hand along his thigh before walking off. That night I went home extremely happy. This man I had fancied all week long was not only gay but interested in me. I finished the night with a wank thinking of Arthur.

The next couple of days were fun. There was plenty of sexual tension between Arthur and I which was wrong considering where we worked. But every time we looked at each other it was electric but neither of us could act. On the Wednesday night, because of no work on Thursday, everyone decided to go to the pub for a few drinks after work. We pulled together a few tables and the group of ten grotto workers set about having a few drinks and getting merry. I couldn’t take me eyes off Arthur for most of it and we spent a lot of time talking directly with each other. For those of us who smoked we had to go into the small beer garden out back. Because it was cold those of us who went out had to huddle up close and I always made sure I was close to Arthur. Then it started, I could feel Arthurs hand slowly rubbing up and down my arse crack, occasionally his thumb slipping into my waistband. As the night went on more and more people started to go home. This meant it got to the point only Arthur and I were going out to smoke. The next opportunity we got things got heated.
We went out and huddled up, we lit some smokes and stood close and he put his hand round my waist. I constantly kept my gaze up at him until eventually I couldn’t hold it in, after he had just taken a drag I leaned in and we locked lips. Our mouths were open and our tongues started to battle, the smoke swirling around and escaping from the sides of ours mouths. I stopped and pulled and away and started to giggle.

“I’ve wanted to do that since Day 1,” I giggled as I took another drag.

“I can tell from what happened on Sunday. I can’t believe you got me hard, I had to sort it out the moment I got in the car.” The pair of us laughed. “Here,” he said and he spun me around so I had my back to him, he put his cigarette out and pulled open the large black coat he had on. He pulled me in close and wrapped the coat around the both us. “That should be better.”

All I could do was sigh with happiness as I pushed my body against the warmth of his. Again I could feel it, his dick was hard and against my arse. As I continued with my cigarette things got hotter, he started to kiss me along my neck, his beard tickling me as he went. Occasionally he would turn my face and we would lock lips. His hand wandered down and he was unbuckling my jeans, luckily the bottom half of ours bodies were blocked by a waist high brick wall, and he reached inside my boxers. His warm hands slowly started to move up and down my dick. It was incredible, I was hard instantly but this wasn’t enough, I wanted more. I put out my cigarette and turned back to him and gave him another kiss before whispering in his ear, “let me do this.”

I lowered my body so I was squatting down. I was now completely hidden by those in the pub. I told Arthur to start smoking another cigarette. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled them apart before pulling down his white briefs and pulling out his dick. It was huge. Around eight inches. “Wow,” I gasped as I looked up at him. He just smiled and put his free hand on my head, moving it closer to his dick. I open up wide and took it in. I immediately went to deep throat it and struggled, not only could I not fit it all the way his bushy grey pubes tickled at my nose. I was down there for a few minutes before we heard the door go. I jumped up and we both buckled our pants up quick. We quickly started a conversation as to women came out for a cigarette. We waited for Arthur to finish his and headed back in to where only two of our group were left. We all decided to end the night and we went home, I was disappointed I hadn’t got to suck him off properly but I was now very happy things were getting hot with Arthur and I had gotten to see the monster he kept hidden in his pants. The size and girth was incredible, especially compared to mine. I’m lucky to be six inches but my young cock is quite thin.

Now the next few weeks were fun. As part of the rules no relationships were allowed between any of the grotto staff so we had to keep it a secret and we had to be as creative as possible to enjoy some fun with each other. Often on dinners we would sneak off and we would trade blowjobs with each other anywhere we could, in his car when I drove to work or behind the big bins in a back alley, sometimes even in the toilets of the shopping centre. Whenever he had free time after work as well, which wasn’t often as he sometimes worked at his brother’s chippy. We would get some fun in there. But the next few weeks that’s all it was; oral.

It wasn’t until the last day that we finally got to go all the way. We’d made a plan for Christmas Eve I would stay at his. Everyone from the grotto was going for a night out in our work uniforms and Arthur and I planned to sneak off during the night to go to his and finally have sex. Now that Christmas Eve seemed to go on forever. We hit the pubs at 7pm and by 9pm I was restless and itching to head back to Arthurs whose face was turning redder the more he drank, an amazingly attractive feature I found in him. His hands were all over my thighs as we drank. But people weren’t drunk enough for us to disappear. As we went out for a cigarette Arthur pulled me over.

“Hey, why don’t you pretend to be too drunk and I’ll say I’m taking you home because I’ve had enough to drink as well?” All I could do was smile as we put the plan into action and twenty minutes later we were in a taxi on the way to Arthur's house.

I followed him up the steps to his big green door and followed him inside. As soon as the door was slammed closed we were locking lips, leaning against all the coats hung along his wall. Before we finally prised ourselves apart.

“Hey, I’m just going to nip to the toilet, The bedroom is the first door on the left, go in and get ready.” Arthur said as he patted my bum to lead me up the stairs. I jogged up the stairs and headed into the bedroom and suddenly I grew even more excited, but also confused. How I should be when he comes in? Should I close the door or leave it open so he can peep in? Should I strip off or stay in uniform? In the end I stripped everything off but the green tights I’d had to wear, I lay face down on the bed, my arse slightly sticking in the air. I’d closed the door. After Arthur was done I could hear him walking down the hallway I pretended to be asleep.

“That’s what I like to see,” he whispered as he crept the door open.

“Santa?” I murmured as I pretended to wake up, I rubbed my eye and looked at him. He was still wearing everything but his jacket was open and his white t-shirt was slightly untucked. He looked hot.

“Have you been naughty or nice this year?” He asked.

I put on an innocent voice. “Oh, I’ve been a good boy Santa, I promise.”

“Really? In my book it says you’ve been naughty. Sucking off old men in pub beer gardens.” We laughed, and he put one knee on the bed and leaned forward to kiss me. We embraced and pulled each other close, our hand exploring each other as we locked lips and fought with our tongues, occasionally moving our mouths down so we could kiss each other’s necks. I rolled onto my back and he sat on top, his bum on my pelvis but he was holding himself up a bit so as to not weigh me down too much. He pulled off the jacket with his thick arms, and slowly started to lift up his white t-shirt. I slid my hands up underneath to quicken the de-clothing process, the feel of his fur exciting me further. We were now both topless, and stopped to stare and admire each other’s bodies. He then grabbed both my hands, pulled them together and held them together with one hand and started to kiss my neck and body whilst unbuckling his belt. He’d taken control away from me and it felt amazing, my body was his and he was going to make sure we were both happy by Christmas morning.

After a few minute of him licking and kissing my body we rolled over as one unit so he was on his back and I was on his pelvis. I moved back so I was knelt between his open legs. I pulled off his boots and then started to pull off his red, Santa pants. I don’t know whether he had been liked that all day or whether he did it when he went to the bathroom but he was commando underneath and I had instant access to his dick and balls. I excitedly licked up and down his dick, sticking my tongue in and around his foreskin before sucking on his huge balls. I’ll admit, I much prefer sucking dick than having mine sucked so this position was absolutely heaven and he left me to it. For a good teen minutes He was sat up against the pillows, his head leaning on his hands that were behind it, looking down at me as I did my best to pleasure him. Something I must have been doing well considering how many moans he gave off and the amount off leg shakes he performed when I hit a sensitive spot. Suddenly he grabbed me.

“That’s enough, I need that arse now.” He pulled me up to the top of the bed and put me so I had my hands on the headboard and was bent over. He pulled down my green tights and boxers and immediately started to rim my, his tongue circling my hole and moving up and down the crack. Once again his beard tickling me as he went up and down. That’s why I don’t mind not having my dick sucked, because I much prefer having my arse rimmed. I was in heaven and for the next five minutes, as long as I could hold out before asking him to fuck me, I stayed there as he ate me out like I was the Christmas dinner.

But as I just said I couldn’t last long, I reached back and put my hand over the hole to stop his mouth. “No,” I panted. “You need to fuck me hard, like now.”

“Is that what’s at the top of your Christmas list?” Arthur asked, still trying to be in character despite being naked. I don’t see many naked Santa’s around.


He knelt upwards and moved nearer before grabbing his wet dick and sliding it up and down my equally wet arsehole. There was definitely no need for lube.

“Do you want me to use a johnny?” He asked.

“Well I haven’t got anything I was tested two months ago, do you have anything?”

“No, I got tested six months ago but I haven’t done anything with anyone but you in nine months. I guess we’re good to go.” He grabbed onto the monster that was his cock and pushed the head against my hole. There was a slight bit of resistance before it open and he slid in, about half of it going in before it stopped. He slowly started to rock back and forth, loosening up the muscles to allow more. Every eighth or ninth rock he moved in another inch until all eight inches were stuck inside me. Then he waited for my body to settle and it didn’t take long. It was as if my body had always been missing something and this is what it was. He then started to slowly rock larger than before, almost all of his dick coming out before climbing back inside. The pace was slow for a good fifteen minutes before it started to pick up. Not long after we were going at an unbelievable paced as he started to slam his pelvis into me, his dick hitting against my prostate causing an obscene amount of pleasure. It was an amazingly intense moment and I couldn’t help it, my dick started to fill up and eventually I spunked. Unbeknownst to me Arthur had had his hand waiting there and it all landed onto it, well most of it at least. He brought his hand up to show me. He then moved his hand up to his mouth and started to lick it off, I turned my head to watch. All this time he was still pounding away. Then he started to properly grunt and his movement got a bit sporadic.

“I’m coming,” he said. A bit late really because the moment the last syllable left his mouth he did, I could feel it fill up my arse. I then felt it ooze out as he pulled up his dick. He leant down and started to lick his own cum out of my arse. I then turned and licked his dick clean of his spunk. Eventually, we lay down together. Spooning and a hot, sweaty mess on top of his covers. Again, it was amazing. But the present I got that Christmas? Doing it all again in the morning.