Hey all,
I have a hobby which is editing video. Nothing professional or anything, just more to see what can be done with a laptop. Anyway if you wanna edit video, you gotta shoot it first. I'm too lazy to carry a camera around so thought would just shoot video of myself, wanking and stuff. After making the videos i thought they were cool, but no-one would really see them as they are of me. . . . . doing stuff. Then i came across xtube, I been posting vids there for a while now and its like my naughty secret. I been a member for 8 years and never told anybody. Who else got a secret xtube channel where they post naughty vids of themselves?
Oh and if you wanna check it out.........


Let me know what you think of my video making skills and if they make you horny? Also if you do the same kinda thing? Cheers.