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    There's something uncanny about my step-father

    Part I: Jeremy was my favorite

    I never liked my step-dads. I've had many since I was ten and up until this point none of them were really like a 'dad'. Step-dads come into your house, pretend to be the boss and make you share your precious mothers love. Step-dads... how to describe them. They are uncanny. They're supposed to be something, but they're actually not. They're supposed to be dads, protector of the family, the hunter, the wise man, but when you get to know them... they're not. They are just some dude, boning your mom until she gets sick of him and tries to fill the void by hopping on to another dude. It makes me wonder... why can't companies just invent a vibrator with big strong arms and chest hair? It would have saved me some ugly confrontations.

    I don't want to sound rude, so don't get me wrong. I was a spoiled little brad when I was growing up. My step-dads have always tried to be nice to me, but I wouldn't give them a chance. If they came up to me and said something like: "Hey sport, how was your day at school?", I would respond mean or uninterested and go straight to my room. Maybe nowadays I would have feigned some interest, but hey... back then I was just a kid.

    I doesn't mean I wasn't interested in my step-dads though. When your mom is on the rebound, she often takes an interest in the wrong kind of men. And the wrong kind of men often looks like the right kind of men. They are screw-ups. Men who couldn't take care of their own family or were college studs who wouldn't settle down for one. Now they are boned, having to date rejects like divorced mothers or uptight businesswomen. They are overachievers, having to much testosterone and ceasing every change to retrieve what they've thrown away in the past. They can't handle life, but try to look like they've got it under control. Screw-ups who are one step away from repeating every bad choice they ever made. But beside my dislike for their personal behavior, I did like to look at them.

    A step-dad was the closest thing to male figure in my environment. Because I couldn't emotionally bond with them, I didn't feel bad when I got aroused by them. Who wouldn't when a semi-attractive men walked around in his tighty whities, revealing some of his pubic hair, while his bulge is triggering the imagination of a teenage boy going right through puberty. How I wished I could just pull down their briefs and start doing what I was daydreaming of. Here's a picture that is kind of similar to I've been tempted with:

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    When I was almost finished with high school, my mom was dating Jeremy. Of all my step-dads Jeremy was my favorite. That means, he was the least unbearable. Jeremy was a men who was about to hit a midlife crisis (or he might have been right in one, I can't really remember). He was trying to do fun things at all cost. My mom liked him the most. I can genuinely say he made her happy for a little while. And I was happy for her being happy, so I accepted Jeremy as a member of the pack. Jeremy was into all sorts of stuff. He liked various sports, having buddies over to watch the game, and then having a few to many (which made him actually nicer most of the time), making love to my mom, surfing the naughtier parts of the web, cooking really nice food and, last but not least, pretent to be a roughed, outdoors manly-man. He had some really nice friends as well (if you know what I mean).

    My story begins when my mom was going to my aunt. At one point my aunt divorced from her abusive husband and somehow this made her very unhappy. My mom when to live with her for a while to comfort her and help her to not fall into a big depression. I feel sorry for my aunt. Why do woman always do this sort of thing? Isn't it better to be alone than to be abused? Maybe this explained why I was uninterested in women (even though I realize what a big hypocrite I am right now). My mom was away longer than we expected. I my opinion it was because my aunt was probably sucking the life right out her. This turned out to be untrue. I won't bore you with the story of two sisters bonding over their shared experience. This was a time I got to know Jeremy on a whole new level.

    It was already evening when I was heading home from soccer practice. When autumn came in our hometown the days were getting pretty dark. Coach Johansen let us leave early, because he had to pick up his wife from some place and nobody was really in the mood for practice anyway. I was walking home in my soccer outfit and started feeling kinda cold. I skipped showering and this is actually never a good thing to do after running through dirt and mud for an hour. I started walking faster. I was really longing for a hot shower by now.

    When I was almost home I saw officer Darren. He waved and I waved back. Officer Darren is the kind of officer that wants to be a little to involved into his community. He once said to me that if I wanted to talk to someone I should come to him. He would have hated it to see me going down the wrong path. He's actually a good guy, but you shouldn't say things like that. It creeps me out. I like his uniform, though.

    When I was finally home I had the feeling I could relax. It was nice and warm and I threw my bag in the corner. I jumped on the couch, took a pillow and pushed it against my face, while I made an annoyed grunt. Finally some rest. I could hear Jeremy was upstairs in the shower. He probably also just got home and was longing for the same as I. A nice hot shower on a cold autumn day. I had to wait my turn.

    I was listening to the sound of the shower. It was a soothing noise and it calmed me down. It was like being under the bedsheets while there was a raging thunderstorm outside. But inside you were save. I decided to go upstairs and change my clothes, before they would leave a big mess in the house. Knowing Jeremy it would take a while before he would finish showering. When I was in my room I started taking my soccer gear off. Soccer shoes are always too tight and walking on something other than grass leaves your feet soar. My shinguards left an imprint on my shins. I stared at it for a little while, mesmerized by their ability to change the texture of my skin. I leg hair felt weird because of it. It look off the rest of my clothes until I was completely naked. I looked at myself in the mirror. Looking at your own naked body also has a weird sensation. It is you, but it's not you. It's like a ghost version of yourself. I was checking myself out, like I was looking at some rondom guy in the locker room. I had a nice body. I was flexing my muscles for myself. Could this be considered narcissism or just curiosity? I took my dick in my hand and made some fancy poses, like I was modeling for an erotic photoshoot. I had to smile, because it was not really flattering. I had a nice body though. Many would be jealous of it. Meanwhile I could still hear water in the shower falling down. When would Jeremy be finished? Between the mess in my room I started looking for some clean socks and underwear. Since mom was already away for some time I couldn't find any. Apparently two men don't find it necessary to do the laundry when mother is away from the house. I was annoyed, but had no one to blame but myself.

    Maybe I could borrow some of Jeremy. I don't think he would mind, but he would probably force me to do the laundry for it. I still heard the water running, so I decided to quickly go into his room to grab a pair of socks and one of his briefs. Very sneaky I opened my door to see if there was nobody out there. Off course nobody was there, but when you make a nude walk through the house you better check. I left my door wide open and quickly walked to Jeremy's room. I opened the door and hurried inside to snatch what I was looking for, but when I got inside my heart suddenly started beating like crazy and my face became red as a tomato. In front of me was Jeremy standing with his wet body and a towel over his shoulder, going through his underwear drawer as well. He shock from my sudden appearance and jumped around to see what was happening. I stood there as in shock. I could still hear the shower running, but apparently Jeremy got out to get something from the bedroom. I felt my heart pumping harder and harder, but I could not move. Jeremy was standing there, butt naked, with little drops of water running down his hairy body. Not to mention I was naked too. I wanted to go away, but I couldn't move. I was hypnotized by his naked body. I never saw Jeremy naked before. I saw him one time in his underwear, with his bulge leaving little to the imagination, but not I saw everything. My eyes were drawn to his package. The situation was something like this, only was I naked too:

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    What seemed to last for an eternity was actually just a few seconds. It was dead silent. I saw his cock dangling slightly, bouncing up from his balls just a little bit. It gave me an aroused sensation throughout my entire body. I must have looked really stupid, because eventually I heard Jeremy saying in a sarcastic voice: "You like what you see?" My face was pretty red at this point and I was trying not to get a boner. I managed to get a few words out of my mouth. "I-I-I just need s-some socks and underwear. I thought you were in the shower. I'm sorry. I will come back later." I turned around and was about to leave when Jeremy said: "Hey!" I turned back around and he threw me a pair of socks. Then he turned around and grabbed one of his briefs. He was bending over, granting me a view of his nice, hairy buttocks. He threw it to me as well, saying: "Here you go, man. Wash them before you return them." I caught the briefs and hurried back to my room. I closed the door behind me and was heavily breathing. My heart was racing. I looked down and I saw my cock was rock-hard from all the excitement. Silently I sighed the word "fuck" in despair. I was hoping by god Jeremy hadn't noticed.

    The shower afterwards was very interesting. This image of his naked body was now forever in my head. I was worried about what he was thinking right now. He responded pretty normal, but he must have noticed my dick getting hard. Maybe he would just interpret it as a response to the tension. No, he was not that stupid. Maybe I could say I was thinking of sex before I got in? No, that would be ever more stupid. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. I was thinking of an excuse, but I couldn't think of anything logical to the situation other than me having a normal, horny reaction to his hot, manly body. While I was showering I was still having an erection. I couldn't get it down. My entire body was tingling. The hot water was pouring down my muscles. It calmed me down a little bit, but this image. His cock dangling so slightly, his foreskin revealing just the tip of his penis, his pubes surrounding the entire area, his balls just revealed a little bit. I started oozing out a lot of pre-cum. I couldn't help it, but the sensation was just to great. I grabbed my dick and gently rubbed it up and down. Jeremy completely filled my mind. I rubbed my thumb over the head of my penis. I imagined Jeremy with an erection, pressing his hard cock against my body. His hand taking me by the head, his thumb over my lip, his head coming closer, our lips touching, his hairy chest against mine... I couldn't hold it in anymore. I ejaculated with such an intensity it almost hurt. I made a faint moaning noise, like someone was pinching me in the arm. My semen was dripping from my shaft, squirting all over the place. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. My body was shaking. I fell to my knees and felt the hot water running over my back. The last contractions pushed out the last drops of cum. My balls were completely withdrawn in my body. They gently returned when it was over.

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    It left me feeling guilty. I just masturbated to Jeremy. Jeremy! My own step-father. I was confused and didn't know whether to go downstairs or lock myself up in my room and never come out of it ever again.

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    Re: There's something uncanny about my step-father

    Hi Guys,

    This was my first story. Ever! Please let me know what you think and whether there should be a sequel.

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    Re: There's something uncanny about my step-father

    Great story and yes, there should be a sequel.

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    Re: There's something uncanny about my step-father

    Great story & there should be a sequel.

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    Re: There's something uncanny about my step-father

    Great story, George. Very hot. Thanks for posting it.

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    Re: There's something uncanny about my step-father

    It was very hot. Thanks

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