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    Lost in New England

    Chapter 1

    I put my head into my hands to block out the noise. It had been quite a day and my head was aching.

    There was a lot of commotion from the phones. People were talking on them. People were yelling about them. People were slamming them down. And the ringing! There seemed to be at least a thousand phones ringing all at the same time. A loudspeaker overhead calmly alerted everyone that so-and-so had a phone call on hold. Around the corner-I think-a baby was crying. And somebody was typing, fast! Did anyone ever use a typewriter anymore? Or maybe it was a machine that typed, it was hard to tell. It was stuffy in here and hard to breathe. How could anybody hope to get anything done around this place?

    The police officer who had been asking me questions had stepped away. I was trying hard now to gather my thoughts, but they weren't gathering for me at all. I was sort of a mess since I'd arrived. Danny was missing! And I was supposed to be helping the police to find him. Did I mention that the police officer was awfully cute?

    I had a little time to myself to take it all in. I took a deep breath in. I tried not to cry. That wouldn't be good. Not in front of the officer, at least.

    For a Sunday, it seemed awfully busy here. I can't even imagine what the New Haven Police Department might be like on a weekday. Even more crazy I guess. Maybe I would ask the nice officer. Outside of a few pornographic fantasies that I'd conjured up, this was my first time in a police station. For real, at least. Well, there was one other time when I was a kid. Mrs. Calloway had taken my entire third grade class to visit a police station in Apple Valley. That was my real first time. To no one's surprise, I'd been the first one to volunteer to go behind the prison bars that day. Apparently the imagery stuck. I remember the cool metal against my face, the faint smell of metal and dirt and sweat. It was a milestone in my sexual development. Even at nine years of age, there was something mysterious and forbidden about the police. I had to have more. And, of course, safely tucked away and all alone in my bedroom, I'd dreamed up plenty of police station fantasies. Most of which involved me naked from the waist down and wedged between the bars of a jail cell.

    Not today perhaps, but I pledged to ask the officer if I might see the inner workings of the station when I came back. Today was about Danny. Poor Danny!

    I was seated on an uncomfortably hard wooden straight-back chair next to the desk of an Italian police officer who was taking my statement.

    Danny Lehman was missing. What a fucked up mess! I was sure that I had absolutely nothing helpful to say, but the police seemed to want to know everything anyway. So here I was, at least an hour already. The excitement from the finals of the Yale Invitational Track Meet were already a distant memory.

    I hadn't qualified for the finals myself. No surprise to me, but a big disappointment to my coach. As a result, I'd pretty much been just a spectator all day. Since I had so many people I knew who actually had made the finals, I arrived early to get a good seat and had been able to snag one in the front row of the grandstands for most of the meet today. I did miss seeing the finals in Steeplechase however; that race started at 8:00 and I hadn't been able to get my butt out of bed. But, since the Steeplechase is kind of stupid, it was really no biggie. I have no idea why somebody would want to run 3000 meters all out while they hopped over hurdles and splashed through big puddles of deep water.

    I expected to see Danny when he lined up for his final in the 800 meters. But when the announcer called out the names, Danny wasn't there. The crowd cheered anyway when the announcer said that Danny was a freshman from the University of Oregon-there weren't a whole lot of runners from the west coast. I'm certain Danny would have loved to hear the cheers for him in his goofy green Oregon Duck shirt.

    It was weird that Danny wasn't on time, of course, but not completely unprecedented-Danny had certainly been late for plenty of races when we were on the team together back in high school. He was probably talking to some guy about hooking up after the meet or caught up in watching the pole vaulters and lost track of time. But when Danny still wasn't on the line as the Yale officials lined them up for the starting gun, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. Danny loved to race. Something bad must have happened for Danny to miss a Finals.

    In the end, Danny was simply a scratch. When the local paper from New Haven came out the following day, the official record of the Yale Invitational 800 meter final would say, "Lehman, D. DNS"

    Did not start. DNS? WTF?

    The guy who won was somebody from Georgetown who I was only vaguely familiar with. As I watched the race, I was sad for Danny. It would have really been a great matchup. The Georgetown guy was pretty fast, but I had a feeling that Danny might have been faster. Danny Leeman didn't like to lose. And he always had crazy speed that amazed me when he fell into his second lap kick. Danny rarely finished in second place. And he certainly never had a DNS before.

    I waited at the track for Danny for at least a couple of hours after the race, hoping he would turn up, not having set his watch or something.

    There were a couple other guys out here visiting from Oregon also. They hadn't seen Danny all day either. One guy, a hurdler from someplace in New York, who also had not made the finals, reluctantly admitted that he had been out partying with Danny and a few others last night until about 10 or so. But the hurdler felt guilty that everybody else was already back in bed at their hotels, so he and everyone else made their way back. Except for Danny. Danny said he was "feeling it," whatever that meant, and apparently went off on his own. He had failed to tell any of them where he was headed, which sounded exactly like my Danny.

    I rubbed open my eyes to the sound of a siren pulling up outside of the police station. I really needed sleep.

    Fuck! Where the hell was Danny?!

    Officer Ruggazione smiled as he came back to his desk. He had a few pieces of paper in his hand. He sat down heavily in black padded arm chair that looked as if it had seen better days. The policeman wasn't all that big of a guy, but the chair squawked as he settled his weight into it. Despite the mix of emotions swirling inside of my head, I smiled back at him, instinctively wishing to trade places with the office chair.

    "Okay. Found what I needed," the Ruggazione said evenly. "Just a couple more quick things, then let's wrap this up so you can get on back to your friends."

    "Thanks," I said. "But I don't mind. No rush. Let's do whatever we need to do. I just want to find Danny."

    He smiled at me. He had perfect teeth, of course. He was not making this whole thing any easier on me.

    My insides twisted into a knot. Of course I wanted to find my friend, that was a given. But I was also in no hurry to part company with Officer Italian Stallion here.

    Just the fact that I was even thinking about sex while Danny was out there somewhere, maybe alone, maybe cold, maybe lost. I was wracked with guilt.

    But on the other hand, if Danny ever got the chance to meet the man sitting at the desk in front of me, he would surely approve. Lost or not, Danny could be very practical about these things.

    Ruggazione looked an awful lot like someone who should be hanging out with that Italian sculptor Michelangelo, maybe waiting his turn to be carved into stone. As a matter of fact, the whole police station had sort of a hunky Italian vibe, just about every where I looked. If Michelangelo had ever sailed across the ocean and docked in New Haven, he would absolutely have made a bee line for the place, making granite busts of every one of them!

    The thought of a naked and all white Ruggazione up on a pedestal made me smile. I watched him scribbling something down, he looked up from the form he was filling out and our eyes met; they were dark brown. I'm sure I turned red. Look away, TJ, look away for crissakes! Your friend is missing!

    For a full ten seconds, I managed to focus again on Danny.

    Danny with his great smile, again the perfect teeth. Danny with his thin brown hair that always flopped around when he ran. Danny sneering at me from across the locker room while he cruised any boy within 30 feet of him. Danny looking up from down below as he sucked on the tip of my cock. Danny trying to act all shy and conservative, in a dead-on imitation of his twin brother David.

    Would it be unseemly to point out that Danny was circumcised? Surely every piece of information could be helpful? I also knew how big Danny got when he was hard. Part of me wanted to share every single one of these facts with Ruggazione.

    I sighed. Perhaps another time.

    Danny would approve I reminded myself again. Danny would not only approve, he would probably already have the officer's cell phone number.

    I took a deep breath and watched Officer Ruggazione tick off boxes on yet another form. Silently I began counting his freckles.

    Only six visible above his tight little police officer shirt collar.

    But all six were small and handsome. They framed his Italian eyes perfectly, eyes that would look even sexier and more perfect back in the soft light of my dorm room up in Boston. The perfect accompaniment to watching him in the mirror beside my bed while he pounded away at me from behind.

    Stop it TJ, you're being ridiculous!

    He might not be a top.

    I licked my lips to rehydrate them, trying not to seem too much like a pervert as I did so. At least I wasn't drooling. If I had to sit here in silence much longer, concentrating only on every single molecule on the policeman's face, I would definitely drool a little bit though.

    "I just want to find him," I said quietly to nobody in particular.

    He smiled at me again. "That's what we all want, BJ, that's what we all want" he said.

    Ruggazione heard the words come out of my mouth. I only hoped that he hadn't been doing any mind-reading as well.

    Wait. Did he just call me "BJ?"

    I inhaled. "TJ," I corrected him, but regretted it immediately.

    "Right," he smiled again. "TJ. Sorry." The very tough, very sexy police officer blushed, just the tiniest little bit. How fucking cute is that? He blushed!

    "All right then, so let's make sure I've got the description right."

    "Okay," I said. "Male, 19 years of age, about 150 pounds, five feet eight inches."

    At the mention of 'eight inches,' my mind went right to it's usual place in the gutter.

    I had seen Danny's dick up close and personal quite a few times. Although Danny would have happily bragged about having an eight inch cock-nine inches even, the boy had no scruples-he and I both knew that he wasn't quite there. I had him by like an inch, a fact I also liked to brag about.

    On the other hand, Danny got more mileage out of his seven inches or so than probably anybody else I'd ever met. Certainly more than I got out of mine.

    Officer Ruggazione looked at me quizzically.

    "What?" I asked, not realizing I was expected to say something out loud.

    "Five feet eight inches, right?" He said it again.

    "Yes, yes, eight inches," I said. "And five feet." This time I blushed. I nodded enthusiastically, thinking maybe that I could cover up my start dumbness.

    "And dark brown hair?"

    "Yes, thin sort of, kind of early Tom Cruise-ish, you know Top Gun," I said. "And dark brown eyes, just like yours."


    "Um, well they are," I said again. "His eyes, I mean. Just like yours." I sighed. "They are brown too."


    "Yes. Dark brown."

    "I didn't know there were different shades of brown."

    "Well, there are, I mean, I think there are lots of different browns."

    "Okay." He scribbled down another word. "And I like Top Gun. Great movie."

    I smiled. I liked it too, but probably not for the same reasons that Ruggazione did.

    "Aren't there like dark browns and light browns and..." I stammered. "Medium browns? Tom Cruise has medium brown eyes, I think."

    "I really don't know."

    I took another breath. Fuck.

    "I thought you police guys just wanted to be really accurate," I offered.

    He pursed his lips and nodded slowly. "I will make a note of it." He wrote something on the paper in front of him. "Dark brown."

    "Great!" I said. I felt like we had been talking about this just a little bit too much.

    "Any distinctive marks on his body? Tattoos? Piercings?"

    "Hmm," I said, placing a finger on my lips. "Let me think." Danny had a tiny little scar on the back of his thigh, way up by his butt cheek. But I didn't think that would be all that helpful to mention right at this very moment. So I didn't. "Nope!" I said, cheerfully.

    "Not that you know of?"

    "Right. Not that I know of."

    I looked over at Ruggazione.

    Perfect Roman skin, of course. Why was it that guys this good looking also had perfect olive-coloring and just got incredibly sexier and evern more handsome when they were out in the sun And little Scottish French boys like me just turned into a beet?

    His short sleeve shirt showed off muscular forearms. I imagined that he did about a thousand pull ups a day.

    He had no arm hair. I wonder if he shaved it off. Probably not. Unless of course he was a triathlete and it got in the way when he was swimming or biking really fast. But then again, his buddies at work would probably tease him if he did, shave his arm hair I mean.

    I took a breath, it came out more like a heavy sigh.

    Had he been a distance runner in college too? A wrestler? I wondered what he might look like in a singlet. Maybe a tiny dark brown tuft of hair peeking out of the top.

    My underwear was getting tighter as my mind gorged itself on about a six foot long slab of Italian beef.

    "Do you remember what he was wearing when you last saw him, TJ?"


    He looked at the paper in front of him. "Leeman, Daniel Leeman. You boys all call him Danny, right?"

    I looked up at the white tiles on the ceiling. Yes Danny. Never Daniel. God, he'd hate that!

    "Well, on the track Saturday, he had on his green Oregon Ducks track shirt, some yellow running shorts, some running shoes. Nike I think. Yellow."

    He wrote it down.

    "He is a freshman at Oregon. Did I mention that?"

    He nodded without looking up.

    "Hmm," he said. "Probably not what he wore out last night with his friends, right?"

    I laughed. "No, probably not. But if a college singlet would have helped him get laid, then he just might have worn it. You never know with Danny."

    Officer Ruggazione laughed too. He was starting to get the picture of the real Danny.

    "Not that he needed that much help in that department, if you know what I mean."

    "What department?"

    "You know, in getting laid," I said. Red again.

    The officer gave me a look with a half-lifted eyebrow.

    "You know? Sex."

    "Yes, yes, I know. Sex." He smiled. "I've heard of it. I took a health class in middle school."

    I froze. He was joking, right? After a pause, we both laughed again. I imagined that me and Ruggazione would have been fast friends had we gone to high school together.

    And this was definitely the most fun I'd ever had while I was a police station reporting a friend of mine to be missing.

    When we finally finished up, Officer Ruggazione and I exchanged phone numbers and shook hands.

    I told him I text.

    He told me that he is not allowed to do that. I thought about mentioning Facebook, but that might have been going a little too far. The last thing I needed was to have him searching my profile, seeing all the wacky stuff I'd posted. My Tom Brady and Jacoby Ellsbury obsessions, for example!

    Me and Ruggazione agreed to check back in tomorrow,no matter what.

    Danny's brother David was flying into New Haven and should be in sometime late tonight, he told me.

    "Oh great, can you please ask him to give me a call when he arrives," I said.

    The policeman raised an eyebrow again. "I'm not generally in the business of setting up the social schedule for members of the public."

    "Oh right, sorry, yes of course. It's no big deal. I mean, David's his twin brother you know, and I know them both pretty well."

    He looked back at me and didn't say anything.

    "Okay then, I have a nice day."

    "Right. Thanks again for your help."

    I banged my leg into a chair as I backed away awkwardly. Yow!

    I definitely needed to do this guy. But first things first. Let's find Danny.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Very intriguing. Love the (endearingly rambling) wittiness TJ has as well. Looking forward to more!
    Seeing this end with Danny and TJ thanking Officer Ruggazione personally for everything would be, ahem, nice.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Great start to this story. I'll be back for more!

    The Three Musketeers... Bashful, Chrisglass, and Ronboy!

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Spike! You're back and with TJ, Danny and David. Great to have another segment of the Apple Valley boys. And, leave it to TJ to be cruising a handsome police officer. I'm surprised he was able to contain his 8 1/2 inches... This is a little ominous though, Danny missing. I hope everything is OK.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    A very fine start! We need to read more

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    Re: Lost in New England

    The bus back to Boston was leaving around 7:00 Sunday evening.

    It was sort of late to be getting back home, since we all probably had class the next morning. But I think the coaches decided to leave then so that we'd avoid any nasty weekend traffic on the Mass Pike coming out of Springfield and into Boston. Worked for me, of course, since I'd had an unscheduled afternoon in a police station.

    Nobody knew yet about Danny's disappearance yet, other than the few guys he'd been with Saturday night. The cops probably already talked with those guys.

    I had no idea, of course, if they had already made a big deal of it with the rest of the boys who were going to be on the bus, but I hoped not. Hopefully, they'd been discreet and I wouldn't have to answer dozens more questions about Danny while we were on the bus ride home. Sleep sounded like a very good idea, I was pretty spent.

    The meeting with Officer Ruggazione at the station had taken a couple hours, so I didn't have much time. I had to make that bus! I hustled back to grab my stuff.

    I was already wearing one of my back-up pairs of running shoes for my visit with Ruggazione, so I pretty much sprinted all the way through downtown New Haven back to the Omni Hotel. I had plenty of energy since I hadn't had to race in a final today, and it felt good to stretch my legs out along the sidewalks of the city. I wasn't even breathing hard when I pulled up to the Omni Hotel.

    I'd already checked out earlier that morning and left my overnight duffel bag with one of the guys at the bell desk. The gang of college track boys from Boston was just loading up; I'd made it with plenty of time to spare.

    I fumbled around in my back pack for a few bucks for a tip for a bellboy who was not as cute as I'd hoped he would be. Then I hopped aboard the bus with the others. There were a few seats left. I shoved my duffel into a little rack above the seats and sat down next to a guy from Northeastern who I didn't recognize. I said hi to a couple of guys I knew from BU, but there were no seats next to any of them. Nobody seemed to know exactly where I had just been for the last few hours, that was just fine.

    "Hi, I'm TJ." I reached out my hand for a shake with the dude from Northeastern.

    "Tom," the guy said. He looked at my hand for a moment before he grabbed it. "I go to Northeastern."

    "Yeah, I know. I read your t-shirt," I said. "I'm at BU. I run the mile."

    "5000," Tom said.

    "Oh yeah, how'd you do?"

    "Eighth. Got jostled around a lot on the back turn or else I might have taken third of fourth. Some guy from Yale took it."

    "Right," I smiled.

    "But I ran a PR today. Pretty happy with that."

    "At least you ran today," I said. "I didn't even qualify for my final. Finished fifth in my heat yesterday. And. Not a PR for me either. I'd say I ran a few faster back in high school." I laughed, not wanting him to think I was a total dweeb by not making the meet today.

    "Too bad." He looked out the window as the bus went around a long entrance ramp and onto the highway.

    "Yeah," I said, looking around the bus for somebody else to talk to.

    It was 'too bad.' I had a pretty decent race, but certainly not my best effort of the season. I just flat got beat. When the other guys took off once they rang the bell for the final lap, I tried to keep up but I had nothing. Pitiful really, considering I'd had to be invited just to here in the first place. The other guys blew past me on the first turn of the last lap and then pulled ahead even further down the stretch. I pumped my arms, stretched out my stride, and ran as fast as I could. But there was a lot of space between the first four runners and me at the line. Not sure it would have mattered even if I'd had a good day out there. Each of the first four put up times that were faster than I had ever run before, even on my best days in practice.

    I sighed and looked down at Tom from Northeastern's crotch. I must have a magnet inside my head that is attracted only to dicks.

    Tom from Northeastern wore the usual purple and white Northeastern running stuff and had on some loose-fitting sweats that matched. There was a box of coconut water wedged between his thighs.

    "Yeah," Tom said after a long pause. He apparently agreed with something I'd said. But I barely remembered what it was. Tom probably didn't care one bit if I'd made the finals in my event, we went to rival schools after all. As universities in Boston went, Northeastern wasn't really all that tough to get into. BU was much more difficult.

    But I'm sure Tom was a nice guy all the same. Just not exactly BU material. And I really didn't think much of his purple sweats.

    The bus hummed along. Out the window, I watched the tall buildings in New Haven fade away.

    Once we got onto the interstate north toward Hartford, Tom fell asleep. With the coconut water still between his legs. I wondered if he would squeeze the box by accident while he was sleeping and icky coconut juice would squirt upward. The whole image of spurting coconut brought another vivid one to my tired and perverted little mind, originating from roughly the same anatomical location.

    Through the window, I watched the twilight sky. I loved New England! It was not even a year I'd been back here, but I couldn't imagine I'd ever leave. If you could make it through the crazy cold winter, it was really pretty fucking awesome otherwise.

    I leaned back into my seat and took a slow deep breath. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck!' I thought to myself. Danny Lehman is missing! Where could he be?

    Danny and I had known each other since sophomore year in high school.

    We'd both made the track team as high school freshmen back in Apple Valley, Danny and his brother David very easily, me well, not so much. I struggled a bit during a couple of the timed runs but made it by a few seconds. I'll never forget that Danny got the Coach and a few of the upper classmen who were watching us pretty excited by flirting with the school records during his qualifying race around the oval. While Danny came across the line a little short of the record, he impressed everyone and they put him immediately onto the Varsity squad. Meanwhile I fell into the infield grass after squeaking onto the JV team, just above the required standard time. Clutching my aching quads and trying to catch my breath, I remember seeing Danny standing there on the side of the track, one leg in the air in some weird kind of yoga stretch. He had a big smile on his face, and didn't look like he was even sweating. He saw me looking at him and shot me a wink.

    What a cocky bastard!

    Gradually we became better friends. I improved enough on JV the first two years in high school to finally make Varsity and join Danny and his brother when I became a junior. Just like everyone else, I endured Danny's attitude. He could be a total pompous pain in the ass, but when you got him alone and there was nobody else around, some people might have even thought he was a nice guy. He was nice to me at least. And, easy on the eyes of course, so perhaps I was more willing than others to put up with his bullshit.

    During the spring semester of our senior year at Apple Valley, Danny and I were in the heart of track season. If I had any hope of going to State track championships (which I did, of course), I'd have to improve. A lot. As a senior who had apparently improved since my freshman days languishing on the JV squad, Coach DiPonzio informed me one day that I would be running the 3200 meters, about 2 miles. It wasn't a distance that Coach let the freshmen run, too hard for them since their bones were still growing or something. But for me, the 3200 had become my favorite distance. It was rough, and it took great breath control, but I'd been training like crazy for a few years. I was sure I could handle it.

    Best of all, Coach let me know that if I kept up the good work and ran well in some of our scrimmage meets, there was also a chance that he would put me into the 4 X 800 meter relay team, definitely the elite event for anybody on Varsity. I'd never run relay, and I desperately wanted to have the honor to represent our school for this particular race. Unfortunately, the 4 X 800 however was a sadistically long sprint that ate you up. You could get hurt if you weren't ready. While I usually hated going full out for two laps, about a half mile, at least it was over quickly. I started staying late after practice to get some extra work in. I reasoned that when I was able to do two full laps around in a flat sprint without throwing up, I'd be ready. Oh, and no breathing allowed while you're out there either, there isn't time.

    Coach had been telling me ever since I'd first come onto the team that it was good for me to learn how to sprint. I'd resisted, of course, arguing in my immature ninth and tenth grader way that sprinting was for guys with much bigger legs than me. Sprinting was not what I did, I was way too scrawny. Sprinting was for guys with tree trunk legs, and I was not one of those. Even more, I wasn't sure about starting from a crouch, I had no idea exactly how to put my hands on the track behind the starting line.

    My whining got me no place. Of course, Coach listened patiently to my arguments and then turned around and had me running sprints like about ten minutes later. He personally supervised a tutorial in the best way to set your fingers behind the line. Sounds dumb, I suppose, but eventually it worked. By the time I'd moved along and become a senior, all that sprinting had been paying off. God forbid, I was getting stronger and I was becoming a sprinter. And while my head took a long time to get caught up with my thighs and my feet, I got better despite myself. The sprinting was even helping my kick in the precious 3200, my primary race. So I suffered silently and slogged on.

    That is why they call them coaches, I guess. Danny was a natural. Coach was always pointing out some technical thing that he did that we were all supposed to try and imitate. Most times, I just rolled my eyes and paid no attention as Coach used Danny as an example. Once in a while, during a weak moment, I'd bend and give the new suggestion a whirl. Danny always noticed and he always commented.

    "Arms closer to your hips, amigo," Danny scolded me one afternoon, as he blazed past me on the track.

    I looked up to see Danny in perfect form, his arms practically pinned to his torso as he pumped along on the soft oval.

    "Bite me Danny," I yelled back.

    He laughed. Later that afternoon while we were showering, Danny caught me not looking and playfully bit me about six inches below my belly button, dangerously close to my cock. I had a red mark for three days.

    Happily, I finally did make the relay team. I worked even harder in practice now since it was not just me out there during a race; now I had three other teammates who I was determined not to let down.

    All the same, the 800 meter distance was killing me slowly from within. I wasn't so sure I would survive too long; pretty much every single meet where I'd needed to go full throttle for 800 meters in along with my Apple Valley relay buddies, I'd need to find some quiet spot and blow chow soon after. Vomiting became a part of my daily routine. Warm up. Stretch. Run. Barf. Cool down. Stretch.

    It was not long before everyone noticed that I was barking at the ants on a regular basis during practice.

    Soon I had a nickname: "Chuck." Sort of a twist on 'upchuck' I suppose. But I deserved it. At least they were not calling me "Ralph" or "Earl" or "Technicolor Yawn."

    So I continued my struggle with the 800. But I loved the 3200. Every day I felt myself getting stronger. Every day I loved the feel of the wind against my skin, the fine layer of sweat cooling me as I circled again and again. The faster I ran, the more I'd sweat. The more I'd sweat, the more I'd feel the wind. Running the 3200 felt like a happy cycle, and I could do it for hours.

    With no puking.

    So every day after classes were over, I jogged over to the locker room to get dressed in my AVHS track gear. And every day I ran my ass off. And ran, and ran, and ran. By the time the scrimmage meets were over and the real meets were starting, my time was down by like 9 seconds since I'd started running the 3200 at the beginning of the season.

    Danny and his brother David were having even greater success with their events.

    The three of us became even closer friends. In addition to running, Danny and I clearly shared an unspoken attraction to members of the same sex. David was sort of a hold-out when it came to sex, but I had a feeling that he'd come around to me and Danny's side of the fence in time.

    In addition to all the time we spent running on the track, running longer distances along the streets of Apple Valley, and-sadly-even up and down the grandstands of our football stadium, Coach made us lift weights. Three times a week at least.


    Lifting was tough for me, I didn't seem to be blessed with one of those mega-muscled power-lifter bodies. I was definitely more Andy Roddick, less Tim Tebow. All the same, I did what I could at the gym. It helped, of course, to be surrounded by so many jacked up athletes, all wearing muscle tees and all glistening with sweat.

    As much as I could, I'd run with the Leeman twins. They were great for me, since both ran better than I did. It pushed me a lot just to keep up. We got pretty close.

    There's not a whole lot to do other than run when you're out on a ten-miler, so we'd talk of course. About pretty much everything. Danny favored sex. Which was okay with me. David favored college applications. Which was okay with me too.

    It was an amazing time in my life. Running through the streets of Apple Valley and out into the high desert country. Just putting one foot in front of the other. Talking about whatever came to mind. Running made me happy, and I was even happier to do it with such great friends.

    Even though Danny and David were identical twins, I could tell them apart from either in front, usually the hair. Or also from behind, Danny had a tighter butt while David's was a little softer. It was subtle thing, being able to distinguish the asses of twins, but I was up for the challenge. In fact, I was becoming quite an expert on the backsides of boys.

    If I couldn't quite figure it out physically, I could, of course, just wait for Danny to open his mouth. He had this distinctive way of speaking that was totally different from David. If a John Wayne, ride-em-cowboy swagger came out of either of their lips, that was Danny all the way. David's voice sounded very much like Danny's, but he was always much softer, calmer, less dramatic. David generally spoke only when spoken to, and he stayed far away from all of the Danny-style bravado.

    Out on the track, the Leeman brothers were both a lot faster than me. They both primarily ran because the 1600, or sometimes the mile. Danny already had the school record in both. My main distance race-the 3200-was twice as long. To do well, well actually just to survive, my pace was always just a little bit slower.

    I will never forget one particular week at track practice with Danny and David. It was a Monday. Weirdly enough, the Friday night before, I'd had a surprise masturbation extravaganza over at my best friend Will's house. Now, just a couple days later and freed of the weight of all that sperm, I was feeling really, really fast. I was ready to run, and maybe even take down the twins!

    Most days, I struggled to keep up with the Leemans on the track. But, today I was on fire. Today, they followed me. Our track was synthetic rubber, but if we'd been out there in the real world, they'd be eating my dust!

    After me and my friends blazed through about 5 miles at nearly race-day speed, I pulled away. I could see them in the periphery as I motored around some turns-I was actually gaining speed!

    A few laps later, I thought maybe I'd take a little break so I pulled up near the start line of the track for a stretch. If we were going to go another five, at least at this kind of crazy speed, I wanted my legs fresh.

    It took a full thirty seconds before the Leemans caught up with me. They followed me over to grab some water.

    "What's the hurry today, TJ?" Danny asked with a mock pout, his hands on his hips.

    "Yeah, you're like flying out there bud," David added.

    I took a big gulp from my water bottle and shrugged my shoulders. I just felt fast, no other reason. These boys didn't have to hear what I had done over at Will's house last Friday night.

    "You know, if you keep up that kind of pace, Coach may think you've found an extra gear deep within that big head of yours. And he might take you off of the 32 and drop you down to the 1600, ace," Danny taunted me. There was said a goofy smile on his face. Both of us knew that the 1600 was the Leeman boys' race, there was no way I'd get asked to do it too.

    David laughed.

    "Yeah, man, you were killing us out there!" David added his own identical twin smile.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said with a smile.

    Both brothers bent over to grab their own water bottles, likely for my enjoyment. So I took full advantage of the opportunity. Tandem, twin butt cheeks, a stereo of Leeman ass!

    I felt a gentle stirring somewhere between my thighs. Danny took a long drag from his bottle and looked at me.

    "You wanna go another five, amigo?"

    I nodded. "One sec," I said. If Danny Leeman wanted to run with me for another few miles, who was I to say no? My legs felt pretty amazing today, what the fuck.

    I gave Danny a grin and reached into my shorts to re-arrange things. No matter what my intentions, my dick had it's own agenda and I was powerless to try to get in the way. Danny's eyes followed my hand all the way into my shorts and then all the way back out again. The corners of his lips turned upward.

    "Okay then," David chimed in. "Five more, let's roll dudes."

    I tightened a shoe lace.

    David added, "But leave the pace to us milers. Trust me, we know what we're doing."

    I giggled.

    "TJ, we don't want to wear you down before the meet later this week. You, young TJ, you just hang back. Stay on our tails. Just watch and learn, grasshopper." Danny smacked me on the ass. We all chuckled.

    I'd been on the track team with the Leemans for a few years now, this sort of post-pubescent trash talk happened all the time.

    Now that we were all 18 and headed off to college in the fall, I had already told everybody-including Coach-that I would probably be leaving track and field to concentrate on school. On the other hand, the Leemans were committed to be on their college track team. They were hooked. Lifers, probably. Both of them already had a free ride athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon, the Ducks!

    The Leemans were going to be Ducks, freshman Ducks for the time being, but Ducks all the same. At least until they got up there and were able to prove themselves worthy of the Varsity squad. All the same, Oregon had for a long time been one of the premier track programs in the whole country. But the Leemans were that good, as far as I was concerned, they'd make Varsity up there for sure. No doubt about it.

    I had long ago come to the realization that no university would think much of my running talents. Certainly not worthy of paying for my college education.

    When we got going again I did as I'd been told. I hung back in my usual position behind the twins.

    As juniors, they had taken 4th and 5th in our State championships last year. I had sat in the stands cheering them on. This year as seniors, Coach DiPonzio was talking about either one of them actually winning it all at our State High School Championships. That would be an amazing accomplishment for our school. Personally, I thought Danny had the best shot, but David could certainly surprise me. I favored Danny to win. Danny was uber-talented of course, but he also worked hard and really put in his time. Danny may have been a cocky little dude-and a major pain in my butt-but he knew what he needed to do to get the job done during our meets. He was fast, and never let any of us forget it.

    On the other hand, I'd be happy if David Leeman won State too. While David was certainly no Danny, he could sometimes surprise me us all. I recalled a few track meets during our Junior season when David was running very well. Every time he went out, he seemed to find a second wind and kick it into a higher gear on the fourth lap of his races.

    Today, as the Leeman twins ran off down the track in front of me, I gobbled all the air I could and held on tight. I was sweating a bit, but my legs still felt pretty good, despite the fast five we'd done before our break. So I settled back and focused my eyes on Danny's backside.

    After two quick laps, Danny began to stretch out his stride, putting some distance between himself and his brother David-it was pretty effortless for him. We kept circling the track. Whenever David would get a little too close, Danny would accelerate so that he could stay in front. Together they set a pretty wicked pace, so I just happily stayed tucked in right behind them.

    They were making me better, and I was happy to be dragged along by their pace.

    Four or five laps into this second five-miler, Danny was in front and he looked back to check on me. At this point, I was completely drenched in sweat, my arms pumping. The twins were roughly 10 meters ahead of me.

    "You good, TJ?" Danny yelled back at me.

    I watched his pace with envy, his upper body relaxed, his lower body an efficient machine. Was he even sweating at all? Talking right now was out of the question for me, this was a race day pace and there was no way I could run this fast and breathe this fast and also talk.

    I gave Danny a thumbs-up signal and he smiled. He was apparently satisfied that I wasn't gonna have a heart attack trying to keep up with them at this torrid clip.

    Without losing a step, Danny placed both hands on his ass and spread his cheeks wide, just for my benefit. David groaned and tried to swat a hand toward the center of his brother's rear but caught only air. Danny ran just a little bit faster, out of reach.

    The three of us zoomed past some of the juniors and sophomores who also out for their practice runs. When they realized the blazing pace that we were setting, they whistled and hooted at us. Back when I was a lowerclassman, I looked up at the older boys and hoped to be able to run like them. Now I was one of those older boys. It felt good to pass the young guys. Kind of like they were standing still!

    Coach DiPonzio was watching us from the grass on the side of the track. Every once in a while, he'd yell something at us, most of which we didn't hear. When we'd be on the side of the track closest to where he was standing, he would say something about relaxing our arms or keeping our backs straight. Mostly though, even Coach seemed to be enjoying the show the three of us were putting on. He just kept quiet and watched us run.

    All of use liked Coach. The Leeman boys were such amazing natural athletes. They didn't need much coaching. I didn't share their natural talent, but I was a grinder, and I think Coach liked that about me. He could be tough, but he treated us all fairly. Today, as I ran my heart out trying to stay close to the Leemans, I didn't really need any coaching.

    After three full miles at high speed, Danny finally slowed a bit. I watched David's face relax and gulp a little air. We all fell back into a slightly slower clip. I was smiling. Surprisingly I was fine. My legs felt nice and loose and my chest wasn't heaving. If that was the best that the twins had to offer, I told myself that I might finally be up in their league. It had been really cool to stay up with them for such a fast three.

    In the locker room after practice, I jumped in the shower, eager to cool down. The twins quickly joined me. When they were naked, they were much harder for me to tell apart than when they were fully clothed.

    "You got any shampoo?" one of them asked me from the stall next to mine.

    "Um, yeah, sure," I said. I had no idea which one had asked, but I handed my bottle over the wall.

    "Thanks," it sounded like Danny but, well, I really wasn't sure.

    "Hey TJ, Danny and I are going to check out a meet in the city this weekend, do you want to come along?" Oh, so it was David. Shit.

    Did that voice come from my right or my left?

    "Uh sure, I guess. I mean, well, what day?"

    "Saturday," the two of them said in unison.

    "Sure, I'm around," I said.

    "Great," one of them said, "we need to leave around 7:30 to 8 on Saturday morning, it's like at least an hour drive. Danny and I want to see the early heats for the milers."

    "Okay," I said. "Do you want me to come by your house? How about I get there around 7? Will that work?"

    I stood with my back to the water and let it run down my neck and pool in the crack of my ass. I folded my arms and inhaled deeply. I looked up to see a nude Leeman twin with soapy water dripping down his forehead. He handed me back my shampoo bottle.

    "Here, thanks," he said.

    David probably.

    "Sure, so 7 then?" I looked at the thin carved body in front of me. He was completely hairless from his neck to the middle of his quads. I sucked a little shower water into my mouth and squirted it out playfully in his direction.

    The soaped up Leeman was looking right back at me with a funny grin on his face.

    Even though nearly every part of my body was totally spent from our run, one part of me was not yet tired. My dick. It had been brought along for the ride and had been tucked tightly into my shorts. No stress at all! So, of course, right on cue, my dick shifted into it's own higher gear, easily growing a little with a naked Leeman twin standing right in front of me.

    David's or Danny's eyes went right to it, his Leeman grin got wider.

    "Why don't you just sleep over Friday?" which Leeman it was asked me. "That way we can get an early start for the meet."

    Meet, or meat?

    I pretended to look disinterested and squirted a little soap into my hands. I rubbed the soap on my legs, taking pains to steer clear of Mr. Happy.

    "Um, well, I guess I could stay over, you know, if it's okay with your folks," I said.

    He was still standing in front of me.

    I looked up to examine his body more closely. If I could only sear the image of this particular naked Leeman permanently into my memory bank, then well, maybe I wouldn't miss them so much next year when they were in college in Oregon and went to I-don't-know-where-yet university.

    Not knowing which Leeman boy stood before caused a little confusion, but I was sure somehow I'd sort it out later.

    "No problem, they'll be cool with you staying over. They like you TJ." the unknown twin said.

    Good, I guess. I had absolutely no recollection of meeting them, but then I met a lot of my friends' parents over the years. I wondered if the Leemans had an older brother...

    I nodded okay and smiled a sort of half-interested acknowledgement then busied myself again with the lathering up of my legs. When I looked up again, he was still standing there. It had to be Danny, there's no way David would...

    Well, whomever it was put both hands on the top of his ass and arched backward into a sort of extension stretch of his abdominal muscles. The curve of his body in a backward C meant that his dick was at the leading edge of the curve. When he stretched so much that his face fell below the horizon created by his chest, the coast was clear for me. I got a very nice chance to be 'up close and personal' with a real live Leeman twin cock!

    Hmm, pretty average I'd say. His balls on the other hand were floppy and hung low.

    With David-or was it Danny-bent over backwards like this, I got my second important lesson of the day from the Leemans.

    Which, I guess, was exactly the point of this whole charade of stretching backward in front of me anyway. A moment later, I was still learning all I could when the other twin joined his brother standing naked in front of my shower stall.

    Now we had a quorum and a vote could be held.

    "No it'll be fun. We could even do a movie or something Friday and then take off early Saturday. It'll be a blast! Danny and I love college meets!" said the newly arrived Leeman. Ah, David. So it had been Danny who was displaying himself to me.

    "I love college meat," Danny added with a grin. I laughed.

    During the micro-second or so before any kind of speaking response was required from me, I quickly studied David's dick. It was pretty similar to Danny's though it made funny little right as you traveled down the shaft and just before you got to the end. I wondered what that might feel like inside my butt.

    Absently, David's hand gave his dick a little flip. I watched it swing. Like a penis pendulum.

    Okay, now I had a new way to tell them apart! Yay!

    Danny half-stretched backward again, not quite into the backward C like before. Then he stood up straight and sighed.

    "So is it a deal?" he asked. There was a funny smile on his face, the kind you make just before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Or before you devour it.

    I looked down to at my own dick for a quick status check.

    Uh oh. It had taken things into its own hands and lengthened considerably in response to the crowd of naked 18 year olds in front of my shower stall.

    Oh well. What was a boy to do? I closed my eyes but made no attempt to cover up my dick with my hands.

    "Sure," I said, trying to get back into the conversation with the Leemans. I knew that my weenie was putting on it's own show for the twins. Danny's eyes moved to my crotch. David was polite and kept his gaze above the waist.

    But my penis liked the attention and knew the drill. It was now pretty much semi-hard.

    My brain took over and I turned my body slightly away from Danny's stare. If Danny, or either one of them wanted to watch my cock's now-inevitable march toward a full erection, they were going to have to reposition themselves a little. To work for it.

    My dick knew it's business.

    Proper shower room etiquette would say that when this sort of thing was happening to somebody near you, you politely turned away. So David did. He clearly had good breeding. David grabbed his towel and moved off to the side drying off, his eyes one something else very interesting elsewhere in the locker room. Danny, on the other hand, was just Danny-he had no sense of these unspoken shower room rules. He stayed put, clearly enjoying the spectacle of watching his teammate TJ get hard right before his eyes.

    I breathed in and out, hoping that some nice fresh shower room air would make my dick go down. It did not.

    Danny stretched again.

    Maybe this was a normal post-washing ritual for him, but I doubt it. While he stretched one last time, I checked out his dick again to see if he was getting hard too.

    Nope. Just me.

    With Danny bent over backward again, I finally lost interest and decided I was done. I turned off my water. Then I turned around and backed out of my stall to grab my own towel. As I did, I accidentally stepped on Danny's foot.

    "Oops sorry," I said. My dick was practically totally erect now, so I awkwardly tried to put my towel in between the two of us.

    The physical contact between Danny and I caused him to end his stretch. As he stood up again, Danny's eyes bore into me. Danny was rewarded with a good close-up of my dick in it's absolute happiest stage. His eyes widened and he grinned again.

    I avoided meeting his gaze as I wrapped the towel around my waist. I tucked it in at the front since anything else would have it all the more obvious what was going on with my cock.

    "It happens," he said matter-of-factly.

    Then, just like his brother, Danny gave his own cock an absent flip with one hand. Maybe it was a twin thing. Danny's dick swung, pendulum-like, as he rubbed the towel behind his upper back. My mind made a mental movie and I felt a tiny bit of saliva collect at the corner of my mouth.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    How great to revisit Apple Valley High days and the beginning of the triumvirate. Danny could always get TJ excited and poor David would blush. But his missing is a mystery and needs to be solved. It would be hard for me to return home not knowing where he was.

    Seeing that the bus ride is still on the road to Boston, I wonder if Tom may awaken, in more ways than one....... Thanks, Spike.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    OMG! Spike! It's been WAY Too Long, Buddy!

    It's awesome to have TJ back! However, I'm also quite concerned about Danny's whereabouts, and well being!

    Eagerly awaiting for More!

    Of course ... No Matter What ...

    Keep Smilin'!!
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    Re: Lost in New England

    That Friday night following my shower encounter with Leemans, I threw a few things into a backpack, kissed my mom (well, mostly she kissed me), and hopped on my bike to head over to the Danny and David. My legs still ached from a crazy week of training, but it felt good to be pedaling for a change and not running.

    When I got to the their house, I leaned my bike against a side wall and knocked on the door. Danny opened the door after about half a second. He had on a loose pair of jeans and a skimpy white ribbed tank top. He was barefoot and his dark hair was messed up. Looked like he'd just taken a nap or something.

    "Hi TJ," he said.

    "Hi, hope I'm not too early."

    "No, don't worry," he yawned. He lifted his shirt as he scratched his chest. "I guess I just fell asleep after school."


    "That's what I should've done," I said. "I worked on some stuff for my Biology class."

    A confused look crossed his face. "I mean, you know, since we've gotta get up early tomorrow to get to the meet and all," I added.

    "Oh," he said, yawning again. "Yeah, a nap is always good. I've been pretty wiped out this week. These fast runs really take their toll. There's no way I was doing any homework this afternoon!"

    He opened the door wider and let me pass. I inhaled as our bodies brushed each other. He smelled like orange soda.

    I laughed. "You? Tired from running!? I don't believe it!"

    Danny and I both sat down heavily on this massive, over-stuffed couch in their den. Pretty comfortable. I'd never been inside this part of the Leeman house before, I think maybe just the front hall and that was probably it. The inside of the house was much larger than the Tachet homestead. And the furniture was huge and soft!

    Without thinking I put my feet up on the coffee table and let myself relax. Danny took my cue and put his own feet up on the table. He wiggled himself around until he had gotten his feet to about two inches away from mine.

    "Is it okay?" I asked, suddenly conscious of the fact that I should have asked first. I nodded at my shoes and lifted them up into the air, off of the table.

    He smiled. "Nope," he teased.

    I blushed.

    "Take your shoes off. The Leemans run a shoe-free house."

    I looked at him skeptically. "Really?" But he just nodded so I flipped off my shoes and put my feet back on the table. Danny put his arms behind his head and seemed to study my feet.

    "Socks too," he said.

    "Really?" I asked, stupidly.

    "Socks too," he confirmed. With that he reached over and grabbed my ankles and then pulled my socks off. He threw them both across the room onto the rug and then put his own feet back up on the table. This time his feet were no more than a quarter inch away from mine. My own feet could feel the heat from his. It sent a shiver that traveled up from my toes and into my groin.

    Uh oh. That was pretty much my Ground Zero, penis central station.

    "Okay, thank you then, I guess," I said, taking a breath.

    Neither one of us said anything else and the silence felt weird. I looked around the room.

    "Where's David?" I asked.

    Danny paused before answering, he had an exasperated look on his face.

    "TJ, I am David. Why do you keep doing that?"

    "Uh, I'm sorry..."

    "Danny's upstairs," he said.

    I was horrified. How could I make such a stupid mistake? Again!

    "David, I'm really sorry," I said. "Shit! You guys are just too much alike!"

    "This stuff happens, you're not the first." David said and let his feet touch mine.

    Penis central station immediately noticed that my bare feet were in contact with the bare feet of another 18 year old boy. In an instant, the message was relayed to my brain. An erection wouldn't be long now. Did every kid my age have a sex drive like mine? Fuck!

    The situation with Danny leering at me in the shower was still on my mind. David hadn't been quite so interested in me naked, but why was he touching my feet? This was a whole lot for me to process all at once. The situation was quickly becoming complicated. Here I was, supposed to just have stopped over for an innocent overnight before our road trip to a college track meet tomorrow morning. I was not here to fuck around with a Leeman twin.

    Or was I? Hmm. Who was it that had asked me anyway?


    As casually as possible, I moved my feet a few inches away from David's feet.

    I was wearing a pair of track pants from school and I knew from experience that if I got a hard-on there would be no hiding it. Whenever this happened in school with my track pants, the whole school would find out immediately unless I had some books to carry as a shield. It was really stupid to do that, and it felt awkward holding my books there, but what could I do? Sitting here at the Leemans, I needed to shut down the possibility of a boner right away!

    And how exactly was I going to do that? With David in a muscle tee right beside me, playing a little footsie?

    I was a goner. David lifted his shirt again and gently rubbed at a nipple.

    "So, there are a few cool movies over at the mall around eight o'clock. That sound okay?" He asked.

    "Um, yeah, sure," I said. "Whatever. I'm easy, I haven't seen much anyway."

    David smiled. His teeth showed that his parents had paid a lot of money at some point in the past to have them straightened.

    "Uh huh, I've heard you're easy, really fucking easy," he goaded me.

    I gently kicked David's feet with my closest one.

    "Fuck you David," I said with a smile, "you don't know anything. Whatever you have heard is not..." my voice trailed off. Why did everybody always think I was such a little slut?

    "Not true...." David mocked me. "Come on, we both know otherwise. Both of us laughed.

    David kicked me back lightly. Then he let the heel of his foot dangle above my toes.

    I held my breath and just watched to see what he might do next. After a moment, he let his foot slide between the first two toes of my right foot. He kept it there. I watched quietly as he did this. I did nothing to stop him.

    I looked at David's face.

    Oh my god! It's Danny, not David. He's been playing with me.. It was Danny at the door. Danny on the couch. And Danny who was right now teasing me with his foot. Only Danny would fuck with me like this, not David. Only Danny would actually claim he was David, never the other way around.

    "You're Danny," I said. "I know you're Danny. You fuck," I said playfully.

    Danny leaned toward me conspiratorially, his hot breath was on my face, his lips were inches from mine. Our feet became unhinged from each other.

    "You're right TJ," he said in a whisper.

    He didn't move away after speaking, but I didn't back away myself.

    I exhaled into his mouth and he smiled, easing backward to the back of the couch.

    "Why are you messing around with me?" I asked.

    Did he do this all the time? With other people at school too?

    "Hmm," Danny said with a finger to his upper lip. "Messing around. There's an idea." He looked up at the ceiling as if he had come up with a novel idea for the first time. Then he smiled again, this time even more broadly.


    The unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing upstairs interrupted the conversation. Oh yeah, the other twin. That's where he was. Danny nodded toward the staircase.

    "David?" I asked, my voice in a whisper.

    "Um hmm," Danny said, raising his eyebrows. "That would be my lazy ass brother, David."

    "Lazy ass? Come on! Not David. He's about as far from being a lazy ass as they come," I protested.

    Danny just smiled and rubbed his toes against the side of my foot. "You have no idea," he said, and I giggled.

    I thought that it was about time to change the subject.

    "So which one of you lazy asses is going to win State this year?" I asked, no longer whispering.

    "Which one of us do you think is going to win State?" he asked me back, with a smug look on his face. He was daring me to say that I thought it would be David. Which I didn't of course, I was pretty sure that if anybody was capable of winning our state high school championship, it was going to be Danny. Still, I had no intention of telling Danny that.

    "Well, let's see, if you're Danny, then I'm gonna say Danny. If you're David, then maybe it's David."

    "TJ, I'm Danny. I thought we just went over this."

    "Yes, I know. You did say that, but I'm not ready to commit yet."

    "And I'm the one who is going to win State," he said confidently.

    "Okay, you're the one," I said, agreeably.

    "Even David can tell you that."

    "Okay, maybe I'll just ask him."

    Danny nodded his agreement, and then he looked toward the stairs to see if his twin was coming down yet. Seeing that he was not, Danny rubbed my foot again with his.

    I was a guest of Danny and David's tonight. I thought maybe I should give him something, just being a polite house guest.

    "I mean, you are pretty damn fast," I added.

    We both knew it; it was something that didn't need to be said. My sore legs from track practice this week were the proof. Danny set a blistering pace that I could barely keep up with.

    "Um hmm. Yes I am fast," Danny said, putting his heel back between my toes again. This time I opened them so that he would fit right in easily.

    I stared at our feet. Mine were shorter than his and a little wider. My toes were kind of stubby. I wore a 9 and usually had to search for a shoe that was on the wider side. If I couldn't find wides, I felt like I was scrunched inside and feet were sore when I took them off later.

    But, on the other hand, my fat little feet definitely did the trick on the track. They were good runner's feet I told myself. My parents always reminded me that my feet would make very good paddles if ever I wanted to go into swimming. Which I didn't, though the whole Speedo thing was kind of intriguing.

    Danny's feet were surprisingly identical in lay-out to mine, maybe a little narrower, but probably also a 9. His toenails were clipped short. Like most runners, he had a couple dark ones, this weird thing that sometimes happened to all of us after really long runs.

    Danny noticed that I seemed to be concentrating on our feet. He crinkled his toes in response, and moved his heel up and down between my big toe and the one next to it. I looked over at him; he had shifted his eyes wasn't looking at our feet anymore, he had been watching my face.

    Somehow, the roughness of Danny's foot on mine felt pretty good. Even though it had been touching me for a while, I could still feel electrical shocks start in my toes and travel all the way up my legs. All of the electricity ended up in penis central station, of course. I felt the heat from my dick, it was rubbing along the fabric of my underwear.

    "So you think I'm fast, huh amigo? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

    "Um, okay," I said with a gulp. I had a rough idea where this was headed.

    "Fast! You have no fucking idea!"

    Here we go. Danny kept his eyes glued to my face. My cock was getting hard for sure this time. I looked away, trying to think about something else.

    We both heard David's feet as he clomped down the stairs.

    "Who's fast?" he asked, laughing. "Come on, boys! Are you guys talking about me again?"

    Danny lifted his heel out of the socket between my toes and placed it gently on the coffee table. He left his foot a few inches away from mine.

    When David finally got downstairs after getting ready for whatever it was we were doing tonight, I could see what all the fuss had been about. He looked fucking hot! While Danny was the messy twin, David was definitely not, and for tonight, he was totally put together. David had on jeans like his brother, David's fit him snugly through the waist and had a sort of European hug around his groin. He wore a white belt and a light purple Polo shirt. His hair was gelled up into a sort of half-way Mohawk-not usually my thing, but David pulled it off. He looked amazing.

    Danny stretched out his toes and rubbed the bottom of my foot. The move caught me by surprise and I quickly pulled my foot away.

    I looked down at David's feet. I couldn't see much though. He had on some dark socks and was carrying his shoes in his hand. I tried to figure out the size. Hmm, probably a 9 as well. They were twins, after all.

    "Me," I said, finally answering David's question after a long pause. "I'm the fast one."

    Danny made a sound that sounded like a hiss.

    "Come on, you guys! I am fast, well maybe not compared to the two of you, but you know...at least for the 3200, I get up there toward the front when we race."

    Another hiss, this time from both Leeman boys.

    "But you guys wouldn't know shit about that, of course" I said. "I mean, since you only run the short distances."

    Danny pretended to pout. "A mile is it?" I asked. "How cute!"

    David picked up my socks off the floor and threw them at me. Danny laughed and they fell harmlessly on my chest.

    "Well, yes, you do run the 3200 faster than us. But in the 1600 or the mile, or whatever, we wipe the track with your ass," David said.

    I had to give them that.

    While the conversation waned and the room became quiet, it seemed like the right time to focus my attention on me and Danny's feet. As the silence dragged on, I scrunched up my toes. Danny watched me do it and then he did the same thing.

    Somehow, in a weird sort of way, this whole foot thing was completely turning me on.

    Knowing exactly what this all meant to TJ Junior, I picked up a throw pillow as a precaution and placed it expertly over the crotch of my pants, they already felt a little bit tighter, if that was even possible for track pants.

    "So, are we going to catch a movie or not?" David asked, breaking through the quiet.

    He sat down on the couch beside his brother and began to put on his shoes.

    Danny waved him off. "We've got time, TJ and I were just talking about our chances at State later this season."

    This was a common conversation in the locker room after practice. Since any conversation about running was safe ground for me, there was even the chance that I wouldn't get a hard-on. Happily, the three of us launched into a lengthy discussion about our team at Apple Valley, particularly some of the younger guys who were aching to get off of JV and run Varsity. As the talk turned an more serious corner, Danny checked in and even stopped playing footie with me. At one point, I asked the Leemans whether they thought any of the lower class boys would be challenging me as number one for the 3200.

    "Well, there's that girl on the JV team. I think she's about 12," Danny said. He could never resist the chance to tease me. To soften the blow, he playfully dug his big toe into the sole of my foot.

    David, on the other hand, was all business. He thought more seriously about my question.

    "I mean, there are 4 or 5 of you can run the 3200, right? You're the senior. You went to State last year?"

    "I went to City," I corrected him. "State was not an option for me, I didn't qualify."

    "Okay, well that's good. You went to City last year. You'll probably do that again this year, right?"

    "Um right," I said, "I guess."

    "Still," David offered, placing his hand on his chin. "Seems to me you've got a leg up on the other guys. You're experienced, seasoned. There's no way Coach pulls you off of the number one spot."

    "I guess," I said again.

    "So if you stick with us and you work your ass off and don't fuck around when you should be running, then you'll go to City again. And then you'll go on to State."

    I smiled, it all sounded so simple. "That's it then, just run?" I asked, pretending to be horrified.

    The two Leeman boys nodded in unison.

    "Run with us every day. Fuck Coach. He's a great guy, but for us seniors, he has nothing more to offer us."

    I pursed my lips and nodded. David was probably right.

    "Listen," David said, leaning toward me. "Just watch the guys from all the universities tomorrow. We've got some books up in our room on some of the science behind running. They can be a little dry, but there's some good stuff in there too. Danny and I read ages ago. We'll help you, you know. And then we'll all go together. To State."

    I sighed. Fucking State. Making my state high school championships as a senior would be incredible. Man, I really wanted to go!

    "We'll do it together!"

    "Yeah, it'll be fun, amigo" Danny added, curling the tips of his toes so that they could touch the the tips of mine.

    I smiled. Then Danny lowered his voice, trying to imitate Yoda from Star Wars.

    "We have the technology, we can re-build you!" It came out more like Mickey Mouse struggling through puberty than Yoda, but he made his point.

    I giggled.

    David socked Danny in the shoulder. "You're an idiot," he said to his brother.

    At the movies, we all wore shoes and socks. Danny and I truly didn't care which movie we saw, so David picked. He had chosen an action movie with a whole lot of karate or kung Fu or something. I was a little bit into it, particularly the scenes where nobody seemed to have a shirt on. But I didn't know too much about marshall arts, so I'm not sure I totally understood everything I was watching. Even though they were always competing with one other somehow, still the Leeman boys sat side-by-side inside the darkened theater. Probably just from habit, I guessed..

    I had managed to get myself seated on Danny's side. I think. I was pretty sure that Danny was sitting next to me, but I wasn't going to take any chances-it was certainly possible that he would fuck with me again and switch with his brother when I went out to get some popcorn.


    During one particularly long and bloody scene where the lead actor (some Korean guy who I had seen before I think) was karate chopping the hell out of somebody, I must have groaned from how ridiculous it all seemed. Danny (or whoever he was) must have heard me make a funny sound and patted my thigh a couple of times as if to say, 'don't worry, I think it's pretty silly too.' But, of course, since it was just Danny being Danny, his outstretched fingers were surprisingly close to my balls. And after the little friendly pat was over, he left his hand there gently resting on my thigh.

    I snuck a peek at his face, but he seemed to be absorbed in the show and didn't return the look. But his hand never moved.

    After a few minutes, my leg was beginning to feel warm under Danny's hand. I sort of wanted him to move it away, but I sort of didn't. To shake things up, I put my hand on his and there we remained for a while. When the karate chop fight on the movie screen was finally over, the hero stole a quiet moment away from the action. He found his female love interest and grabbed her hand as they walked along a dirt path surrounded by flowers. Danny flipped his hand over the other way and clasped my fingers.

    I was actually holding hands in a dark movie theater with a guy in my high school! On my track team!

    Danny's hand was warm and dry. Mine felt cold, probably wet with perspiration too. But I didn't move a muscle. I was liking it.

    "You want some popcorn?" I whispered to Danny, pulling my fingers away from his. My hand had started to cramp up a little was and I was worried that it was sweating too much.

    "Sure," he said happily.

    I reached down onto the seat beside me and picked up the rest of the popcorn I'd bought. As I handed it to Danny.

    As Danny pulled his arm back that was holding the bag of popcorn, instead of going in a straight line, he swept his forearm down my leg toward my knee, making contact with as much of my upper leg as was humanly possible.

    Back at Penis Central, my track pants tented upward immediately. Fuck.

    Danny had a goofy smile on his face as he continued to watch the movie and he ate a little popcorn. When he was done, he handed the bag back to me without actually turning his head away from the movie. The awkward angle caused some of the popcorn to fall onto my lap.

    Accidentally, on purpose. I'm sure.

    "Oops," he said grinning from ear to ear, clearly proud he'd been able to pull that off without even looking at me.

    "Danny!" I said in a loud whisper.

    "I'm really sorry," he said, pretending to be really sorry. "Here, let me..."

    With that, he quickly dug his hand between my legs very close to my nuts. The smooth fabric of my track pants allowed Danny's fingers to glide easily between my thighs and he fished out the popcorn pieces that had fallen down there. I had been too surprised by the speed of his hand to do much about it. But when he reached in again in search of more popcorn, I was ready.

    But when I tried to grab his wrist to keep it out of my lap, it was too late. He had turned his fingers the other way around and he got a great feel of exactly what he wanted to feel. Danny pretty much got a completely unobstructed feel of my entire dick and balls.

    I tensed and tried to squirm away but we were in a very quiet room so I couldn't really object out loud. Somewhere out there, a karate movie was playing.

    "Here you go," he said, his palm open and handing me the popcorn that had fallen in his open palm.

    Was I supposed to eat it?

    So I did eat the popcorn. It was still a little bit warm. I don't remember how the movie ended, but I remember the pre-cum in my underwear making it difficult to walk outside to the car.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    GREAT story! Cant wait to read more!

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    Re: Lost in New England

    I love Danny's shenanigans. He knows the ins and outs of teasing and getting what he wants.... Of course TJ "subconsciously" knows as well and delights in the game. Poor David sits on the other side engrossed in the martial arts on the screen. But, he isn't all that naive either. Great chapter, bringing us more in-depth workings of the Apple Valley boys. Thanks, Spike.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    ^ Craiger has summed it up quite well.

    This is a very enjoyable prequel since, from your other stories, we know quite well what both Lehmans are capable of.

    As usual ... MORE, Please!

    Keep Smilin'!!
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    Re: Lost in New England

    Back at school in Boston on Monday, it wasn't easy to concentrate on my classes. Danny's disappearance after the track meet in New Haven was still taking up most of the space in my head.

    Danny's brother David had reached me in my dorm room pretty late last night after we got back from New Haven. For obvious reasons, he was pretty freaked out and was going to fly in from the West Coast right away. David and I cried a little as I recounted what I knew to him. The same story I'd given to the New Haven police a few times yesterday. In the end I didn't have anything terribly helpful to add. David sounded absolutely miserable. We hung up and I fell into restless sleep.

    Instead of grabbing my usual Subway sandwich from a shop on Comm Ave, I hopped on the T and headed over to Central Square to have a late lunch off campus with a friend of mine who went to MIT. Max was one of the funniest guys I'd ever met and I thought hanging out with him might cheer me up. Just like on the bus ride back to town last night, I didn't really want to talk about what happened to Danny, so I had no intention of telling Max about Danny either. The less I talked about it, the better off I'd be I thought.

    We met over the bridge in Cambridge since Max didn't have too much time between classes. There was an Indian place on Mass Ave in pretty close to the red line stop in Central Square. They had an all-you-can-eat buffet for like $8 if you flashed your MIT student ID.

    Max was waiting outside when I walked up. I smiled when I recognized him.

    Everything about Max cracked me up. He was mixed race. His parents were from Hong Kong, but Max didn't look Chinese, or at least he didn't look as Chinese as I thought he should.

    Max had a grandparent, I think, who was from Bangladesh. And, as a result of one of those situations where the gene pool got mixed a little unevenly, Max had apparently gotten a pretty big share of his grandmother's genes and didn't get too many from the Chinese side of the family. Max's parents originally thought the hospital in Hong Kong had made a mistake when he was presented to them for his initial inspection-he had told me the story of his bewildered parents bursting into tears when they first saw him at least three times-it made me crack up every time!

    If I was forced to pick just one place on earth, I would describe Max as somebody from the hills of Nepal. Max was darker-skinned than most Chinese people and he had these amazing tan-colored, very non-Chinese eyes. He wore Harry Potter frames-mostly because he was a huge fan-but the glasses took nothing away from the mystery of his cool eyes.

    Max was always going on about Harry Potter being the ultimate fuck-buddy. This totally destroyed one of the most important characters in my own childhood literature history so I refused to allow my mind to go there. Max kept at it all the same.

    Once Max's parents got over the initial shock of a Bangladeshi baby, they loved him perhaps a little too much and gave him absolutely everything he ever wanted. Max never felt quite Chinese enough so he insisted that his parents move to America so that Max could fulfill his life-long goals of becoming an astrophysicist and of bedding down Harry Potter. The fact that Harry was fictional and lived in another dimension over in England was no deterrent to Max's clearly stated objectives.

    So, when Max was around 10, his doting parents took jobs in the states and moved the family over here so that little Max would be happy. And, but for his goofy Harry Potter glasses, Max had the fashion sense of a late 70's Brooklyn Mafioso--he dressed like a total Guido! Max actually wore vests, the more polyester the better, and some had patterns! My sartorial senses were fairly underdeveloped as an 19 year old college freshman, but somehow hanging out with Max always set my brain on red alert!

    "Do not wear! Do not wear!"

    His odd wardrobe and strange fictional character libido aside, Max was crazy smart. He got into MIT when he was just 16.

    His parents wanted him to go to college two years earlier than the rest of his friends, but Max refused. Since his arrival in America had not actually led to a sexual romp with fictional Harry, he had sublimated those desires and had a serious crush on a boy back in high school named Nigel. According to Max, there was no fucking way that no fucking elite engineering university was going to come between the fucking he intended to have with Nigel. In the end, Max got a deferred admission. By the time he agreed to actually leave home and come to Boston, he had realized his sexual fantasies with Nigel, and had apparently found the whole experience not completely to his liking. Max thought that the men in Boston might be just the ticket.

    Max signed on to MIT as an astrophysics major, partly because it sounded cool to him, but mostly it would really piss off his folks. His parents were both psychiatrists and would have loved for Max to be one too. But of course, Max wanted to do anything but that. If he could design rocket ships that brought him up to the entrance at Hogwarts, that would be just fine with him. So, for the time being, Max was cruising through his freshman year at MIT, taking like a hundred credits of math and physics (by comparison, I had four in Math). Max was getting high marks in everything, of course, but he had no intention of letting his long-suffering parents in on that little secret. He told them he was failing so that they sent him extra funds for tutoring. Which, of course, Max used in other ways typical of most college students. Recently, Max had discovered duck-pin bowling, a local Boston thing, and found that he wasn't too bad at it. He doubted there was yet a professional league for duck-pinners, and Max wanted to be the first to start one. There was also the advantage that a career in duck pin bowling would completely rock his parents' world.

    Max and I had come close to fooling around a couple of times, but we never did. I was glad about that, Max had become too good a friend. I wouldn't have wanted our dicks to come between us.

    But, on the other hand, he would have been my very first Chinese-Bangladeshi wiener. If that's a thing.

    Max and I had met while running along Memorial Drive, a great path over on the Cambridge side of the Charles. On that fateful day, he was going east and I was going west-in truth, I barely noticed the guy, but apparently he noticed me. Just a nanosecond after passing me going in the opposite direction, Max reversed course and ran a bit faster to fall in right beside me. Max's finetly tuned gay-dar had apparently flashed a secret signal to Max that I was on his team.

    I was a little surprised to find that I had this little guy hanging on my hip, but Max wasted no time completely charming me. Or at least trying his hardest to charm me.

    Within just a couple hundred yards of hooking up, he'd already asked me to go to a skanky bar with him. For some reason, I agreed, I was probably too dazed by Max to find the energy to turn the kid down.

    So me and Max went, Max pawing at my clothes the instant he saw me on the street. I had gone back to my dorm room to shower and put on real clothes, but that had taken quite a negotiation with him even to allow me that!

    In the dark bar, Max attacked me like he was a piranha.

    Somehow, we fumbled awkwardly through one very stupid kiss. Max literally lost his balance and fell to the floor as our lips locked. He came up laughing and I'd managed to convince him that he wasn't getting into my pants anytime soon. And so Max accepted our destiny, at least for the time being, and we'd become friends.

    We both loved to run. Max wasn't as fast as I was, but he could run forever. He said he ran mostly to get out of the house and away from his folks when he was in Hong Kong. Now he was hooked. He was all arms and legs and looked like he might knock himself in the head at just about any moment. Max's stride reminded me a Sherpa in Nepal actually tumbling down the mountain, trying to hold onto his gear. Another reason he cracked me up.

    "Hello Mr. TJ, sir," Max sang out. "How today is my good friend from Boston?" His arms were waving wildly in the air, his purple vest flapped in the breeze coming off the river.

    Despite being like one of the smartest people I'd ever met, Max was consistently putting words into the wrong place in a sentence. He begged me to correct him so that he could just be like everybody else in America. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't.

    I wrapped my arms around his arms to rein them in, and then gave him a hug, putting both of my palms onto his ears.

    "I'm great Max," I lied, forcing the smile. "Nice of you to meet me here, glad you could squeeze me in."

    "It is my great pleasure, Mr. TJ," Max said. He led the way into the restaurant.

    The Indian restaurant was a little dark, which was probably by design. The food was buffet and could be a little sketchy compared to some places I'd been for Indian. But for $8 what did you expect? This was the type of place where you got your food before you sat down, so Max and I hopped into the line at the tiny buffet. The aromatic intensity of the curry and the tamarind made my eyes water but it also made my stomach ache with hunger. When had I eaten last anyway?

    We wedged ourself into little table in the corner. The waitress brought us some water. Max's glass didn't look like it had been washed, but he never noticed. As Max set his plate of food down in front of me, I laughed out loud-he had taken every single onion kulcha that the restaurant had and arranged them into a pyramid on his plate. He had nothing else.

    "Max, why? What's with the onion kulcha? That will give you gas," I said.

    "Do not ask me such questions, TJ," Max said. "Today I just feel like onion kulcha." He smiled.

    "Okay Max, but sometimes you worry me."

    Max cocked his head. "If you were so worried about me TJ, you would have..." Max lowered his voice to a whisper. "You would have let me fuck you."

    My mouth was full so all I could do was cover my mouth with my napkin and laugh

    "You have still not enjoyed my very unique Bangladeshi-Hong Kong style dick."

    I laughed and blew samosa all over my napkin. He was a ridiculous little dude, just what I needed today. When I stopped laughing and I could breath normally again, I wiped my face with what was left of my napkin. Seeing that mine was pretty shredded, Max offered me his and simultaneously pointed to a little spot of food I'd apparently missed on the side of my lip.

    "But alas, I am forced to masturbate to your picture. That must be very satisfying for me."

    I shook my head. What? Doesn't he mean the opposite, satisfying for him? And he has my picture, how did that happen?

    "Max, you're a pervert," I said with a huge grin. "That's probably why I like you so much."

    "Do not worry TJ. I am grown a man. I understand these things. And if you like me so much, how about we just become fuck-buddies, no attachment required."


    "Please TJ, I promise you will like it," he begged.


    "Uh okay, we can just be close friends for now. But you are on notice that I will not hesitate to make my move when the time is right."

    "Uh, well, good," I said, wondering just when Max might make his move.

    Max and I had a really fun time at lunch. I was absolutely starved so I returned and helped myself to the buffet three times. Max went up just one more time and came back with a half plate of the same. He was such a curious guy. I wondered what it might be like to really have sex with him. I smacked myself in the head just for thinking it, then I grabbed a bite from one of Max's new collection of onion kulcha.

    After we parted, I walked back over to Central Square to jump on the T back into Boston. The crowd in this section of Cambridge always confused me. There was a few starving Harvard or MIT students who lived in the area.

    Over here, it was way cheaper than Harvard Square, and certainly a huge improvement from the prices across the river in Back Bay. But there was also a substantial number of young, hunky biotech executives who worked here in Central Square.

    And then there were the homeless. Loads of 'em. More than any other section of Boston that I'd been to at least. It made for a weird gamish that always left me feeling like an urban pioneer, but also just a tiny bit unsettled.

    The T heading back over to Boston was pretty empty, middle of the day I guess. As a result, I got back to campus pretty quick and thought I'd zip up to my room and study a little before my 4 pm Inorganic Chemistry study section.

    My roommate Alan was there when I opened the door.

    "Hey," he said.


    He was lying on his bed naked, face down. Like always. My friends were a pretty wacky group: Max the sex maniac rocket scientist, Alan the nudist wrestler, from Texas. Oy!

    Alan's butt cheeks were whiter than the rest of him and made the fluorescent lights above our head into a glare that made me blink. Alan was studying I guess since he had a textbook open. But when my eyes adjusted, I noticed that it was upside down. Typical.

    "Where'd you go? I didn't think you had classes on Monday," Alan asked. True to form, he didn't bother to cover up his butt. And true to form, my eyes were glued on it.

    "I had lunch with Max. Over in Central Square."

    "The Indian Place?"


    "Yum!" Alan said, flipping over. "I'm starved, I love that place!" He sat up on the bed, his cock flopping into view. So no my eyes settled on that instead of his butt, just like always.

    "I know, I love it too. I ate way too much Sag Paneer. And like twenty pieces of nan. Max ingested a world record in onion kulcha I think," I said.

    "Aah, don't even talk about it. I haven't eaten since breakfast," Alan whined. I checked my watch. It was still early afternoon. Well, he was a wrestler, he must need a lot of calories too, I thought to myself.

    "I need to get up and find something to eat, but unfortunately I've got a weigh in later. I'm really trying not to eat, but I don't think I can hold out much longer. I've been lying here forever trying to read. But I'm so fucking hungry, I just can't concentrate." Alan was a freshman on the BU wrestling team and he always seemed to be on a diet, the weigh-ins to be able to wrestle in a lower group were pretty brutal.

    "You trying to make weight?" I laughed, but instantly regretted it.

    I felt sorry for the guy. I mean, it's not like he had any body fat anyway. His coach just wanted him to wrestle down a class, that way his strength would overwhelm his lighter opponent. But this made no sense to me. Weren't the other guys from the other team trying to do the exact same thing? For poor, hungry Alan, this madness seemed to happen all the time, and Alan was always starving himself until he was practically in tears. Me on the other hand, I just ate whatever I wanted and then just ran it off, an extra couple of miles were really no big deal. Alan had told me at least a thousand times that this made running not really a sport. Since I could eat anything at all and then just pound the track until it was gone, somehow that disqualified me from being in the athlete club.

    "I've got a few granola bars in my back pack, do you want one?" I asked, already knowing how he would respond.

    He looked at my backpack longingly, but shook his head no. 'Got four pounds to go."

    "By later today or by tomorrow?" I asked.

    He just rolled his eyes.

    "Fuck, dude," I said.

    "Wanna go for a run later, we could do ten miles."

    Alan cracked up. "Ten miles? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm so weak I don't even think I could walk down the hall."

    "Alan, don't you think this is a little stupid. I mean, if you're starving yourself so much, how are you supposed to have the energy to wrestle this week?"

    He shrugged. "I guess," he said.

    "Alan, seriously, go get a couple yogurts or something downstairs. I've got some rice cakes you can have too. Eat for crissakes!"

    He looked sad. Now I felt bad.

    "I can have your rice cakes? You love those."

    I did love my rice cakes, it was true. Just the regular salted ones, not the weird apple cinnamon flavored ones. But I was happy to part with a few rice cakes if it would keep my roommate alive. I hated to see the guy suffer, I'd just buy more at the big Shaw's down the street.

    Of the two of us, I was always the one buying food. I was always hungry, so I kept stocked. Alan had this crazy idea that he couldn't even keep anything in our room that might tempt him. I went over to my closet and pulled a pack of the mini plain rice cakes down from the shelf. I tossed them over and he caught them.

    "Here," I said, "they are mostly just air anyway, well that plus some salt."

    "Thanks buddy."

    "Don't mention it," I said. "I hate to see you doing this to yourself."

    He ripped them open and popped three into his mouth at the same time. He smiled with his mouth closed. "These are so fucking good," he said.

    I was happy if he was happy.

    Alan and I had not known each other before we got to Boston, we'd both taken our chances with a random roommate assignment, primarily because nobody else from back home was going here. Same for Alan I think.

    But since we were both freshman and we were both athletes and we were both far from home-me from California, him from Texas-we'd become pretty good friends. And, since it was now spring and we'd been sleeping just a few feet away from each other since last fall, there wasn't a whole lot that we couldn't share with each other. On that first day, Alan had gotten here first. He had already checked in and staked out the best parts of our room by the time I showed up. He was also naked on the floor doing push-ups when I walked into the room for the first time.

    Welcome to college, TJ. I had a boner in the first three seconds of my college life.

    Alan hated wearing clothes in our room. Back home in Dallas it was always so hot that I guess he just got used to being undressed a lot.

    At first I thought it was cool that I had such a cool dorm roommate. It was cool that I had a roommate who felt totally comfortable with himself as a naked human being. And he obviously felt comfortable with me-he didn't need to know the perverted things I yearned to do with his constantly naked body-that Alan felt that he didn't need to cover up when I was around. Of course, since Alan had been wrestling since he was like three years old, he's got a freaking killer body.

    So there we were on that first day of college. As we introduced ourselves to each other, he was naked and I was hard.

    I managed to work Alan into my jerk-off fantasies pretty quickly, and he's remained a key player in those dramas ever since.

    Over time however, as the weeks and months of my freshman year dragged on, Alan's nakedness, on occasion, became a bit of a pain. Whenever anyone stopped by the room to see one of us, I was always the one who had to answer the door. Alan had to find and then put on a pair of shorts. Me, courteous little dude that I am, would have to pause before I actually answered the door and look behind me to make sure that he was decent before I actually opened the door! And, of course, since one of us was always nude, we had to keep the heat in the room blasting away; it's pretty freaking cold in Boston, especially during some of those snowy winter months. Since I kept my clothes on, I was always too hot. Alan claimed the temperature was just perfect, but the sweat would be dripping off of me. A few times, I'd gotten so tired of being hot and sweaty that I'd taken off my clothes and joined him.

    It was weird, of course, for two guys to be naked together in their room. But since it worked for Alan, and god knows it worked for me, I pretty much kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed myself. In truth, Alan and I had actually discussed the subject of nakedness a few times. I usually brought it up after we'd both been in the room together for a while and I was just getting a little weary of trying not to look at his dick. I wasn't actually complaining, of course. I didn't actually want Alan to stop being naked all the time in our room. But you know, I had always been the chatty sort and I just felt like I had to say something.

    When it came to sharing naked roomie time together, not much had changed. I wore my clothes. Alan didn't. Given the time I had to try and ignore Alan in the nude-and generally fail miserably at it-I had gotten to know just about every square inch of Alan's taut little wrestling body. And not much changed in that department either. If anything Alan's muscles had gone into hyper-drive with all the maniacal dieting and daily workouts with the team; his body was stacked more than ever! Of course, I had my favorite parts of Alan's body, and not just the parts dangling between his legs. I liked that little fold just above his hip, where the lateral abdominal muscles made a crease above his leg. I liked that little space on the back of his triceps that seemed like a dent. And I liked the front of his quads when he was flexed at the hip with a straight knee, nothing sexier than a pair of strong upper legs!

    You'd think that I'd be sort of in love with the guy by this point. Fortunately, me and Alan had not gone that way for me. He was my buddy. We shared everything with each other about life, school, our respective athletic pursuits, people we'd like to strangle, people we'd like to sleep with, but that was it. Other than the naked stuff, I guessed we had a fairly average first year of college roommate relationship.

    I watched with a smile as Alan finished off the bag of rice cakes I let him have. It took less than five minutes.

    "Thanks dude," he said. "You saved my life."

    I just shook my head. I threw my shoes into the corner and then sunk down deeply into my own bed. I fished out my Chemistry book from my back pack and started to read.

    After a while, Alan got up and walked around the room. He stood in front of my closet and opened the door. I watched him peer him, probably looking for my food, probably the rice cakes hadn't quite done it. After Alan had inventoried the contents of my shelf of goodies, he gave me a hopeful look. He wanted something, obviously.

    "What?" I asked. "My Kit Kats?" My mom was strangely convinced that this was something I couldn't live without and had sent me a whole case at the beginning of the year. With Alan's help through nearly the entire school year, I was down to my last few bars.

    He smiled like the Cheshire Cat and nodded. His mouth formed into a silent word, "Please!"

    "Don't you think you should go downstairs and get something healthier than candy bars? Or, if you need something quicker, the yogurts in the machine down the hall are way better for you. Plus they've got bananas and stuff in the common room I think."

    He grabbed two Kit Kat bars and held them to his heart. He grinned even bigger.

    "Alan, of course you can have them, it's just that. Well, don't you think, I mean..."

    He had opened up a Kit Kat and broke off a piece before I had a chance to finish what I was saying. At the same time, he shook his head vigorously.

    "I guess you don't think..." I said, my voice trailing off.

    "Thank you, thank you," Alan said, his mouth full of chocolate.

    I gave him my best look of disappointment.

    Alan furrowed his eyebrows, unable to believe that I could possibly be disappointed with him. Then, he thrust his hips forward and waggled his cock back and forth for me; it smacked his upper thighs with a happy little slap. He knew that always made me smile. This time however I was determined not to give him the smile he was looking for. He walked closer and kept waggling. I looked away. When his penis got to be about a foot away from my face I put my hands over my eyes.

    "I'm not looking," I said.

    I felt his knee compress the mattress of my bed. Even from this distance, he smelled like chocolate. And he was still waggling. And I was still not looking.

    But maybe there was one way that I might open my eyes and look.

    "Come on TJ, you know you want to see me do this," Alan said.

    "No I don't. Get away from me, you pervert. You smell like Kit Kat and dick."

    Alan and I were long past wondering about each other's sexuality. He was straight and I was not. And both of us were okay with the other. Alan knew a lot about the guys I saw. And, though it sometimes caused my stomach to gurgle, I knew a lot about the girls he saw.

    It was all good.

    Thank god for that! Thank god for college!

    Alan kept waggling, one hand trying to pull my fingers away from my eyes. "You know this makes you smile, TJ, and I know you want me to do it, I know you do. You can't resist!" he sang out.

    I kept one eye covered and pushed his knew away with my book. With my open eye, I could see that Alan's dick was no longer it's usual length. It was longer. Not erect of course, just longer.

    Getting longer was just one of those nice things about dicks. Variety. They came in so many shapes and sizes, of course. And then they changed. Right before your eyes! They got longer. They got thicker. They curled upward to the sky. Some of them could even pop out of their hats! Why doesn't everyone appreciate all of the many talents of the human dick as much as I did?

    "Get away," I said, giggling despite myself. "You'll give yourself a boner."

    "Don't you wish?" Alan teased, chewing up the rest of his first Kit Kat bar.

    "All right, all right!" I said in mock frustration. "I'll look. If it will make you stop and let me get back to my Chem book" Very slowly, I took my other hand off of my face, one finger at a time, and then I opened both eyes and peered straight ahead at the human dick in front of me.

    "That's more like it," Alan said.

    "There, are you happy?" I asked, feigning disgust. "I am looking at it."

    "Yes, I'm happy, are you happy?"

    I sighed.

    "Yes, I'm fucking very happy!" I said, raising my voice. "It's a fucking blue ribbon day for me. Now knock it off. Go over there. Eat all my Kit Kats if you want. Just stop shaking that thing in my face so I can study."

    That may have done the trick.

    He spun on the floor in a clumsy pirouette. When he came to a stop he almost fell over. We both laughed.

    Alan steadied himself and then put both hands on his upper thighs. As he did he spread his hips apart a little wider and gave himself one last waggle. Sort of his grand finale. In the end, Alan finally did get the smile out of me that he was looking for. I knew him well enough to realize that in Alan's mind that this little waggle dance made us even. He got to eat two bars from my Kit Kat stash. And I got a little naked dance show from my college roommate that I would probably use later once the lights were off and I was I beating my meat.

    Alan settled back down onto his bed to read his own textbook, his hunger at least temporarily better. It was amazing how smart my mom had been to send me all those Kit Kats. I rearranged the semi-hard dick in my own pants and then settled back into my studying.

    I didn't think too highly of Inorganic Chemistry. It was one of those classes you needed if you wanted to go to medical school. So I took it, but I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about what I was learning. And I suffered along with everybody else. Whoever discovered stoichiometric equations in the first place was clearly a sadistic bastard.

    Alan was probably reading from his Econ book. All his classes were Micks and I knew he didn't have to work too hard in any of them. But he really seemed to like Economics, so that was the one he always seemed to have in front of him.

    "Oh!" he suddenly shouted.

    He scared the shit out of me.

    "I almost forgot! BU Police stopped by while you were out."

    My mind envisioned Alan standing at the door naked with a cadre of uniformed officers standing there in front of him. Now that was a great fantasy!

    "Oh yeah, what'd they want?" I asked.

    "Something about some guy in New Haven who's missing."


    I hadn't told Alan about Danny's disappearance when I got back last night. And I didn't want to really think about it today so I didn't bring it up in the bathroom this morning either.

    "Is that true?" Alan asked. "Is one of your friends missing?"

    I breathed in.

    "Somebody from the track team?"

    I nodded.

    "Whoa! That's crazy, TJ? When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me? Jesus H Christ!"

    "I know, right," I said. I still couldn't believe that we were talking about Danny Leeman here. Where the hell could the guy be? Maybe he met a guy and just lost track of time. Or maybe he was just on an early plane back to the West Coast and it was shot down by a UFO. Or maybe...


    "It's Danny Leeman," I said. "Nobody knows where he is."

    "You mean you're friend Danny?"


    "Whoa," he said again. "What happened?"

    I shrugged my shoulders, I didn't really want to have to go through the details, it was all such a raw, awful thing. But if I needed to talk about it with anybody, it was definitely my roommate.

    "I have no idea," I explained. "Danny was supposed to race in the finals on Sunday, but he didn't show up. The last anybody saw of him was Saturday night. Somewhere out on the town in New Haven. He'd been with a group of guys. They were partying, but then all of them left to get back to the hotel and Danny decided to stay out."

    "Wow," Alan said.

    "Sunday was the finals. He didn't show up, and now nobody knows where he is." I could feel my eyes tearing up.

    "And that's it. No frickin' idea what happened?"

    I started to cry. Alan put his book down and got up onto the side of his bed.

    "Gee dude, I had no idea. That's fucking awful."

    I nodded and rubbed the tears off my face with my palm. My eyes quickly replaced them with more.

    "I can't believe you didn't tell me, TJ! Come on man, that's what I'm here for, buddy! Geez!"

    "I'm sorry," I blabbered.

    "So what are they gonna do?"

    I shook my head. I had no idea what the cops in New Haven were gonna do. Other than Officer Ruggazione, I didn't remember a whole lot about any of the hours I'd spent in the New Haven police department being interviewed. Were they calling the Feds? The FBI?

    "I mean, do they suspect..." Alan started to ask, not really wanting to say the words out loud. "Foul play?"

    This made me cry harder. I bunched my fists over my face and tried as hard as I could to stop. Alan had never seen me like this.

    He threw a pair of gym shorts on and came over to my bed, this was apparently a situation that called for not being naked. Alan sat down and put a hand on my shoulder.

    "I'm really sorry man," he said. "I mean, wow! This is totally messed up."

    I tilted my head back and banged the top of it against my desk. It ended up harder than I'd intended.


    "Whoa TJ, take it easy buddy, you'll hurt yourself."

    I sniffed and opened my eyes. Alan's hand cupped the back of my head and he rubbed lightly. I pulled away. "I'm okay."

    "Well anyway, the BU cops just wanted to talk with you. They left a number for you. It's on your desk."

    I hadn't even looked on my desk when I came in from lunch. Alan reached over and handed me the piece of scratch paper where he had jotted down the number.

    Twenty minutes later, after surviving the phone tree at the BU police station, and after explaining who I was to four separate people in what I assumed was increasing order of importance, I was finally connected to somebody who had heard of me. A pleasant female voice confirmed my identity using my BU student number along with a secret question that I had created way back on the first day of school.

    "Sounds like you are who you say you are, TJ," she said.

    I cleared my throat. "Um, yes. I am," I said. I lowered my voice to sound as butch as possible, not so much that Alan would hear me do it and give me shit, just enough to, you know, to sound, brave. I even felt myself sit up a little straighter on my bed.

    "Well TJ, it's nice to connect with you. My name is Sergeant Taylor and I'm the public affairs officer here at BUPD," the nice lady cop said into the other end of the phone line. "I understand you've been in contact with the New Haven Police about a friend of yours who is missing, is that correct?"

    "Yes, that's correct. Miss."

    There was a pause on the other end. She was probably deciding whether or not to correct me. She didn't.

    "The missing person is one Daniel Leeman, is that correct?" she asked me.

    All of a sudden, my mouth was dry and my eyes were wet.

    "Yes," I squeaked. Danny, not Daniel. Nobody ever called him that.

    "I'm sorry to hear about this. From what I understand, he was last seen on Saturday evening and was reported missing on Sunday? Is that correct?"


    "Yes, Sunday. That was the day he failed to appear for a track meet that you were both participating in. Is that correct?"

    "Um, yes. Sunday. Yes," I stammered. Get a grip, TJ!

    "Well, TJ, I'm sorry to report that there is no additional information on your friend Mr. Leeman."

    A tear rolled down my cheek. It found it's way into my mouth.

    "Um, really? Nothing? Nothing at all?" More tears came. This time from both eyes. They all wound up in the same place, and suddenly my lips were not dry anymore.

    "No. I'm sorry TJ. But our department was contacted by an Officer, uh, uh..." There was quiet on the other end of the line and a faint rustling of papers.

    "Ruggazione," I offered. My parents had raised me to be helpful whenever possible. I told my friend Max once that I think this made me better at being gay.

    Still more pausing, and just a bit more rustling.

    "Well, yes. An Officer Anthony Ruggazione."

    "Yes," I said. "That's the guy who I spoke with when I filled out my report." I wondered why he didn't call me personally with an update. Was he frightened I'd ask him out on a date right over the phone?

    "Yes, Officer Ruggazione was concerned about you TJ."

    "Concerned? Why was he concerned?"

    "He didn't say, he only said that he was concerned that you would have trouble dealing with this."

    "Okay," I added, waiting for her to elaborate. Wouldn't everybody have trouble dealing with this?

    "You know, concerned that this might have some negative impact on your performance."

    "My performance?"


    "At school?"

    "Yes. And that's why you're being contacted by BUPD."

    "Um, well, of course I'm a little freaked out about this, you know what I mean?"

    "Yes, TJ, I know what you mean. This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone."

    More tears. Alan had rejoined me on my bed and had his arm draped awkwardly around my shoulders. He was still wearing shorts, but he still smelled like a Kit Kat bar, just a little less like a dick.

    "So I just want you to know that BUPD is here for you. We can assist you in working with the New Haven police department, and we can assist you in finding resources to help you in school. My department here at BUPD is in contact with Student Services and we can help you get whatever you need.

    Okay, that sounds a little too much like Big Brother for me.

    "I see that you have a very high grade point average," the officer continued talking on the other end of the line. "I wouldn't want for the outstanding performance you've shown so far at BU to diminish."

    She knew my grade point average? Some cop in Connecticut calls and she looks up my grade point average? This was getting weird.

    "Um, well, okay, well that's great, I mean, I could use the..."

    "I see you're taking Chemistry and Biology. Are you pre-med?"

    "Yes," I answered. Come on! She even knew my class schedule?

    "Those can be difficult courses TJ," she added in a very kind tone. She's a police officer at a university, how could she have any idea what my classes were like?

    So many tears were coming down my face now, my mouth couldn't keep up. In a funny way, having somebody actually care about me when it was really Danny that needed all the help just struck me as so compassionate. I didn't know that colleges did this kind of stuff.

    Alan grabbed a paper towel from his night stand and handed it to me. I smiled. We both knew what he usually used those paper towels for-and it wasn't dusting the furniture! Right now I just scrunched some up and covered my eyes, pressing hard.

    "TJ, anything you need. Just call us here. There's always somebody here to answer the phones even when the Public Affairs office is closed."

    "Great," I said weakly.

    "I know this is tough for you," she added. It was necessary for her to be so nice to me. It made my cry even more. She clearly heard that I was a mess even over the phone.

    "Oh, and TJ..."


    "Officer Ruggazione also left a phone number for you. He said that it was a private number you should call if you learned any additional information that would be helpful to the investigation."

    "A phone number?" I blubbered. I think I already had the guy's business card. Why did I need another way to get in touch with him?

    "Yes. His private line. I think it's a cell."


    She gave me the number and I wrote it down on some old scratch paper. But I didn't really need to write it down. I had it memorized as soon as my pen hit the paper. Officer Ruggazione's private number. His mobile phone! That night I slept better. Alan and I talked for a while, studied as much as we could under the circumstances, grabbed a quick dinner across the street on Comm Ave, and then hit the sack. It felt so much better to have this whole mess out in the open, to be able to have Alan to talk with about it all!

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Oh, I like the fact that Officer Ruggazione is concerned enough to give his private cell number. I think it is very important for TJ to utilize that information soon..... you never know how much he might contribute to finding Danny among other things.......

    Max sounds like such a fun person. No holding back on his desires with TJ. This is a challenge for TJ in that he rarely lets the possibility of a sexual encounter escape. But maybe it's better just to be friends.

    Alan doesn't sound any different from their first year together. Good thing they "straightened" everything out during their freshman year.

    I hope David flies out soon. TJ could use some company and I'm sure David the same. I worry about Danny. It's not good that he has been missing this long.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    The next morning, on Tuesday, I called down to New Haven first thing.

    It was my second police department phone tree in less than a day. This one I negotiated easily, much more quickly than the crazy BUPD phone tree that I was forced to sweat out the previous day. This time it was only five minutes and I was connected.

    Once the actual ringing started, he picked it up after just one. "Ruggazione?"

    "Um, hi it's TJ." I said.


    "You know? From Boston University? In Boston?"

    "TJ, oh yes, right," he said. Come on, did the guy really not remember me? Had I really failed to make an impression?

    "It's about the Danny Leeman disappearance thing. Is this a good time?"

    "TJ, I gave them my private line to give to you. Why didn't you use it?"

    Thank goodness he couldn't see my face turn red. He was right. I had completely forgotten the number I'd gotten last night from BUPD. I'd looked up the general number on line and just worked my way through the bureaucracy. What a bonehead!

    "Um, well, they did, I mean, they did give it to me. I just forgot to use it," I stammered. I thumbed the scrap paper with Ruggazione's number written on it. It was right there, staring at me. And I hadn't even used it!

    Alan was gone and I had our dorm room to myself.

    "Well that's good, I guess. I'm just happy you got the message to call back," he said flatly.

    "You are?" My mind formed a mental picture of a happy Officer Ruggazione at his desk in the New Haven police station. In my brain, he was wearing a crisp white shirt, opened two buttons down from the collar, there was a nice little tan going on there between his open buttons and just a hint of thin, dark chest hair. There were those fancy gold-colored epaulets on his shoulders with some kind of eagle on them, the eagle was not happy. But the Officer was freshly shaven and smelled of something faintly orange and musky. There was a bulge in his tight pants that happened just when he picked up the phone and heard my voice.

    "Um hmm." I clearly couldn't both talk and conjure up elaborate fantasies.

    "I mean, okay, that's good." I felt my dick start to stiffen. For god's sakes! The man was all the way in Connecticut and he was already given me a hard-on. Other than the boner my imagination had given him, we weren't exactly having phone sex!

    "Yes, so TJ, we've got a few more questions to ask you."

    "You do? Uh okay, who's we?"

    "Well, I should say that I have a few more questions to ask you. About Danny."

    I took a breath.

    I kept trying to look on the bright side of the situation. The only good part about this whole terrible business with Danny was that I'd met a cop that was fucking hot. Ruggazione leading the investigation into Danny's disappearance made things just a tiny bit, well...normal.

    "So, do we know anything more? Do you have any leads?" I asked, before he could start me off with his own question.

    I heard him breathe deeply on the other end of the line. "Sorry TJ, not yet. We were finally able to speak with some of the other boys that Danny was out with on Saturday night."


    "Well, other than some additional confirmation of what Danny did before he split off from the group, we didn't learn much that we didn't already have. It's always good to have multiple people independently corroborate his exact location, however. I feel pretty confident that we know precisely what Danny was doing and where he was. Before he left."

    "You mean, you know where he was before you don't where he was," I asked, confused by my own question.

    He paused before answering. "Uh, yes. That's right."

    "We think we might know which direction he headed also, after the others started to head back to the Omni Hotel," Ruggazione said.

    "Well that's a start, I guess." Talking about Danny was making my eyes water again. I inhaled and tried really hard not to cry. I think I'd been weepy enough in the past few days. And I needed to be strong in front of the police.

    "TJ, do you know if there were any unusual practices that Danny was into?"

    "Unusual practices?"


    Oh! That.

    "You mean, like sex? Sex practices?" I really wanted to hear Ruggazione say the word out loud.

    "Yes," he said professionally. I exhaled.

    Hmm. Unusual sexual practices. For someone like me, I was pretty green in the sex department. And while, I had certainly done my share of reading about weird stuff, I can't claim to have been much of an expert. Clearly, Officer Ruggazione was a bit out of his element here too.

    "Like a foot fetish?" I asked, saying out loud the first unusual sex practice that came to mind.

    "No, TJ, not a foot fetish, I don't think that's what we're after here. I mean. That's not all that unusual anyway?"

    It wasn't?

    "What I mean is, do you think that Danny was into pain? Bondage? You know, S and M?"

    I laughed out loud. The idea of my friend Danny tied up, hanging from a sling getting a whipping was about as impossible as anything I'd ever heard. Danny was much more likely to go for feet.

    Danny talked a lot. A whole lot. But that was about it. If anybody even tried to get a little rough with him, there's no way he'd put up with that. He told me once that a guy he'd met at an out of state track meet when we were in high school had once spanked him just as they were doing a little foreplay. Danny said he was so shocked he'd lost his wood. And then he got the hell out of there. Super fast. So no, there was no way that Danny had gone to a bar in New Haven where he might get strung up from the rafters and wrapped up in rubber or something.

    "No. No way," I answered. "There's no way Danny would do something like that. Danny didn't even like to get spanked."

    "He doesn't?" the policeman sounded surprised. "It's not usually something that friends talk about."

    I laughed. Then why was he asking me in the first place? There were all sorts of mixed messages coming over the phone line from Officer Ruggazione.

    "Yeah, I guess it sounds a little funny, but you know, trust me. I know Danny. And definitely not, he was not a spanker, er, I mean, a spankee," I said, brimming with a new confidence.


    I decided to take a chance. Maybe I could help Danny and plant the seed of forbidden love with Ruggazione at the same time. While I considered what to say next, I could hear the policeman writing furiously in the background. Why wasn't he typing this into his computer? Maybe he's just an old fashioned guy. I smiled to myself. I could fix all that.

    I took a deep breath and started. "Well, the truth is. Well, Danny and I even fooled around a few times. You know, I mean, we fooled around with each other."

    There was silence on the line. I could hear him breathing, nothing more.

    "Sex, I mean. We fooled around and we had sex together."

    "Uh huh."

    "With each other."

    "Okay, TJ, I get it."

    I paused again. My pulse was racing.

    "So, Danny, you know, he is just a really big talker. Pretty mouthy in fact, but there's no way he would ever do, you know..."

    "S and M?"

    "No, never. Not his thing. No way. Nope."

    "You are sure?"

    "Yes, I'm sure. Why on earth are you asking about this stuff anyway?"

    "Because there's a bar over by the harbor that is known for that kind of stuff. S and M."

    "There is? I didn't know that." True statement.

    "I just wondered whether or not Danny might have wandered over that way, toward the harbor, and then gotten himself into a little more trouble than he could handle."

    "Danny can handle just about anything," I said. "But he wouldn't go to a place like that. Besides he didn't have an ID. Just like me, he's only 19 and he looks even younger. He'd never get into a place like that, he'd get carded right away."

    There was more silence on the other end of the line.

    "So, was there anything else you need from me?" I asked.

    "Let me see."

    More breathing.

    "Have you talked with David?" I interrupted. That's Danny's twin brother? Does he have any good ideas?"

    "Yes. No. I mean, yes, I talked with him. David's here but not, he doesn't have any good ideas about his brother's disappearance.

    "Oh," I said.

    "David arrived here in New Haven yesterday. He and I have spent a lot of time together so far. He's pretty shaken up, as you might imagine. And he hadn't talked to Danny for a couple days prior to Danny's disappearance."

    "Oh," I said again. It must be totally killing the poor guy.

    "David doesn't know anything more than you and I do. He said he wants to talk to you."

    David and I had talked briefly on Sunday night when I got back from the trip. He told me that he was flying in, but he hadn't worked out his flights yet, so I didn't know when he would get there.

    Since then, I wondered how David was handling this whole thing. Like most twins, the two of them had pretty much done everything together. Their whole lives, of course. Growing up in the same bedroom, going to Apple Valley High together, along with me, and then running track in the afternoons. Now the two of them were both at the University of Oregon and the two of them were both on the track team. Both had scholarships to run track. Danny had once shared with me that the amount of money he received was a little more than what David got. But that it wasn't really a big deal. He just wanted me to know that, so that maybe I'd think he was a more talented runner. Which I sort of did. Since he was. Most days.

    Everybody within listening distance of Danny's mouth was certainly well aware that Danny was the better runner of the two.

    But, of course, looking at things objectively, David really wasn't that far behind. But, all the same, Danny had been invited to this track meet at Yale while his brother David had not. That was probably saying something. Knowing the two of them as I did, I was pretty sure that David was happy to let Danny have the spotlight-and most of the time-maybe all of the time, actually. Danny was happy to bask in its glow. Danny would do practically anything if he had an audience.

    "You'll call David then? You have his number?"

    "Um, we actually talked Sunday night," I said. Maybe David had forgotten to mention to Ruggazione that he reached me. I'd imagine that poor David was probably a basket case. "I've got a class this morning, but I'm free for a while after that and I will definitely give him a call" I said, trying to sound reassuring.

    "Great. TJ, I know that David would appreciate hearing from you."

    "Yeah," I agreed.

    "And, I think it would be terrific if you could make it back down here this weekend. If we don't find Danny by then, my chief thinks we may need to cast a wider net. You know, look into some areas that we are not considering right now. New York, for example, maybe other places even up around you, in other parts of New England. This search could get pretty drawn out."

    "You want me to come down to New Haven?" I asked. I hadn't heard any of the rest of what Ruggazione said.

    "Yes," he said with a sigh. "I think that would be great," he responded.

    I hadn't thought about going back down again to Connecticut so soon, but maybe that was a good idea. Maybe I could help. Or maybe...

    "Um, okay, let me think about it, try and work out my schedule" I said. I knew I had no plans this coming weekend, other than sitting in the library and trying to study.

    "Well I hope you can come."

    "Yeah," I said again.

    "Plus I'm sure David would be happy to have your support."

    "Uh, yeah, that's right. David. Of course. I'll do what I can to make it happen."



    "Maybe I'll see you soon then TJ, just let us know what you decide so that one of us can be here to talk more. I work Saturday this weekend, but then I'm off Sunday."


    "Okay, right."

    "Take care of yourself, Teej."

    Teej? He called my Teej? Only my parents and my closest buddies called me that. Like Danny and David.

    "Okay, bye," I said.

    He wants to see me again? And he has the day off on Sunday.

    I sat down on the floor of my room and thought about how crazy these past few days had been. It was a total cluster-fuck, all right! And Danny was at the center of it. Hmm. I wonder if Danny did go to that crazy S and M bar near the docks. If there had been a back room where the guys hooked up to have sex, and Danny could put on some kind of a ******..then maybe, just maybe that this was something I could see him doing.

    After I'd through for the twelfth time every possible place Danny could have gone, I closed my eyes and tried to think if I had missed anything. Some cue. Something he might have said on Saturday that could be of use.

    When the heavy work my brain was doing started to be replaced by naked fantasies of Officer Ruggazione upside down in an S and M sling.

    About then I thought maybe it was time I headed out to my class.

    I threw on a light jacket and locked our door behind me.

    As I walked down Comm Ave toward my late morning English class, my mind concentrated on Danny and what could possibly have happened.

    I was trying to figure out whether or not this whole business with Danny could just be some spectacularly bad screw-up. Maybe Danny was alive and well and had just decided not to run in his race. Instead, maybe he caught an early flight back to Oregon.

    On the other hand, and more in keeping of everything I knew about Danny, maybe he was with some fantastic new sex buddy that he met on Saturday night. The two of them were probably having a womp-fest at the guy's apartment in New Haven and hadn't come up for air since they met up.

    Or, maybe he was in huge trouble somewhere along the Eastern seaboard. I pictured Danny buck naked and tied to a bed post, being fed Cheetos and grapes by some guy who'd looked promising for a quick fuck.

    But, given the kind of guy that Danny was-or is-whatever he is doing, I'm sure he's taking care of himself, and had absolutely no idea that any of the rest of us are worried sick about him. Danny was probably just too god dammed absorbed in whatever it was that he was doing to have any thought of us by making a courtesy call to me or to David, or to anybody.

    Or, maybe...

    I didn't want to think about any other places where Danny could be right now.

    I kept walking. A cold Charles River wind smacked me in the face. I ducked into Peet's for coffee. It was unusual for me to have one during the day. But if I was going to be able to focus in class, I needed the help. Standing in line to order, there were some kids in front of me. Obviously in high school-and having no business slowing me down from a caffeine buzz-I watched them horsing around with each other. Since they were probably under age, I kept my eyes above their waist. A fair compromise. In a goofy way, they reminded me of hanging out with the Leemans back in Apple Valley.

    One of my favorite hangouts with the Leemans during our senior year had been that weekend we caught a college track meet together. After a pretty goofy Martial Arts movie we were back at Casa Leeman now and we were starting to turn in. I remember well how confused I was. Plus excited at the same time. There was that weird uncertainty of what was going to happen. Three high school buddies about to lay down for the night, in a small tract house bedroom. Endless possibilities swirled in my head.

    Luckily for me, possibility number one was addressed immediately.

    None of us, neither the Leemans, nor me were pajama guys. Just underwear to sleep in.

    Mine were white. Pretty much my usual, I had a few pair with some crazy-ass patterns that my mom had bought me on sale someplace in San Bernardino, but I resolved never to wear them if there was any chance I'd actually be seen in them. And tonight being one of those times, I grabbed the white ones.

    Danny's undies were white too, just like mine. Tighter of course, and probably pretty expensive. There was a pouch-like thing up front, which apparently contained everything important that belonged to Danny below his waist. I had a pretty good idea what Danny had in the pouch. I had no idea what brand they were, but I aimed to find out. I hoped his pouch was stretchy.

    David was the odd man out. He had on a pair of striped boxers that were obviously fairly old, being worn down to fabric that was so thin you could practically see through it. I already knew what David looked like naked, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have to do much imagining. Twins!

    While David and I were brushing our teeth, Danny kept us entertained with some stretches on the side of the bathtub. My eyes darted back and forth between the two brothers. Danny had contorted himself into a position that pushed his pouch outward, showing us both that the pouch (and all of it's contents) had indeed stretched out. David rolled his eyes at Danny. David's flimsy shorts were almost as entertaining. The elastic band on the top kept sliding down in the front, winding up just below the top of his pubes. David made a valiant effort to keep himself covered up, but it appeared to me to be a losing battle. I took extra long scrubbing up my teeth while I contemplated whether or not these very obvious displays of testosterone were the norm around here, or whether it was all intended for my benefit. Danny was clearly semi hard under his pouch, and while David probably wasn't he had obviously chosen his underwear with at least some of this in mind.

    David and I finished up brushing and Danny took our place at the sink. I hopped into my makeshift bed on the floor between the two beds the boys had. Not worrying about Danny having to find his bed in the dark, David hit the lights and stepped over me to climb into the sack.

    Danny brushed his teeth in like three seconds and found his way through the bedroom without incident.

    I took a deep breath and shut my eyes tightly. I had no idea what the routine was around here.

    "So, TJ, we usually can't fall asleep until we whack off. It's our tradition, and I, for one, think it's a good one!"

    The voice came from the direction of Danny's bed. It was way too dark to actually see his lips moving, but it was definitely something Danny would say. David might have thought it, but it was not the sort of thing that I would think to come out of his mouth. Ha ha.

    I was on the floor between the two of them, currently confined in a sleeping bag. I tried to imagine the logistics involved in a circle jerk.

    "What?" I asked. I was only a little bit startled by the comment. I was a nighttime whacker as well, so I could understand. But when you had a sleepover? Hmm. I reminded myself that Danny was a talker, pretty much all the time, including when we all went out for a run. So, it figured that he would shoot off his mouth even when he was just about to crash for the night.

    David made a heavy sigh before he spoke.

    "Danny, not tonight okay? We have company, you know bro. Seriously!"

    Danny ignored David's protest. "Amigos!" Danny said as if addressing an assembly at school, but a little too loudly for this time of night. If his parents were listening to use from downstairs, they would absolutely know what we were talking about. Hopefully they were snoozing already.

    "I have just made a true statement, mis amigos, and my bro over there knows it," Danny added. He was using his best Spanish accent, obviously from the class with Senora Mason that we shared. "All I said was that it's a tradition for the Leeman twins. We whack off, it's a fact. If we don't do it, we don't sleep as well, it's as simple as that!

    "Danny, stop it. TJ is here, and this is not cool."

    I was actually pretty cool with it.

    "So? TJ being here doesn't matter. Remember what happened with cousin Jake?"


    "Well, we're all guys here, it's just a guy thing."

    "Right, but we can take the night off. TJ is our friend, not our cousin."

    I wondered if I should step in here and express my viewpoint.

    "David, don't be such a pussy. We spank it. Pretty much every night. We just do! We have to for crissakes, cleans the pipes if you know what I mean."

    I laughed.

    "So, who's in mis amigos?"

    "Danny, you're being a jerk."

    David was apparently going to be a tougher sell than I'd thought.

    "David, it's totally cool. Not only are we practically grown men, we're coming into the peak of our sexual maturity."

    "We are?" I asked.

    "Yup. Read it a couple weeks ago in Vanity Fair. Guys hit their peak at 19, that's my next birthday."


    "Absolutely amigo. And before I actually turn 19, I want to get even better at getting off."

    I laughed again. David groaned.

    "So, is that a yes?"

    "No," David answered.

    "Um," I said weakly.

    "Guys, guys, guys. We're guys!"

    "Yeah, that much is true," I agreed.

    "And as guys, we beat our meat. Like I keep saying, we do it every night, rain or shine, or whatever it is you say when the sun goes down. And besides, we're buddies! Buddies on the fucking Apple Valley fucking track team!"

    This was starting to sound like a pep talk that some of the guys would make just before one of our track meets. I loved those!

    "So I say we get to it. It doesn't matter that the Leeman brothers have an overnight guest. I mean, it's our really good buddy TJ. That's a bonus!"

    "Right!" I was starting to get more into the spirit of the moment.

    "And boys," Danny went on. "Pretty much God and everybody else who's ever been in the Apple Valley High School locker room already know that our buddy TJ has a weenie."


    "And, from what they say around school TJ has a weenie to be proud of."

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said.

    "Please!" Danny scoffed.

    I started to talk but no words came out. Danny picked up where he left off.

    "So, there you are, mates. Let's just do what God intended us to do. Let's not waist time talking about it anymore. Let's not let our sexual peaks go to waste! Let's jerk off and do it now!"

    "Ugh," David said with as much disgust as he could muster.

    "Davy baby, you need this worse than the rest of us. Trust me, I am your twin and I know you best."

    David grumbled something unintelligible.

    "I'm serious. Let's do this right away. It will absolutely relax us, and we'll all sleep better. Then we'll all go to the college track meet tomorrow and have a really happy, fucking day! And I won't have to walk around Loyola Fucking University with a fucking boner for eight hours!"

    David and I both laughed at this last comment.

    When Danny finished with his speech, I heard him flip his covers back. I smiled and giggled nervously. I wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen next, but my weenie was sure looking forward to whatever that was.

    "Hmm, well, I might be able to do this," I said, pretending to think it over very thoughtfully. Of course I did not want to appear over-eager, as a guest you know, that wouldn't be so polite. I took a deep breath before I said anything else.

    "Right on, amigo," Danny said with glee.

    "I'd hate for you guys not to be relaxed, you know, and not be able to sleep," I added. As a former Cub Scout, I had been well trained to do things for others.

    Danny snapped his fingers in victory. It was a sort-of nighttime quiet equivalent of a high five.

    "There, you see Davey, TJ is being a very gracious guest. He wants us to relax."

    I smiled. Because it was so dark, I couldn't see the poison arrows I though David was probably sending over to Danny's side of the room.

    "TJ, forget about it," David said. "Danny's an idiot, trust me I've known him all his life. There is no other conclusion."

    Danny grunted. He yanked his blankets back violently, smacking against a poster he had on the wall above his bed.

    "TJ, seriously, whip it out, we're doing this," Danny said.

    "Well, I guess."

    "Show me your big monster dick TJ!" Danny whispered as loudly as he could.

    "Just ignore him TJ, he'll eventually give up and leave you alone. He needs his rest, and his dick will live to cum some other night. Trust me on that!"

    Danny wasn't listening to his brother. He had sat up and was not positioned on the edge of his bed. I saw an article of clothing whiz across the airspace over my head in the direction of David's bed. White underwear?

    "Um," I said. "I don't really..."

    I heard a familiar skin-smacking sound.

    David groaned again and pulled his blankets over his head. I strained to see Danny better in the darkness. My eyes were getting there.

    In fact, I've got a raging hard on right now," Danny said.

    Of course you do, I thought.

    Danny moved a pillow away from his mid-section. Clearly for my benefit, Danny appeared to waggle something dark and tube-like that was attached to his pelvis.

    "All right Danny, you pervert, you do whatever you want with that itty bitty weenie of yours. TJ doesn't have to take his dick his out just because you did. And neither do I."

    Uh, maybe I could speak for myself please.

    Danny cracked up. "Itty bitty weenie? Come on! Seriously bro?"

    "Yes. That's what I said," David answered.

    "Ouch! You realize bro that if you insult my weenie, you sort of insult your weenie too. We're twins bro, you know? We sort of wound up with the same weenie in life."

    This was getting very interesting.

    "Dad too!" Danny added.

    Dad too? Hmm. How did he know that? I was happy to have absolutely no idea what my dad's penis looked like. Sure he'd been naked in front of me a few times, but I'd refused to look at it. Just in case I got a... Yuck.

    "Yeah, I guess. But even though we're twins, you wound up with all the fucked up genes. My DNA is clean."

    "You've got a point there, bro," Danny agreed. "But then, I also got the good looks too!"

    "Oh for crissakes! We look exactly alike, Danny. Nobody can tell us apart. Not even mom sometimes! But below the waist we are not the same! Our penises are not identical, you know that. Yours is, I don't know, yours is..."

    "I think the word you're looking for is massive." Danny suggested.

    "Well hung," I threw in.

    David coughed. "Hardly. I was going to say that yours is, um, well, I guess I would say that yours is just a lot more worked in!"

    We all giggled at that.

    Danny agreed with his brother. Finally!

    I started to ask. "But, I thought you guys were..."

    David interrupted me. "Don't worry TJ; the two of us are not totally identical. We just look the same."

    Oh that clears it up.

    "Oh," I said.

    "Right," Danny said. "But don't forget that my balls hang way lower than yours do bro."

    After dozens and dozens of showers together in the locker room after track practice at Apple Valley High, I couldn't believe that I had not picked up on this.

    "Really?" I said in wonderment. Twins were a puzzle to me.

    Then, just as quickly as the room had gotten so chatty, it just as quickly got really quiet. The conversation was over, I guessed. I was pondering how to get us back on track for the circle jerk. Fortunately, Danny took care of everything. I could hear again the slap-smack-swoosh sound coming from the core of Danny's crotch. I smiled. Game on!

    David exhaled the entire weight of the universe out of his mouth. I took this to be resignation. Que sera, sera!

    "What?" Danny asked, breathing heavier.

    "You're so depraved, Danny," David said.

    "Depraved? What the hell does that even mean?" Danny asked.

    "It means you're an idiot," David shot back.

    "Okay. I guess I'm an idiot. Sue me."

    I put my hand around my dick, sensing my cue.

    "So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Danny giggled at his own pun. "Come on amigos, let's all be idiots together."

    "You've made a very good counselor. I have no further defense," I said. "I'm in."

    "Arrrgh!" David groaned.

    "That a boy," Danny said, trying his nicest voice out now. "That's two out of three track studs. We just need one more for it to be unanimous!"

    "Three track studs," I offered. Pretty fucking hot, actually.

    "Yup. I worry about my brother sometimes TJ. He gets himself so worked up! I'd say it was Catholic guilt, but I know that's not it since we're Jewish."

    "Shut up already. Holy fuck!" David said. I held my breath. Maybe, just maybe, David was in too.

    After a long pause, David flipped his covers back too.

    Yay. I squinted my eyes to see what would happen next.

    I stroked up and down on my cock a few times while I waited. Out of the darkness, a pair of worn out boxers whizzed above my head.

    "All right Davy baby!" Danny cooed.

    "Shut up," David said.

    "I just want to thank you, bro. This way, maybe, just maybe, I won't spooge myself watching the college boys at the track meet tomorrow."

    This totally cracked me up.

    The Leemans were silent while I convulsed on the floor with laughter. Danny joined in and was laughing to. It took a full minute for me to stop. Once I started breathing again, David broke the silence.

    "Danny, you're such a pain!"

    "I know," Danny agreed.

    "Pervert." David whispered but we could hear the giggling in his voice.

    I put both hands inside my underwear. My dick was hard already, and it was kind of goopy at the tip. I was a notorious pre-cummer. Just talking about jacking off on the Leemans' floor, I was gushing pre-cum.

    "Um, okay," I said. "Do you guys have some...?"

    "No," David answered quickly. "We don't. None!"

    No lube? Really? Come on, everybody has lube.

    "No lube sorry," Danny responded, much more politely than his brother did. "Uh, well actually, there's probably some hand lotion on the counter in my parents bathroom. But I'm not going to get it! Not with a boner already!"

    "Uh, okay then, just forget it," I laughed. "I'm sure I'll manage."

    "Cool," Danny responded. "Whack off party! We're whacking off with TJ!" he sang out.

    I looked up at the beds to see exactly what the Leeman boys were doing. It was still mostly silhouettes, but I had a nice view all the same.

    "Danny, throw TJ some Kleenex or something, we don't know how fast he is." David said. Finally he was back to being nice, sweet old David again. Davy baby.

    Two pieces of tissue floated down like parachutes from the sky. They landed softly beside me. I picked them up with my right hand and looked at them. Then I put them on my chest for later.

    "Rock and roll!" Danny said, probably watching me scoot the top of my sleeping bag back. He sounded happy.

    "Danny, when you're about to jizz, just keep it on your side of the room bro," David said.

    "Aww! That's no fun. Tell you what, whoever shoots first gets wins. And the winner gets to jack off the other," Danny taunted.

    "What?" I asked. That wasn't a circle jerk, that was sex! Fuckin' A! A fresh squirt of pre-cum leaked out the top of my cock.

    "Deal!" David answered quickly. Really?

    For the next few minutes, there was no talking. The room was quiet but for the sound of the three of us breathing and that happy, soothing drum beat of skin stroking skin.

    I concentrated on not shooting my load too quickly. Cumming too fast had been a big deal for me in the past when I'd gotten way too excited. If ever there was a situation where I was going to get way too excited, this was definitely it.

    Danny's voice broke the silence. "That's it, I'm a go! Party time!"

    Wow! That was fast, even faster than me!

    "Shut up you idiot," David said. "Can't you just cum and keep it quiet? Nobody really fucking cares!"

    Danny obviously couldn't keep quiet. He started to moan out load, in sort of an exaggerated porno movie squeal. "Oh yes, baby, yes, yes, YES!"

    I laughed and stopped what I was doing with my own hand. With all Danny's carrying on, it was impossible to do just about anything else. On the other hand, from the sound of it and from the feverish pace over on David's side of the room, he was still whacking away, trying to catch up with his twin. Who, in all fairness, had quite a head start.

    "Oh my god!" Danny said. "That was fucking great!"

    "Shut up Danny," David said.

    "I win! I win! I win!" Danny blurted. "I was first!"

    "Shh," David hissed. "You're like a jerk-off freak! I can't believe how quickly you can cum sometime! Seriously! Nobody gets off that fast!"

    "Um," I started, but thought better of it.

    "You're just jealous cause you're not as fast as me, bro," Danny replied happily. "At anything!"

    "At beating my meat, yeah you're right Danny. You're like a national champion. But on the track, well, I don't know these days. I think I'm pretty god dammed fast too!"

    "Okay, okay, don't fight boys. We're 18 -year old high school seniors, just about to hit our sexual prime. And, and we're always raring' to go! With our dicks. With our legs on the track. Or with whatever!" I said, trying to be helpful.

    Danny giggled.

    "Either in the sack, or out on the track," I added. I was pleased with myself for coming up with such a clever line.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Danny shot back. "Nice rhyme."

    I laughed too.

    "Shut up you nimrods," David squawked.

    Danny jumped up out of bed and leaped onto David's bed crossing over me as he did. In the faint light of the room, I could make out most of the more interesting parts of Danny's body. Plus I got a pretty hefty whiff of Danny's guy-scent. He smelled like I did after a track practice, at least that concentrated part of me from inside my jock.

    Danny was on top of David, reverse cowboy. Danny had such balls!

    "Come on, bro," Danny teased. "Let's get all those little sperms out of you!"

    "Get off me, you idiot!"

    "Come on bro! We've got company tonight, let's show TJ what you can do!" Danny said.

    "Danny, cut it out!"

    I sat up. For this I wanted to see clearly.

    Danny had pinned his brother to the bed and was trying to grab hold of his dick. David was bouncing up and down on the bed like a bronco.

    "Danny, don't you freakazoid," David said in sort of a muted scream.

    As I watched the show, I tugged away at my cock.

    "Bro, you know this will do it for you. It always does!" Danny said. From what I could tell, David was bent upwards, his back arched off the bed and Danny was up top, stroking his twin brother's penis.

    Much later, when I thought about what all of this meant, I felt a little bit bad for David. But right now, just as we were headed toward the big finish, I kind of got into it. The scene was totally fucking hot!

    "Danny! Don't! Don't!"

    Danny reached an arm through his brother's legs and appeared to be sticking his finger in David's ass. Oh man!

    "Mmm, there you go, that's better right? That's what you like, right?"

    David made a weird little half-moan, half-groan. "Knock it off! Don't! Don't"

    Danny was looking over at me with a big smile on his face. "Easy tiger, easy," Danny said. From what I saw, Danny seemed to have complete control of his brother. David was putty in his hands. Both of them.


    David had stopped struggling. He was moaning softly. His panting increased and so did the rhythmic slapping of flesh.

    "Oh, all right," David had surrendered to his twin.

    "That's my Davy," Danny said.

    "Jesus fucking Christ! Just don't draw this out forever! Like you did last time!" David's voice was in a high register I had never heard him talk in before. The boy was clearly on the verge of something pretty awesome!

    Last time? Really? This was a recurring thing over here at the Leemans?

    "Not a problem," Danny answered. "I know just what to do. You just relax little bro."

    I cleared my throat. "Ahem. Is anybody going to talk to me too? What exactly are you guys doing?" I asked.

    "Uh, uh, uh, uh!" It was David.

    I scooted my hips a little bit toward the scene on David's bed. and moved closer to his bed to better see what was going on. Now that I was just a foot or so away, I completely could piece together the puzzle of Leeman twins. David was on his back and Danny had tucked one of David's legs around his torso, Danny's full weight keeping David from moving. One of Danny's hands covered David's ass and the other was stroking up and down on David's cock. Maybe one of Danny's fingers was inside his brother's butt.

    "Cool," I said quietly without really meaning to.

    Danny was smiling with this huge face of teeth. He nodded at me.

    "You gotta do what you gotta do," he said. "It's a tough job, but I never turn down tough jobs."

    "Good," I agreed.

    "Uh, uh, uh!" David moaned loudly.

    I wondered if what I was witnessing was illegal. Well, if there were laws about it, there shouldn't be.

    "And, uh Danny, are you doing what I think you're doing?" I asked. "I mean with David's ass?"

    David kept moaning. Nobody seemed interested in answering me. It was clear that Danny was doing something his brother liked, and neither felt much like talking.

    "Um hmm," Danny said. "This makes him fuckin' nuts, he totally loves it!"

    Well who wouldn't?

    Danny slapped David's ass cheek so hard I was sure one of their parents would come into the room. David moaned some more.

    "Fuck yeah, Danny."


    "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" David panted.

    "That should do it," Danny said, his voice brimming with bravado.

    The dark silhouette that was Danny's twin brother David twisted and bucked up even higher off of his bed.

    "Aaaaah! Fuck! Shit!" Apparently David had reached a point of no return.

    David let out an exhausted sigh. Danny took a deep breath as well and looked over at me. We all just sat there breathing for a minute.

    Finally, Danny let go and untangled himself from his brother. He sat up on the edge of David's bed and grabbed for the Kleenex box. As he stood up to go back over to his own bed, I could see that Danny still had a boner. Pretty impressive after all that work he just did.

    My dick throbbed, begging for attention. Watching this whole display of brotherly...I don't know what...had made my own boner even harder. I lie down on my pillow and let out a deep sigh. I grabbed myself and yanked a few times.

    "So what do you think TJ?" David asked.

    I don't know. I had no idea what I think.

    "I mean, do you need some help too? Danny's a pro!" David asked me.

    Now? All of a sudden, David is advocating that his brother do to me what he just did to him. Uh...fuck yeah!

    I let my brain think for a moment, instead of my penis.

    "Uh, yeah. I can see that. But, um no," I said. "No thank you, I'm good, I'll just finish things up here real quietly now and we can all get some sleep."

    David was still wiping himself up. "TJ, you won't say anything to anyone will ya'? Please!"

    The thought of sharing this story with my friends at school had not occurred to me. And besides, nobody would believe me anyway.

    "What? What do you mean? There's nothing to say. I didn't see anything," I answered smugly.

    "Hmm, that's too bad. Maybe we should have turned a light on then. My little Davy boy here came a shit-load!" Danny said.

    "Danny, Jesus! TJ doesn't need to know everything."

    So it's okay to have witnessed what I just did? But knowing how much sperm David shot onto his brother, that was off limits?

    Danny looked over the edge of his bed at me, he winked. I shook my head.

    "It's a twin thing TJ," Danny explained. "We have been naked together our whole lives. We've been getting erections since, like forever. We share a room. What the fuck were we supposed to do? There's no privacy in our lives, we share a lot of stuff."

    "Yeah, I guess. You guys are pretty close," I acknowledged.

    "Well, David won't admit it. But you know, I do sort of know my bro even better than he knows himself," Danny explained.

    I saw David nod his head in agreement.

    I went back to pulling absently at my dick. I still had a boner but somehow my mind was in a very strange place. I kept thinking a lot of conflicting thoughts about what I had just witnessed. Somehow whacking off at this point just sort of seemed hopeless tonight.

    "Don't worry, David. I won't say a word," I added.

    "Thanks man," David said, "Danny's got great hands and he knows how to use them. But, you know...he can be such an asshole!"

    "I'm an asshole?" Danny asked in a sort of mock, horrified tone. "I'm an asshole? Really David? I give you this great fucking orgasm cause I know exactly, precisely what gets you off?! And I'm an asshole?"

    "Oh come on Danny," David interrupted, "you know you just did that for TJ. For his benefit."

    "What are you talking about bro? We're twins, we share it all. I probably honked on your Johnson inside Mom's womb!"

    I cracked up, so did David. 'Honked on his Johnson?'

    "Um, well, thanks, that was a blast for me," I said. "I think. Thanks for letting me be here to experience the moment. Loved it! Real brotherly love."

    "Just forget it TJ, forget you saw anything at all. And fuck you Danny," David said. "You did not jerk me off inside mom's uterus. That's disgusting! Can everybody just go to sleep now?"

    The room was quiet for nearly a minute. Unbelievably, my hard-on was actually gone. I left my hand there, of course, but I didn't bother really trying to get myself going again.

    "Yeah, we should all get some sleep," I said. "We need to be up in a few hours, right?"

    "You didn't cum yet, TJ," Danny said, sounding disappointed.

    "Don't worry, I did earlier today," I lied.

    I pulled my underwear back up and covered myself with the blanket. I was asleep in less than thirty seconds, a giant smile on my face.

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    Very interesting chapter, Spike!

    And, though I'm certainly concerned about Danny's whereabouts, and well being, the part about TJ's night in the Leeman Twins' bedroom brought back some long ago memories of my own!

    Awesome writing there, Buddy! MORE, Please!!

    And, of course ... No Matter What ...

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Another exciting and erotic chapter, Spike. Hopefully Danny is, just as TJ said, shacked up with some hot number and too involved to let anyone know. The weekend will be interesting. Perhaps Officer R. will take TJ on his rounds Saturday (and Sunday). Poor David, he must be beside himself.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Hi Spike - so good to see you are back again. Easy reading as usual.

    TJ - what a character!


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Great Job Spike , good to see you back!

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Danny Leeman leaned forward and bit off another grape.

    It was dark inside the room, but he could tell that it was still daylight outside. Fine wisps of sunlight found their way through tiny imperfections in the fabric of the drapes over the windows. Chintz? Silk? Probably not. Oh well, he was being held by someone with less refined tastes than his own.

    Danny had managed to wiggle his head free of the bandana that was tied around his eyes. That was a few minutes ago. And right about now, Danny was finally starting to appreciate the mess he'd gotten himself into. Or was it just some crazy sexual romp that he had absolutely no memory of?

    His head hurt. And he was sore, more sore than he'd been in years. It had been days since he'd been out for a run and his muscles ached from the inactivity. Plus being handcuffed to a bed didn't help much. He looked down at his toes. His ankles were handcuffed too. All four limbs.

    There was a mirror across the room, but Danny hadn't been able to angle himself quite right to see exactly what he looked like tied up like this.

    Under other circumstances, Danny would have been thrilled to find himself thusly chained to a bed. He'd certainly had his share of handcuffing. It was an amazing turn-on for him to be held down and powerless while some guy sucked his dick. He'd even been fucked once while being strapped face first into a mattress, his wrists and ankles tightly bound inside of a few bed sheets. That was incredible!

    But right now, Danny wasn't so sure. Something about the situation didn't seem quite right. But, so far, he had no particularly strong opinions exactly what the problem was.


    A little bunch of red grapes had been suspended from the ceiling by an electrical cord. That was weird.

    Whoever left the grapes for him was either being funny or this was the only creative solution they could come up with to keep Danny from dying of starvation.

    The cord holding the grapes was attached with electrical tape.

    An electrician? Danny had been out with a group of gay electricians. And now one of the kinky ones had him tied up? Hmm. Not his usual go-to fantasy.

    Danny had already eaten all of the low hanging fruit, the easy ones that his mouth could reach without dislocating his jaw. He was famished. Nineteen-year-old college athletes burned through a lot of calories, and Danny needed a lot of food. A few grapes were not going to do it. Still. He would worry about his training regimen tomorrow. At least for today, Danny wanted more grapes, and he wanted them right now! But, if he was going to eat any more of the grapes-which were fantastically delicious, by the way-he was going to have to figure out how to get his lips around them without any help from his hands. A skill he had perfected with a certain male body part, but not yet with a fruit.

    After a moment of thinking, Danny had a plan for the grapes.

    He exhaled heavily and then he positioned his mouth as closely as possible to the grapes. Then he sucked in air, like a vacuum. Pop. Magically, a dangly one followed the trail of inhalation and landed right in the middle of his two pursed lips.

    Danny thought to himself that his buddy TJ would be proud of him. Not many of his friends understand the true effort that went into sucking somebody off. What a talent! Maybe if this whole college thing didn't work out, he'd find work someplace giving head. Yum. He chuckled lightly, in spite of the stupid predicament he was in. He gave really good blowjobs.

    In the dim light of the bedroom, Danny munched the grape very slowly. In spite of his skill, he may not be able to suck in too many more and he wanted to savor this one just a bit.

    While he munched, Danny carefully inspected himself. He was on his back, bent up from the waist, the back of his head on a pillow, a pillow that smelled like Tide. His arms were spread wide from his shoulders, about a sixty-degree angle upward. His underarms were open to the ceiling. As best he could tell, the soft brown hair in his pits smelled a little funky. He hadn't showered since Saturday afternoon, before he was going out to hit the bars in New Haven with some of the other guys from the meet. Danny was careful not to overdo it sniffing the man-scent, it was definitely shower time again. His chest had been mostly hairless up until recently and Danny had started to shave off the few thin little dark hairs that popped out from time to time in the hollow between his pecs. He was due for a shave very soon.

    Down below his torso, his middle was covered with a blanket that seemed to be tucked into the sides of the mattress. It was tight enough that he couldn't move it away by thrusting or by twisting his hips. It wasn't the most comfortable he'd ever been, but the blanket holding his pelvis to the bed was not so tight that his legs were numb.

    He couldn't remember what kind of underwear he'd put on. If he was wearing a pair, they didn't feel like they normally felt. Looser than he usually wore for sure. Maybe they were running shorts? Were they even his? What exactly had gone on with these crazy electricians?

    Danny hadn't worn anything that fit him loosely since finishing up puberty five or six years ago. The discoveries he made of his newly grown up body back then turned him on. He had a hard-on for weeks, and he was always searching out mirrors so he could check himself out. Filled out, Danny thought he was pretty hot. And if he was going to be successful at bedding every man he could in his hometown of Apple Valley, Danny knew he had to dress the part. Tight fitting clothes, including his pants and his underwear, seemed like just the ticket. Danny considered the tight clothes to be his trademark, his gift to all of the other sexual beings of the world. His brother David considered it proof that he was just a vain, incorrigible egomaniac who probably couldn't breathe half the time. Danny thought he looked cool.

    Peeking out from under the blanket on the far side, Danny could see his bare lower legs, his feet, and his toes. Danny never shaved his legs. He was no triathlete. Those guys were nuts. Danny was a runner. He relied on his legs and his feet to do all the work. If he'd had to stay afloat during a triathlon, there was actually no guarantee he'd even make it to the biking and running. He smiled seeing that his toes were pink. He got a few compliments on his size nine and a half feet. He wasn't quite sure how to take foot compliments when he received them, but he just thought 'whatever.' Danny wiggled them to reassure himself they were in good working order. That's a good sign, he thought. There were metal handcuffs around his ankles. Even from this far away, Danny noticed little red ring marks where the cuffs had been pressing down on his skin. He winced. They hurt a little, but since his feet looked good at least the cuffs were not restricting the blood flow to his precious feet.

    Danny's fingers seemed to operate correctly also, despite the cuffs around his wrists. He made a fist with his right hand and then relaxed it. Good enough. Then he made a fist with his left. Same little red ring marks, and they hurt too, but Danny guessed that whoever placed him into all of these restraints had not intended to hurt him, only to make sure that he stayed put.

    With great effort, Danny sucked in another grape and considered his situation. Okay? So now what?

    He was tied to a bed in a dark bedroom in the daylight. And apart from desperately needing to move his achy muscles around, his little inventory of his body hadn't turned up anything too bad. He didn't seem to be injured.

    With a little arch of his pelvis and a stretch of his neck, Danny kept sucking away at the bunch of grapes. He figured out a system and successfully managed to suck off about a third of them. Now his cheeks were tired of pretending to be a vacuum cleaner. And he really had to pee.

    Come on people, Danny thought to himself. If he was shackled to a bed, that most likely meant that he was having sex with some guy who was into bondage or control or some other shit like that. Danny wasn't quite sure what he would do if the guy brought in some heavy-duty equipment like a whip or something. The thought of it made him shiver!

    But then, if Danny and some New Haven perve were supposed to be having sex with Danny tied up, where the fuck was the dude? Out getting more grapes? Out getting some hot wax? A fresh whip?

    Danny winced. Yow!

    What the fuck was going on here?

    Danny thought back to what he could remember. It was late Saturday afternoon and he'd gone out with a bunch of the guys to hit some bars and to grab a bite to eat in New Haven. He had every intention of skipping away at some point to partake of the local Yale college boys. He couldn't seem to remember if that ever happened though.

    They'd gone to some Thai place on Chapel Street for dinner and then most everyone went back to their hotel. At least the guys who were racing on Sunday went back, a few who hadn't qualified to run in the finals stuck around. Danny was the only one who actually had a final on Sunday that opted to stay out.

    So he and three guys he'd just met, two from New York and one from someplace in Vermont, went to catch some live music at Toad's Place. The band wasn't too bad. What Danny remembered most about them was that the name of their band sounded an awful lot like 'Diarrhea.' The four of them found that pretty funny. When the diarrhea band finished up their set, the rest of the gang he was with said they were zonked and they left Danny alone.

    Danny stood in front of Toad's Place, it was probably only like 11:00 or so. He watched the guys walk down the street back in the direction of their hotel. And that was the last thing that Danny could remember.

    What happened after that?

    Danny tried to suck in more grapes, but the distance from his Hoover to the rest of them left on the stems was just too great. They wouldn't budge.

    "Fuck!" he shouted.

    The combination of sucking in as hard as he could and thinking so much made his head hurt worse. He closed his eyelids, squeezing them together as tightly as he could, that helped a tiny bit. But when he opened his eyes again his headache was back again, same as before. And he really, really had to pee.

    Very slowly Danny moved his head from side to side trying to take in all the details of the room he was tied up in.

    He was clearly in a bedroom, a fairly Spartan one Danny thought, but the furniture was nice. Not exactly Ethan Allan, maybe a little closer to Ikea.

    Danny smiled at the familiar do-it-yourself style of the place. It reminded him of the place he shared with his brother David out in Eugene. When the Leeman twins and their parents had first arrived in Oregon, they stopped in an Ikea on the way up from California. His parents had practically bought out the entire store, not everything could fit in his dad's truck, and so the rest was delivered. It took Danny and David almost the first month of school to set everything up that they got from Ikea. On two occasions, a piece of furniture that Danny built had to be completely taken apart and rebuilt by his brother David. Danny grinned at the memory of how pissed off David was.

    He sighed. He really missed his fucking brother.

    The bed seemed nice. There was a dresser off to the side with a mirror above. Because of the angle, he couldn't see himself in it though. There was a nightstand on either side of the bed, he assumed they had drawers but he couldn't see below the angle of the mattress, that was too low. There were two doors leading out of the bedroom, both were closed so he had no idea where either of them led.

    A funny thing though, there was nothing else. No paintings on the wall. No stuff on top of the dresser. No alarm clock on the nightstand. Nothing. That seemed weird. Who lives like that?

    Danny sucked in his breath again. As hard as he could. Trying to lure another grape off of the bunch hanging above his face. This time, they wouldn't budge. Despite his sucking prowess, nothing landed in his mouth. He sucked in again, this time he thought the back of his head might cave in. But the grapes never moved. Shit. And now he had to pee even worse than before.

    Danny heard a noise outside of the door. He lay very still, every neuron in his body on high alert. The skin on his limbs was covered in goose bumps. He felt his nipples get hard.

    It was another door being opened. He heard a metallic sound, he tried not to breathe. A lock clicking. Shut. Uh oh. Somebody was in the apartment. Fuck! Danny considered his options. There weren't many of them. Basically he could keep his eyes open or he could close them. Beyond that, he was totally fucked. He just hoped that whoever lived here that he had apparently gone home with was cute. Really, really cute.

    Danny heard the sound of paper bags outside the bedroom. Being moved around. Now a squeak! Another door? A dungeon? He shut his eyes and held his breath again.

    No you idiot, they don't have dungeons in New Haven. Or maybe they do.

    No more sounds came from outside the door for another minute. He heard a toilet flush. Considering how much he needed to go himself, that was just cruel.

    Footsteps. Hard-soled shoes. Hmm. What did that mean? Could it be a woman out there?

    Naw. Even when he was at his worst, even when Danny had drank like a bottle of tequila with his college friends, there was just no way! No fucking way that he'd ever, ever, ever go home on a Saturday night with a woman! Never, ever, ever! And Danny had definitely not had any tequila at any point on Saturday night. He got carded so he couldn't even get a beer at Toad's Place.

    Footsteps again, this time without the shoes. Hmm. Getting comfortable I guess. Danny rarely wore shoes back in the dorms at the University of Oregon. Neither did David. They were roommates, of course, his parents choice. David's too, come to think of it.

    The footsteps got louder. Was he coming toward his door? Danny froze. He felt his testicles ride up higher into his scrotum. He so wanted to touch himself! When on earth had he last gotten off?

    There was a knock on the door.

    A knock? Danny took a breath. Who the fuck would knock? He wasn't expecting anybody. Federal Express?

    "Come in," Danny said hoarsely. "It's open?"

    The door opened a few inches. Danny couldn't see anything through the crack.

    "Is your bandanna over your eyes?" the voice asked him.

    "Uh no, why? I took it off," Danny answered.

    There was a pause.

    "Why did you cover my eyes anyway?" Danny asked.

    No answer.

    "Actually, an even better question. Why am I handcuffed to your bed?"

    No answer.

    "Did we have sex? Was I a bad boy?" Danny smiled. This was all so mysterious.

    No answer.

    Danny sighed. Okay, so this was all part of the game. He could get into this. Right after he peed.

    The door opened again. Slowly a figure emerged. There was a towel over his head. Danny could only see the man from about the chest down. He was wearing a black shirt with buttons down the front. Black belt. Blue jeans, loosely fitting. Definitely not how Danny would have worn them. The man seemed pretty fit. Not too thin, well built. In his hand he held a cup from McDonald's with a straw sticking out of the top. Something to drink! Yea!

    "I really need to piss," Danny said.

    "Right," the man said. "I figured you might. I got you a Coke from McDonald's, plus this." He held up an empty milk jug.

    "Seriously?" Danny was incredulous.

    Very slowly because he couldn't really see what he was doing, the man with the towel over his head set the cup down on the nightstand. Once he had done that, one hand felt for the side of the mattress and then he set the milk bottle on the bed as well.

    "Why won't you let me see your face?"

    "Because you can't."

    "Didn't we already...you know?"

    "Nuh uh."

    "Really? We didn't. I don't understand," Danny said. If he met this guy in some bar and they had come back to the apartment, it didn't seem possible that the two of them would not have had sex. Why else would they have come back here?

    The man was loosening up the blanket on the side of the bed so that Danny could pee. Danny watched him closely. He had nice hands. No wedding ring, thank god. He had on jeans, but it was hard to make out the size of his package from the angle Danny had lying on the bed.

    "Why can't I see your face?" Danny asked. "Are you famous or something? Are you a professional wrestler? A movie star?" Danny scrunched his face up as he tried to think of what famous person he could have come across who actually lived in this part of the world. In Connecticut.

    "In New Haven? Are you kidding me?" the man seemed amused by Danny's question. Now that he had moved the blanket away, Danny could see that he was wearing a pair of gray athletic shorts, they were not underwear after all. There were some letters on the left leg that he couldn't read.

    Danny had another thought. "Maybe you're related to that guy from GE."

    Danny pursed his lips and thought hard again. "Um, Jack Welch? Are you like Jack Welch's kid?"

    The man laughed lightly, then caught himself. He shook his head. "Nope, I'm not. Do you think I'd be living in a dump like this?" The man swept his hand around the Spartan surroundings of the apartment. Seemed okay to Danny actually.

    "Um, amigo, you are going to uncuff me, right? I'm a little pee-shy. If I have to pee into a milk bottle, at least let me get myself in there."

    The man ignored Danny and put his hands carefully onto Danny's leg so that he could find the bottom of the gray athletic shorts. Then he slid them down over his thighs. Danny's dick popped free and he was relieved to see it. From what Danny could tell, it was all good. The fresh air felt cool against his penis. His balls hung loosely, as usual, down between the Vee of his crotch.

    "Whew!" Danny exclaimed. "That feels nice."

    The man under the towel grunted.

    "Okay then, how are gonna get my wiener into that milk bottle?" Danny's dick was laying crossways onto his upper thigh. Being on display, even to a man wearing a towel over his head, had caused it to lengthen out a little bit. Danny looked down and smiled.

    The man reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a paper towel.

    "Really, amigo? A paper towel? To touch my cock? You're using a paper towel? Come on!"

    The man placed the paper towel between his fingers and grabbed blindly for Danny's penis. He then placed it delicately inside the opening of the milk bottle as if he were handling a baby bird that needed to be shoved inside the top of the jug but not injured in the process. Danny shook his head. What the fuck was this guy doing?

    In less than a second, Danny was peeing in the bottle. He could feel every part of his body start to feel better as he let it flow. Towel man continued to hold the milk jug for Danny.

    "Whoa, that's a lot," the man said.

    "Yeah," Danny agreed. "When you gotta go, you gotta.....uh, how long have I been tied up here? A month?"

    "Nope, only since yesterday," the man said.

    "Well, there you have it. And that's the first I've peed since yesterday?"

    "Mmm hmm."

    The man pulled the milk bottle away and Danny's penis scraped against the inside of the plastic as it flopped out. It appeared to have gotten a little fatter while it was inside, a fact that was not lost on Danny but which the man with the towel over his head could not have known. Danny watched as the man set the milk bottle on the floor beside the bed and pulled Danny's shorts back up. Then he tugged the blanket back across the bed and tucked it in again under the mattress on the side. Danny squinted his eyes.

    "So, dude, what exactly are we doing here? I'm a little confused."

    The man didn't answer. He picked up the milk bottle and left the room, being sure to close the door behind him. Somewhere Danny heard a toilet flush, then running water. Good, at least he liked to wash his hands after handling the urine of others. Universal precautions. Always a smart idea. Danny smiled to himself.

    Danny looked up at the ceiling and sighed. This was definitely the strangest hook-up he'd had in a long time. Danny was strangely turned on by the whole thing. And, now that he had relieved himself, laying here on the bed on his back, he could begin to appreciate how sexy the situation was. Fucking weird! But very sexy too.

    The door opened and the man walked in again. He cautiously approached the bed again, using his knees to guide him toward the side. He picked up the cup from McDonald's and put the straw near Danny's face. Danny looked at him inquisitively? But since the man still had a towel over his head, he didn't get the feedback he was hoping for.

    "I'm to drink?"

    "Mmm hmm," he said.

    "What is it?"

    "Coke. I already told you."

    Danny rolled his eyes. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned forward, placing the straw between his lips. It was cold. His chest became chilled as it flowed down into him. Danny finished off half of the cup while the man held it to his lips. When he was done, he burped. It came out a lot louder than he'd intended and he turned bright red. He couldn't exactly cover his mouth, his hands being otherwise engaged. It was definitely not Danny's habit to burp in front of his tricks, at least not on the first day.

    "Okay, so I'm all set then," Danny said with a smile. "I peed. I had a little bit to drink. When exactly do we fuck? I have no idea when was the last time I got off. And I, um, well, I'm a little horned out here." Danny nodded in the general direction of his private parts.

    The man didn't answer. He placed the Coke back onto the nightstand and edged away from the bed. Danny watched him head back toward the door.

    "Uh, hello? Amigo? I've got a couple questions here you know. And you just keep ignoring me. And you keep ignoring my penis too, by the way. That's not cool at all."

    The man continued his slow, shuffling progress toward the door.

    "I mean, come on! You can't just keep me handcuffed here to your bed, hold my dick with a... with a... paper towel, and then leave me alone again! I didn't even get a hard-on you know!"

    He opened the door to leave, Danny watched incredulously. Why wasn't the guy sucking Danny's dick?

    "A boy has needs you know!" Danny shouted.

    He left, closing the door softly behind him. Danny couldn't believe it. Who does shit like this? Certainly not any guy he'd ever slept with before! What the fuck was going on?

    Fed up, Danny struggled against all four of shackles at the same time. He bounced his hips up and down and bobbed his head. All he succeeded in doing was messing up his covers and digging the handcuffs into the flesh on his wrists and ankles.

    "Hey!" Danny shouted at the top of his lungs. "Get your butt back in here! Right now! Fuck me like you're supposed to!"

    Outside the room, Danny heard nothing.

    "I mean it," Danny said in a normal voice and volume. "Don't make me come after you, cause I will," Danny's voice trailed off.

    Silence outside.

    "You're really starting to piss me off," Danny whispered to the door.

    He signed and closed his eyes.

    The pain in his arms and legs where the metal had cut him into him was stinging. The situation was shit, and he was starting to think that this was seriously not the usual weekend pick-up in Connecticut for a session of casual sex. Shit, shit, shit!

    But if it wasn't for sex, what was all this for? Why was he still tied up? And why hadn't he been fucked yet?

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Excellent descriptive writing, Spike, Buddy!

    Either you have a vivid imagination, or interesting experiences in your past.

    Even in his current predicament, Danny is pursuing his "sex piggy" reputation. I think he's eclipsed T.J.!

    Eagerly looking forward to More, please!

    Of course ... No Matter What ...

    Keep Smilin'!!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: Lost in New England

    What a relief to know that Danny is alive and well...(well as well as can be expected in this weird predicament). This is beginning to remind me of "The Collector." The only problem is the guy doesn't seem to be using Danny for his pleasure........... TJ and David need to come to the rescue pretty darn soon. Keep it going, Spike.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Hot chapter. My guess the guy who has Danny bound to the bed and had his face covered is Officer Ruggazione from the New Haven Police!

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    Re: Lost in New England

    It was Thursday morning. I was in the library, at my favorite study carrel on the 2nd floor, desperately trying to finish off the first eight chapters of David Copperfield.

    I had an English class after lunch where we were going to have to write an essay on something from those chapters. The bad part was that it could just as easily been on Chapter 8 as Chapter 1. It was a pretty good book; I was sort of rooting for David. But, I was definitely a little disturbed by all the drama poor little David had to put up with at his local boarding school. The kids were whipped or beaten with a cane for even the tiniest of infractions.

    For some reason, reading the book it reminded me of Danny. It made me sad every time it popped into my mind. We'd heard nothing about him all week. Sitting alone in the library got me thinking whether or not Danny was getting whipped by his own Mr. Creakle. Yikes, I hoped not. I was still holding out for all of this to be a giant misunderstanding.

    Maybe getting together and talking to my buddy Max would take my mind off all my problems. I thought I'd check in and see if he could hook up later, that would definitely cheer me up. I still had plenty to read before my test, but I put on my jacket and went downstairs and outside to give Max a call.

    Knowing it was me, Max answered his phone on the first ring.

    "Speak to me, my sexy friend!" Max shouted into my ear.

    "Max!" I responded. The guy was probably sitting on a couch in Starbuck's with a dozen people within earshot.

    "Teej!" he screamed.

    "Fuck Max, you're a nut! Where are you anyway?"

    "I am on my bed, with a huge glossy picture of you surrounding my private parts."

    "Where the heck did you get a...? Forget it, I don't want to know," I said. "Please tell me you're not sitting on a couch in the Starbuck's in Central Square."

    There was a pause while Max was probably thinking about what to say.

    "No TJ, I am not at Starbuck's. Coffee makes me nervous. I am in my room, like I just said."

    "No you're not, you hate your roommate."

    "Yes, you are right. I hate the weasel. Do you know that this morning he got out of bed at 5:00 and ate microwave bacon on his bed?"

    "Microwave bacon? Seriously? That's gross," I said.

    "Yes, it smells the room up all over. Like everywhere. It all smelled like bacon! Now my pillow smells like bacon! I smell like bacon!"

    Despite the fact that I was horrified for Max, I couldn't help but laugh. Max's roommate was a jerk. While Max had very few limits, sliced pork was apparently one of them. And at 5 a.m.?

    "That's awful," I said with as much sympathy as I could.

    "Yes, quite awful," Max agreed. "Can I move in with you today please?"

    I smiled. Max was incorrigible.

    "No Max, I'm sorry. I already have a roommate thank you."

    "I know that you have a roommate, Teej. Alan can keep his naked self on his side of the room. I will just sleep in your bed with your naked self."

    "Max, give me a break. You're not moving in with me."

    "Even if I promise to fuck you twice each daily?"

    I giggled again. "No Max, not even then. Not even twice each...daily." I always like how Max messed up his syntax. The guy was totally brilliant when it came to math and science, but god forbid he could string a few simple English words together.

    "You are killing me, TJ."

    "I know Max," I said.

    "Okay, I will ask you again tomorrow. My roommate is a disgusting weasel who eats microwave bacon at 5:00 in the morning."

    "I know you will Max."

    "Okay then, did you call for a reason?"

    I had to think. I had called for a reason, but what exactly was it?

    "Well, how about we go for a nice run this afternoon? You can be me to forgiveness then?"

    I grinned. "I have an English test at 1," I said. "How about we meet at the bridge about 4?"

    "4 it is," Max agreed.

    "Okay, see ya'," I said, hanging up. I went back inside and up the stairs to read about poor little sad David Copperfield.

    Sitting back down to read again, I couldn't get Danny off my mind. I was still two chapters from the end of the assignment when I had to leave for my test. If the essay question had anything to do with those last two chapters, I was toast.

    My chin on my chest, I left the library and walked down Bay State road to my execution. Since I'd gotten to BU last summer, I had never failed to finish an assignment-David Copperfield had gotten the best of me. All I could do was hope for the best on my English test.

    Our usual lecturer wasn't there when I got to the room a few minutes early. Only the T.A.s were in the room, sitting up at the front, looking more than a little fierce. There were a couple I didn't recognize, but I did see Jeremy M. Jeremy M was perfect in my book. He had kind of a perfect little mop of perfectly combed and perfectly parted red hair. He was on the short side, which somehow made him even sexier than if he'd been of average height. He had perfect little hands, perfect little feet covered by clean little shoes, and he had a soothing preppy Boston blueblood way about him. Even his voice was sexy and perfect. Jeremy M was a classic, super nice, super put together, super smart guy. I'd practically ignored every single one of the other English T.A.s in this class in, swearing my allegiance exclusively to Jeremy M. In study section, he had never said more than a couple of sentences to me since I'd been coming to class. All the same, the lack of any direct personal contact between Jeremy M and me made him even more perfect to me. If that was even possible. While I stared holes into his perfect-fitting and nicely pressed khaki pants from my seat toward the back of the lecture hall, Jeremy M seemed to have no idea that I even existed.


    I kept my eyes glued to his crotch, waiting for the test to be handed out.

    From the front of the room, Jeremy M seemed even smaller. He looked up at the class of eager freshman English students. I smiled at him, hoping he'd notice me. Jeremy M stood and put his hands in his pockets. He seemed to be looking for somebody. I almost raised my hand to help him out. I'm right here Jeremy! Though it's possible I imagined it, our eyes met for a brief instant.

    Aha! He is interested in me. My jeans suddenly felt tighter.

    Ignoring the growing monster in my groin, I resolved to ace this fucking English essay. I would write a David Copperfield masterpiece critique in the next hour that would make Jeremy M proud. Completely shocked by my superior vocabulary and my outstanding powers of persuasion, Jeremy M would invite me into his little T.A. office in the English building. He would have already pinned a copy of my test onto his bulletin board for all the other kids to see. Then Jeremy M would express interest in my growth as a young freshman, offering any kind of assistance I might need as I ascended the collegiate ladder.

    Jeremy M would wind up bent over his office chair while I showed him what David Copperfield really needed. Jeremy M would receive, free of charge, an eight and one third inch lesson in love from his eager young student. What a lucky lad Jeremy M would consider himself to be.

    As soon as the clock struck one, the little TA mice ran up the stairs and handed out the essay question. Unfortunately, Jeremy M went up the wrong aisle and missed out on the opportunity to personally hand me my test.

    I looked down at the paper before me. I smiled. I got this.

    There was to be no further speaking. No explanations. Just write your essay, all you eager freshmen. You have 55 minutes to show us what you got. Okay, go!

    Having read only the first six chapters and having struggled through even those, I'd say I got lucky here. Somehow, I dug some words out of my head and got them onto the page. Jeremy M might not pin this to his wall, but I'd pass.

    After English, I walked home to change into my running stuff. My roommate Alan wasn't there, so I had the rare chance to be alone in our dorm room during the day.

    My weenie was still on high alert after my not so close encounter with Jeremy M. With no Alan around, I could beat off before my run, the coast was clear.

    Methodically, I picked through my dirty clothes hamper looking for a cum towel. Settling for the pillowcase I'd taken off my pillow last week, now I just had to find some lube. I was definitely out, that much I knew. I had some strange hand cream that my mom bought me for my birthday, but that stuff smelled like cinnamon apples and there was no way I was putting that onto my dick. Alan to the rescue. He had an industrial size jug of Lubriderm that would work just fine.

    I took my pants off and folded them up on the floor by my shoes. Then I took my underwear off and set them carefully on the bed, within easy arm's reach.

    Then I lay down and closed my eyes. Jeremy M materialized on command.

    We were back in the English. Jeremy M's pants were down around his ankles and he was standing in front of the lecture hall talking to my class. Jeremy M was dressed in a black t-shirt with some words on the front that I couldn't quite read. He was standing in front of the lectern and trying to explain how David Copperfield was so clearly gay.

    Even as a tot, Jeremy M argued, the clues in young Master David's life were there. Queer as fuck.

    And now, as David was a schoolboy bunking next to dozens of other young schoolboys, with all that testosterone floating around the dirty little school, one could anticipate that all sorts of hanky panky was going on between the lines of Dickens' story. Just because Sir Charles Dickens didn't include those details in his narrative didn't mean that they didn't happen. In fact, David C was probably one of the more popular boys in his school, being such a handsome lad and all.

    Some of the students in the row next to me protested what Jeremy M was trying to teach us. They objected, quite vocally, to the sweet and innocent young Master Copperfield being made a gay hero, but Jeremy M was absolutely certain that the lad was bent.

    "Gay, gay, gay," he bleated.

    I raised my hand to ask a question.

    "Yes," Jeremy M calling on me. "The handsome boy in the back."

    "Uh, Jeremy, sir, I'm a bit confused by these dalliances between the school boys that you are describing. Can you please show us how you think young Master Copperfield would have demonstrated this alleged intimacy with his schoolboy colleagues?"

    "Why certainly, I would be delighted to do so," Jeremy M said.

    Unconsciously, he smoothed back his perfect red hair with his left hand. His right hand lightly rubbed the treasure trail of fine and perfectly coiffed red hair heading down south to Mr. Happy.

    "What's your name, anyway?" Jeremy asked me, tugging lightly at his cock.

    "TJ sir," I answered.

    "Very happy to make your acquaintance TJ," Jeremy said. "I've noticed you before. Especially earlier when you were staring at my crotch just before we passed out the tests."

    I blushed. Just happy to be noticed.

    "What do you have to say for yourself, TJ?"

    "It's true sir, I was definitely staring at your crotch," I said.


    "Seriously? You have to ask?"

    "Yes, I do. Please answer my question. Don't be embarrassed in front of all of your fellow students. We are all friends here."

    "Okay, then, well the truth is, I think you are kind of hot. For a T.A., that is," I said.

    "Thank you for saying that."

    "Sure," I was happy that he wasn't embarrassed by my calling him hot in front of the whole class.

    "Hey, is it true that you suck a mean cock?" Jeremy M asked me.

    Now I was really embarrassed. I could hold my own when it came to giving head, but I had never heard anybody say I sucked a mean cock before. But, on the other hand, maybe it was true.

    "Um, well, I guess," I said. "Most of the guys don't complain."

    "Good," Jeremy said. "Why don't you come down to the front of the room and you can show the rest of the students this talent of yours?"

    "Right now? I mean, this isn't really a good time," I answered.

    "It is a great time. Besides, I'm totally horny. Why else would I be standing in front of the entire freshman English class with my pants down around my ankles?"

    "Good point," I said.

    "So, what's it gonna be TJ? Are you coming down here to suck my dick or not?"

    "I'm definitely coming down there. Don't start without me," I said.

    I quickly made my way out of my row, and skipped down to the front of the room, tossing my clothes onto the steps as I did. I was totally naked when I got down to the bottom row.

    When I got down to where Jeremy M was standing, he also flipped his pants off of his legs and was standing in a provocative spread eagle waiting for me. Jeremy M's dick was very white, but very fat. The little red ring around the head was so red that I was sure that everybody in the back row of the class could see it very clearly. His nut sack was completely hairless, but hung loosely between his legs. As I got closer to Jeremy M's dick, it bounced lightly in anticipation of my aforementioned mean cock-sucking skills.

    Back at the ranch, I happily realized that Alan's borrowed lube had done the trick.

    From my belly button to about mid-thigh, I was all lathered up with Lubriderm and my wiener hard as a rock. I squirted a little more into my palm and stuck a finger inside my own butt. Just like always, I was gushing pre-cum out the head of my dick. It was not my first fantasy jerk-off with Jeremy M. But after lusting after him at the start of my English test today, I'd obviously worked myself into a little frenzy over the guy.

    Back in class, I loved seeing Jeremy M up close and nude while everybody else in freshman English looked on. His penis was semi-hard now, and looked amazing up close. Jeremy's dick was whiter than the rest of him and dangled happily below a shock of bright red pubic hair that was perfectly trimmed. Jeremy M winked at me and smiled as I got down onto my knees in front of him.

    "Now class," he began. "Take note of how TJ immediately assumes a passive position. If he were young Master Copperfield, and I were another pupil..."

    Poor Jeremy M was unable to finish his statement.

    He looked down at the eager young freshman English student between his legs and seemed to stop breathing as I opened my mouth and took his growing manhood inside of me.

    Jeremy let out a little moan, looked down into my eyes, and took a breath before attempting to continue the lesson to our English class.

    "You are really good at blow jobs, TJ."

    "Thanks," I said with my mouth full of Jeremy M's hard dick.

    A key in the lock of my dorm room door rocked my fantasy world. I scrambled to cover up my erection as my roommate Alan entered the room with a grin.

    "What the hell buddy?" Alan said, looking at the industrial size jug of his Lubriderm lying on the bed by my right hand. "Were you just doing what I think you were doing? With my Lubriderm even?"

    I flipped over onto my stomach and shook my head.

    "Um, no," I said.

    Alan grinned. "Yes you were," he drawled. "You were spanking the monkey!"

    I shook my head again.

    "No, I was just using a little Lubriderm on my, um, ....on my thighs." I was a terrible liar.

    Alan busted up.

    "Maybe you mean 'between your thighs," he said.

    I shook my head again. But my bare butt and lubed up hand gave me away.

    "Well, whatever dude," Alan said. "I don't care. You can use my stuff whenever you want. Just leave a little bit for me."

    "Thanks," I said quietly.

    "I just stopped back to grab a book," Alan said.

    "Uh," I said.

    "And now I'm late for class. See you later dude."

    In a flash, Alan was gone. And I was alone in the room, buck naked from the waist down. And completely over-lubed in my mid-section.

    I checked the clock. It was just past three. If I hurried, I could go get a little mini work out in over at the gym before I met Max for a run at the bridge. I cleaned up the gloppy mess of lube as best I could, threw on a pair of running shorts and a singlet, put my I.D. around my neck and headed off to the gym.

    The gym we were allowed to use as Boston University athletes was all the way on the other side of campus, close to the track. It was a little cool for a spring day in Boston, and I ran full speed all the way. For a weekday afternoon, the place was jumping. There were a lot of guys I recognized: baseball players, wrestlers, swimmers, and a couple guys from track. We had no formal practice set up for today, I was sort of on my own to get some work in.

    I started out with a little rowing. I set the resistance to the highest level the machine would allow and settled in. I loved the rowing machine, it strengthened my quads, my arms, my back and my core all at the same time. Plus it allowed me to be at crotch level so I could enjoy the show put on by the other boys in the gym at the same time.

    About five minutes in, a very handsome guy chose the machine next to mine and set himself up to row. He had dark skin and dread locks cut short. His face was clear and smooth and he had gorgeous white teeth. He was wearing a red BU shirt and basketball shorts. As he rowed, his forearm muscles bulged and a fine layer of sweat formed with the effort of each stroke.

    I completely lost focus with such a hot guy less than three feet away from me.

    I feebly tried to keep rowing, but my head would just not keep straight. I couldn't help turning my head toward him at every possible second to get a better look at the guy. He seemed to have a very smooth and rhythmic motion on the rowing machine. Maybe he was on the BU crew.

    After a couple minutes, it was clear that I wasn't really trying so hard on the rower. I was way too distracted by the boy to my left. Why the heck did I even come here to work out anyway? Stuff like this always happened. I'd get into a groove on the rowing machine, or maybe doing the stepper, and then I'd see somebody who was totally hot. Then I was done. Workout over. Maybe I should try the girl's gym. Nothing to bother me there, at least I'd get something accomplished!

    I was just about to give up and go out a little bit early to meet Max when Jeremy M should walk up right in front of my face.

    Holy crap!

    Jeremy M sauntered up the rowing machines as if he had emerged from a fog machine. He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere! He struck up a conversation with my dread locks rowing buddy. If Jeremy M had actually noticed me, he gave no indication. I reconsidered my prior decision to leave. With both Jeremy M as well as very hot dread locks dude practically within licking distance, there was no fucking way I was getting up from this rowing machine.

    I played it cool while I listened to their conversation.

    While I couldn't quite catch everything, it sounded to me as if the two of them were surprised to find each other here at the gym at the same time.

    Turns out that Jeremy M wasn't quite sure he would make it today, but he'd decided to put off grading the papers from the freshman English class he was T.A.'ing until this evening so that he could get a work out in while it was still daylight.

    Hot dread locks dude is here at the gym pretty much every day, but this is a little later than he usually comes. He was really happy to see Jeremy M since it had been so long.

    Jeremy M agreed that it had been too long.

    Dread locks dude wondered whether Jeremy M had time to grab a bite to eat after the gym, and Jeremy M said that he would like that very much. It's just that he had to shower first. He hadn't showered this morning because he'd been in a hurry to meet the English professor for whom he was T.A.'ing so that he and the other T.A.'s could get everything ready for the essay quiz on David Copperfield that was scheduled for just after lunch.

    Come on, did Jeremy M really not know that I was a student in this very same freshman English class? And that I sucked a mean cock besides? And that I was sitting on the rowing machine just a couple feet away? Hello?

    Dread locks dude said that a shower sounded like a great idea. Why don't the two of them just finish their work outs and then they could shower up, get changed back into their street clothes and head out for a bite?

    This conversation was making my dick hard.

    Jeremy M readily agreed to this plan, but said that he had forgotten to bring any of his stuff that he usually used after a shower and could he borrow some of the post-shower stuff from the hot dread locks man?

    At this point, pre-cum was leaking from the head of my dick like a little pink faucet.

    Dread locks man was happy to share whatever he had brought. In fact, he said, there was a new lotion he had picked up at Kiehl's over on Newbury Street that Jeremy M would probably like.

    Hello? How about me? I like Kiehl's too!

    Jeremy M mentioned that he generally loved the grooming products from Kiehl's but they were so expensive that he rarely had the opportunity to use them.

    I'll buy, I'll buy. I'm just a broke freshman, but I'll buy!

    Dread locks dude agreed that things at Kiehl's were a little pricey, but they were pretty much worth it. They made his skin feel silky smooth and he found he could use a bit less and not go through the products quite as quickly as he went through other products from other stores.

    Seriously? Silky smooth? I'll show both of you silky smooth. Try the inside of my butt cheeks for example.

    Probably pretty good for jerking off too, Jeremy M joked.

    As the two of them laughed at Jeremy M's joke, I practically came inside of my running shorts.

    The rest of their conversation was lost on me. Something to do with Lacrosse.

    Lacrosse? What the fuck was that anyway? We didn't have that in Apple Valley. I concentrated hard on not shooting my load as my legs went rhythmically back and forth on the rowing machine. If I had chosen to get up right about then, both Jeremy M and very hot dread locks dude would have known that I had a boner. And then Jeremy M would definitely have fucking known who I was-the boy in the back of the lecture hall who got the boner on the rowing machine.

    My arms were aching. The long conversation between Jeremy M and his nice friend with the Kiehl's lotion had kept me rowing way longer than I had intended. I needed to stop soon, or I wouldn't have any energy left for my run.

    Fortunately, Jeremy M finally left the dread locks dude to go back and finish his workout. Despite craning my neck in a very uncomfortable way, I couldn't quite tell where in the gym he went. I was still hard, so I still couldn't get up. A couple minutes later, dread locks dude got up and left as well. As soon as he was a fair distance away, I collapsed in a heap on the seat.

    My erection was still throbbing, but maybe I could manage to get myself out of there without too much drama. Five minutes later, I was back outside on the street. My crotch was again a leaky pool of sticky pre-cum, but at least nobody inside the gym had seen what was going on in my shorts.

    Max and I met up on the Cambridge side of the Mass Avenue Bridge. We went for an extra long run, all the way through Watertown around Mount Auburn Cemetery and into Waltham. We hit the Brandeis campus and turned back. It was a beautiful clear New England evening and the sun was still out the whole time. By the time we got back close to Max's dorm room on the MIT campus, it had gotten a lot cooler though. Max and I parted, agreeing to meet up at South Station after lunch tomorrow.

    Since I'd been away from campus for so long, I only had on my tank. Unless I wanted to freeze to death, I'd have to keep running all the way back over to BU. I picked up my pace and headed over the rickety old bridge toward MGH. Back on my side of the Charles, I fantasized about Jeremy M and dread locks boy sharing lotion in the shower room back at the gym at BU. I worked myself up to quite a state and don't remember a single stride. When I finally pulled up to my dorm, I was beat, but I had a smile on my face when I pushed the elevator button to go up to my floor.

    I was home before sunset. The long run with Max had been just the ticket. I had managed to get the disappearance of Danny Leeman for a few hours. Tomorrow would be a different story entirely. I was headed back down to New Haven. I resolved to help Officer Ruggazione in whatever way I could. Together we would get to the bottom of this whole mess.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    I'm fearful for TJ...he is going to waste away to nothing with all the pre-cum he losing. Lots of pre-cum and no real cum.......he never seems to get to the final part. I love his fantasy's over Jeremy M and the dread locks dude. I want to go back to my freshman year again... Thanks, Spike, great chapter.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Aw! TJ the Incorrigible!

    I have to agree with Craiger, and would love to be able to go back to those days myself!

    You've managed to describe those "times of turmoil" almost Too well!

    Eagerly awaiting MORE, Please!

    Keep Smilin'!!
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    Re: Lost in New England

    I phoned Max when I got home Thursday night. It was late, but I knew he'd be up.

    If I was going to have to go back down to the New Haven Police Department to help find Danny and to answer some more questions, I thought I could use the support of my goofy friend from MIT. Alan had a wrestling camp to go to this weekend, so the idea of bringing along my free-balling roommate was not really an option. Besides, I'm sure Max would enjoy meeting Officer Ruggazione. He would probably have the poor unsuspecting cop in the sack before the weekend was over.


    "Hey Max, it's TJ."

    "Yes, I see your phone number. This is quite late for you to call to me," Max said, showing off his grammatical challenges.

    "Yup," I agreed. "Just got home. Crazy day, I'll tell you all about it later."

    "Okay TJ, how's it goin? What can I do for you?" Max had lowered his voice and was trying to sound mysterious.

    "Well, it's just that I was hoping you'd be free this weekend."

    Max sighed heavily.

    "Finally!" he cooed. "You have come to your senses and you want to make me your boyfriend. I accept the invitation."


    He sighed again. "Oh well. Your lost," he said.

    "Yes," I laughed. "My lost indeed. But maybe someday Max, you never know."

    Max yelped. "You are a terrible teaser, TJ. Unless you mean to have business with me, you must not say these things."

    "I'm sorry, Max. I know you need sex. You need it bad. I understand that, I really do. But actually, I called you about something pretty important."

    "Okay, something important. That is okay too, Teej. What can I do for you, my sexy friend?"

    I smiled. Someday I was probably going to actually have sex with Max. Eventually, just not this weekend. The dude was relentless, and I was of course very, very easy.

    "Um, well, not much, you know, it's just that, I wanted to check in and just, you know..."

    "Okay, you are checked in," Max said cheerfully. "Please speak to the phone."

    "Okay then, well..." I started.

    "I'm all ears, right. This is what you white guys say, yes?" Max said.

    "Uh, good," I smiled.

    "Well, actually not ALL ears. I am so much more than just ears, you know. I'm dick too. Part of me is dick, TJ. Ears and dick then." Max thought what he said was funny and he laughed into my ear.

    "Uh good," I agreed, rolling my eyes, hoping that we could move on soon.

    "Hmm, well maybe I am a lot more dick than I am all ears. Especially when I'm talking to you. More dick, yes. That's me."

    "Yes Max," I said with a giggle. "You're ears and dick. Ears and dick, but more dick than ears. I got it. Can we talk about what I called you about?"

    "Yes, of course, my good friend."

    "Good," I said.

    "And just so you know, TJ, my ears are much, much smaller than my dick. I assume that you would like it more that way," Max said.

    "Yes Max, I definitely would like that better," I said, smiling.

    "Even if you add both of my ears together..."

    I sighed loudly into the phone. Max stopped.

    "Too much?" Max asked.

    "Yes Max, too much" I said. "This is important, can I talk now?"

    "Yes, TJ, go ahead. Of course. Please talk. I will just pretend that you are not wearing any pants as I listen."

    "Max!" I finally raised my voice.

    "I'm here for you, my friend. Please proceed," Max said soberly. I wondered how long he could last without making a joke. Or not finding some way to work either one of our penises back into the conversation.

    "So, um, you remember what I told you about my friend. About my friend Danny. He's been missing since last Saturday."

    "I am so sorry TJ," Max said, now in his serious mode.

    "It happened down In New Haven like I mentioned, when I went down there last weekend for that Invitational track meet?" I half asked. I knew that Max's mind was probably a jumble of more stuff in a single day than most people had to think about in a whole year.

    "Yes, so sad."

    "Danny was the guy from Oregon, remember? He and I went to high school together. We were pretty close friends."

    "Oh yes! Yes I do. Of course. Terrible business. How could I forget? Oregon rains a lot. Any progress?"

    "Um, I mean, we are pretty close friends. Not were."

    "Yes. Present tense. Of course," Max agreed.

    "Well, so it totally sucks. And no, there hasn't been much progress all week. He's still missing. This is so, so fucked!"

    "Yes, this totally sucks. I'm so sorry, TJ." Max sounded as if he might cry. The dude was weird, but pretty empathic.

    I sniffed. Taking my cue, Max seemed to sniff too, immediately after me.

    "Uh, thank you. I'm still pretty freaked out about the whole thing. I can't even imagine..." my voice trailed off. What if somebody had hurt Danny? What if.....? My nose was running big time now.

    I heard Max blowing his nose on the other end of the phone. Max was such a sweet guy, an emotional lightweight, just like me!

    I sniffed again . My cheeks were streaked with tears. I wiped my eyes. On the other end of the line, Max sobbed.

    The two of us were silent for a minute, the emotions running over us both. I heard Max blow his nose again. He was back so I went on.

    "So anyway Max, well, I mean, they want to talk to me some more. The police down there in Connecticut. You know? In New Haven."

    "Yes, New Haven is a large town in Connecticut. I love to read the maps from New England. New Haven is not the capitol, that is Hartford. It is the south central part of Connecticut, close to the intersection of Interstates 91 and 95. Very good area for mass transit if you do are not to drive a car." Max explained.

    "Thanks Max, I had no idea you were such an expert on Connecticut," I said.

    Max may have loved geography as much as he loved physics. He was continually quizzing me about state capitols when we ran together along the Charles. It was obnoxious since he knew every one of them, along with their populations, but if Max had to have still another quirk, then this one of Max's more endearing ones.

    "So I'm going to catch the train down this weekend. That excellent train system you know. Metro North. Do you want to come with me? It could be pretty rough for me down there dealing with all these cops and stuff. So I could really use some company. I mean company with you. I'd like it if you would go down there with me."

    "Me? Company?"

    "Yes, Max. Company for me. On the trip." I explained.

    "Yes, yes," he squealed. "On a weekend out of town in South central Connecticut with you? This could be very much fun!" Max's voice couldn't hide the glee he was probably feeling at the prospect of a joint road trip with an object of his affection.

    "It's business, Max. All business. I have to meet some detectives, you know. And then I thought I'd hook up with Danny's brother. His name is David. He goes to Oregon too. Did I mention that Danny's got a a twin?"

    "Uh, yes. I think you did. The capital of Oregon is Salem. But this is not where you find the University, yes? So, do the brothers look very much alike? "

    What? Of course they looked alike, they were twins! I could tell that Max was already concocting a Plan B for himself, just in case he didn't get the blissful romance that he was hoping to get with me.

    "Yes they look alike Max. Of course they like alike. They are twins. That's what happens, with twins you know," I said, trying not to sound too exasperated.

    "Of course, yes. Twins."

    "But whatever, Max, what David looks like is not the most important thing here! Can you come down with me or not? I could really use a friend while I do this."

    "Yes TJ, yes," Max said soberly. "I am your friend with you."

    "Good. Thank you for this," I said. I meant it.

    "So yes, I will come on the train to New Haven! I love Metro North. It is clean and very fast. And I believe it is a very nice city, this New Haven, well most parts anyhow. And this will be good for me to put a city face with the maps I have reviewed. I want to see how exactly those Interstate highways intersect there."

    Come on, seriously? He wants to check out the freeways?

    I giggled. I sort of thought New Haven was okay, but nothing compared to Boston. I mean, the parts right around Yale were all right, but wasn't too sure about the rest of the city, I think there were a few shadier sections of town.

    "Well, in truth, I don't know actually the city of New Haven very well. In high school, my mother and my father wanted for me to attend Ivy League schools, so of course I visited all of them. Back then, we traveled to New Haven by car. We traveled on Interstate 95 along the Atlantic seacoast corridor, right? It was one of those college tours, and you are knowing how those can be, am I right? New Haven seemed quite brilliant then. I was only a high school student with wide eyes, as you were then too I think. But of course I didn't choose to go there, to Yale in New Haven. I matriculated at MIT here in Cambridge. But still there was a nice trip to Connecticut for my family and for myself. There was a highlight that I may have not mentioned. I do remember one particular boy with brown skin who was really packing. Down below the belt, if you know what I mean."

    I chuckled. I knew exactly what he meant. And it was just like good old Max to hook up with some college boy while his parents were probably waiting for him back in the hotel. I'm sure Max would tell me the story this weekend, maybe even more than once.

    "It's so cool that you got into Yale too," I said. Max was so freaking smart, it was ridiculous.

    "Yes, TJ, I did. It is possible that my father and mother donated a large pool of money to Yale, and that may have made the trick," Max said. His folks were loaded. They probably gave enough on behalf of their precious Max to endow a chair in the family name.

    I laughed.

    I wondered it would be like to have grown up in a family like Max did. With so much money you couldn't possibly spend it all. You were pretty much forced to give some of it away, to places like Yale. My parents on the other hand helped me fill out the student load applications. Once I got out of BU, I was going to start my life in debt, big time.

    "No Max, I'm sure you got in on your own, you were a pretty smart dude back then in high school, right. Plus, you had like perfect SAT scores too, didn't you?" I said, already knowing the answer.

    "Well," Max started to object. It was so cute that Max tried to portray himself as just a regular guy. He didn't want anybody to be intimidated by his brain, or by his family money. Maybe that was why Max worked the sex angle as hard as he did.

    "Come on, Max, you're like the brightest guy I've met here in Boston. I'm sure Albert Einstein would be thrilled to have a brain as big as yours."

    It was a perfect set-up for Max's goofy sense of humor. Both of us knew it. And, again, right on cue, Max moved the conversation exactly where I thought he would.

    "TJ, let's leave the size of my brain out of this. If my anatomy is your preference, I have another idea. Can we please talk about the size of my male genitalia, instead? I think you'll agree with me. That is much more of interest to me."

    Pause. He meant 'to you,' meaning me. But he said 'to me,' meaning him. I totally got it.

    "And of interest to you, I mean. Right?"

    He had taken the bait. Max was pretty predictable.

    "Uh, yes it is of interest. But I like your brain most of all," I said.

    "Aw, that is very sweet thing of you to say."

    "Maybe later Max. Plus we'll have the whole weekend anyhow. We can do all the talking about all of the penises in the whole world. All of them that you'd like," I said.

    "Oh," Max said. "Okay, that would be nice. There are a lot of penises in the world that I would enjoy to discuss."

    "So I'll book us a room at a cheap hotel someplace in New Haven," I said.

    "No, no TJ, let me do that, I like to reserve hotel rooms. It's one of my favorites of things to do."

    Okay, no problem.

    "I have heard that you must use caution in certain geographical vicinities when you are staying at the hotel in New Haven. So let me find us a nice place for us to stay. That is safe, of course. And clean."

    "Uh, okay," I agreed.

    "Great. And I will do my very well best to find a room with more than one bed, but you know how that might not turn out well. It is quite late for such reservations, TJ. The two beds in a room go first, so it is entirely possible that I will be unsuccessful to find one."

    "Oh, yeah right," I said, sarcastically. Somehow, I didn't see New Haven hotels all filling up this weekend.

    "And my treat for you, too. I mean on the payment of the hotel room. Okay?"

    "Uh..." I generally didn't like to have Max buy stuff for me. I liked to do it on my own. But, he did have like a thousand times more money than me. So, okay.

    "Yes, TJ, I insist. It would be my pleasure. You've got so many big things on your mind this week, let me do this one thing for you. We can say that this is the first of many thousands of weekends together."


    "Traveling about these United States. We will someday see them all."

    "What? Them all what?" I asked.

    "The states. We will travel to them all."

    "No, we won't," I said.

    "Yes. They all have hotels right? We should see them together."

    "No, we shouldn't," I said.

    "Hmm. You are a touch cracker," he said. "But let's decide this question later. First things first. I must book the room in the New Haven hotel now."

    Actually, the idea of staying close to downtown New Haven in a nicer hotel than I could have afforded on my own sounded pretty good to me. That way Max and I would be within easy walking distance of the police department. And it would be just a quick trip over to see Officer Ruggazione.

    "Mmm, okay. Thanks a lot, Max. You're a great friend. I really appreciate you taking care of the hotel this weekend."

    "My pleasure. Seriously," he said.

    "Two beds, okay Max?"

    "One," he countered. "Remember TJ, it is late. As I have said."

    "Two beds!" I said again, raising my voice a little higher.

    "Well, I'll try TJ, but you know what I am saying already. Late bookings in hotels in major cities, can be quite challenging."


    He sighed heavily. "Okay, TJ, two beds. I promise to try, my friend."

    "Thank you."

    "You are a 'kill the joy,' TJ," Max said, sadly.

    "Sorry Max," I said.

    "I will have you make it up to me. You will try my cock this weekend, TJ?" Max asked, feigning innocence.

    "No, I will not try it," I said with a laugh.

    "You really should."

    "Still no."

    Max sighed. We agreed to meet tomorrow at the Back Bay train station.

    After I booked two tickets on Amtrak to New Haven, I phoned David Leeman to let him know exactly when I'd be coming down. I didn't mention that my wacky friend Max was coming too.

    David sounded pretty sad, of course.

    David was missing classes, and had even missed a few mid-terms. He had no idea what would happen to him in school if we all were unable to find Danny soon. David had been in New Haven all week. He said that he had been through like a billion interviews with the police detectives. If he agreed with my assessment that Officer Ruggazione was hot, he didn't mention that to me on the phone. After a few days haunting the streets and alleyways around Yale, David had become a local expert on bad college food. He laughed describing the one great universal truths of life in a college town-wherever in the world you were, if there was a major university, there was bound to be cheap pizza, way too many fried chicken wings, and lousy beer by the keg-load. Trying to eat healthy as a college athlete, David reported that he had discovered at least a few of the more reasonably edible eateries could be found in the New Haven area. I'm not sure that eating was too high on my list this weekend, but it was good that David found a distraction.

    I cracked open my Math notes and tried to concentrate on integral equations. I didn't last long, before I was sound asleep.

    The following morning, I was still dressed but Alan had managed to get my shoes off of my feet and get my comforter over me. I'd gotten pretty lucky to have Alan as my roommate, my first one ever. We'd hooked up on line before school started last fall and seemed to hit it off over the phone, and met in person for the very first time when I arrived at after I'd arrived campus from Logan Airport.

    Of course, when we had been talking over the summer, Alan had failed to mention that he preferred not to wear clothes when he studied or when he yakked on the phone to his family back in Texas. But, me being a giver, somehow, I'd figured out how to adapt to having a mostly naked roommate.

    Friday morning, I had a Math lecture and an Inorganic Chemistry lecture. In the middle, I had a couple hours to kill so I thought I'd grab a coffee at Peet's. It was warm this morning, so I balled up my fleece jacket into my backpack and made my way down Comm Ave.

    As usual, the line was all the way to the door. Peet's was famous for their high octane coffee. Just like Starbuck's, it was a comfortable place with lots of tables and comfortable chairs, not that I'd ever been lucky enough to get one. But the coffee buzz was among the best I'd ever had, so it was worth the trouble even if all you could do was stand outside the door and pour the stuff inside of you. After I'd gotten my coffee and a scone, I was back outside leaning against the wall of the building, trying to look busy and bored at the same time. I sucked in a little rocket fuel and I was nibbling on the lid of my cup when a voice interrupted me.

    "Hey, aren't you in my Freshman English class?"

    I looked over my lid and say twelve perfectly straight and perfectly white teeth. Jeremy M. He was wearing a tight black shirt, his upper arms bursting out of his short sleeves. He was standing just two feet away from me and he smelled like grapefruit.

    Jeremy M was talking to me? Luckily there was no coffee still in my mouth or I definitely would have choked on it. I pulled the cup away from my face and smiled.

    "Um, well I might be. I'm in English," I said.

    Jeremy M rubbed his chin thoughtfully, There was no stubble, he was perfectly clean shaven. Not a single red hair on his head was out of place. It looked like he had just come from a hair stylist. I'd never noticed his eyes before. This close I could see that they were a deep green. I wondered whether he wore those colored contact lenses.

    "You guys had an essay test yesterday, right? On David Copperfield?" Jeremy M asked.

    I cleared my throat.

    "Yes, that's right. Yesterday. Are you in that class too?"

    Jeremy M chuckled.

    "No, no, I thought everybody in there knew me. I'm one of the T.A.'s"

    Pause, pause, pause. This time, rub my chin. Look as if you're really thinking about it.

    "Oh, yes, I do think I've seen you in there," I said, with a nod. Not really an Oscar worthy acting performance, but at least I wouldn't be broadcasting that he was the only boy I on campus tht I'd been jerking off too for several weeks now.

    "Yeah, I've seen you too," Jeremy M said.

    A breath stuck in my throat.

    "You like to sit in the back, right?" he asked.

    I took too big a sip of my coffee before answering. My tongue and palate caught fire. I choked and coughed. I turned my face away so that I wouldn't spew coffee all over Jeremy M's nice black t-shirt and then doubled over.

    "Whoa, whoa," he said, patting me on the back.

    I coughed again.

    "Little sips, my friend. The coffee at this place can be pretty deadly," Jeremy M said to me with a sympathetic look. His little hand was on my shoulder, ready to pat me again if I choked again.

    "Yeah, sorry about that," I said hoarsely.

    He patted me lightly. My left shoulder sent a message of alert down to my dick. Jeremy M waited for the red color to drain from my face before removing his hand.

    "Y' okay?"

    I nodded and smiled weakly.

    "So, what did you think of our little quiz yesterday?" he asked me.

    I gamely tried another sip of coffee again before answering.

    "Um, it was pretty good, I guess. I mean, Copperfield is a tough read. It's an awesome book, but it can be pretty tough to get through," I said.

    He smiled and flipped his head back slightly. Nothing moved on his head. His neck was perfectly symmetrical, hairless, and slightly more tinted than most red haired guys I'd known. I wondered if he played some kind of outdoor sports. Maybe lacrosse? I had no idea what that really was, but it was probably played outside.

    "Yeah, I agree with you. Dickens can be so wordy some times, but the characters are so rich, so well developed."

    "Yeah, uh huh," I agreed.

    "So, how did you find the test?" Jeremy M asked me again.

    "Not bad. I think I did all right."

    He seemed to consider my answer before saying anything else. I put my cup to my mouth but thought better of drinking more of the coffee for the time being.

    "Well, if you'd ever like to go over any of the books you guys are reading in class, I am happy to help out with any questions," Jeremy M offered.

    Gulp. I took a bite of the lid.

    "You would? I mean, you would do that? For me?"

    Jeremy M laughed again. He shifted his back pack from one shoulder to the other. It was hard not to notice how tight his shirt was on his chest. It had to be an size small but he filled it out perfectly. There was a small little patch of white writing in the center of his shirt, over his breastbone. I couldn't make out what the letters were saying.

    "Yes, no problem. I'm a T.A., it's my job," he said.

    "Thank you," I said.

    He lifted his fist up in front of my face.

    "I'm Jeremy," he offered.

    "TJ," I said in return. We fist bumped.

    "Give me your phone," he said.

    "Why?" I asked.

    "I'll give you my number. You can call me if you'd like to go over some of the English stuff," he answered.

    "Oh yeah, right," I said. I dug my phone out of my pocket and handed it to him. He pushed some buttons on his screen and transferred his number to me. I heard the happy little ding from my phone saying I'd gotten a text.

    Jeremy M handed me back my phone. He put his away into his pocket and stood before me with a grin.

    "What?" I said.

    He backed away but kept smiling and looking into my eyes. He had on a simple pair of blue jeans with a black belt, partly covered by the bottom of his black shirt. The jeans were obviously made for him. Nothing could have fit him-or anybody-any more perfectly than his jeans did.

    My cock was awake now, demanding to be set free. I shoved a hand into my pocket to calm things down.

    "You should take it easy on those rowing machines," Jeremy said. "They can wear you out!"

    As he turned to walk away, he allowed his fist, the same one I had just bumped, to open up into a little slow motion explosion. He was fifty feet down the street, his tight ass etched indelibly onto my memory bank. And now I had a boner.

    After my Friday classes, I slipped back to my dorm room to grab my stuff and then met up with Max at the train station on Dartmouth Street in Back Bay.

    Max was early and sitting on a cement bench right by the Dunkin' Donuts. He was wearing yellow pants, a black vest, and a houndstooth beret. He looked as if Sherlock Holmes had smashed into up a bumblebee.

    "Really Max?" I said. "Where one earth did you find those?" I asked, pointing to the yellow pants he had on.

    He laughed. "Oh, these old things! You know TJ, these are old pants and I do not wear them very commonly. And, it is not every weekend that I travel on the train to south central Connecticut. "

    "Right," I smiled.

    He squeezed me on both butt cheeks as we hugged. I winced.

    "Thank you for coming Max. I really appreciate it," I said.

    "Yes. You said to me this already."

    I nodded. I gently suggested the proper arrangement of the words in that sentence and gave Max a peck on the cheek.

    "You said this to me already," he repeated dutifully. "What would I do without you?" he asked.

    He pretended to be wounded by my correcting his English, and sighed about as heavily as it was possible to sigh. If Max hadn't been such an intellectual superstar at MIT, the premier math and science institution on the planet, he might have had a career as a Shakespearean actor. Nobody was more dramatic than Max.

    We caught up on each other's weeks while we waited for the train to arrive. After we boarded, Max dug around in his back pack and pulled out a silk scarf. He began tying it around his neck. I glared at him.


    "What?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders. "It's a cravat."

    "A what?"

    "A cravat you Cretin. They are commonly worn just so. By sophisticated members of the bourgeoisie. At least, this is what I read. Their purpose is to keep the neck in a warm place in case of a chill."

    "Max, it's May. It's already warm out." I laughed.

    "One never knows," In the Sherlock Holmes bumblebee get-up, by simply adding the scarf, Max had gone entirely British on me . He looked ridiculous, but I felt a warm gush of emotion for my silly, compassionate friend.

    I rolled my eyes and stole his hat. I put it on my head. Max scanned me from the nose up and back down again. He smirked and nodded. "Suits you. Keep it. I will buy another one for myself when we arrive at our destination."

    "Thanks Max." I just might, but I doubted New Haven was loaded up with good shops to buy a Sherlock Holmes beret.

    Mostly I wanted my traveling companion to look just slightly less ridiculous. My borrowing the beret would only slightly dull the crazy outfit Max had chosen to wear for our train ride. But, since I had the beret on, Max was now only costumed in his tight yellow pants, his Saturday Night Fever vest, and his matching yellow cravat. To the casual observer, we probably looked like just a couple of urban hipsters on their way down the I-95 corridor to play a gig at CBGB in NYC. Cool. I was clearly the less hip of the two of us however.

    It was nearly a two hour trip down to New Haven. This was not the express.

    Max and I talked a little. For a bit, we watched the Rhode Island coast. Max fell asleep a few times, but would then seem to wake up suddenly and we'd resume the conversation right where we left off.

    As Rhode Island fell away, we had more of the same in Connecticut. It was neat going over the bridge outside of New London. There were a ton of sailboats in the harbor, and we caught a glimpse of some kind of Navy vessel out toward Long Island Sound.

    Max and I talked about everything. But we always seemed to cycle back to men. One of Max's many favorite topics. Mine too.

    The boy back home in Max's hometown that broke Max's heart. The boy back home in my hometown that nobody would have ever believed would be fucking me. The boys Max had been lusting over at MIT. The wrestlers and runners at BU that I'd been hooking up with whenever I could, my roommate Alan was always coming home and telling me about one or another of his wrestling teammates that I should be sucking off.

    After we finished the stories of our sexual triumphs in college. I admit I had my doubts about some of Max's stories, we moved on to bigger and better things. Max's description of the ideal penis.

    We talked about school as well. Max loved it at MIT. He wanted to design satellites. I had no worries that he would do that. Probably his first job right out of college.

    And as for me, I loved it at BU too.

    It was my first time away from boring old Apple Valley and I was having a blast. My pre-med classes were tough but I was hanging in there so far. The competition to get into medical school was pretty ridiculous, but if things kept going like they had been so far, I had a fighting chance. Just over three years to go! Ack!

    On the other hand, Max seemed to be focusing on the extra-curriculars at MIT. It was a given that he would excel at whatever he did. His matter-of-fact description of his uncanny academic abilities wasn't meant to sound arrogant at all. It was just a simple declaration of the superior properties of his mind. Max pointed both palms to the ceiling of the train as he talked about himself in the third person.

    "Basically, Max is smart dude. And there's not a whole lot Max can do about it. I've tried to fight it and I have failed utterly."

    "Utterly failed," I said.

    "You see?"

    Okay, I guess.

    Instead, the real challenge for Max seemed to be his ongoing goal of going to bed with nearly every male member of the MIT freshman class.

    "You see, Teej, it just boils down to economics. On my laptop I have a spreadsheet that tracks my progress. It lists the boys I have met and shared with their carnal relations."

    I smiled. Max was unique.

    "Then, there are, of course, those sad, unfortunate ones that I know but have not yet shared such carnal knowledge of me. And, then, there is the last category."

    "The last category, what do you mean?" I asked.

    "The last category is my favorite one," Max said. "In this category are those boys with whom Max has no snowball's chance in hell to exist that I might ever bed down with."

    I decided not to correct his grammar on this phrase. Anybody could figure out what he was talking about.

    "Economics," I mused. "So how many so far Max? How many boys at MIT have you conquered?"

    Max squinted his eyes behind his Harry Potter glasses and seemed to be engaged in some form of higher math.

    "Well, so far, um, it's actually not a large number. But remember the school year is not yet over. There is still time." He looked at me with a big grin.

    "Max, it's May. There's still time, yes, but you'd better get cracking."

    Max liked my double entendre. He chuckled.

    "Yes. I'd better get cracking," he agreed.

    "So how many is it? So far? How many have you shared your carnal secrets with? Are we talking hundreds here?"

    Max looked down at his lap.


    Max's face was sad, his eyes misted.

    "Two," he said. He turned away and covered his eyes with his forearm. "Oh the agony of it all!"

    I burst out laughing. Max raised two fingers up in a peace sign, and that made me laugh ever harder. He waggled the tips of his fingers back and forth and then joined in laughing as well. The giggling fit went on for like two minutes and huge tears ran down both of our faces before we managed to get ourselves under control.

    "Come on Max," I said. "Two? Seriously? What have you been doing with your time? Since last fall? What a wasted opportunity!"

    "I know, I know. I am a failing."

    "Well, I wouldn't take it that far exactly," I said, trying to sound upbeat. "You're doing well in school, right? The guys will....come. I guess."

    Max smiled.

    "They will not come. Or cum," Max protested. "They will not come so far."

    "Have not come," I corrected.

    "Yes. They have not come. And I have not come."

    "Well, maybe I can help you."

    Max brightened. "Yes! Yes, please help me!"

    "Okay, hmm, let's see, where do I start?" I asked, rhetorically. Max was going to be a big rehabilitation project. I was thinking about exactly how I should phrase my comments about Max's choice of the yellow pants, the black vest, and the cravat.

    "I know exactly where you can start," he responded quickly. Max stood up and nodded toward the front of the train. "Let's go."


    "Take off your clothes, TJ," Max commanded.

    I grinned.

    "We will use the bathroom in this coach." He nodded again toward the front of the train, this time more emphatically. "I have hand sanitizer in my back pack, we will fuck first and then clean up with my sanitizer. It will all be very healthy," he explained.

    "Max," I said. I tried to frown, but it probably came across as some form of agreement. He reached into his pulled out a green bottle of cucumber-scented hand cleaner. He presented me the sanitizer with a smile.

    I laughed and took it.

    "Good then it's all settled," Max said with an even bigger grin. "Do you want me to be on top? I assume this is true since you are a bottom boy?"


    "What? You don't like the cucumber essence?"

    I shook my head. The guy was hopeless.

    "Max, we are not going to have sex on this train," I said.

    "Really? We are not?"

    He looked crestfallen, and pursed his lips into a pout.

    "Really," I answered.

    "But, but, you said you would be there helping me?"

    I exhaled. "Yes, I will help you. Gladly. But I didn't mean me! I didn't mean that you and I would just go...do it...I mean, right here, right now. On the Amtrak train."


    "No. What I meant was that I would work with you. You know, give you tips, pointers. Help you polish your image. Help get you in shape so that you can bed down, er share carnal relations with all the rest of those boys in your freshman class."

    "Hmm. That is very nice TJ, but I don't need tips. I need dick. The whole burrito."

    "Enchilada," I corrected.


    "It's not 'the whole burrito,' Max. It's 'the whole enchilada.'"

    "Oh. Then yes, I need that. I need the penis enchilada. The dick enchilada. I love the cuisine of Mexico!"

    "Of course you do Max. The dick enchilada. That sounds totally delicious. We all need that Max, god knows. But it's just that. Well, we're friends Max. And I'd kind of like to keep it that way. I really like being friends with you. You're one of my best buds here in Boston."

    Max looked happy and sad at the same time.

    "No enchilada for you, my friend," I said. "At least not now. Not mine."

    Max looked horrified. I wondered if I'd gone too far.

    "Not now on this train," I added. Maybe that would give him a little hope. For another time.

    "No enchilada?"

    "Nope, sorry."

    "No?" He crossed his arms across his chest.

    "No Max."

    Max shrugged and looked away.

    "But I definitely want Mexican food for dinner tonight in New Haven, okay TJ? All of discussion of Mexican cuisine has made me desire it."

    "Maybe a taco Max, or a tostada."

    Max pouted.

    "But no enchilada." Max agreed finally.

    The rest of the ride Max was in a sullen mood. I tried to cheer him up by telling him stories about the guys I'd managed to sleep with in Boston. He smiled and listened politely, but his heart wasn't in it. The poor guy just needed to have sex. With somebody.

    Maybe when we got to New Haven, I could figure out a way to get Max laid. I looked down at the yellow pants. It was going to be a challenge however.

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Excellent chapter, Spike!

    You already know I find TJ absolutely adorable. He's actually one of my all time favorite characters.

    At first I wasn't all that enamored with Max. However, with this last episode, he's certainly growing on me.

    This trip holds so many different potentials. I'm looking forward to TJ and Max meeting up with David, and, hopefully, very hopefully, Danny, too.

    Keep Smilin'!!
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    Re: Lost in New England

    Max is a charmer and I fear TJ will eventually have to succumb to his wily ways. He has learned his lesson well in try, try, try again.

    So, Jeremy M. obviously has noticed our TJ and was well aware of his attempt at cruising while rowing. I might even believe he may have orchestrated the little scene at the gym for TJ's benefit. I wonder if he used any of Kiehl's products in his well managed coiffed hair. TJ's dream may be realized now that he has Jeremy's number.

    Poor David! What a horrible situation to be in worrying about Danny. It must be taking a toll on him. Perhaps Max will help alleviate some of the stress with his quirky ways.

    Great chapter, Spike. Thanks!


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Max sprang for a cab for us from the New Haven train station to the Omni Hotel.

    He'd booked us a room at probably the nicest hotel in all of New Haven, so why shouldn't we arrive in style? Mercifully, Max held his tongue during the short cab ride to the Omni.

    Once we'd checked in and gone up to our room-which had just one queen size bed, of course-I called David to see if he wanted to join us for dinner.

    "You've been here almost a week now, do you know any good places?" I asked. "Like Mexican?"

    That got a smile out of Max, who had been very clear that he preferred Mexican tonight. He had taken his yellow pants off and was lounging right in the middle of the bed in his underwear, his legs in criss-cross applesauce.

    To my surprise, Max had on a pair of white Jockey shorts, which surprised me. I'd have expected one of those more expensive internet-only brands that cost about $40 a pair. Absently, I stared at Max's strong legs. I suppose I would have looked at anybody's legs if they had been bare and just feet away from me on a bed.

    "Sure, there's a place over on Chappel Street. A couple blocks from your hotel," David said. I could hear the strain in his voice. What a week the poor guy must be having! It made me sad to think how awful David must feel right now. My eyes teared up immediately. Not wanting to make a scene with Max, I left the room and went into the bathroom to wash my face.

    I looked like the dog's breakfast, my eyes were red and puffy. I hadn't shaved in three days. And I had nothing to improve the situation with my hair. Unruly and wavy on the best of days, my hair was having a particularly bad week. And now I guess I'd forgotten to bring any of the stuff I usually used to wrestle it back into control.

    "Max?" I called out from the bathroom.

    Max appeared at the door before I could blink.

    "Yes, Mr. TJ, how can I be of service?" Max bowed deeply. I smiled. As he lifted himself back up, he knocked the back of his head on the doorknob as he stood back up.

    "Ow! Fuck!"

    "Max, you okay?" I asked, not quite sure if he really had hit the doorknob on purpose. He smiled a toothy grin.

    "Yes, yes. What do you need? Back rub? Shake the pee-pee off your weenie for you?"

    "Max, you're a pervert, do I look like I'm peeing right now?" I asked with a chuckle. I was standing in front of the sink, not the toilet. Max looked seriously at the sink in front of me and smirked.

    "Yes TJ, this is an honest statement of truth. You have hit the head on the nail. I have been a pervert for some time now, as long as I can recall," he admitted sheepishly.

    "That's a given, everybody knows that," I said.

    I pointed to my hair. "Do you have any product? You know, some kind of gel or something? I forgot mine."

    Max regarded my hair. He licked his palm and moved his hand toward my head.

    "Don't even think about it," I warned.

    "TJ, I have no products. I have only me."

    He licked his hand again then ran his fingers through my hair. I tried to duck away but it was too late. I looked doubtfully into the mirror as Max styled me with his hand. He spit into his other hand and then rubbed them both together. He held them over my head.

    "Ew, don't, that's way too much," I complained. "Besides, it smells like...like...you. David will think you've been slobbering all over my head."

    "TJ, we're on a road trip. This is what college boys do when they come to a hotel away from home and they leave something in behind," he said.

    I rolled my eyes. Okay, whatever. Max placed both of his moist hands in my hair and began to move things around up there, this time a little more vigorously.

    After about a minute, I broke the silence. "There's no 'in,'" I said.


    "There's no 'in,'" I repeated, a little bit louder. He kept rubbing away on my hair. He was making some progress, but I was definitely going to smell like the inside of Max's mouth.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "It's not 'leave something IN behind," I said in my most exasperated tone, trying to sound put upon at all this linguistic correcting. "You just say 'leave things behind,' there's no 'in.'"

    "Oh. Did I say it wrong?"

    "You're welcome," I said.

    Max smiled a thank you into the mirror. I knew he secretly loved the fact that I could speak English pretty well and was willing to help him to do the same. He thought of me as his life tutor.

    Max spent a minute or two more moving my stubborn hair around my head and then he leaned back to examine his work. Apparently satisfied, he nodded at me into the mirror.

    "You look so handsome," he said. "I could be eating you up."

    I looked at my reflection. What exactly had he done to me? Not bad, actually. I'm no Shia Labeouf or Taylor Lautner, but then neither one of them probably has an eight and a third inch cock.

    Well, maybe Taylor.

    At nineteen, I was at least shaving regularly now. And had fortunately gotten past that awful break-out stage. Thank god! Some guys might turn around for a second look, I thought to myself. But my hair was usually another story entirely. Halfway between blond and light brown, stuck somewhere in the wavy to curly zone, and then cut short by somebody at Supercuts, I was never quite sure if I should be blow drying it after I showered so that I could style it better or whether I should just wear a baseball cap. But Max had definitely done some good work here, certainly better than I could do with spit alone. I pushed the thought that my hair was coated with a fine sheen of Max's saliva out of my mind. I was only going out to meet my friend David Leeman at a Mexican place in New Haven-this would have to do.

    "Thanks Max, you're a prince," I said, giving him my best toothy smile.

    The hotel bathroom was small and we both couldn't leave the room at the same time. As he backed out of the bathroom first, he acknowledged my thanks with another deep bow.

    As I followed him out, I shook my head and wacked him on the forehead myself.

    While I looked around the room to make sure I had everything I needed for a night out, Max busied himself making himself more presentable. He loosened his belt and allowed his pants to drop to his knees. For the first time since we'd checked into this hotel and come up to our room, the thought finally gelled in my mind: 'Oh my god! I'm sharing a room with Max.' I am here on a road trip with this crazy, lovable boy from MIT. The same boy who has had a not-so-secret crush on my for as long as I've known him. In fact, despite my very clear instructions to get us a room with two beds, we just had the one. I'm sharing a bed with Max. He'll be relentless tonight! I stood and stared at the bed. It was queen size, and covered with one of those white European comforter things I'd seen.

    Max appeared to be reading my mind. He was grinning. I shook my head at him.

    "What?" he asked.

    As he was re-tucking his shirt into his pants, I stared at him with my arms folded across my chest. Max pouted.

    I pointed to my crotch with one finger. "No," I mouthed.

    Max sighed.

    "We will discuss this later, my friend," Max said.

    "You know, we're only going to sleep in this bed together, right?" I said.

    Max raised an eyebrow. He seemed to be working out what exactly to say. He probably didn't want to say anything of importance, lest he further diminish what tiny chance he already had.

    "Uh...yeah. So?"

    "No screwing around," I said. "None!"

    Max looked wounded.

    "I'm serious. We're here to try and help find Danny. I asked you to come along as a friend. Because I need a friend right now."

    "I know. TJ. I know. But I can assure you, once your soft pink skin is nuzzled down against my olive brown swarthiness, you will hardly be unable to resist the swarthiness. And then I am not responsible for what happens next. It is most likely you, TJ. You will be be the one! You will be the one screwing with me!"

    "Swarthiness? Really?" I smiled.

    "Really, really, yes it is true. I am swarthy." Max answered earnestly.

    "We'll see," I said.

    Max finished tucking in his shirt. Then he gave his crotch an unnecessary Roseanne grab for my benefit. The guy was incorrigible. I thought of that other incorrigible person in my life. Danny Leeman. Danny and I had some pretty crazy times together too. Before I'd met Max, I had thought that that boy's sex drive was unmatched. Now I seemed to have two friends with sex on the brain at all times.

    Fifteen minutes later, Max and I met David out front of Casa Mexicana. It was a Friday night and the place was already packed with students. You could smell the tortilla chips and the limey Margaritas from half a block away. I gave David a long, tight hug.

    Before I even had a chance to introduce David to Max. David buried his face into my shoulder and sobbed. I held him tighter and just let him go on for as long as he needed to. Max occupied himself with perusing the male Yale students milling about.

    After David got himself together and the introductions were finally made, we put our name in for a table at Casa Mexicana. Miraculously, Max had transformed himself and he was a gentleman for the time being. I breathed a little easier.

    While we leaned against the wall outside and waited for a table, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with David. Neither of us really want to talk about the Danny thing, I started asking him about all the stuff that had been doing in Oregon. It seemed like forever since David and I had any good, long face time.

    "I'm having an amazing year, Teej," David said. "Couldn't be happier being a Duck."

    "Yeah," I said. "Better a Duck than a Terrier. We must have the dumbest team mascot in the whole country." David laughed at my joke, but it didn't sound like his heart was in it; it wasn't his usual care-free David Leeman laugh.

    For a while, we talked about classes. David was an Economics major and had a pretty typical freshman schedule, nothing as intense as the pre-med classes I was taking-in my opinion at least. We caught up about a few people we'd talked with lately from back home in Apple Valley. David was a total gentleman and made Max feel welcome by asking him all about MIT. In response, Max played along nicely, and kept his hands to himself. The three of us really clicked when it came time to talk about running. But then, there was a goofy pause where it felt natural to bring up Danny and the Invitational track meet held last weekend. At some point, we both knew that were going to need to talk about Danny, I was just hoping to not get carded and maybe get a margarita into my system first. Since I pretty much looked my age, that was unlikely. Especially in a college town like New Haven.

    David brought the subject of Danny up first.

    "TJ, it's great that you could make it down here again so quickly. The police here have been awesome, but there's nothing like a friendly face. I'm happy to see you!" David said earnestly.

    "Dave, I'm so totally sorry about this thing with Danny. I feel like, I don't know, I feel like responsible for what happened. It's just so, you know, sort've weird that he could disappear like this. I don't feel like this is really happening, like it's a crazy dream."

    My eyes filled with tears. So did David's and Max's. The three of us looked a little silly all weepy standing outside of Casa Mexicana while everybody else was happily buzzed on tequila and Tecate. The idea that Danny might not be coming back was something I hadn't really allowed myself to think about. The water in my eyes pooled, then finally spilled down onto both sides my face. I rubbed them with the soft, fleshy parts of my palms, causing even more of the pooled tears to overflow.

    David and I both sniffed and then hugged again. Seeing his cue, Max took a deep breath and then circled his arms around the two of us. I noticed that Max aligned the center of his pelvis in the exact center of my butt crack. At the same time, Max rested the side of his face on the back of my neck. It was kind of a sweet gesture by Max-to hug us both at the same time-but my backside was aware that Max was clearly multi-tasking.

    At dinner, there was more talk of Danny, of what David and the New Haven Police had been doing all week, and of where things were going next. Not much had really been learned, except that Danny had pretty much vanished sometime after 10pm last Saturday night. Officer Ruggazione and some other detectives had pretty much interviewed everyone who had any contact with Danny over the weekend and they kept coming up empty. Nobody seemed to know anything.

    When dinner was over, Max offered to pay. David offered to pay also, and even I lamely suggested that it be my treat. But Max won and put on one of his cards. I never did get my margarita, and I refused to order a virgin one-that just seemed so dumb. Once we left, the three of us walked across the street and then on over to the big park in the center of town. It was a warm night and we didn't need jackets. After one lap around the Green, we decided to call it a night. David was going to meet up with Officer Ruggazione at 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I agreed to come along.

    Back in our hotel room, Max seemed to sense that the time to make a move on me was not tonight. It was still too early to go to sleep, so we both stripped down to our underwear and lay on the bed. I puffed up a couple pillows and lay back, Max lay on his side facing me, his feet on his own pillow, his head cupped in his hand.

    "It is not the time for you to have sex with me, my friend," Max deadpanned.

    "Uh, well, okay thanks." I said.

    "You will have to wait your turn."

    "Yes, I will have to do that," I agreed.

    "But, maybe..."

    "Maybe what Max?"

    "Maybe it would make us both feeling much better if we talked about it."

    "Talked about it? Talked about what Max?" I asked.


    I laughed.

    "Max? Seriously? You don't want to have sex? You want to talk about sex?"

    "Yes. That's right," he said.

    I rubbed my chin. "Okay, I guess. What would you like to talk about?"

    "Sex," he said again. I noticed that Max's eyes had not moved from my crotch. Despite myself, I could feel my dick beginning to like the attention.

    "I know, I know, but what about? What about sex should we discuss?"

    Max tugged at his ear and looked at the ceiling. "You could tell me a story," he said.

    "A story? A sex story? You want me to tell you a sex story?"

    Max smiled and immediately sat up on the bed. I had apparently hit the nail on the head. "Yes, yes TJ. Tell me a sex story."

    I was feeling just the teensiest bit manipulated. I had a good sense where the evening was inevitably headed. But, never one to resist the chance to talk about sex, and since it was way too soon to hit the sack, I agreed.

    "Okay," I said. "Here goes." It was obvious to me what I should tell Max about. I took a breath and pulled my knees in, being careful not to flash Max with any part of my penis. I stole one of the pillows from Max's side of the bed and placed it strategically between my legs. For the moment I was safe. And I launched into one of my favorite stories from Apple Valley. The weekend I went to the college track meet with the Leeman boys. Max was hooked from the instant I opened my mouth.

    'Back in high school, I spent the night over at the Leemans. We were senior, and Saturday morning the three of us would be going to our first ever college track meet together. It was my first sleepover with them, and I was super excited to hang out with them, and to watch a real college meet. I'd been to a ton of high school meets of course, usually as a runner. But now I'd get a chance to see what it might be like to compete in college. The three of us couldn't wait to get there. For myself, I'd watched the Olympics of course, but had certainly never been to see any of the events.

    Track and field had always been a favorite for me. And because we lived at practically the edge of the earth, far from any major university, my folks had managed to tape things for me and I'd seen a few college meets on television. But this particular meet wasn't that far away. It was going to be held at Loma Linda University, about an hour's drive. I was totally psyched up for it.

    I woke up to the sounds of a shower in the bathroom in the hallway. Probably David had gotten up first and was in there cleaning up. Again! Hadn't he already taken a shower last night? Probably a clean freak. His twin brother Danny clearly was not similarly inclined.

    I was on the floor of the twins' room. Their beds above me. Danny wasn't awake yet, I didn't think. So I blinked my eyes open and stretched my arms over my head.

    "Good morning sunshine." It was Danny, of course.

    I looked up. He was on his side in the bed above me, leaning on one elbow. He wasn't wearing a shirt and with the bright morning light, I could see details of the skin around his nipples. He had a little freckle next to the left one. And he was starting to grow some fine little dark hairs in a circular pattern around the dark skin. I was surprised I'd never noticed before in all those after-practice showers we'd taken together.

    "Hey," I said. I was a morning person usually, but after a night on the floor, I was maybe a little bit less of a morning person this particular Saturday morning.

    "How'd you sleep amigo?" Danny asked me. "Floor okay?"

    I was pretty stiff, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it so I lied. "Fine, fine, I'm used to it."

    Danny laughed. "You sleep on the floor at home do you?"

    "No, the stiff thing, you numb skull. I'm a lot like you probably, I like to sleep on something hard," I stammered.

    Danny laughed again. "I bet you do sunshine."

    Now I giggled too. I crossed my arms behind my head and stared up at the ceiling. We both listened to David in the shower as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

    "So is it true?" Danny asked after a minute.

    I had no idea what he was talking about. But given the crazy twin jack off session I'd been a part of last night, I could probably guess that whatever Danny was asking about had something to do with sex.

    "Is what true?" I asked cautiously.

    Danny patted the blanket covering him, somewhere in the middle section of his body. Right over his you know what.

    "Come on amigo, you know exactly what I'm talking about," Danny said with a huge grin on his face. "Is it true that you've got a big dick?"

    Yup. He went there. First thing in the morning. Not that I was surprised.

    "Danny!" I exclaimed, injecting as much shock and horror as the situation might have called for, had I not been such a dick-lover myself.

    "Oh please. Don't give me that all innocent crap! We've all heard the stories, I've talked to people at school. It's like an urban legend. Or maybe a suburban legend, I guess. Your penis. It's supposed to be pretty fucking big.

    I just stared at him. I was probably blushing.

    "So I'm asking you a simple question, amigo. Is it true or not?" Danny inquired.

    Who on earth at school would he have talked to? I'd fooled around with a couple guys, but certainly nobody that I thought that would say anything. At least I thought they wouldn't. But maybe... Oh well, I sighed. Oh yeah, maybe there was one particular guy. One guy who I was pretty close to. My good friend Andy, the particularly loud-mouthed transfer student from New York. Andy was straight. Well, mostly straight. And for some strange reason, Andy had insisted on measuring my cock during a sleep over at my house one night. Who does shit like that? New Yorkers I guess. So maybe Andy said something to Danny. Or to somebody else and Danny heard it from them.

    "What the hell Danny? What do you want me to say?" I asked.

    "Well actually, buddy. I just want you to answer my question. It's a simple discussion of anatomy. You keep saying that you want to be a doctor one of these days, right. Well, this is sort of like doctor stuff, I think."

    "Right, this is doctor stuff," I laughed.

    "Well, come on, even if it's not something that you learn in doctor school, it's natural to discuss the male penis. And besides, we're high school athletes, right? And high school jocks like us are supposed to talk about their cocks, right? I mean we're on the track team together and I've seen your dick in the shower thousands of times. I'm no expert on the male dick, but you know, I've seen my share and I'd say yours is decent."

    "Decent? I'm glad you think so. Gee thanks."

    He pursed his lips. "I'm thinking that you're a grower, right TJ?" Danny said.

    I blushed again and sucked in a deep breath. Yes I am a grower.

    "So, is it big or not? Hard, I mean."

    I thought about the question. In truth, I was pretty happy with my cock. Based on the few other erections I'd seen so far in my eighteen years on the earth, yes, I'd say that when I was hard I might be just a smidge thicker, and then maybe just a smidge longer too than some of the other weenies that had come my way. Andy had measured me at eight and a third inches, the number etched permanently into my brain. We'd had to do some improvising to come up with that third of an inch because most tape measures only come in quarters and halfs.

    Still, talking about my dick just didn't seem like something that was supposed to come up in polite conversation with my friend Danny while his brother showered up just a few feet away. But then, with Danny, was there ever really a polite conversation?

    "Well?" Danny asked again.

    "Um." I stalled. If I said I had a small weenie, then maybe he'd leave me alone. But who did that? Admit such a thing, out loud?

    On the other hand, if I told Danny the truth-not that I actually owed him the truth or anything-he would definitely never leave me alone And he would probably torture me forever until he got to see it. My dick that is.

    "Andy said that you guys measured it and it's eight and a half inches."

    Fuckin Andy! It was him! Did guys from New York have any scruples at all? I'd thought our little measuring session was a private one, and not one to be shared with anybody else from our high school senior class. Or at least, especially not with Danny Leeman!

    "What? He said what? He said that it was eight and a half inches, really?" I asked.

    "No. Centimeters. Andy said your hard-on was eight and a half centimeters, or maybe it was millimeters, I forget."

    I took a breath. He was joking, right? Of course he was joking.

    "Yup, of course amigo. I heard him right. He said eight and a half solid inches of pure 100% young, hung TJ man-meat! That's what Andy told me. We were sitting across from each other at lunch. He was eating a hot dog while we were having this particular discussion. With mustard. He had mustard on his hot dog. I fucking loved that part. And he seemed to be enjoying his hot dog very much, by the way. I think he's had a hot dog or two in his lifetime."

    "Fuckin' A! I can't believe Andy told you that!" I whined.

    "So, are you confirming? is it? Is it really eight and half inches of prime USDA 18 year old beef? Bigger than those lousy hot dogs at school?"

    I took a breath. "How big is yours?" I asked.

    Part of me was hoping to change the subject, of course. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind knowing exactly how big Danny's dick was hard as well. Being an aficionado of the male anatomy myself.

    I'd seen Danny in the showers at school too, of course, and my mind automatically switched over to automatic extendo-penis mode when I was in there. But knowing for sure would be useful. Very.

    "Somewhere in the sevens," Danny answered immediately. "David's a little thicker than me, around the middle if you can believe that. Who's fucking cock is thicker in the middle? Only my twin bro Davey. It tapers down toward his pubes. And it tapers down toward his dick head. But right in the middle, it's thicker. What is that exactly?"

    I smiled and made a mental note. Hadn't seen one shaped like that yet.

    "But, we're both like exactly the same in the length department. The Leeman boys inherited our daddy's wee wee. Seven plus. And rock hard on command," Danny explained.

    Uh, would that be good or bad? I'd never seen Papa Leeman with an erection, not sure I ever would.

    "That's my story. So what's yours?" Danny asked.

    "So you're somewhere in the sevens?" I repeated out loud. "Sounds cool."

    "Yeah," Danny said, "Closer to the seven inch mark on that ruler on my desk over there than to the eight inch mark." Danny nodded in the direction of the desk over in the corner of the bedroom. I looked over, but the top of the desk was above my head and I didn't see a ruler.

    Danny laughed.

    I thought back to the comment last night about the plane or the pilot and chuckled. "It's not the plane it's the pilot," I said in sort of a Scooby Doo accent.

    "Yeah, but all the same, I'd take a 747 over a little propeller plane any day," Danny replied.

    I laughed. "So...are you telling me that you are just a little propeller plane? Would that be a Cessna?" That was the only small plane I'd ever heard of.

    Danny flipped back the covers and grabbed the front of his underwear. They were tented by a clearly erect penis underneath.

    "Does this look a freaking propeller plane to you, amigo?"

    It did not. It was pretty freaking sexy! "Nope. I guess not," I said, trying to seem less interested than I was in Danny Leeman's private part.

    Danny spun his legs around and put his feet on my chest through the sleeping bag. "Damn right!" he said. "Besides whether I've got a Cessna or a jet fighter or a Boeing seven-whatever, let me assure you amigo...I am a very, very good pilot!"

    "Of course you are Danny," I said. "Why exactly do I care?"

    Danny wiggled his toes and pressed down on my body. "So?"

    Now that he'd shown me his-again, sort of, after last night in the dark-clearly now it was my turn to show him mine. "Danny, you've got like a one-track mind," I said.

    "Yes I do. Dick, dick, dick, dick! Just that one track. So, come on TJ! How big is it already?"

    He moved a little bit closer to me on the floor and aimed his foot for my mid-section. Once he landed in the general vicinity, he felt for my cock with his toes. I shifted my hips away to keep it from him. When would David finish his stupid shower already and come out to save me from his evil twin?

    "I don't know, it could be in the neighborhood of eight inches. Or so. Andy measured it," I said, teasingly

    "Can we be exact here please TJ? Is it eight inches? Or is it eight and a half inches?" He dug his toes around a little more, still trying to find the exact spot where my crotch was. I kept shifting my hips back and forth, trying to throw his toes off from their target. Danny's eyes widened when he thought he'd found something. I looked away from his gaze. Distraction. Keep him distracted and eventually his brother would return from the bathroom and we could all just get ready and go to the track meet.

    "Are you always this nice to your overnight guests?"

    I nodded toward Danny's foot. Despite my efforts at evasion, Danny's persistence had narrowed the field and he was getting closer to arriving at the exact place he wanted. I felt my dick give a little spurt of pre-cum at the thought of his foot making contact with ground zero.

    "Well, we don't get a lot of guys sleeping over. You're the first in a long time."

    "Maybe the universe is trying to send you a message, keeping poor innocent boys like myself out of your bedroom and away from your, your feet." I said.

    As I said this, Danny's foot finally found what Danny was looking for.

    "Ah," I said. Danny just smiled. His usual grin that I knew so well. That particular grin meant that he had won the race. I'd seen that grin on his face dozens of times when we ran against the other teams in our league and Danny came in first.

    "Yeah, I thought of that. About the universe, I mean. But then I dismissed it. We just haven't asked anybody to sleep on our floor in a while. Not lately. Anyway so answer the fucking question already, how big is it TJ?"

    I heard what sounded like singing coming from the bathroom. At this rate, David would not be here to help me anytime soon. Obviously, there was no way to hold Danny off for much longer. And, since honesty is the best policy...I opted for the best policy.

    "It's eight and a third," I said.

    Danny whistled. "Motherfucker!" Danny shouted.

    I held my finger to my lips to shush him and laughed. "Okay? Happy now? I said it. Eight and a third, eight and a third! Big freaking deal!"

    Danny moved his feet up to my face and pressed. Incredibly, his feet smelled pretty okay. Maybe a little like Band-Aids, but not that yucky feet smell we got in the locker room. Danny twisted his hip around and somehow managed to force his big toe in between my lips and into my mouth. I let him do it and then I bit down on his toe. Not hard, just enough to cause him to wince. But he didn't wince, he smiled.

    "Umm, that's it TJ, bite me," Danny taunted breathing heavily. "Bite me like I fucking deserve to have my toe bitten off, amigo!"

    I released the grip of my teeth and let my lips lock around his toe. He began to move it in and out. Extra saliva came to my mouth, and Danny's toe slipped in between my lips more easily. After a moment he stopped.

    "TJ, are you sucking on my toe?"

    My mouth was full so I couldn't answer. We both heard the shower going. With one hand I pulled Danny's foot away from my face.

    "It would seem that way," I said.

    I looked into Danny's eyes. They were brown, big brown spheres against the shocking white background. Danny's longish brown hair was more messed up than I'd ever seen it before. Whoa, I wondered if I was looking so messed up too. Danny's running tan contrasted with everything else bright in the room, including his sheets. Unless my imagination had gone a little overboard, Danny's nipples were hard. I was shirtless too, of course, but I was not brown. I'd been running outside in my singlet and had even managed to get a little bit darker in all those sun-exposed areas despite my folks always being on me about slathering on the SPF. All the same, I was no match for Danny. The dude was bronzed! While Danny's foot distracted me, his other one finally hit pay dirt. It found my dick. He pushed down softly against the spring of my erection. In return, Danny must have felt it bounce back up again, like it had an inner tube around it. Danny smiled..

    "Holy fuck, TJ. Eight and a third inches! And you're primed and raring to go right this very minute, aren't you amigo? Too bad we're in a big rush and neither one of us can take care of our wood."

    Um, hadn't Danny taken care of his own wood last night before we went to sleep? And wasn't I the only unfortunate who had not gotten off last night? With my morning piss-hard, the recent observations I'd been fortunate to experience last night, and my general every-fucking-day horniness, I needed to get off, big time. Right this second sounded just fine to me!

    I grabbed Danny's toe again and nibbled on the tip. How long was David going to be showering for anyway? I hoped that it could last another few minutes. Given how worked up I was, I could probably get to orgasm in about 90 seconds.

    "I don't take long," I said. Meaning ejaculation. I assumed Danny would understand.

    "Hmm." Obviously he did understand. Good ol' Danny.

    I flipped back the sleeping bag and wriggled myself up to a sitting position. All the while keeping Danny's toe in my mouth. I saw the tenting in his shorts, it just made the situation for me down below that much worse.

    Danny pulled his foot back and looked down toward my dick. In one graceful motion, he flipped himself off of bed and kneeled on the floor right next to me. In an instant his mouth found mine, surrounding me with his moist lips. The move surprised me. I hadn't expected to be kissing Danny Leeman this morning, but I liked it. He tasted faintly of toothpaste and semen, two of my faves, no morning breath.

    Danny's hand found my cock through my shorts easily. I was so hard a blind person would have found it easily too. Danny let his fingers dance over the tip of my dick, gently tickling me; it responded immediately, rewarding Danny's hand with a little natural lubricant from the hole at the end. Even as he kissed me, I could feel Danny's lips mold into a smile; his tongue continued to explore my teeth and gums. I took a light breath through my nose and willed myself to orgasm instantaneously. I still didn't want to get caught doing this by Danny's brother David.

    "Mmm," he said pulling away from my face slightly, "you taste great!"

    I smiled and wrapped an arm around the back of his neck, pulling his head toward mine. This time I kissed him the way I wanted to kiss him, I was in control. He let me move my tongue softly around his mouth at will; his lips softened in response, giving his mouth to me for the moment. While we kissed, Danny left his hand outside of my underwear but he had a firm grip on my hard cock.

    "Mmm," I managed, lightly.

    Danny's mouth took over again, and he deep-throated me with his strong tongue. This guy was a fucking great kisser? Where did he learn to do this? I felt myself throb against the pressure of Danny's hand. My shorts got even wetter than they already were, more pre-cum oozed out from the head. Danny wasn't exactly giving me a hand job, but what his mouth was doing to mine felt good everywhere in my body.

    "Wow, you're not too bad at this Teej," Danny said, grinning.

    Gently, he pulled his lips away from mine. He placed two of his fingers inside his mouth to moisten them. With a very wet palm, he reached down again and slipped it under my waistband finding what he wanted immediately. Danny's palm rubbed over the tip of my dick. I squirmed.

    We both heard the shower turn off.

    "Uh oh," I said.

    Danny licked his fingers again and then stuck his hand into my mouth. When he withdrew it, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and we locked our mouths together. His hand found my dick quickly and he moved my underwear away so that he could access the entire length of my erection.

    "Mmm," he said. "Very nice."

    "Um, thanks," I said.

    Danny stroked my cock up and down and let his wet palm linger on the tip. I was sure this wasn't going to take long but I was surprised when I lost control so quickly. A silent scream escaped my lips and I stopped breathing. My cum shot into Danny's hand and he tried to contain it like a little cup. He looked at me and smiled.

    "You don't take long, do you? Just like you said."

    "Um, well, that whole thing with the two of you last night was pretty freaking hot!" I said, hoping that would do for an explanation. I didn't want to be forever pegged as a premature ejaculator, of course. Not at this age. And, knowing Danny could never keep his trap shut, that was something I definitely didn't want the rest of our high school campus to know about.

    "Now what do I do with this?" Danny said grinning. He had a hand full of white, sticky semen. A little glob dripped onto my abs.

    "Here, do you want to use my underwear?" I offered. It seemed impolite to have Danny wipe my sperm on the sheets they had so politely shared with me.

    Danny clearly had other ideas. In a flash, he used his non-inseminated hand to push down his underwear, freeing his own hard cock. With the inseminated hand, he rubbed it on himself. Tiny bits fell into his pubic hair. He hadn't trimmed himself quite as much as I usually did.

    "Mmm," he said. "Little tiny, microscopic TJs! Cool! I think I'll just put this right here. God's lube!"

    God's lube?! Come on! That was all mine! It seemed unlikely that God had bigger fish to fry and hadn't had much to do with the sperm I produced at all!

    Danny rubbed his dick a few times. I watched closely as my spooge seemed to do the trick for him.

    "It's a little sticky, I admit" Danny said. "But I think this should do be just what the doctor ordered for Danny's dick."

    "Yeah," I said. Then I giggled. "David's right, you are a such a pervert!"

    "You have no idea, amigo," he said.

    Danny licked the palm of his wet hand. The white stuff that hadn't come off on his dick made contact with Danny's tongue. Not the first cum that my friend had had in there since our little overnight sleepover had started..

    I fell back onto the pillow. Danny moved his wet hand from his face and then covered my mouth with the same one. I let him move two fingers onto my tongue and I tasted my own cum.

    "Does this make us blood brothers or something?" I asked.

    "Sperm brothers, amigo. Just sperm brothers."

    When David finally did come back into the room, the deeds were done and both of us were happy, ready to take on the world.'

    I finished my story and looked over at Max. He was lying on the bed looking up, his ankles crossed, his feet tucked up against the headboard of the bed. He had both hands over his groin.

    "That's a very nice story, TJ," Max said.

    "Glad you liked it."

    "I hope we find Danny soon," he said. "I'd like to meet him."

    "I hope so too Max."

    I closed my eyes and got into the sheets, pulling the covers up to my neck. Max got up to turn off the lights, and I fell asleep quickly. I never felt him come into the bed.

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    Wow! A mixed humorous yet sad chapter, Spike. It's good to have David back even under such sad circumstances. Just the fact that TJ has been reunited with him has helped somewhat.

    I think TJ has just found a way to placate Max and divert his intense sexually desires for him by introducing the story telling. Perhaps the intrigue of meeting Danny has slowed him down.

    As usual, Spike, an awesome chapter. But, we need to find Danny soon. I can't imagine what a week of captivity has done to him.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Aw! Poor Max!

    I can sympathize with his situation, all too well, laying all your cards on the table, letting a Hot buddy know that there are NO boundaries, and him not taking you up on the offer, for whatever reasons!

    Just being near is begging for a big case of "Blue Balls"! Butt, you're willing to do it, and keep "pressing", just for the sake of being near Him!

    I'm thrilled you continued your sub-story, leading to TJ's "footsie" encounter with Danny, so long ago. I'm not all that sure that was very relaxing for Max, though!

    At least TJ managed to get to sleep. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens next!

    All the more reasons to ... No Matter What ...

    Keep Smilin'!!
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    Re: Lost in New England

    Max woke me up with coffee. I smelled it before I actually saw it. He held the cup toward my face as I blinked open my eyes. I shook my head.

    "Good morning, TJ," he smiled.

    I wasn't ready for coffee yet, and probably not Max either. I pulled the pillow over my head and wrapped my arms around it.

    Max rubbed my naked shoulder with his hand.

    "Do you not want the coffee that I purchased? It is hot," he said.

    I shook the pillow 'no.'

    "Well, the coffee is not as hot as the boy barrista who sold it," Max sang out. "That was a very, so hot coffee boy. I must say so myself."

    I shook the pillow 'no' again.

    "Aw come on, TJ, it will go cold if you do not drink the coffee while it is hot."

    I made an airhole with the pillow so I could breathe. "No thank you, Max. I don't want any coffee right now. I want to sleep some more," I said.

    Max grabbed the pillow and tried to wrestle it away from me. I held it tight.

    Max tisked and stopped tugging on the pillow. I sensed him moving on the bed beside me. Getting up to find something else to do other than to bug me, I hoped. For about ten seconds, I heard nothing and I was about to try breathing again. Without warning, the comforter was whipped back and I found myself lying there completely exposed, my hands instinctively covering my crotch. I had a hard-on, of course. It was morning, and I was 19, and I hadn't peed yet. Morning always gave me a hard on. Sort of my dicks unique way of greeting the new day.

    "Max!" I yelped.

    "Wow," Max said.

    I flipped over onto mys stomach and held the pillow over my eyes. What a pain he was. "Max, you're a pervert," I said. "Let me go back to sleep!"

    "TJ, your wiener appears to have an erection," Max said, ignoring my request to go back to sleep.

    "Obviously, Max. It's not like a weird thing. It's morning!" I said, grasping the ends of the pillow harder.

    "No, it is not a weird thing at all. It is a nice thing, TJ. Very nice."

    "Max!" I shouted. "Shush up! It's too early."

    "Well, yes. But I thought..."

    "Max, go away. And put the covers back on me please. It's cold in here."

    "I see that. Your legs have the bumps of a goose."

    This made me giggle. What a goofball he was.

    "Okay, TJ. You seem like you want to sleep more. I will let this happen. But then I will check back with you in 30 minutes. That should be satisfactory, no?"


    "I will be taking that as a yes. Thirty minutes more. Here is the blanket for you." Max gently puled the comforter back up and placed it above my shoulders.

    Sometime later, I woke up again to the sound of Max grunting. It seemed like he was in pain or something. I lifted my head up off the pillow and spied Max across the room. He was on the floor wearing one of my BU singlets. He was watching television in with the volume off. It was some kind of Asian guy on screen all twisted up in knots and Max was copying the yoga poses That the guy did. I shook my head and fell back heavily on the pillow. I just hoped that Max was wearing underwear.

    For a while I stared at the ceiling and tried to wake up. Max continued to grunt and groan across the room. When the program was over, he stood up and took a deep breath.

    "Now I am ready to start the day, TJ," Max called out. "Are you also awake now my friend?"

    "Yes Max. I am awake. Thanks for letting me sleep a little more."

    "You should drink the coffee I purchased. That will make you in a better mood," Max said.

    I rolled my eyes but sat up and did as I was told. I put the cup to my lips. Max had put a cover on and it hadn't cooled down all that much since he had brought it up to the room. I took a good gulp and gagged.

    "Max, for crying out loud, what did you put in the coffee?" I asked.

    Max raised his eyebrows.

    "What did I put in it? Well, I used sugar, some milk, and I shook a little bit of vanilla in it too."

    I rubbed my tongue with my fingers, trying to get the crumbs off of the sides.

    "You do not like the vanilla? I thought you said you did like that?" Max asked, a look of concern on his face.

    "Blech," I said. "Max, I think that was cheese!"

    "Cheese? No. This is not so. I thought it was..."

    "Max, it was parmesan cheese. You put parmesan cheese in my coffee. Gross!" I shook my head and shuddered. "Oh my god, I drank coffee with cheese!" I said to the ceiling.

    Max brought his hands together as if in prayer and cocked his head.

    "I am so sorry TJ. I didn't mean... I mean, I thought it was the vanilla, not cheese."

    "Max,k did you get the coffee from that Italian restaurant downstairs in the lobby?" I asked.

    "Well yes, that is where the very cute boy barrista was selling coffee," Max said saidly.

    "Max, they sell slices of pizza there too. I mean, not at breakfast time. You probably grabbed the wrong shaker thing."

    "I am so sorry. But I will go downstairs again and make another purchase. And this time no cheese."

    I smiled and shook my head. "That's okay Max, we can get coffee later. I suppose I'll live. It's not the worst thing I've had in my mouth this week."

    Well, actually maybe it was. It had been a pretty slow few weeks in the blow job department. Still holding out hope that a certain English TA named Jeremy M would soon put an end to the drought.

    Max watched as I got out of bed. My erection was gone so I thought it was safe.

    "Um TJ, I am wondering if you still have the large dick I saw a little while ago?" Max asked, sounding very earnest.

    I laughed.

    "No Max. The large dick is gone. It is small now, thank you very much. I think the cheese in my coffee took care of that."

    "Sad," Max said with a sniff.

    "It was just my usual morning piss-hard," I explained. "And now it's over."

    "Still, it was a good one. A good large dick," Max said.

    I rolled my eyes and began to walk toward the bathroom. If we kept talking about my cock, it would get hard again. After all these years living with it, this much I knew.

    "I am so sorry about putting the cheese in there."

    "It's okay Max, I forgive you," I said.

    Max smiled and stared hard at my underwear. I twisted my hips to better block his view.

    The fact that Max seemed to be so interested in the status of my cock told me that absolutely nothing had happened between us in the bed last night. Good! One night down.

    Being the sound sleeper that I am, it was entirely possible that we had had sex but that I had not woken up to fully take part in the act. But if that happened, Max would surely not be quite so curious this morning. So I sighed and took another step toward the bathroom, safe and unviolated for the moment.

    "Hey Max, why are you wearing my BU jersey anyway?" I asked him.

    He turned red.

    "I am sorry, TJ, I know it is not polite. It's just that, I wanted to do yoga."

    "And you didn't have your own yoga shirt?"

    "Well no I do not. I do not have any yoga shirts."

    "So you thought the Terrier jersey would work out okay? For yoga I mean?"

    Max nodded. "Yes. And I am pleased to report, TJ. It worked out very well."

    Max lifted one of the armholes up to his nose and took in a great breath. He smiled. "You know, it kind of smells like you TJ. The laundry detergent used by you should be changed to work better."

    He grinned broadly, obviously pleased with himself for being so clever.

    I shook my head. I think Max just won himself a BU Terrier singlet. Free. I had plenty anyway.

    I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Max would probably be whacking off to my jersey at some point. I just didn't want to be there the first time he did it.

    Once I was showered up and Max and I had managed to put on some of our own clothes, we left to go and meet David at the police station.

    David was already there when Max and I arrived. His eyes were circled with dark rings, he'd probably been crying. He was rocking back and forth in his chair in the little waiting area by the receptionist desk. His hands were folded into his lap and he was staring straight ahead. He didn't hear us approach.

    "Hey, what's up, buddy?" I said as cheerfully as I could muster.

    David turned his head to face us. He stopped rocking and seemed to take a moment to register who had spoken to him.

    "What happened, Dave? Is there some news about Danny?" I asked, suddenly very scared.

    "What? No! I mean, no. Nothing," David said. "No news."

    "Oh, well that's good right?" I asked.

    David shrugged his shoulders.

    "You know, it means he's still out there Dave. And we're gonna find him!"

    "Right, I guess," David said disconsolately. He wiped a streaky tear from his cheek. Tears welled in my eyes and I bent over to give him a hug. David sniffed and held me tighter.

    "I'm so fucking scared TJ." He dissolved into tears on my shoulder. This made me cry too, so I did. We held each other awkwardly like this for a while, both of us sobbing. Due to the position we were in in the chair, there was no way for Max to hug it out with us. I looked over at him while I held onto David. Max was red-eyed too, rubbing his fists against his face. The three of us were probably quite a scene.

    "I know, I know, I'm scared too," I said. "But the police know what they're doing. We'll find him, I know it!"

    David released his grip on my back and leaned away from me.

    "Do you really think so?" he asked. He rubbed his eyes with his sleeve.

    I nodded emphatically. "Totally!" I agreed. I really wish I had believed the words that were coming out of my mouth. At this point, I had no idea which way this whole thing would go.

    While we waited to be called back to meet with Ruggazione, David explained that his parents had gone down to New York last night to meet up with some police detectives there. Somebody thought that Danny might have left town to visit Manhattan.

    I didn't think so, that didn't sound like Danny to me. As far as I knew, he had never been to New York and didn't know anybody there. But, of course, Danny Leeman was an adventurer and I suppose he could have gotten himself into almost anything.

    The New Haven police promised to contact the Leemans right away if there was any news up here in Connecticut.

    So, for this weekend at least, it was just us-David, me, Officer Ruggazione, and Max. A more unlikely search squad was likely never assembled. Two and a half gay college boys (technically, David had never officially declared himself to be gay, so I was only giving him half of a gay point, for now) and one super-hot Italian police officer from New Haven.

    Poor Ruggazione.

    He had no idea what he was going to be dealing with this weekend. Any of the three of us college boys would have gladly sat in his office chair and stripped naked in the police station if the nice officer would simply have asked us to, even David. I was a little more worried about Max in particular-Max so needed to get laid that it was certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Max would just outright ask to suck Ruggazione's dick. In fact, part of me hoped that Max would do just that, so long as I got to watch.

    Of course, for David and I, finding Danny would be priority one for us this weekend. Bedding down with Ruggazione's, or any of the othe hot police officers parading around the station, would have to wait a bit. For now. Time was ticking for Danny Leeman.

    For Max, his priorities this weekend were another matter entirely.

    David and I sat in the chairs and stared straight ahead, our minds lost in what we needed to do. Max paced.

    "I'm going outside for some air freshness, it is too stale in here," Max announced.

    David looked at me as if to ask, 'what?' Max was so freaking smart, but he could butcher his sentence syntax better than anybody else.

    I shrugged. "Okay, don't get lost," I said.

    David and I watched in silence as Max walked quickly out the revolving door. I could see Max raise his arms to the sky once he was outside. I smiled to myself, Max never failed to amuse me. Alone in such a crowded place, we kept quiet, both of lost in our own thoughts.

    The minutes ticked by. Ruggazione was already 15 minutes late to meet up with us. Where the heck could he be?

    "Remember that time when we were in high school? When we went to that track meet, over at Loma Linda University? And you slept over the night before?" David asked suddenly.

    I blushed.

    Of course I remembered. It was the first time I'd seen Danny jerk off his twin brother while sticking a finger into David's butt at the same time. It was the first time I'd slept on the floor and let Danny touch my own weenie while his brother was in the shower. And it was the first time that I'd realized that lusting after other boys was not something only I did. Danny Leeman made it very, very clear that he did too, and that he was not ashamed of it for even one second. I'd learned a lot that weekend about the Leemans, and also about myself. I was not such a freak of nature. There were certainly other guys just like me. And I had no reason to feel funny about any of it at all! Danny definitely made sure of that!

    Who forgets a time like that?

    "Yeah, of course, Dave," I said. "That was really fun to hang out with you guys."

    "Did you ever tell anybody about what happened? I mean, about that night in our room, I mean?" David asked.

    "What? No way! There's no way I ever said anything! Not to anybody. You guys are my friends, I wouldn't do that," I said. I hope he believed me, because it was true.

    David smiled. He reached his arm up behind us and draped it over my shoulder.

    "Thanks TJ, you're a great friend."

    Great friends never mention when they have a relative stick a finger in their ass.

    My eyes welled up at the thought. I nodded and leaned my head over onto David's shoulder. He kissed my temple lightly.

    A tear dropped down onto my cheek.

    "Do you remember what happened at the meet itself?" David asked.

    Heck yeah. Danny got a little bored watching the college guys and just decided that he needed to, well, find love. Or sex actually. Danny just decided to be Danny. As usual.

    "Absolutely. Your brother wasn't having enough fun up in the stands. So he made his own fun," I said. Every single moment of that weekend was etched forever into my memory. I flexed my neck back against David's bicep and looked up at the ceiling again.

    After sleeping over at the Leemans the night before track meet, we left Apple Valley early and headed over to Loma Linda University. In the back of the blue Toyota shared by the twins, I sat quietly with my arms folded. David drove. Danny sat beside him up front in the passenger seat. I'd called shot gun but Danny simply ignored me and sat up there anyway. There wasn't a whole lot of leg room in the backseat so I straddled the hump and let my legs dip into the wells behind the two front bucket seats.

    Not long after we'd left the house, Danny discovered the view he had and he turned around to look at my crotch, splayed open. Danny, of course, made no effort to hide the fact that he was trying to see up my shorts.

    "How's that hump TJ?" He grinned.

    "Great," I lied. "No big deal." About then, David hit a bump in the road and my butthole felt like it was being fisted. Yowza!

    "The hump's not moving up your ass too much, amigo? I wouldn't want to pop your cherry!" Danny taunted me.

    Danny twisted in his seat to see the expression on my face. I smiled and ignored him, trying not to let my face give too much away. After the initial shock um my butt, I was now ready for another bump in the road. Or two.

    Danny lowered his head and furrowed his brows and stared hard at my crotch. He put one hand on my right thigh and moved it further to the right. Gave him a clearer view apparently. to move it off to the side a little more. He sighed.

    "Tisk, tisk TJ, are those Calvin Klein undies you've got on under there?"

    They were not Calvins, but I had no intention of explaining that.

    "What? You watched me putting on my underwear this morning. I'm surprised you had to ask," I said instead.

    Danny looked over at his brother David who was driving. "You see Davey, I told you he'd have Calvins. All the hipsters do." Danny laughed.

    I exhaled and tried to close my legs, catching Danny's hand inside.

    "Danny!" I squealed.

    "What?" Danny laughed again. He wiggled his fingers and inched them closer toward Ground Zero.

    "Danny, David's right. You are such an idiot! You saw my underwear this morning and you know they're not Calvins. They're just like some generic brand. I think my mom bought 'em," I said.

    David feigned horror. "No! You are not wearing Mom undies? Come on TJ!"

    I smiled, enjoying the conversation about my underpants.

    "Well yeah, actually I am. They might even be from Sears. I have to admit that I don't even remember. Besides, Danny obviously wasn't really looking at the label on them anyhow. He was just way too distracted by my huge cock bulging inside," I teased.

    Danny's face turned bright red and he looked at me with a pained expression. He stuck his tongue out, so I did the same.

    David broke the tension by cracking up in the front seat. "Good one, TJ," David said.

    I grinned widely and Danny removed his hand from between my legs.

    I really enjoyed hanging out with the Leeman twins. They couldn't have been more different. David frequently called Danny his 'evil twin' and none of us on the track team ever argued when he did.

    Danny was a pain in the ass. He was the practical joker, happy to put shaving cream in your jock or baby powder in your hairbrush. I could think of three separate occasions where I'd had to take another shower on after falling victim to one of Danny's shenanigans.

    Danny was also the exhibitionist. He loved to prance around naked in the locker room with a hand full of shaving cream, placing little dabs of it on our nipples. Charming I know! Outside of the track team, Danny was a really good student-things just came easy for him-but, because he couldn't ever leave well enough alone, he was always getting thrown out of class and sent to the Dean's office.

    On the other hand, David was none of those things. David righted whatever Danny did wrong. Academically, David was at the top of our high school class. When I didn't know something in class, chances are that David probably did. Athletically, David put in 110 percent effort as a leading member of our high school track team. If ever I wanted somebody to go out for a training run with, David was the guy. Sexually, David was age appropriate. He was always horny, like the rest of us seniors, but he could control his urges when he needed to.

    As twins, David clearly got all the angelic genes while Danny got the opposite ones. While the Leeman boys behaved like completely unrelated strangers, they were both pretty easy on the eyes. I don't really know what the girls in school thought of the Leemans-mostly because I'd never asked, but for myself, I thought they were both hot. I'd have been just as happy getting plowed from the back side by either one.

    In after school practice, I'd frequently run behind them during our long runs, not really winded, but not really breathing easily either. Just to keep up with them was a great effort for me. But they made me better, I could always learn a lot by watching their technique. And by following closely behind when we ran lap after lap on the track, I had the added bonus of feasting my eyes closely on their perfect little Leeman butts.

    The two were really talented runners so Coach pretty much put up with all of Danny's bullshit. We had all been talking that there was a good chance that both Leemans could actually qualify for the State finals this year. If you asked David, he was modest and wasn't so sure he'd make it. Danny was sure of his future. He thought it was practically a guarantee that he'd be there for State.

    In a twisted sort of way, I was totally drawn to Danny. Something about all the confidence and the bravado. I'd love to have even half of what Danny had! So, when Danny wanted to jerk me off this morning while his brother David was in the shower, I hadn't put up much of a fight. Danny was rewarded with a fist full of my DNA. Come to think of it, that's probably why I'd been asked to spend the night at their house before today's track meet anyway. Even for me, I was way over-excited and I'd cum way too quickly. And while I was a little embarrassed about getting off without a whole lot of effort from Danny, I wasn't worried. Somehow I'd arrived at the conclusion that me and Danny were not yet through.

    The rest of the drive over to Loma Linda was uneventful. There was no traffic on a Saturday morning.

    While he drove, David told us a story about how he'd met one of the long distance runners we were going to be seeing in the meet today when he'd been on a college trip a few months ago. Danny and I were bored with the tale and rolled our eyes as it felt like there was no real point. Danny was probably waiting to hear that his brother David had sucked the guys cock or something. For me, there wasn't really any punch line at all, so I kind of drifted away, staring at the cars on the freeway as David droned on.

    Danny countered David's long story with one of his own, a ridiculous description about the length of muscle fibers in the upper leg muscles of middle distance runners and tried to explain how that meant he was destined one day for greatness, or at the very least, for an Olympic gold medal. I looked out the window and tried to ignore my second erection of the morning. There was no particular reason for it, just one of those things that happened to me like a thousand times a day.

    When we got to the meet, the parking lot was already three quarters full and it was not yet ten o'clock.

    Hmm, I thought to myself, there's going to be a lot of college boys here. Unless I could manage to think about something else-like appreciating the races, for example-I was bound to have a hard dick all day. Luckily, I'd worn a pair of my tightest tighty whities. Restricting the blood flow to my cock might help me out.

    As we parked, Danny was clearly reading my mind. "Gonna be an awful lot of college boys here today, TJ, try not to stare at them too much, I don't want to have to look at you with a woody all damn day, amigo."

    "Danny, you're obnoxious," David said.

    "What?" Danny asked innocently, shrugging his shoulders.

    "Leave TJ alone," David responded. "We're all pretty excited to be here, there's going to be a lot of great races today."

    Danny laughed and I smiled. "You're right bro," Danny said, "some of us will just be more excited than others."

    I made my eyes send poison arrows into Danny's giggly face.

    It was a gorgeous day to watch a track meet, about 75 degrees already and mostly sunny with a just a hint of clouds. I thought that by mid-day it could be really hot though and that might lead to some slower times for the middle and long runners. Again, Danny seemed to be in tune with my thinking.

    "Not going to be setting any records today," Danny said looking at the sky as we walked to the entrance. "Way too hot, they'll have to take it easy out there."

    "Yup," I agreed.

    "Well, at least we'll see the field boys lounging around shirtless between their events," Danny winked at me and turned around to try and grab one of my nipples. Yow!

    "Fuck!" I said, twisting away from him.

    "Danny!" David said. "You said you'd be good today," he added, referring to some private pact I hadn't heard about.

    "I did, bro," Danny said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I made a promise to you, bro, and I'm going to keep it. In fact, I'm going to start now. Being good. Okay, everybody ready?" he said.

    This time it was David and I who rolled our eyes in unison.

    Inside the stadium, it was a festival of men, only partially clad. Everywhere I looked. Holy shit! This was going to better than I thought. Men, for days. But not just men, college men! Ripped, fucking college men. With nothing to do but lope around half clothed all for my benefit.

    This meant That my wiener would be hard more than I was soft today.

    Absently I looked down at my own crotch and asked very nicely if, maybe just this once, it might behave itself and not embarrass me. I didn't need the damn thing springing to attention every five minutes.

    Danny noticed me looking down at my dick, and he smiled at me knowingly. Uh oh. If I had wood all day, Danny would be relentlessly teasing me. Fuck! I was so fucked!

    "Happy days, bro, should be a great fucking day!" Danny said.

    "Yup," I said. "Should be fun."

    We found some seats about mid-way up the stands. It was pretty close to the finish line so we could watch the final sprint. Danny went off to pee. David and I watched some of the early short-distance heats.

    The 110 meter high hurdles was having some preliminary heats and I settled back with a smile on my face. The 110 was always a blast to watch, one of my favorite events. In nearly every race I'd ever seen, somebody would clip a cross bar and bite the dust. Danny didn't come back from the bathroom as quickly as I thought he should have, so David and I got to watch quite a few heats. In every single one of them, at least one guy would catch a hurdle and go tumbling down. Sometimes there was blood, sometimes screaming. was fun. I picked out my favorite, a tall dark-haired boy (er, college man) with orange shorts and a white shirt.

    "He's way too tall for you TJ, just forget about it," Danny said as he came back from the head and walked over people to get to the spot right beside David and I. Danny never missed anything; he must have been watching my eyes.

    I smiled back at him but concentrated on the orange shorts. When he took second and qualified for the next round, I raised my arms to celebrate.

    "He probably has a teeny weeny penis," Danny said.

    "Shut up Danny," David and I said, practically in unison.

    Danny smirked. I watched my orange college boy lope easily across the field and sit down on a bench. He pulled on some warm-up pants and a jacket and lay down on the ground to stretch. I could feel my dick wake up, in silent accord with my brain. Danny followed my gaze again.

    "Pig," Danny said. Then he snorted.

    I ignored him.

    The rest of the morning Danny was away from us way more than he was with us. David and I were practically glued to our seats watching the action. The field events like javelin and shot put bored me. Who needs to throw a spear a hundred and fifty feet down the field? Who cares? Or a bowling ball that you push off from your neck? What the fuck? I focused more on the running events, naturally.

    I looked at the order sheet we'd picked up when we came into the stadium. The middle distance guys were starting around noon so I thought I'd go grab something to eat before they got going. That way, I'd be back in plenty of time and not miss any of the races that I intended to be running in college myself.

    I stood up. "I'm gonna get food David. You want something?"

    "No thanks," he said. Neither of them ever seemed hungry. I was always hungry and needed to feed myself all the time! I tried to think of the last time I had seen either of the Leeman brothers eat much of anything.

    "Okay, be back in a few," I said. But David wasn't listening. He was studying the stretch routine of a few very thin women, probably long distance runners lying on the grass way across the infield.

    Blech, I thought to myself, David is gawking at women. I thought he was going to be on the same side of the fence as Danny and I. Oh well, what a waste! Danny was already gone from the stands, wandering around the stadium someplace. Maybe I'd run into him downstairs someplace.

    I thought I'd take a leak first before I bought a hot dog. Standing at the urinal my dick floppy in my hand. I'd been hard and soft at least five times since we'd arrived.

    Behind me in heard a funny sound coming from the bathroom stalls. Sort of a low, hushed moan, somewhat familiar to me.

    I turned my head. Nothing. Just silence. But I just heard a moan.

    No way, I thought. There's no way somebody's fucking around in the bathroom stall at a college track meet. I'd heard about stuff like this but had never known it really was true.

    I finished peeing and shook off my dick. I flushed and went over to wash my hands. On the way to the sink, the low moan from the stall started up again. I paused before turning the water. I perked up my ears and looked into the mirror toward the toilet stalls.

    There were two feet in visible under the door facing toward the toilet, a pair of black nylon running shorts laying on top of the athletic shoes.

    Hmm. Who drops their shorts all the way to the floor in order to pee in a toilet? And come to think of it, I was not hearing the sound of piss hitting any toilet water. Who pees silently? Whoever was in there had already been inside of that stall when I arrived and I hadn't heard a thing the whole time. I finished washing my hands and left.

    I smiled to myself, considering what I'd almost witnessed. Well, sort of witnessed.

    Sex in the bathroom? Very cool. I couldn't wait to tell Danny.

    I grabbed two hot dogs, loaded them up with catsup and onions, no relish thank you very much. Then I made my way back to the stands. David smiled at me.

    "Just two dogs? That's it?" he asked me. "I'm gonna eat like five of 'em."

    Really? You never eat?

    "Um," I said, looking down at my precious little dogs. "Well okay. Do you want to get a head start and have one of these?"

    "It's cool," he said. "I'm gonna go just as soon as this 1500 heat is over. Check it out!" he pointed to the track where about a dozen women were racing.

    "Okay, what am I looking at?"

    "Do you see the girl with the white tank and the blue shorts?"

    "You mean the one in the back?"

    "No, the one who is third right now."

    "Okay...what's the big deal with her?"

    "Are you fucking kidding me? What's the big deal? She's like perfect, that's what. Totally, totally perfect. An eleven!"

    I squinted my eyes to try and get a better look. Blech, I shuddered. Was the boy who was jacked off by his own brother last night actually more into girls?

    "Mmm, yeah nice," I said. Whatever, I whispered to myself.

    I looked around the field for somebody who was more my own speed. Where was Mr. Orange Running Shorts anyway?

    When the 1500 was over, David's perfect eleven college girl had actually won her heat. David was pumped. I thought David was gonna wet himself. He jumped up and down and screamed and carried on like I'd never seen him before.

    I looked over at him. "Um, do you know her?" I asked him.

    "Nope," he said, "doesn't matter. She's just hot and I picked her out when she was stretching a little while ago. Totally awesome, right? And she just won!"

    "Right," I said.

    "Might have to amble down to the track and get her autograph," David said.

    I laughed out loud. "David, you're such a groupie! Come on! It's not like you've never seen a hot chick before."

    "Chick? TJ, she's no chick, she's a college woman. Maybe even a senior!"

    "Pathetic," I said, "you're a sad case. I doubt she'll speak to you when she says that you look like you're fourteen."

    "I'm eighteen," David insisted.

    "I know, I know, it's just that you look, well..."

    "I do not," David said with a pout.

    "Okay, okay, whatever, it's just sad, that's all." I said.

    David grabbed at his crotch. "Sad maybe my friend, but I'm not feeling so sad right now."


    I looked at my running friend. There was an obvious bulge in his shorts and I left my gaze there for a while. Seriously? I could not figure out these Leeman twins. But their attractions went in completely opposite directions. Fucking weird!

    I watched David as he watched the college woman walk slowly off the field and under the stands. David kept staring.

    "You're not gonna drool are you? That would embarrass me." I said.

    "Dude, chill, I'm just trying to memorize her all over. Every bit of her."

    "So you can like spank your monkey later today when we get back home," I said provocatively. "Thinking about those long muscular college girl legs!"

    David looked at me and smiled. "I may not wait until we get back home. Don't know if I'll last!" He gave the zipper on his pants a tug and readjusted the contents inside.

    "Didn't you guys like jack off last night?" I asked. "Or that scene I witnessed was all a fake?"

    "TJ, that was like 12 hours ago! Don't you masturbate a few times a day?"

    I smiled at the word masturbate. It seemed like such a silly word and it always made me giggle when someone said it out load. Masturbate, masticate, menstruate. The English language was funny words that made me laugh.

    "Well sometimes, I guess, I don't know that I do it, you know, a few times a day. Mas-tur-bate, I mean." I added.

    "Well, then..." David stood up and stretched. As he did, the tenting in his pants became really obvious.

    "David, Jesus! Don't just stand there like that showing that off, people will see it."

    "Cool down TJ, it's no big deal, nobody can see it. After all, it's not like I'm hung as huge as you or anything," he said.

    "Who said I'm hung?"

    "TJ, everybody on the track team at school knows about your legendary weenie," David answered.

    "Just myth," I said. "You shouldn't listen to silly rumors."

    "Well, according to my brother, it's no myth," he said matter-of-factly.

    The blood left my face. "What?"

    "You heard me, my brother told me this morning how big your dick is."

    "He did? I mean, how did he know? I mean, Jesus, what the fuck?"

    David laughed.

    "Eight and a third inches, right?"

    I was speechless. When had they had time to discuss this?

    "Oh, come on!" David said. "That's something to be proud of, right? I mean, if mine was that big, I'd probably parade it all around school too."

    "Too? What do you mean 'too?' I don't parade it around school," I protested.

    "Um hmm."

    "I don't!"

    "Look TJ, it's cool. I know all about Danny. I know what a total sleaze-bag he is. My brother will put anything in his mouth. Dicks, pussies, whatever!"

    Pussies? Really. I doubt that.


    "So I know he got you off this morning. He told me. It's no big deal, okay?"


    "Why do you think I took so long in the shower this morning? Danny asked me to give him a few extra minutes alone with you."

    When did he do that? By mental telepathy?

    "Um...a few extra minutes? Why did he think it would just take a few... I mean, fuck, it wasn't like it was all that quick," I protested again.

    "Um, well not according to my brother. He said you squirted all over his hand way faster than he expected."


    "Don't worry about it TJ, that's why we asked you to spend the night last night. Danny wanted to see your penis for himself,"

    "My penis?"

    "Hard. He wanted to see it hard. We've both seen it the other way plenty of times," David explained.

    Plenty of times. I was mortified. Well, I guess that made sense. I had certainly seen their dicks plenty of times too. Still, this felt like some sort of conspiracy. Had I been violated?

    "And you just? You just? You just sort of knew what was going on all the time back in the bedroom. And you just well, you gave him a few extra minutes alone with me. With my hard...hard penis?"

    "Pretty much, yeah, that's exactly how it went down. Danny asked me yesterday if I would do that for him."


    "You guys are sick!"

    "Well, I don't know..."

    "No. I mean you're really sick fucks! You're like a pimp for your perverted brother!" I was starting to sound a little ridiculous. I mean, why was I protesting so much? I liked it!

    "Um, Danny thought you liked it. What he did, I mean. He said you were like totally begging for him to jump you."

    Jump me? Begging? Well maybe that was true. Actually, it was totally true.

    "So don't sweat it," David said. "I'm gonna to go get a few dogs."

    I exhaled deeply. A-ha! They do eat!

    I watched the evil twin's supposedly angelic brother walk away. David stuck one hand in his pocket to hide his erection. I could still see the bulge as he made his way to the end of our row and began to walk down the stairs. I had completely underestimated the depths that Danny Leeman might sink to. Well, that Danny might also coerce his brother David into as well! Man! The Leemans were more of a team than I'd previously thought. They were a pair of very, very horny brothers.

    I was staring off into space, ignoring the high jumpers when Danny finally showed up.

    "Where's David?" Danny asked.

    "He went to get about a dozen hot dogs I think," I said.

    "That's my boy," Danny replied.

    "You guys can eat that much," I asked. "How come I never actually see you eat?"

    "I have no idea." Danny shrugged. "It's just like breathing for us. We must eat to live. And to run."

    "And to gang up on your friends?"

    "What?" Danny asked, this time with real innocence.

    "Never mind," I said.

    Danny found a group of boys jogging slowly on the edge of the track and was watching them as if he wanted to eat them.

    "So, where have you been?" I asked him.

    "Me? Oh, just cruising around, checking out some of the talent that I'll be up against next year."

    "Um hmm," I said. "I'll bet"

    Danny smiled.

    "Um hmm is right!"

    "What? Did you meet somebody?"

    Danny nodded.

    "I mean, did you actually?" I stammered.

    "Um hmm." Danny looked away avoiding my eyes.

    "No way!"

    "Yes I did."

    Danny scanned the field. After he found what (or who) he was looking for, he raised his arm and pointed across to some benches over by the triple jump pit.

    "You see that boy with the black shorts sitting on his butt," he said. His voice was animated more than usual.

    I looked where Danny pointed. Sure enough, that was the same pair of running shoes I'd seen behind the stall in the bathroom. The black shorts, from this distance at least, looked to be a perfect match for that pair on the floor of the stall.

    "Um, I think I see him. So?" I said.

    Danny looked at me and held his palms toward each other about a foot apart. "He's like this, I kid you not.

    Danny had sex with a guy who has a yardstick for a dick?

    "No? Come on!"

    "I shit you not, amigo," Danny said, bouncing his arms up and down to emphasize the dick size of the boy he had just sucked off in the bathroom.

    I sat quietly looking at the field, trying to imagine what kind of balls or bravado or whatever it would take for a high school boy to lure a college man into the bathroom for a quick blow job. Especially while the runner was supposed to be competing in a track meet.

    "Where? Where did this happen?" I asked Danny, already knowing the answer in advance.

    "Bathroom stall. Not exactly a romantic getaway amigo, but you know, I think he got exactly what he was hoping to get. In fact, I know he did! I know for certain that he was happy with the result," Danny explained, grinning. He used a finger to pretend to wipe the side of his mouth.

    I whistled. Man, oh man, Danny was some piece of work.

    "You never fail to surprise me, Danny Leeman," I said. "I know I wouldn't have had the balls to do something like that!"

    "Balls? Did you say ball? Let me tell you about those!" Danny said, licking his lips again.

    "That's okay, I'm good," I laughed.

    Both of us looked out onto the field at the athlete who was Danny's most recent conquest.

    "Just look at him, Teej. He is now relieved of all that pent-up stress, all that anxiety. There is no way he doesn't win this next race. Of that I am absolutely certain."

    "Okay, that's good. I hope he does."

    "He will. I am a master dick-sucker."

    I looked at Danny and nodded. All right already. I had no reason to doubt Danny's claim. Maybe some day I'd find out myself if it was true.

    "His name is Kenny, by the way," Danny said, nodding at him. "And I mentioned that I had another friend here who would blow him again if he took first in his event."

    "No kidding? Did you say that for me? That was very nice of you, Danny. Thank you."

    "You're welcome," Danny said. He patted me on the back.

    "And just so I know what I'm dealing with here, what's his event? Tell me he is not a pole vaulter. That would be too funny."

    "Triple jump," Danny responded, laughing.

    "I hate the triple jump," I said. "It's stupid. Just like the steeplechase." Why did they even have those events?

    "Yeah, I think so too," Danny said. "But ol' Kenny boy here, he's promised me that he would try extra hard just so you can have a turn with his Johnson. Maybe just this once, you can put all that negativity aside. Watch the triple jump for once in your life. Enjoy the event. Think of what is on the other side."

    "Okay, I will watch."


    "And you said he has huge balls?" I liked that, hoping Imhant heard wrong.

    Danny made two fists and held his hands out for me to see. I smiled.

    We watched Kenny bounce in place for a minute, warming up for a practice run. Then he made his way slowly to the starting point. He waited for the jump area to clear and then quickly pivoted on his foot and took off sprinting down the triple jump lane. When he reached the take-off point, he leaped into the air and then did that strange thing all triple jumpers do taking two steps before long jumping far into the pit.

    Danny and I looked at each other as Kenny stood up and brushed the sand off his black shorts.

    "Was that any good?" I asked.

    "How the fuck would I know? I never watch that shit."

    "Well, we're watching now, I could learn to love a triple jumper I suppose, even if I hate the stupid event," I said.

    "Um hmm." Danny nodded toward the infield again. Another jumper was about to make a run.

    Danny and I watched practice runs on the triple jump for a while. Then it was clear that all the jumpers had been told to get ready for their first real jumps. I squirmed against my bleacher seat. Across the field, I absently watched some sprinters locking into the start line for their event.

    "Watch the triple jump, TJ, not the 200. They are about to start. For real!"

    I sighed. Okay, I will watch the triple jump. "I'm watching, I'm watching," I said

    "What are we watching?" David was back.

    Both Danny and I turned our heads to look at him. He had one half-eaten hot dog sticking out of his mouth and three more on a tray in his hand.

    "Triple jump," I said quickly.

    "No dick-breath," Danny insisted. "We are not just fucking watching the triple jump, an event that TJ hates, by the way."

    "I hate it too," David agreed, his mouth full of bun and dog. That made three of us then.

    "That's disgusting, bro," Danny said, sneering at the food tumbling out of David's mouth while he tried to chew the stuff inside. "No, TJ and I are watching our new friend Kenny., well my new friend at least. He hasn't met TJ yet."

    "Kenny, the triple jumper," I added.

    "Yes, Kenny is a triple jumper, but he is also so much more!" Danny explained.

    David used the heel of his hand to shove the rest of his hot dog deeper into his mouth. He looked at me for explanation. Why would anybody be interested in the triple jump? Then, Danny surprised me again.

    "As I was explaining to TJ, Kenny is not just any old triple jumper. He is a triple jumper with a huge weenie. And a ball sack that will be the envy of, of , of all Loma Linda by the time TJ and I get finished with him. And he has a mouth that he know how to use properly too. "

    I nodded my agreement with Danny's explanation. Not having any direct knowledge of Kenny's other skills at this point however.

    David was unable to speak, but he mouth the word, 'what?'

    I looked at David and pointed my thumb at Danny. Danny nodded. Then he placed his hands around an imaginary penis and pretended to lick around the top, just like it was an ice cream cone.

    "Monster weenie, bro. Kenny has a monster weenie."

    I smiled.

    "Shit Danny, what did you do?" David asked.

    Danny shrugged his shoulders. He grabbed for one of the hot dogs from his brother's tray. But David was too fast. He moved the tray away quickly and Danny came away with only air.

    "Haven't you had enough dick today, Danny? First TJ, now this guy. What was his name again? Teddy?"

    "Kenny!" Danny and I said together. Even though Kenny and I had never actually been formally introduced, I felt like I knew him pretty well already.

    Danny looked at me and laughed. David looked at me too.

    "Not you too? When the fuck would you have time to see it? Er, I mean him?" David asked, incredulously.

    "What? Me? No! I didn't, I mean..."

    "Well he didn't, that's true," Danny explained, trying to be helpful.

    "Right," I agreed. "I haven't done anything at all today. I have been right here in the stands. Watching the track meet."

    "At least not yet."

    David smiled, and I socked Danny in the arm.

    "I'll get my own, thank you," I said.

    Danny shrugged again. "Suit yourself amigo. But I'm telling you, this boys an eleven!"

    "Shit," I said. "You guys are sure twins. Only, you're really, really weird twins. On the same wavelength, but both of you in galaxies on opposite ends of the universe. David said exact same thing about some woman runner in a 1500 heat a little while ago. He called her an 'eleven' too."

    "April," David said.


    "That's her name. April D'something or other," David said.

    "And, let me guess," Danny interrupted, "she's got really, really long legs that you'd like to have wrapped around your face."

    "Well, I hadn't gotten that far, but that's about right, I guess," David agreed.

    "You see how disgusting my brother is," Danny said. "He is hopelessly attracted to pussy."

    "Blech," I said involuntarily.

    "I double that. Blech, blech!" Danny added.

    "Danny, we're not staying just so you can give this boy a blow job after the meet," David responded. "Mom said we needed to be home in time for dinner for a change."

    Danny shook his head. At the same time, he patted his stomach.

    "Already taken care of, bro, Kenny has already had his blow job. And I've a full tummy." Danny said.

    "Gross!" David said.

    "Some college boy DNA," I added helpfully.

    "TJ, you can say man-spunk to my brother, he's heard it all," Danny said.

    "I'm gonna throw up," David said.

    "So if ol' Kenny boy takes the gold here today, I promised him that our pal TJ would suck him off. You know? A little extra motivation."

    David looked at both of us and made a funny face.

    "Again!" Danny added to clarify that he had already completed the dirty deed-with Kenny in this particular instance-once today.

    "Whatever," David said.

    "So we might be a little late getting back to Apple Valley. Unless of course Kenny loses. Which...seems unlikely," Danny said.

    "So let me get this straight," David said. "I'm supposed to call mom and tell her we're gonna be late for dinner because our friend TJ here has to give a college boy a blow job?"

    "Only if he wins," Danny explained. I nodded. Seemed like a perfectly good excuse to me.

    "So is he any good?" David asked.

    "I don't think so," Danny answered. I shook my head.

    "But he is awfully hot," I added.

    "Blech," David said.

    The triple jump was about to start, so all three of us shut up and watched it.

    At the end of the day, ol' Kenny boy did not take the gold so my responsibility to suck him off never materialized. I was a little sad that I would not be having a go with a triple jumper today, but it was all good. There'd be others, I was sure.

    Me and the Leeman boys had a blast for the rest of the day. There were some really good races. And the triple jump wasn't too bad either. At the end of the day, the three of us even managed to scamper onto the field at the end so that Danny could introduce us to a couple of college coaches he had met on his recruitment tour. While there was virtually no hope of me getting a college scholarship to run track but for both Danny and David that was another story. And Danny, well he just seemed to know everybody. So I just sort of went with the flow and allowed Danny to talk and talk and talk.

    In the car on the way home, we were quiet for a while. Half the time I was thinking about how I was probably going to like going to university. The other half I was thinking about this new higher plane of friendship I had achieved with the Leeman brothers. I stared out the back window. It was beginning to get dark and I couldn't see the inside of the cars in the lanes next to ours.

    Danny interrupted the silence. "Hey TJ, sorry about that thing with Kenny," he said.


    "I'm sorry things didn't work out. I know you were looking forward to it. Shit! I would've been."

    "Um thanks, don't worry Danny. I'm okay," I said.

    "So I'm gonna make up for it."

    "You are. How are you gonna do that Danny?" I asked.

    "I'm gonna let you suck my dick instead."

    "Um thank you, that's really nice of you," I said.

    "Only thing is, you've only got like ten minutes until we get off the freeway, so you'll have to hurry."

    "I'll have to hurry?"

    "You know, to get me off." Danny wiggled himself between the seats and joined me in the back.

    "Danny, what the fuck?" I said. I watched helplessly as Danny slid his pants and his underwear down the floor. He had a big boner and I couldn't keep my eyes off it, even in the darkness of the car. "David, help me out here," I pleaded.

    "No way dude," David said with a laugh. "When it comes to my brother's cock, I know better than to try and get in the way. Work your magic, TJ, that's the only way we're going to get Danny to shut up!"

    "You're a very wise man bro," Danny said to the front seat. Placing his hands behind my head, Danny forced my face toward his dick and I put up only a show of resistance. Danny's dick smelled musky. It lay like a really fat hot dog just a little off center from his belly button.

    "Do it TJ, remember, the quicker you suck him off, the quicker he shuts his trap," David said.

    I stopped fighting Danny's strong hands. The truth was I wasn't really such a reluctant participant at all. I was glad to suck his cock. It just felt funny to be doing this while his brother drove the car up front.

    "That's right, TJ, do it. You know you want it," Danny said.

    I took Danny's dick into my mouth and tasted a full day's worth of sweat and testosterone. Involuntarily I moaned as I realized how nicely the steep curve of Danny's dick seemed to fit into the back of my throat. I got a tongue-full of pre-cum and Danny shoved me down further onto his rod.

    "So what do you think amigo? Taste good?"

    I managed an 'um hmm' with my mouth full. After a minute or so of sucking on Danny's dick, I added my hands. Danny seemed to like the extra friction.

    From the front seat, David shot me a 'thumbs up.' Being his twin, I'm sure that David was far too familiar with all of the little sounds his brother made, particularly those when he was getting closer to an orgasm.

    Danny started bucking his hips. From the front, David seemed to sense his twin brother's rhythmic breathing.

    "He's almost ready to pop TJ," David said. "Unless you want a mouthful of thousands of little Dannies, you'd better pull your lips off."

    Danny gripped the hair on my head more forcefully. "Don't you move a fucking muscle TJ! I'm gonna impregnate your throat!"

    David laughed. I gagged. And Danny came a ton. I sucked Danny totally dry. I'd never been too crazy about cum in my mouth but somehow this just tasted good. It had been a crazy 24 hours or so, and I'd been kind of on the brink of sex the whole time. So Danny's semen was no big deal. Danny lapsed into that immediate, super sensitive state that always happened right after you got off. He tried to move his hips away from face, but I held him tight. So I kept it up, sucking forcefully on the tip of his cock. Danny shuddered, but he seemed to love it all the same. Somehow I sensed that this was not going to be the last time that I had Danny's cock in my mouth.

    Danny seemed totally spent when we finally got out of the car at his parents' house. We were just in time for dinner, David reminded us, as we collected our bags. I wasn't staying, but they offered.

    As I pulled my bike out of their garage, I couldn't help but notice that David's shorts failed to hide a pretty obvious hard-on. I smiled at David and he looked away quickly. Caught. Danny noticed me checking out his brother's crotch and slapped me on the back with a grin.

    "The Leeman boys are full of surprises, aren't we amigo? First you think he's straight, then you think he's gay, then..." Danny said, laughing.

    I laughed too. Who the fuck knows? I jumped on my bike and rode off.

    The door at the front of the New Haven police station opened up and Max walked back inside. It was hard to say how long he'd been walking around outside. Certainly plenty of time for Max to be able to get himself into some trouble. I looked up at the old clock on the wall. Officer Ruggazione was 45 minutes late.

    "TJ, I just two of the most hottest guys ever just walk into the side door of the building. They were both wearing work-out wear. It was matching to each other," Max said excitedly.

    "Um, yeah, so?" I asked.

    "Well do you think they work here?"

    "How would I know, Max?"

    "Because they did not use the front door," Max explained, pointing to the revolving door that he had just come through. "Maybe that was an employee entrance or something?"

    "Maybe," I said.

    I thought for a moment. "Was one of them dark haired, tall, thin, you know? With perfect teeth? Hair sort of messed up?"

    "Yes, I almost died and went directly to heaven! I have fallen in love!" Max responded.

    David and I giggled. Hmm. I wonder if Ruggazione was late for our appointment because he was just getting back from a morning session at the gym. Oh well, we'd know soon enough.

    "I must meet this police office," Max said.

    "Officer," David and I said together.

    "I think you will, Max, very soon."

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Spike I can't help but marvel at how, through your writing, you draw me into believing I am truly another person in the group with TJ, Danny, David or Max. I have so enjoyed all your TJ series and the flashbacks to Apple Valley bring those memories of past episodes back so clearly. Thank you!

    Soon, I hope to hear of Danny's safe return to the fold. Maybe even with his "captor." Knowing Danny, he'd make the best of the situation and accept his new friend as a buddy.

    In the mean time, thank you for sharing all these stories with us and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.


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    Re: Lost in New England

    Spike, Buddy!

    Your intertwining the Present with the Past, so seamlessly, is certainly a work of Art!

    Though I thought I had read all of what had happened in Apple Valley before, your introduction of Kenny was a welcome surprise!

    Too bad TJ didn't realize having some Fun with him, too!

    Back to current day happenings. I'm not all that sure how "Lucky" our guys might be with the cops. Though that might prove to be interesting, I'm thinking the main focus should be rescuing Danny!

    Then again ... well ... No Matter What ... as the Leeman twins seem to exude ...

    Keep Smilin'!!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Amazing Spike ! I am so glad you are back !

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    Re: Lost in New England

    Spike, I believe I have read all your stories about TJ and his friends. You are an amazing storyteller that keeps me hooked and totally absorbed once I start reading. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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