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    Trying to identify uk film/tv show from scene description

    I was watching random videos on Youtube and came across a scene from a UK show or movie. It was a skinny white guy and a guy of who could be of Middle Eastern descent. They're in an apartment. One guy tells the other to lift his shirt over his head and when he's done that he tells him to leave it there and then unbuckles his pants. They kiss and the Middle Eastern guy caresses the other's tattoos. They have sex on a mattress on the floor and the top keeps asking what's it feel like. In fact, I found someone who aped the scene pretty much word for word on another web site.

    I know it's probably impossible but it's frustrating me so badly that I can't stand it. It's also not on my Youtube or browser history for some reason.

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    Re: Trying to identify uk film/tv show from scene description

    Only took me like three days to find it. It's a short film from Boys on Film 4. Wow.

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