I was watching a you tube video over at a friendís house today and it got me wondering about something. When was the last time I saw a good urban horror film? I remember Def by Temptation in the 80ís, then Candyman, Tales from the Hood, and Beloved in the 90ís. Bones is the only one I can remember that came in the 2000ís. Canít seem to recall any since then.

In the you tube video, the guy talked about taking some of horrorís biggest icons and putting an urban spin on them. He did Halloween and it actually sounded interesting. If you want to check it out I put the link to his channel below. It should be the first video. Be warned. The thing is almost 47 minutes long because he tells the idea like a story. So if you got the time itís worth checking out.


And now, the trailer from the last urban horror movie I saw that completely boggled my mind and below that is the you tube guy's teaser for his Halloween.