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Thread: Dad & Me

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    Dad & Me

    Here's a short story from a forthcoming novel called "Mick's Tales". Lot's more novels available from me for the Kindle. But this one is just for just us boys!

    Dad was always keen on his jaguar car. He took great pride in it, always washing and polishing the grey bodywork. I woke up Sunday morning having stayed over at Dad's the Saturday night when we watched movies and drank Dad's whiskey.

    I was feeling groggy, but Dad had thoughtfully left a glass of fresh orange juice on the bedside table. His side of the bed was empty with the sheet turned down. I barely remembered going to bed and pushing my sheet off, I noticed I was down to my briefs. Dad must have stripped me off, before putting me in the spare side of his bed. Spare since my mother had left him last year.

    I drank the refreshing juice and felt a bit more awake. I got up, my head spinning. Stepping over to the window, the bright sunlight streamed in onto my chest. Down on the drive Dad was washing his car. Soap-sud flecks lay on his naked shoulders. Dad's khaki shorts were splashed with soap and water. My Dad was a handsome late thirties man, still fit looking.

    He paused and lifting the dripping, soapy sponge, he wiped the back of his forehead, water trickling down his defined, smooth chest. He glanced up through squinting eyes at the window and seeing me, he waved and called up for me to come down to give him a hand.

    I opened the window and called down "I'll need to get dressed first." Gesturing to my canary yellow briefs that were all I was wearing.

    "It's OK nobody can see!" Dad gestured to the secluded drive that was not overlooked by any other house. "Give us a hand and shower up afterwards." He said.

    I laughed. Dad had a habit of being fun and somewhat naughty. I closed the window and skipped down the stairs, my nineteen year old body waking up with every step. The fresh air as I stepped out of the door, made my chest and legs tingle.

    "Sleep OK?" Dad said, throwing the sponge at me which landed against my chest with a splat. I picked it up and flung it back hitting Dad on his shorts, right on his marriage tackle. Dad laughed.

    I reached into the soapy bucket and found another sponge. We set to work wiping Dad's Jag. The sun was quite hot and the car's paintwork was warm. It was an invigorating workout.

    Once Dad was happy that we'd lathered all of it. He grabbed the hose-pipe and flicked on the jet of water, splashing the soap off it and onto my body. "Dad!" I objected, leaping away.

    "Don't be such a sissy!" Dad laughed and turned the hose full on me. "Your girlfriend is a lucky girl!" He nodded approvingly at the wet bulge in my briefs. "But if you are a girly woos like that she'll find a better man!" He laughed, knowing that I knew he approved of my body and my sex life.

    I yelped as the cold water ran off my chest. My yellow briefs clung wetly to me and I stepped around the car and grabbed the hose, before Dad could stop me. I turned it on him and his face gulped at the jet of water which bounced off and down his broad chest.

    Laughing, between us we managed to wash off the soap, while we ourselves were sodden.

    "Take a shower first and then I'll take my turn." Dad said. We padded and dripped into the house, our wet feet cushioned in the thick carpet. I skipped upstairs feeling fully awake now. Dad was following behind.

    I went into the bathroom and pulled my reluctant, clinging briefs off. The shower was warm and I lathered up my hands and cleaned my arms, chest and legs. Taking some more soapy suds, I washed my tackle that Dad had approved off in his banter. I had to admit I had a good cock. It was thick and floppy, even when slack. I soaped my shaft and balls and slid my foreskin back to clean my glans.

    "Stop jerking off and get that shower finished!" I heard my Dad's voice outside the shower glass. I laughed, my Dad was so funny and I loved his frankness. I quickly rinsed off my body, flicked my foreskin back and opening the glass door, stepped out in front of Dad.

    He gave a wolf-whistle of approval and his eyes looked me up and down. "I bet you do that with all the boys!" I joked, grabbing a towel and covering my lower regions.

    I slipped past him, hearing his Khaki shorts come down his legs behind me. I left the bathroom with a second towel to dry myself.

    In Dad's bedroom, I dried myself off, looking at the double bed that we had shared. I could scarcely believe my mother had left Dad. He was such fun and really fit for his age. Surely he was still a good fuck? Yet she had left him for a younger model. A guy more my age!

    Dad was right about my girlfriend, she liked my package, but what he didn't know was that I shared it around a bit. I was as much into boys and girls. Sex is sex after all and an erection is an erection, whatever gender it is rubbing against.

    I dried myself, but my canary briefs were too wet to put back on. I wrapped the towel around myself and put my briefs on the sunny windowsill to dry.

    Dad came in suitably covered by a towel and rubbing his hair with another. "Can you give my shoulder on of your massages?"

    I hesitated. I was training to be a masseur and learning to do it with young guys like myself was one thing, but your Dad?

    "Or do you reserve them only for your girlfriend?" he grinned.

    It was true I did practice on my girlfriend but it always led to heavy sex. In class we guys often got excited and it had led to some hot stuff. But your Dad?

    I was always up for a challenge, so I said, "Lie face down on the bed."

    Dad skipped around to his side and lay face down. I stood beside his shoulder "Which one is it?"

    "The left." I was standing on his right. "I think I put it out washing the car.

    I reached down and over his broad back to his left shoulder. I pressed and Dad moaned pleasurably. Touching Dad's flesh was weird, but I did my best to be professional. I could feel the tightened muscle.

    Reaching down from a standing position was difficult. I tried kneeling, but then reaching over to his left shoulder was a stretch.

    "I just need to get into a good position." I said, standing up and deciding to straddle Dad's waist.

    I cocked my left knee over him and put my right to the side of his right hip. "That's better." I said, setting to work with both hands on his shoulders.

    "That feels good, son!" Dad's voice purred and I got into the rhythm, forgetting that it was my father's body beneath me. My hands worked hard and I couldn't help but admire my Dad's physique.

    "You're in good shape for an old man!" I said, working my hands down the sides of his spine.

    "Cheeky rascal!" Dad laughed.

    I couldn't help myself. Flesh is flesh and Dad's flesh was very pleasant, resulting in a growth under my towel. Getting a hard-on over your father was weird! I leaned forward to press back up and into his shoulders, and my erection lightly pressed to the tight towel on his buttocks. I quickly lifted off, praying Dad hadn't felt my hard cock.

    "I'm not your girlfriend, soppy!" Dad laughed.

    "Sorry Dad." I said "Do you want me to stop?"

    "No but keep that cock off me. Shift further down and do my back." Dad chuckled.

    I happily slid myself down the bed so that my crotch was hovering above the backs of his parted knees and worked his back.

    "You have a good touch, son. Like a whore!" He laughed.

    "And what would you know about whores, old man!" I joked back.

    "More than a whippersnapper like you!" He quipped. He lifted his bum and flicked the towel off his backside.

    Seeing the globes of Dad's buttocks was shocking, but I tried to stay cool. It seemed to me Dad was testing me to see how professional I could be as a masseur.

    His suntan was even down his back and over his large round bum-cheeks. "You sunbathe in the nude! You naughty man!" I laughed.

    "Since your mother left, there's nobody to see me. I can do what I like." He gave an ironic chortle.

    "You have a firm, well-defined body, Dad." I said, sliding my hands down his back and pressing into the small of his back.

    "Damn, that feels good, son!" Dad sighed.

    "Is there any lotion in the house, to moisten your skin?" I said, noticing my voice had become croaky over the intimacy.

    "I my bedside cabinet." Dad sighed, lost in the pleasure of my touch.

    I slipped off the bed and opened his drawer. There was a porn mag, a vibrator and some body lotion. I almost gasped out loud at the peek into Dad's private world that I was getting. Still a man had to do whatever, once his wife left him. I took out the lotion and pretended I hadn't seen the rest.

    Dad was still lying face down on the bed, naked as a baby. I noticed my towel was tenting out embarrassingly and becoming slack around my waist. I flicked it open quickly before Dad moved and my stiff cock bounced and nodded towards my father's nakedness. I quickly drew the towel back around me and firmed up the tuck at my waist, to make myself as decent as my hard cock would allow.

    My heart was pounding as I knelt again on the bed, either side of Dad's calves. I smeared the lotion and went to work on his shoulders. My slippery hands skidded and my fingers pressed manfully.

    "Oh my god!" Dad sighed.

    My hands slid down his back and hesitated before kneading into his firm buttocks.

    "Jesus!" Dad moaned. "You're good son! I bet that girlfriend of yours loves this!" He chuckled.

    "I get no complaints!" I said.

    "I bet you don't. God that's lovely!" He sighed while I kneaded his two buttocks like bread dough. I couldn't stop myself imagining those buns pounding away twenty years ago to conceive me.

    I trickled some lotion into the top of his crack and Dad chuckled, parting his legs to let it run into the exposed crack. The sides of his calves pressed against the insides of my knees and suddenly the whole thing took up a more sexual dimension.

    "You like that Dad?" I whispered as my forefinger followed the trickle of lotion into his crack. I ran it up and down the length of his slit.

    "Oh, yes son, wonderful!" Dad gasped.

    Dad's legs parted further, pressing my knees hard. He was inviting me in. My finger did what Daddy wanted.

    "Oh my god!" he sighed when the tip of my finger touched his hole. "Yes son! Fuck me with your finger!"

    I didn't need a second invitation, but slid my digit in past his tight entrance. "Oh Dad!" I whispered.

    "My darling son!" He whispered back. I circled my finger around and pushed in until my knuckles were pressed to him. I pulled out and he gasped "Yes!" I plunged two fingers deep into Dad's hot hole.

    My other two fingers tickled below his crack and Dad lifted himself off the bed to get me deeper inside, while my other fingers tickled the underneath of his scrotum.

    I pressed my knees against this calves and with my left hand I felt underneath to his exposed testicles, while finger fucking him with my right hand.

    "God that's good, son" Dad gasped as I smeared lotion over his loosely hanging balls.

    It felt deliciously naughty to be fondling my own father. Naughty but delightful.

    "We should stop!" Dad suddenly said as if coming to his parental senses. He pulled his backside off my fingers and rolled over, trying to extricate his legs from mine. His penis thwacked up against his belly and his eyes startled down to the tented bulge of my towel.

    Before he could object any more I pushed one hand on his belly and the other to flatten his legs. I slowly, teasingly lowered my face.

    "No son, no, please don't!" he begged unconvincingly until my tongue tickled the tight pucker of his foreskin.

    No, no! Yes!" he gasped when I opened my lips and sucked him in. "Oh god!" He murmured.

    Dad tasted lovely! His tip was leaking salty sweetness, just like it would have done when he made me. I sucked and slurped all over my Dad.

    "Let me see you." He whispered while his hand softly stroked the back of my head.

    I knelt up astride his hips and his flushed face watched as I slowly undid my towel and revealed myself to him.

    "Of son, it is magnificent!" Dad said while my nine inches bobbed up and down in front of him to rest in a strong horizontal position. His hands stoked the sides of my thighs as if fearing to touch his son's erection. I lowered myself until my cock touched his and my mouth opened to his lips. We kissed softly, then passionately. Then Dad's hands clasped my buttocks, hungrily pulling me down hard onto him.

    His mouth opened and allowed my tongue entry. Kissing Dad was like nothing I had experienced before, as if I had finally come home to the source that had created me. His tongue darted back entering my mouth and Dad suddenly became the assertive male. He rolled me over and pressed himself to me, hurling his mouth at mine again, while his tongue raped my mouth.

    He rocked his hard erection against mine, father and son in an undreamed of intimacy.

    He ripped his mouth off mine and showered my neck with kisses, quickly moving down my supine body, hands and lips caressing all of me. Soon he was at my pubes and his tongue raped into them, while his hands held my erection straight up between his fingers. He pulled his head back and sighed, "Oh son, it is magnificent!"

    His tongue licked slowly, adoringly, up every inch of me. He pursed his lips and pushed my foreskin back, just as if I was entering a woman's fanny or another boy's arse. Dad's tongue rasped over my exposed, wet glans and hi swarm mouth welcomed his son.

    "Oh Dad!" I gasped, ruffling my hand through his hair. "Suck me, suck my big hard cock!" Dad did so manfully.

    I'd been sucked many times, but being sucked by the man who had made me was exciting beyond any other experience.

    "Oh, my darling son!" Dad sighed as he lifted his mouth off me. "I love you!"

    "I love you too Dad!" I sighed, lying heavily back on his marital bed. "Let me suck your cock, again, Dad."

    "Are you sure?" Dad asked, while his rock-hard erection twitched over mine.

    "Please Dad!" I pleaded.

    Dad swung around and his big cock hung over my face while his mouth went back to work on mine. I was excited beyond endurance and licked my tongue up to the wrinkly pucker of the tip of his foreskin. Pre-cum glistened in the opened fold. Dad tasted sweet and salty. He sighed his mouth over my cock and lowered his crotch to my face. I swallowed Dad in, my tongue pressing hard to the foreskin-encased head that had fathered me.

    My hands clasped his firm, curvy buttocks that had twitched and thrust in the making of me tenty years ago. Now they thrust and fucked my face. I put my hands to his hips and lifted him up, so that my lips slithered over his stretched foreskin. I tightened my mouth to a small hole and pushed his buttocks. Dad groaned as his helmet slid out of his foreskin-purse to fill my mouth.

    Dad was big and hard and magnificently manly. His mouth was slurping and swallowing expertly over my cock as if worshipping the man he had made. For my part, I sucked and took many inches of his thick cock, the cock which had created me.

    Father and son perfectly united. We sucked and worshipped and I felt my desire climax deep inside my loins. "Da…" I tried to warn him of my manly explosion. But my Dad just moaned on my cock and sucked while his buttocks tensed mightily under my hands.

    His seed showered inside my mouth while mine did in his and father and son, boy and man fired their globs of lust down each other's throats. Dad sucked and swallowed like the expert that I was and my head swooned at the unimaginable reality of my Daddy loving me, his son, in the most intimate, perfect way.

    We gasped and sighed, sucked and swallowed, stroked and caressed, knowing we had completely united as only a loving father and adoring son could do. And knowing we would do so again in our perfect manly love.
    I have several gay/erotic books published on Amazon and lots of free stories.
    Contact: by PM
    My Blog page: http://richardpetersbooks.blogspot.co.uk/

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    Re: Dad & Me

    Very well written and really exciting! Do you have more samples to show us, please? Thanks.

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    Re: Dad & Me

    Glad you enjoyed it! I have more on my Blog (in my signature) and have released several others on here. They should be available from my profile.
    I have several gay/erotic books published on Amazon and lots of free stories.
    Contact: by PM
    My Blog page: http://richardpetersbooks.blogspot.co.uk/

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