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    Hard Drive Fail - Need help with recovery!

    Hi all,

    So I might be having a hard drive issue with my desktop where some of my porn is at; however, I can't tell if the symptoms are pointing to a problem with the computer or something else.

    After computer boots (and it seems to boot up fine), the system just seems to hang. When I try to open up Windows Explorer, it seems to still be able to read but it just now takes forever.

    There's no clicking or weird noises of any kind so hopefully it's not mechanical issues or phyical damage to the drive.

    ****Funny thing is: this actually happened before; however, after a few days of the computer being off, I turned it on and everything was back to normal.

    Anyway, assuming the hard drive is no longer working at its best, what are my options for recovery? There's lots of porn I have procrastinated in getting backed up and would like to save it LOL.

    Does anyone know any data recovery firms in the US that uhh... will turn a blind eye to the hundreds of gigs of gay porn I have on there?

    Or hell, is there anyone on the forums that knows how to recover data? I will PAY you and you can copy all of my porn for yourself if you'd like.

    LOL, this can potentially be VERY embarrassing!

    Thanks for the advice in advance!

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    Re: Hard Drive Fail - Need help with recovery!

    Off hand it sounds more like a virus/Trojan than a hard drive failure.

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    Re: Hard Drive Fail - Need help with recovery!

    speaking as someone who does data recovery for a living... we don't really care what's on the drive. while I could see file names if I wanted to, I rarely see anything other than #'s (file count, data size, write speed) unless a client asks us for a specific file (and I *have* had some interesting requests from some of our porn client sites over the years)

    your issues don't sound like a bad drive, though (if anything, maybe a CPU that's overheating or bad RAM). can you boot into safe mode? that could be a good way of determining if your problems are hardware or software (virus, trojan, etc)

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    Re: Hard Drive Fail - Need help with recovery!

    You could try downloading Linux off the Internet and creating a Live CD on an optical disc (or on a USB stick - this would be preferable because its much faster/reliable) and running the Linux directly off the USB (or an optical drive) without actually installing it on the computer.

    Doing this, you could try accessing the data on your HDD (if there's nothing mechanically wrong with it) and backing it up to an external USB HDD with sufficient capacity.
    After that, you can do a full wipe of the HDD and install Windows on it.

    But... if you will do a fresh Windows install, I suggest you partition the HDD into 2 parts.
    The C partition should only be for installed programs and OS (about 100G GB large), while the D partition can be used for downloads, various files (media, porn, whatever).

    If installing Win 7, you could repartition the HDD right before installing it (using a Custom install, not an Upgrade), or you can use any other partition tool for it.

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    Re: Hard Drive Fail - Need help with recovery!

    Backups, backups, backups. Better now than never.

    Even if your harddrive will work again, I'd check it with a S.M.A.R.T. tool. It shows if your harddrive has bad sectors, is overheating and all that.
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