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    Orient-bears news

    Please visit the link,read the profile,come back here and leave me your opinion:


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    Re: Orient-bears news

    Visit cam4 profile: seferberk

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    Re: Orient-bears news

    C'mon guys.....94 views for this thread and no one to exchange comments about this.I would love to read your opinions about this guy and then i will give you mine about who he really is.

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    Re: Orient-bears news

    I think he's definitely a handsome guy and the fact he's friends (more like fuck buddies) with Sefer, who I have had a crush on for some time now, is really hot. If there was a way I could have the 3some with the both of them, I would die a happy man.
    I see that he's had a pretty recent show, I want to try to catch him when he's on, I really don't have the time or the patience to be sitting around waiting for him, and plus I usually feel really awkward in those cams rooms anyway. I wander if there a way to see a saved recording or something.
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    Re: Orient-bears news

    Revenge thanks for your feedback...what i suspect is this guy in cam4 under that profile is in reality the photographer of all those gorgeous Turkish Bears,teh real owner of orient Bears sites;therefore ,he is the one who can answer all our questions.

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    Re: Orient-bears news


    If I might very humbly state, I think the site needs to be reorganized and updates into a more streamlined, user-friendly website. Also, PayPal should be utilized in order for customers to be able to purchase videos/photos.

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