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    Your Favorite GAY Dating Sites

    Hi people!

    I used to love but recently I got the restriction that does not allow me to see other guys' photos.....the same happened on a few years ago and on those sites are dead to me!
    Now I am using has a great search engine and the photos are big........ there even are some videos.

    So please share your opinion about your favorite gay dating sites and their assets !

    P.S. .....btw I still love useful sites like:
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    Re: Your Favorite GAY Dating Sites

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    Re: Your Favorite GAY Dating Sites

    If you use the phone app version of Daddyhunt called "Mister", you can view the photos.

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    Re: Your Favorite GAY Dating Sites

    Yeah is the place where I found the love of my life, but I also remember it that used to provides a poor quality photos.......

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