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Thread: As Told By Kendall

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    As Told By Kendall

    Chapter 1

    The most embarrassing thing to ever happen in the history of ever just happened to me! This could effect my whole reputation at college and since I just started my freshman year, I don't really have much of one. What just happened could be a defining moment for my life, probably for the worse!

    Okay so I was probably over reacting there, at least a little bit. But before I delve on into that embarrassing moment, I should probably tell you about me. My name is Kendall Winters and I'm a freshman at Claybourne College. Claybourne is a tiny college in the middle of California. It's the perfect college for me. It's a small college in a small town that reminds me of home which is about and two hours north, a town called Highland Falls. I'm 18 years old, stand about 5'6 with an average build. I have light brown hair that I part on the far left side of my head and swoop over to the right and I have green eyes.

    It's mid-September now so I've been here for a couple weeks and I already had a nice group of friends. First of is my roommate, Ethan Creswell. He's 5'11, short blonde hair and blue eyes and an athletic build. I didn't think we would get along from what I saw on his Facebook profile but we've become really good friends. Then there is the girl who lives across the hall from us, Paige Gordon. She's about 5'7, straight brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. She looks like a typical Cali girl, fit and gorgeous. And rounding out our group is Blair Killian. Blair is another California beauty. Her skin seems to always be freshly sun kissed which goes good with her blonde hair and green eyes. Blair stands about 5'5 and is what I'd call petite.

    Ethan and I met Paige on the first day of classes. All of us have class at 8 on Monday mornings and we bumped in to Paige as we left. The three of us walked out of our building together.

    "So where are you guys headed?" Paige asked.

    "First class for me is in Alumni," Ethan replied

    "I'm going to Sandage," I said

    "Oh I'm headed to Sandage too!" Paige exclaimed "What class?"

    "Introduction to Geography with Professor Greger."

    "Me too! It's good to know that I will at least know one person in the class."

    "Well this looks like where we part ways," Ethan said looking toward the left. "See you guys later."

    We waved good bye to Ethan and continued on our way to class. Along the way we made small talk although I wasn't really paying attention to it. My mind kept wandering to how happy I was to be here. I was really excited to come down to Claybourne. It meant that first time in my life I would be in a place where nobody knew me and I didn't know anyone else. Back home, I went from nursery school to senior year with all of the same kids plus or minus a few who moved in or away. This was my first time with a fresh start where no one knew about my past. Since it was such a small school, I knew that no one else from my graduating class came down here. At least thatís what I thought until I walked into my geography class.

    There he sat. In the second row from the door sat the last person from high school I ever wanted to see, my ex boyfriend Bryan Thomson. We dated for about seven months during my senior year and he broke up with me in May, just after graduation. I can't believe he was here! The last I knew Bryan had some deal to play tennis for UCLA. But apparently that wasn't happening because there he was right in front of me. He must have heard the door open and looked up because he was looking at right at me.

    "Hey Ken!" he said with a big smile. Bryan was the only person that I ever allowed to call me Ken.

    "Hi," I replied and turned to go towards the back of the room.

    "Don't you want to sit next to your friend? He's cute!" Paige whispered as we took our seats next to each other. Bryan was in the second row of the classroom and I was directly three behind him.

    "No. We'll talk later," I said.

    The class didn't last long. Mr. Greger merely passed out a syllabus and talked about what to expect in the class and what he expected from us. The class didn't seem like it was going to be too bad which was good since it was to be at eight oíclock in the morning. Mr. Greger asked if we had any questions and when no one raised their hand he dismissed us. It was just a little past eight-thirty. Everyone gathered their things and walked out from the room. As Paige and I left, Bryan was right there waiting for me.

    "Can I talk to you?" he asked. I turned to look at Paige and she seemed to understand something was up between Bryan and me.

    "Lunch at noon?" she asked me. I nodded and she walked on down the hallway. Bryan and I stayed put in the hall.

    "Hey Ken," he said, again using his special name for me.

    "Hey Bry," I replied. Why did I have to call him that? His full name just was not able to come out of my mouth. Old habits die hard.

    "You look good," Bryan said after looking me up and down. I should, I thought, I had gotten slimmer and tanner since we last saw each other. Thatís what happens when you spend all summer outside and eating as little as possible. Depression may have played a role in that last part.

    "Thanks," I replied looking down trying to hide the small smile that came across my face. After all this time, he could still get me to smile. "So do you." That part was actually true. Bryan had an athletic build, he wasn't bulging with muscles but he certainly had them in the right places. He had grown out his dark brown hair this summer and now it started to cover the tops of his ears. And I could still swim in his blue eyes.

    This was torture.

    "So?" he says running his hand through his hair.

    "What did you want to talk about Bryan?" I asked. I didn't really have anything to talk to him about.

    "I bet youíre curious about why I'm here?" he chuckled

    "Yeah I guess," I replied nonchalantly trying to hide the fact that that was all I thought about in class.

    "Scholarship issues; UCLA decided to give me a full ride for only two years for tennis and then see about the other two based on how well I did. Claybourne offered me all four years. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse."

    "That makes sense," I said. After standing awkwardly in the hallway silent for a few minutes I decided it was time to go. "Well, I've got to get going. Guess I'll see ya in class." I turned and started walking down the hall.

    "See you later, Kendall."

    At noon I met Paige for lunch. I could tell while we were getting our food that she was anxiously waiting to know what happened earlier. As soon as we sat down at a table, she couldn't wait any longer.

    "So what was up between you and that guy? I could definitely feel some tension in the air," she said sitting down.

    "That was Bryan. He's my ex-boyfriend," I replied

    "I'm assuming by the look on your face when we walked in that he was the last person you were expecting or wanted to see."

    "Yeah, he broke up with me after graduation because he was going to school at UCLA and 'didn't want to do long distance'."

    "But now he's here."

    "Yeah, I guess Claybourne offered a better deal for him to play tennis than UCLA did." I think Paige could sense that this was a subject I didn't want to stay on so she dropped it and brought up another random topic.

    Flash forward a few weeks to the really embarrassing, life altering thing that I mentioned earlier. Paige and I stayed in Sandage Hall that day for lunch since they had a small food place in the basement. I don't know why we didn't leave; I guess neither of us felt like walking. We each grabbed a deli sandwich from the counter and a thing of tater tots. I got a fork because I hate having greasy fingers from the tots.

    We decide to not sit at any of the tables in the basement so we rode the elevator up to the second floor. Up there are the high tables with the chairs you basically have to jump in to sit in them. The tables are all about 5 feet apart and at the moment hardly any are taken. We decide to take one next to this cute blonde guy. His hair was a nice length, not too long but not to short either. And you could tell that this guy didn't have a fear of gyms. I sat in the chair against the wall, the same as the blonde guy at his table, and Paige takes the chair that looks in his direction.

    "You know who that guy is, don't you?" she whispered excitedly

    "No. Should I?" I asked glancing in his direction.

    "That's Greyson James. He's a junior and the star quarterback of our football team!"

    "Cool" I say as we begin to eat. Greyson was really cute. A while has passed and we are sharing stories of our past lives. I stab a tater tot with my fork as I go on with my tale. I talk with my hands and as I throw my arms out, I accidentally throw the fork holding a tater tot. I look over and it has landed right in the lap of Greyson James! I can't believe that I just threw my fork at someone, much less probably the most popular guy on campus! How embarrassing! I hop down of my chair and go over to him.

    "I am so sorry!" I say, "It accidentally flew out of my hand."

    "No problem," he replied. Gosh his voice was nice and deep, very sexy. "But if you wanted to ask if I wanted a tater tot you could have come over and ask instead of throwing one at me." A smile came across his lips as he chuckled at his joke.

    "Oh..um..did you want a tater tot?" I asked

    "Thought you'd never ask," he replied taking my fork off his lap and eating the tater tot off of it and then handing me the fork.

    "Ok..um..bye" I said walking back to my table.

    So, I probably did over exaggerate just how bad that situation was but it was one of the most embarrassing and weird things to ever happen to me.

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    Re: As Told By Kendall

    Well, that's one way to make friends......throw a tater tot at them... I like the start of this new story, accord. Look forward to more.


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    Re: As Told By Kendall

    That was a great start to what promises to be a great story!

    As a mere Brit, I was unaware of what a 'tater tot' was, so I sought a photo and description on the web to solve the mystery! Yet another way to prepare and eat the humble potato

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: As Told By Kendall

    Chapter 2

    The fork flinging incident happened on Monday. It is now Friday. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Besides from it being Friday, it seemed like today would also fall under that category. Ethan, Paige and I were just laying around my room. We weren't really doing much of anything but just being together. All of us were doing something on our phones with occasional conversation stemming from something we just read or a random thought to cross our minds. That's when Blair burst through the door.

    "Knock knock!" she exclaimed just walking in. She looked around and saw that all four of our little gang were present. "Fabulous you are all together! I jut found out the best thing ever! There is going to be a huge party tomorrow night at a house off campus. We have to go! Everyone who is anyone on this campus will be there! So clear your schedules bitches because we are going to party!"

    Clearly Blair was really excited for this party to happen. We haven't been to one since school started, which if you think about it was only about a few weeks ago. I look at Ethan and Paige to read their faces. They seem to be into Blair's new plans for our Saturday night. I have no objections to blowing off some steam.

    "Sounds perfect Blair." I respond, Ethan and Paige both nod in agreement.

    "Perfect! We'll get dinner at the cafeteria around 7, come back here for some last minute prep and be at the party around 9ish." she said. Blair was definitely a plan making kind of girl.

    It was suddenly Saturday night and Blair, Paige and I were getting ready for the party. Ethan had caught a nasty cold in the middle of the night and decided that it was best if he just stayed in bed tonight. I felt bad that he would be missing the first party of the semester but I would rather he get better than get me sick. Ethan did say that he had no problem dropping us off and picking us up when we needed to be. So around 9 o'clock Ethan's car pulled up to the party. Music could be heard outside and there were some people just chilling on the porch.

    "Just give me a call whenever" Ethan said as he pulled away. The three of us walked up to the front door and went inside. We stood in the entry for a little bit just taking it all in. It looked just like house parties on tv. There were a lot of people just talking to each other, I think there was a game going on in a room I couldn't see and there music was pumping.

    "Paige come with me to the bathroom." Blair said grabbing Paige's hand and heading down a hall. The way Blair moved it looked like she had been to this house so many times and not like a freshman in awe of her surroundings. "Stay around this area Kendall, we'll be back."

    That's what I did. I moved out of the doorway and found a wall close by to stand by. I didn't want to look stupid just looking at everyone else so I pulled my phone out and started to just mess around on it. In the corner of my eye I saw somebody walking my way. I looked up and Greyson James was standing right next to me.

    "Hey its Tater Tot!" he said

    "My name is actually Kendall" I reply

    "Kendall, I'm Greyson." he said holding out his hand. We shook hands. He has quite the grip! "Looks like you need a drink. Stay right here and I'll be right back."

    That line seemed to be the theme of the night. Kendall stay where you are and we'll come find you when we need you. A few minutes later Blair and Paige had returned.

    "Lets walk around and check it out." Paige said

    "I have to stay here." I respond "You remember that guy I threw a tater tot at on Monday? Well I was just talking to him and he said he was going to get me a drink and be right back."

    Right at that moment, Greyson walked up with two red solo cups. He handed me one, he cheersed me and we each took a drink.

    "Sorry ladies" Greyson said to Blair and Paige and then turned to me "I didn't realize that you had friends here."

    "You know what Blair, we need some drinks. Let's go get some." Paige said giving a smile which I knew meant she thought me and Greyson need to be alone.

    "Greyson it's your turn for beer pong!" a guy shouted around the corner

    "Ok, I'll be there in a sec!" he shouted back "So I know I just met you but my usual partner isn't here tonight, would be my partner for beer pong?"

    "Sure. But fair warning, I'm not very good"

    "No problem." and we head to the dinning room. There are a lot of people standing around the walls to watch the games. Some guys see Greyson and they give him a 'hey' or a high five. I'm just awkwardly walking behind him. I have no idea who any of these people are.

    We get to the table and start to play. Everyone plays beer pong a little differently and have certain house rules. This house rule was that the guy who gets the ball in the cup can decide which guy on the other team has to drink. The other team must sense I'm a freshman and make me drink every time. I hate beer and my face must have shown this. Greyson kept giving me sympathetic looks. We ended up losing the game.

    "I need another drink." I slur noticing my cup is empty. I go to pour vodka in my cup but Greyson stops me.

    "Beer before liquor and never sicker" he replies "I'll get you more beer if you want another drink." He fills my cup with the keg and hands it to me.

    "I hate beer" I murmur sitting on a near by couch. Greyson sits next to me. If he talks to me, I don't remember what he says. "Excuse me for a sec." I say standing up.

    I have to pee. The bathrooms on the main floor all have lines. I go up to the bedrooms. I open the first door and there is a guy laying on the bed with his legs dangling off the side. He looks up as I open the door.

    "Sorry" I say shutting the door

    "Kendall?" the guy asks. Suddenly I realize its Bryan.

    "Hey Bryan, I was just looking for a bathroom. I didn't mean to disturb you."

    "You're fine. Come sit by me." he replies sitting up and patting the spot next to him. I reluctantly go and join him. There is an awkward silence for a little bit.

    "I'm sorry Kendall. I shouldn't have ended things with you. That has probably been the worse decision I've ever made in my life. So I was"

    "I can't do this right now, Bryan." I interrupt.

    I stand up to go into the bathroom but Bryan grabs my hand and pulls me back on the bed. Before I can react, Bryan's lips are on mine and his hands are on my face. I forgot how soft his lips were. I find myself kissing him back. Being in his arms again just feels safe and familiar, like I belong here. Suddenly I get shocked back into reality and realize I'm making a mistake. I push myself away from Bryan.

    "I have to pee" I say walking out of the bedroom.

    I go back downstairs to where I left Greyson. Blair and Paige have joined him on the couch. It's obvious they are only sitting together because they are waiting for me.

    "I'm ready to go." I say. Blair says they just called Ethan and he is almost here. Paige suggests that we wait outside. I waive good bye to Greyson and the three of us head outside.

    What a party to start off my college experience.

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    Re: As Told By Kendall

    I don't think I would have left Greyson in the lurch.... Who know what could come of that... This is bringing back a few memories, accord, except I never played beer pong, but I do like a beer now and then. I'm going to like reliving the good times.


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