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Thread: Friday, finally

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    Friday, finally

    It was Friday, at last. It had been a long week, work was work at its worst and Matt was looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing but relaxing with John and the dog.

    After work he stopped at the grocer and picked up a couple nice pieces of tenderloin and a nice cabernet from the liquor store. The winter had been a cruel and cold one and into early March it was still well below normal temperatures. Matt was looking forward to the spring and not having to wear his winter boots, scrape off the ice on the car in the morning, or clear the driveway but he still loved spending a cozy night in with John when the winds where whistling outside.

    After trudging through the grocery store parking lot in below zero temperatures Matt started the car and shivered wishing the car to warm up quickly. As it did "Knife" by his favourite band Grizzly Bear came on the radio and he smiled and turned it up. He had been so busy at work that day, his mind preoccupied by one matter after another he felt himself relax as it was finally free to wander to more pleasurable thoughts. He thought of John, he thought of his touch, he imagined being grasped by his hands, he imagined the fullness he had gone without. John had been away intermittently on business and aside from a quickie Monday morning they hadn't really had time to make love in over two weeks. Matt snapped out of his thoughts and pulled the car from its space and made his way home.

    After a 20 minute drive down the country highway to their house outside town Matt pulled up the driveway and through the snow covered pines to his rural home. He always felt a release of tension as he arrived home and never regretted moving to the country for this very reason. He shook off his boots as he entered and was greeted by a very happy Dudley, his and John's 3 year old husky/collie mix. "Go on, do your business, little buddy" he said as he let the dog out. He placed the grocery bags on the counter and turned on the kitchen lights. It was 5:30, John wouldn't be home until 6:30 so Matt took a leisurely pace as he prepared dinner, had a glass of wine and listened to music. He chopped veggies, peeled some shrimp, and snacked on some kettle chips; his one vice.

    As the clock passed six he figured he better shower and cleaned up. After letting Dudley back in he went upstairs to the bathroom John and him had refinished last weekend. He smiled as he turned on the lights and thought about how he kept forgetting they had redone it. He opened the glass door to the shower and turned on the tap to let it warm up. He pulled off his dress shirt and work pants and slipped off his spandex long johns he was so tired of having to wear for the cold and lowered his thong and tossed it aside. After a quick douche with his syringe bulb he stepped in the shower and sighed as he felt the hot water pour over his scalp and down his body. Nothing better than a hot shower in the winter. He soaped up his slender body with body wash and couldn't help as his hands wandered about his body. His left washed down his stomach to his perenium and anus as his right began pinching and rubbing his nipple. He began running his finger and applying pressure to his anus and enjoyed the smooth texture of his recently waxed derriere. "Okay, enough" he thought to himself. John and him had agreed to avoid orgasming without one another. They both felt as though their sex life was stronger when they applied will power and saved themselves up for one another. This had been going on since December and their sex had been electric ever since. At least when John was in town and not away. Matt kept a dildo in his underwear drawer that he used when John was away but John had hid it on him much to Matt's amused frustration.

    After toweling off, Matt stepped into the bedroom and put on a new thong and his comfy pair of yoga pants and t-shirt and cardigan. He headed downstairs pulled out the electric grill and began to get the steaks ready. He could hear John's sedan pull up and the door open and close. John came in with his laptop bag and suitcase and with his best cliched voice announced "Honey I'm home!". "You're a dork" Matt laughed as he approached him in the doorway and wrapped his arms around him. "Missed you baby." John said as they held one another and smiled. "Who? Me?" Matt said coyly. They kissed. They kissed slowly and deeply with much love and intention and John's embrace grew tighter and warmer. They were home.

    Matt went back to the kitchen as John took off his coat and put his suitcase at the bottom of the stairs. "What's cooking?" John asked with an inquisitive smile. "Oh just a couple of the best pieces of tenderloin you've ever seen" Matt replied as he handed John a glass of wine and went back to the stove to fry the shrimp and veggies. "We haven't had a Friday together in 3 weeks but it feels longer" Said John as he came up behind Matt and placed his arms around him. Matt was tall at 5'11 but he always liked that John was taller at 6'3. He smiled as he felt John's arms around his waist and the soft kisses he was getting on his neck. John slipped a hand below the waist band of Matt's pants and groped his cheek and gave a little tug on the back of his thong. Matt sighed and grew flush as John's kisses bloomed on his neck. He loved wearing thongs and strings for this very reason, he loved being consicous of his anus and John knew and exploited this. "I've needed you so bad this week" John said quietly but with urgency has he squeezed Matt's buttock. "Mmm, likewise baby" purred Matt. Matt turned around with hazy lustful eyes smiled at John and kissed him and immediately dropped to his knees. John laughed "What are you doing?!" Matt eagerly unbuckled John's belt and pulled down his boxers just enough so that John's already hard cock could spring out. "Mmmm" Matt sighed as he ran his tongue quickly up the length of the shaft and took the head into his mouth. He felt like he imagined someone would if they had gone without water in the desert and came across an oasis. He savoured the taste of John's cock and panted with lust as he ran his tongue along the scrotum making slurping and sucking sounds, enjoying every second. John leaned against the granite counter top and moaned with relief as he gently ran his fingers through Matt's hair. And as quickly as he started Matt pulled the waistband of John's boxers back up over his member and stood up and with an evil grin said "Dinner's gonna burn". John laughed, "you're cruel!". Matt laughed in turn and said "You've waited all week, you can wait a little longer" even though he too was hard, cum hungry, his hole aching desperately with love burning inside.

    They ate and chatted and laughed. They talked about what they had been up to all week and what they had been reading. They talked about future vacation plans and things around the house they wanted to do this weekend. After finishing up dinner they cleaned up the kitchen, refilled their wine glasses and retired to the living room and stretched out on the couch. John laid in the chaise of their sectional couch and Matt curled up with his head on John's shoulder as they lazily watched TV. As Matt reached for his glass on the coffee table he winced as the shoulder that had been bothering him flared up. "Here, let me work my magic" said John as he turned up the fireplace and returned to the couch and worked his strong hands into a soothing massage of Matt's shoulder. "Oh, that feels wonderful, thanks sweetie". The evening drifted along gently and as the wine went down they both lulled into a state of happy carelessness. The week was behind them, they were together and they had the whole weekend to spend.

    Matt cooed, nuzzled up and laid his hands on John's chest and kissed John on the cheek. "I love you sweetheart" said John. "Love you always baby" Matt replied as John turned his face to meet Matts and kissed. The kiss bloomed further into a passionate synchronicity. John's left hand drifted down Matt's back and under his pants as he groped and fondled. Matt moaned gently as John's fingers plied his cheeks apart pushed his thong aside and began working and teasing his anus. Without breaking the kiss Matt undid John's pants and began lovingly massaging John's cock. John was so hard Matt couldn't help but feel his anticipation grow but he wanted to pace and enjoy every moment. As Matt drifted his head down to John's cock and taking it in with gentle licks and sucks John momentarily pulled his hand from Matt's rear to lick his middle finger and quickly returned it. "Mmmm" sighed Matt with cock in mouth, nestled cozily in a blanket as John began fingering his hole. As desperate as they were to climax they continued in this configuration for twenty minutes. Matt was sure to pace his sucking and licking so as to elevate John but not bring him over the edge who by now had two fingers deep inside Matt's eager insides. "Take off your pants sweetie" said John and Matt stood and complied but left his shirt and cardigan on. John laid down on the couch and grasped Matt's waist and drew his hips over his chest as Matt mounted him in a 69 position.

    And just like that, the world washed away. Matt happily went back to sucking his lover's erection as John kissed up his perineum to tenderly begin licking at Matt's tingling anus. "Ah, SO good" cooed Matt in between licks as he worshiped John's thick cut cock. John's tongue became more aggressive as Matt began involuntarily rocking back and forth wanting more. Breaching inwards John's tongue was masterful at conjuring Matt's lust as he sighed and cooed sucking and licking John joyfully. Matt was hard too and John tugged gently on him but knew Matt could orgasm easily in this state so he was careful not bring him over the edge. John ran his hands softly up and down Matt's back and vigorously kneaded his ass. Though they were in a meditative rhythm Matt felt the fire inside grow hotter as time went on and broke the spell. "Come on baby" said Matt as he stood and grabbed John's hand and pulled him upstairs to the bedroom with a brief stop to kiss.

    Matt turned on the bedside lamp and laid upon the duvet as John quickly removed the rest of his clothes. Matt too disrobed and curled up in John's strong arms. John reached in the bedside drawer and retrieved lubricant and placed a dollop on his right hand. Instinctively Matt spread his legs as he kissed John desperately while cradled in his arms and stroking his lover's cock. John massaged the lube around Matt's hole and steadily pushed in his two middle fingers while placing his palm on his perineum. Matt pushed back onto John's hand and began writhing. Moving his hand up and down and with a come hither motion Matt's already sparkling prostate came alight. "I can't do it anymore honey, I need you inside me. Please." John smiled and took another drop from the lubricant bottle and begin stroking his 8 inches with it. Without speaking he rolled Matt onto his back who lifted his thighs to his chest in anticipation.

    John gently cradled Matt's face with his left hand which Matt took to his mouth and began sucking on fingers and thumb already subtly moaning "Missed you so bad baby". With his right hand John rubbed the bulbous tip of his cut erection up and down from Matt's balls to his entrance. Up, down, up, down and then...he entered. Matt smiled in unbroken eye contact and pushed out to open for his lover and in one graceful motion John slid in, across the prostate and filled Matt with his hardness and heat. Matt gasped like he had been beneath water for a week. Fully entered, with his balls resting in the crevice at the top of Matt's buttocks John leaned in slowly and with foreheads and noses touching kissed him. Matt's legs resting on his muscular shoulders John cupped his face with his hands and Matt in awe, mouth open, eyes wide hands grasping firmly on John's triceps, was in an almost state of shock of his love. "I love you. I love you so much John" he couldn't think of anything else. With John inside him, the fullness was overwhelming, his body felt like there was a gentle tingle of loving electricity enveloping his entire body. "I'll always love you Matt" John with glowing kindness in his eyes smiled and said. John tenderly ran his hands along Matt's body, turned his face, placed a single kiss on the ankle resting on his shoulder and began.

    Matt gasped as John withdrew his cock and sighed loudly as he re-entered. John began fucking Matt softly and reached for his bottom's erection which had become extremely rigid once John had entered him. "No sweetie" Matt pushed away his hand "I won't last long as it is, I don't need that" John subtly giggled and escalated his pace and force. "Ohhhh" Matt yelped. And with that John slowed and rested. He kissed Matt's neck and stroked his hair and they kissed with Matt clenching himself in pulses around John's cock. John was in control, Matt was his completely, melting like butter. John started up slowly again but quickly elevated the pace to a forceful fuck. Sweat, groans and the gleeful *slap slap slap* of lovers unifying. Matt having been in sublime bliss opened his eyes finally and John did the same. With unflinching eye contact John pumped away on Matt's ass with both lovers bearing ear to ear grins. "Oh my god John, you feel so good inside me, every time is better than the last" Matt said while panting. John dropped Matt's legs from his shoulders withdrew his cock and flipped him onto his knees. Matt grabbed a pillow and placed it under him to squeeze and instinctively arched his back, presented his entrance and let out a quick "Mmmm" as he anticipated his mounting.

    His gaped hole took John back in eagerly and wasting no time the lovers established a fierce pace. Matt couldn't remember ever being so horny. As much as the muscular John was pumping into his lover, Matt was pushing back desperately taking it in. After about five minutes John found another gear. Grasping Matt's waist the animal in him emerged and took over. Grunting he began fucking him exquisitely hard. Matt didn't have to push back anymore, he was utterly and completely John's plaything. It was as if Matt weighed forty pounds. Matt's moaning went up an octave into uncontrollable yelping "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH! OH! OH! YES! FUCK ME BABY!" and then a notch further and harder from John and Matt couldn't form words only involuntary yelps of utter joy.
    John stopped and flipped Matt back on to his back and with animal lust lifted him like a doll onto his lap and began fucking him like he was a human fleshlight. Matt was on another plane of existence as John's incredible strength lifted him up and down on the length of his perfect cock. Matt couldn't believe the sounds coming out of his own mouth, he had never heard his voice scream and gasp like that. John laid him down onto his back into their first position and with one hand held Matt's neck and with the other grasped his waist while Matt clutched at him like a life ring in a tempest. Matt began to feel his prostate buzzing. It was always special when he came from penetration alone but this was unprecedented. "You gonna cum for me baby?" Grunted John between massive breaths. "Cum for me baby! Cum for me!" And from Matt's prostate it spread out to the top of his head, to the tips of his toes and fingers. "OHHHH JOHN!! OHHH JOHN! FUCK THE CUM OUT OF ME!!" Matt screamed "CUM INSIDE ME! PLEASE BABY! FILL ME UP!!!" and John began grunting harder and louder and began the hardest, best orgasm of his life.

    The first shot was enough to send Matt over the edge and with a rush never felt before cum began to spray wildly from his cock and over his chest up to his chin. John in turn began pumping hot stream after stream into Matt. The slapping sound became wetter and wetter as voluminous cum was being pushed out and being slapped into Matt by John's balls. Matt's legs were shaking uncontrollably as he felt the warmth of his lover's seed fill him and trickle out, with so much there was nowhere else for it to go.

    John collapsed on the bed as Matt continued to shake and pant, still yelping. "Come here baby" John said to Matt as he took him to his chest and cradled him lovingly. As Matt shook in sublime incoherent pleasure John reached his hand down wiped some of his cum that was dripping from his lover's anus. Matt, still shaking involuntarily clutched tightly to his man's body and opened his eyes to see John's hand "Here sweetie" said John and fed his still warm cum to Matt. Like a baby nursing a bottle Matt cooed and lapped it up licking his man's fingers. When John first tried this last year Matt thought it was a bit strange but had grown to love how intimate it was. John placed his hand down again "push, baby" and Matt let out more, "That's it". As Matt caught his breath resting his head on John's chest, John stroked his back gently with one hand and fed him with the other. Matt couldn't believe how much cum he took inside him, he was in awe of his man. "I love you so much baby" he said in between licks. John kissed him on the forehead "I'll always love you and be with you sweetheart" And with John's taste in his mouth and smile on his face Matt fell quickly asleep more content than ever. John soon followed.

    Neither man knew such love until now and though the future is always uncertain it was clear they would always want one another a part of it. Suffering and toil will always be in the world, giving yourself completely to another is the only remedy. This Friday was a testament to that and there was still a whole weekend and lifetime ahead.

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    Re: Friday, finally

    Goddamn, what a hot love story! A Friday night like this would be wonderful!

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    Re: Friday, finally

    Wow! Great story, thanks for sharing it with us

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    Re: Friday, finally

    Great story loved it

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    Re: Friday, finally

    Thanks so much guys! Means a lot to hear positive feedback, especially for the first story I ever wrote. It's funny because I've always thought about writing one and one morning it just took me over and it all came out in an hour. It was hot to write and immerse myself in the imagination of details. Interesting way to bring ones fantasies up from the unconscious. If it makes someone lose themselves in pleasurable fantasy for a moment to enjoy thoughts of love and lust then I'm happy.

    Unvarnished truth: we're alive for a short time. It's best to enjoy our bodies and minds as much we can.

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    Re: Friday, finally

    You know, I haven't read a loving, tender, monogamous erotic fiction in a long, long time, and this was totally worth it. Makes me wonder why I even went to try the extreme porn and erotic stories when a story like this is better than any of that. Thank you, I loved it.

    I'd like to read another chapter to it, I'd love to see them bond again, and maybe in a different way than this, but with the same love and passion visible here. Maybe describing how they met, their first sex, or some surprise one has for the other.

    PS: Is your real name Matt? (Don't answer it if you don't want to).

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    Re: Friday, finally

    New story coming soon, thanks for reading boys!

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