I have this secret , I've been jacking off after work about this bear daddy guy at my job . He's like 14 years younger then me , he's like 48 . A big guy around 6'2 or 3 close to 300lbs. with a nice beer gut , with that grubby unshaved face . I have been checking out his bulge , I can even see it with his big baggy jeans on , so I'm thinking he has a good sized cock inside too .

That's when my little dick starts getting stiff , MAN I want to shove my face deep into his , I'm guessing strong hairy musty smelling cock and balls . I bet that big gut bears crotch smells REALLY GREAT after a days work , I'd love licking the sweat off his big hairy balls and butt hole . Anyone else have a secret guy they think about, but are to afraid to tell him.