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Thread: In The Dungeons of Gondwana

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    In The Dungeons of Gondwana


    In the alternative world much of the Earth is controlled by a totalitarian State called Gondwana.
    In its jails the innocent prisoners (dissidents, POW's, outcasts or just random figures) are subjected to bastinado punishment.

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    Re: In The Dungeons of Gondwana

    Chapter One

    - "You have no right to keep me here"- I screamed- ""First, I have not done anything wrong, second I am only 18 years, third, I demand to speak to my lawyer !"

    -"Shut up, stupid boy !"- the police officer replied- "First, you are in prison, because you should be in prison, second only if you will completely obey us, you will leave the prison, third, strip yourself naked !"

    Terrified by his harsh voice, I took slowly off my pullover, shirt, undershirt and trousers, wearing only shoes, socks and boxers.

    -"Naked means no underwear"- the officer told more formally than really angrily.
    I obeyed and took off the boxer shorts, trying to protect myself with my hands.

    - "Naked means barefooted"- the officer told in the very same not unfriendly voice.

    I took off the shoes.
    - "Naked means no shoes, no socks, just two bare soles!"-the officer's voice was no more friendly.

    These words hurt me more than his orders to remove my boxer shorts. Because for some irrational reason I had ever been absolutely afraid of exposing my bare soles and had worn shoes even in hot summers, even on the beach.
    However, remembering my situation I slowly removed the socks too, feeling the cold concrete floor beneath my bare feet.

    - "Well, at least he doesn't want to see my soles, but only my toes"- I thought, but this hope was wrong.

    - "Lay down on this bed, on your belly !"- was the officer's next order.

    I had no choice.
    And I had no choice as well as the man first tied my hands behind my back, than tied my ankles as well and finally raised my feet to his face and started to slowly check my soles.
    -“You have baby soles. Very clean soles and very soft ones“- the officer smiled-“Have you
    ever walked barefooted ?”

    -“N-n-n-o”- I whispered.

    The officer slapped my bare buttocks.

    -“From now on you will call me “Master”!” –“Have you understood ?”.

    -“Yes, M-m-m-aster” I whispered.

    The officer got friendly again.

    -“ My boy ! You are a good boy, but very soft one. But I will very soon make hard your body and mind. And the best way to tough a boy is to tough his feet. Today we will start.”

    And then the Master placed me in a sort of wheelchair and pushed in another room.
    Its inside ran my blood cold.
    It had no furniture, except a large mirror on the wand and a low long table in front of it.
    On this table, very close to each other three guys lied on their belly.
    Like me they were naked, barefooted and had their hands and ankles tied.
    I could even recognize two of them.
    The first one was an overweight bald man of some 50- a university professor of philosophy, detained for having owned some banned literature.
    The second one was a strong, tall, muscular 30 years old Gondwanian star swimmer, disappeared after having lost an important international championship.
    The third guy was no older than me, but looked even younger.
    I did not know his name, but judging at his short hair and a military medaillon about his neck it was a captured enemy soldier of the army of our arch enemy- Pangaea.

    -“My dear friends! As beginning of a long and (though not necessarily for you) pleasant time in the Central Prison of Gondwana you will now receive a very warm welcome. This welcome will be 100 lashes with bamboo cane for your soles. Let us start now !”- the Master said.

    Lying directly in front of the mirror we could see him taking the long wooden stocks.
    We could see him bending our legs in knees.
    We could see him untying our ankles just to put in these stocks our eight helpless bare feet.
    We could see him taking a long bamboo cane.
    We could see him aiming it at our soles.

    We ?!
    No !
    All social, cultural and age barriers and even the long and bloody animosity between the Gondwanians and the Pangaeans were suddenly removed and we were merged into just JUST one naked and barefooted tied man, lying one the belly in a darker prison cell.
    This man had one body, one mind, two hands, but EIGHT FEET and had to endure the pain multiplied by four.

    This ONE MAN felt first a gentle cold on his feet and then a burning heat from the soles till his brain.
    He felt than even more and more pain caused by the strokes on his bare feet.
    He screamed, he cursed, he pled, he tried to break the stocks.
    He was finally broken by the pain.
    He did not see, hear or felt anything, but strokes.
    He didn’t even understood the word “Hundred !” told by the Master.

    But after the Master had removed the stocks the ONE man ceased to exist and was divided again into FOUR different ones.

    And then these four men got four chains for their ankles and were pulled into four small solitary confinement cells.

    Three days later, as my bastinadoed soles more or less healed I was brought again in the punishment room and saw there again the Pangean POW.
    But to my great embarrassment he was not naked any more, but wore the Pangean private uniform.
    However, my embarrassment soon subsided as I noticed him still having his feet bare.
    And the Master made the situation completely clear.

    “My boys ! Don’t fear, today I am not going to bastinado you, because”- and he made a longer pause-

    “… you are going to bastinado each other until one of you will drop the bamboo cane. The winner will be let in peace for one week, the loser will get 100 more strokes. But heed the rule- you can beat only the soles of your adversary. Break this rule- and…”- he didn’t end the phrase

    We had to sit down on the floor in front of each other and the Master put our feet in the smaller stocks and gave us two canes.

    -“Let us begin !”- he ordered

    Was it, because I wanted to vent my anger ?
    Was it because I was naked and he merely barefooted ?
    Or was it rather because he didn’t just wear some clothes, but the uniform of our enemy and it was his OWN uniform ?
    I don’t know.
    I had just hit his soles with as much brutal force as I could and felt almost no pain myself- until he suddenly stroke my belly.
    I did not even have time to get even more angry.
    I just hit back his side so heavily that he dropped the cane, fell on the floor and started to cry.

    -“I warned you !”-the Master interfered- “But both of you broke the rule- and will be punished !”

    -“Again bastinado”- I thought with chilling fear.
    But it was better- or worse.
    With mixed feelings I saw the Master removing the Pangean boy’s shirt, trousers and underwear to leave him as naked as I was myself.
    Then he tied again his hands behind his back and released his feet from the stocks just to chain his ankles.
    I was still not sure, whether I should be glad or sad about his plight as he did the same to myself- and then whispered something to the Pangean guy.
    The lad hesitated, but not long, dropped on the knees, moved a bit to my stretched legs and started to slowly lick my soles.
    Left, right, up, down, left, right, up, down.
    First I was bewildered, than disgusted and finally even more and more amused.
    And suddenly I stopped hating this boy.

    -“Now do the same to him !”- the Master told me.

    I couldn’t resist- and perhaps didn’t want as well.
    I licked the mix of blood, sweat and dirt off his soles.
    And I started to think, that the Gondwanians and the Pangeans were as a matter of fact not different from each other and could well live in peace.

    Five minutes later the Master made me stop and lay down on my belly as the Pangean POW had already done.
    Then he chained our hands and feet behind our backs and went from the room, leaving us back together.
    -“Oh, my feet hurt so much”- I moaned.

    -“My feet too. ”- the Pangean POW replied in a pleasant voice

    -“Are you a captured soldier ?” I asked.

    -“Yes. I studied arts in the university, but then refused to ghostwrite for free for the son of a senior government official. On the next day I was drafted into the army and sent to the most dangerous part of front. A bit later my unit was besieged by the Gondwanian troops.
    As our munition, food and water had run out we had to surrender. Your colonel promised us a fair treatment, but just after the capitulation he came again and told us the POW’S had to walk barefooted.
    I and two of my comrades refused- and were brutally punished.
    The guards removed not only our shoes and socks, but also our shirts we had to made the way from the border to your capital.
    Chained behind each other. Barefooted. Over the mood, mountains forests and deserts.
    Three months long.
    Could you imagine ?
    Three months long I could see nothing but the red back and black soles of my first comrade and my second comrade saw nothing but the same of me.
    And as we finally arrived in this prison I was separated from them, forced to strip, what remained from my clothes, had to wash my feet- and then…
    Well, you know the rest…”.

    He was about to cry again.

    -“Poor boy !”- I said with deep sympathy.
    On the next morning (as we still lied chained on the floor) a guard, that I had never seen before came to our cell, bent down and whispered something in the Pandean boy’s ear and he told something back.
    As the guard went away the boy was about to laugh- despite our grim situation.

    -“It was a Pandean agent. Just in five minutes our elite military force will start a special operation to free me… and all Pandaen prisoners here”- he swiftly added.

    -“Well, good luck my friend !”- I told back- “At least one of us will escape this hell”.

    -I told him they should free you as well-and he agreed.

    I was incredibly glad, but still had some strange suspicion.

    -I don’t want to fight against my own country !

    -You don’t need to. We will just give you new ID, cloth, money and bring you to a safe neutral country.

    But I still hesitated.

    -Or do you want to stay forever in the Central Prison of Gondwana ?

    Before I could reply I heard shots and bursts, saw some armed men storming into our cell, who immediately unchained us and carefully brought my new friend and me to the helicopter on the prison roof.
    As the chopper was already in the air I comprehended that I still had not thanked to my noble rescuer.

    -Thank you very much for having saved me- I told as loud as possible- You are a true fr..

    But before I could spell this word I felt I sudden blow and lost my consciousness and regained my consciousness in a jail cell that looked exactly like those in the Central Prison of Gondwana, though on its wand there was the Flag of Pangaea.
    And I (still nude) was bound fast to a table, my bare feet hanging slightly off its edge.
    In front of me the Pandean guy stood- in the uniform of Pangean Elite Spy Force.
    He obviously enjoyed his uniform and he was especially fond of his new clean boots.

    -“Finally the socks and shoes. Finally no more barefooting. Finally no more exposing my precious soles to all kind of dirt- and not only dirt”- he said.

    -Who are…- I coughed

    -Who are you? Stupid boy of Gandwana, did you really believe, what I told you yesterday ?
    Despite my youth I am already a top Pangean spy and had a dangerous and humiliating, but honorable task to explore the prisons of Gondwana, to learn what torture and punishment techniques they us, thus we could apply them ourselves. To win the war you should sometimes imitate your enemy.

    -But, you rescued me.

    -You are even more stupid that I thought. You are my enemy and I hate you. But I especially hate your soles, that I, a proud Pangean had to lick.
    Thus asked by my boss disguised as prison guard what kind of reward I would like to get for my successful mission I replied- “Him”.
    And from now on you will spend the rest of your shabby life wearing nothing but chains in the cell of my private dungeon, leaving it only when I will want to take revenge on you- or rather on your soles.
    But first you will have to write your autobiography to tell my fellow Pangaeans (and their descendants), what ordeal I voluntarily suffered for the sake of my mother country.

    After he had given me a paper and the pen, I started to write.

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    Re: In The Dungeons of Gondwana

    To be continued.
    Any particular wish ?

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    Re: In The Dungeons of Gondwana

    Chapter Two

    After I had finished the Pangean made me lay down on the table, fastened to it my arms and separated my legs wide apart.

    - Stupid boy! Prepare for the worst bastinado you could imagine! And the longest one,
    because I won’t hit your feet at the same time, but one after another.
    Then he raised a whip and took on my left foot. In the time to follow, that I conceived eternal,
    he mercilessly whipped my sole, my toes, my heel, enjoying the desperate screams of his helpless victim.
    -Now the right foot!- he finally said with evil pleasure.
    But suddenly the door opened and a tall man in his fourties, wearing a military uniform, entered the cell.
    The Pangean saluted him.
    -Good morning, general! Congratulations on the recent great victory over the scum of Gondwana. I hope we will soon capture their capital as well and many more of this crap will end like him-and he pointed at me.
    The general made a brief look at my naked body, my bare genitals and my bleeding sole.
    Than he coughed and slowly replied in a sad voice.
    -It was a necessary propaganda. Actually it was us to suffer the devastating defeat in this battle. And it is the Gondwan Army that threatens now our capital.
    Thus we had to ask the Gondwans for a truce. They agreed, but demanded the repatriations of escapees…
    My captor frowned.
    -Well, they can take my falaka slave. I am already tired with him in any way.
    The general remained silent for a moment and then continued in even more sad voice.
    -They want back not only the Gondwans, but also the escaped Pangean POW’s…including you.
    The guy could neither reply nor stand. He merely made some vague sound and then sank on the floor, his face turning red and blue.
    -You are a free Pangean and you are also a war hero-the general continued-Thus I cannot force you. If you refuse I will go. But then the Gondwans will win, will conquer our country, will destroy our cities and villages, will massacre in cold blood most of our people and forever enslave the rest.
    -N-n-no- my captor murmured.
    -But if you agrees, our army will have time to regroup, will start a counter-offensive, will win the war, will take a bloody revenge on the Gangwan scum. For you and for all other Pangean heroes.

    The lad was silent for a minute, and then stood suddenly up.
    -For the sake of my mother country I will sacrifice my life- he told in a loud, proud, pathetic, but still trembling voice-They can bring me back to Gondwana.
    The general smiled, but then shook his head.
    -As one more truce condition the returned prisoners should be naked and chained.
    The guy frowned, but then repeated “For the sake of my mother country !”- and started to strip himself.
    First jacket, shirt and undershirt, then trousers, shoes, socks and boxers.
    -Sit down and stretch your legs- the general said.
    The Pangean did exposing his bare soles.
    The general put his naked feet into wooden stocks and chained his neck to the prison wall.

    -Tomorrow the escapees should be brought back. Thank you for your great sacrifice. And forgive me please, if you can- the general said and left the cell.

    I was myself naked, barefooted and chained, I still suffered from the excoriating pain in my bastinadoed foot and I knew well about my dire future in the dungeons of Gangwana.
    But looking at the humiliation of this proud guy I started to laugh and my laugh and my laugh made his ordeal even worse.

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    Re: In The Dungeons of Gondwana

    Chapter Three

    On the next morning me and the Pangean boy were transferred in the Central Military Base of Pangea.
    We were naked, had our hands chained behind our backs and our bare feet put into smaller wooden stocks, thus we could not walk, but only tiptoe.
    And in the hall itself hundreds more young men, naked, chained and in stocks, waited for their “comeback” to Gondwana.
    Having looked at them the Pangean boy lost some of his courage and whispered to me “Do you think they will…”
    He did not end, because suddenly the general appeared again in front of us, accompanied by another man.
    This man wore civil clothes, but we nevertheless immediately recognized him-it was the Master.
    -All escapees will be put to death immediately after the repatriation, but these two-he pointed to us- will come with me.
    He spoke these words in his usual, rather friendly voice, but it ran our blood cold.
    Just one hour later we were already in the very same punishment cell in the Central Prison of Gondwana, that we had escaped two days earlier.

    -What will the Master do to me ?- I thought full of fear.
    But he addressed instead the Pangean agent.
    -Welcome back, my boy ! Welcome back to your old new home ! You will never more escape it, but this time your life here will be even far funnier. Earlier I believed you were just a common POW and thus you enjoyed nothing but occasional bastinado, but now I know your real identity and hence you will have much more pleasure- he added with an evil smile.
    -Death to Gondwana ! The Pangeans will win the war !- the boy screamed back.
    The Master was not angry.
    -Maybe. But your OWN war against Gondwana is lost. Accept it !
    -Never ! You can kill me, but you cannot break me !-the boy yelled.

    -Well, let us see-the Master replied, forced the Pangean on his knees and fastened his hands and feet to the floor.
    -I hate the Gondwans ! –the lad screamed.
    -Soon you will love the Gondwans-or at least the Gondwan feet.
    And he pointed at me.
    - Put your left foot FULLY in his mouth and let him suck it.
    With pleasure I raised my foot.
    -Never !-the Pangean screamed.
    The Master apparently awaited this answer and took a long and thick bamboo cane.
    -Your bare soles will be whipped until you will give up-he answered-and started the bastinado torture.
    The boy endured the first ten strokes without making any noise.
    The boy endured the next twenty strokes without screaming.
    The boy endured thirsty more strokes with loud yelling.
    But after the sixtieth stroke he opened his mouth and I immediately put my foot into it.

    -Deeper ! More deeper !-the Master commanded-And now suck !
    The Pangean did-many minutes long.
    Twice he tried to stop and twice the Master hit his bare soles with five more strokes.
    -Now the right foot !-the Master finally said.
    This time the lad obeyed without any resistance.

    -Two feet are done and four more are waiting-the Master said then.
    A minute later two more of his prisoners, who had been bastinadoed together with me immediately after my arrest, entered the room.
    The first one was an overweight bald man of some 50- a university professor of philosophy, detained for having owned some banned literature.
    The second one was a strong, tall, muscular 30 years old Gondwanian star swimmer, disappeared after having lost an important international championship.
    Both were naked, barefooted and in chains, but their soles were better off, because the Master loved to bastinado only young lads and the rest of his prisoners received falaka only as punishment-or as part of daily routine.
    -Four more Gondwan feet to suck-the Master repeated-and the boy obeyed again.

    -My boy-he said as the sucking was over-You have already learned to love the Gondwan feet.
    You will also learn to love the Gondwan cocks.
    The professor and the swimmer hesitated.
    -This boy is..no he WAS a top spy of our worst enemies ! Would you like him to remain unpunished ?- the Master continued.
    -No !- they replied.
    -Than his ass and his asshole is yours !
    One after another, the men put their cock in the lad’s asshole and penetrated him, first hesitating and then having even more and more cum.
    And the Pangean himself could not even scream any more, but quietly moaned.
    -And now you !-the Master told me as they finished.
    Oh, great feeling of revenge !
    Revenge for the betrayal, for the humiliation, for the torture !
    And after my revenge had been completely savored, the Master gripped the Pangean boy’s hair and told him in a mocking voice
    - You can kill me, but you cannot break me ?!
    The lad’s courage was gone. He was no more an unbreakable Pangean warrior, sacrificing himself for the sake of his mother country, but just a helpless, naked boy.
    -Master… no more…please…-he pled.
    The Master smiled.
    -Take care of this baby boy in your cell- he told us in an ambiguous voice.

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