Hey guys,

Not sure if to post in this area or another. This is a true experience that happened to me last year. Hope you enjoy.

I've always been a pretty slutty guy, I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sex!
One of my sluttest was going to this adult sex shop. I use to go there quite often to buy porn or toys etc. Anyways, I'd always see the same guy working there (he's the owner) and always have a little chat. Everytime I would go in I could see him checking me out. So one night I decided to go in near the end of the night when he was closing. I asked him I could quickly look at buying some porn and then let him close up. I started looking at the porn dvds and asked him what were some good ones. We started looking at some Dvds together. My dick got rock hard and it was poking through my gym shorts. I saw him looking at it but not saying anything.

I picked a couple Dvds and we went to the register, my dick still there poking out. He started talking about how he was going to go home and watch some porn as he was feeling horny. At that moment, I dropped my pants, my cock solid,, grabbed it and motioned to him. I asked him if he wanted to fuck. He started to grind on my cock and said he'd love to.

He had a smooth ass and waxed cock. We sucked each other off for a bit before I fucked him on the counter. Best was when he got out a 9 inch black dildo and asked me to ride it while he filmed me.

He finished up by blowing his load while I was fucking his ass. I finished up by blowing my load into his mouth and getting him to spit in back into my mouth. I am a real slut sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of details I'm pressed for time! anyways thought I'd share!