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    My college experience TRUE story

    hey guys i'm a 25 white male that is bi and wanted to share some of my hot stories from college.

    My name is Brad and when I was 18 I left my hometown for my Florida University. I was definitely bi curious and in high school had jerked off with a couple of buds but nothing further happened. I was determined to change that in college. As far as looks I am a very athletic guy 6 180 with a nice build and a 7 in cut cock. A good looking guy that never had problems attracting the ladies.

    When Imoved into my dorm I was immediately attracted to my roommate Mike. Mike was hot. From south florida, he had that "jersey shore" look and cocky attitude. Well built, dark Italian skin and spiked hair. We got a long very well and hew would ocassionally bring home chicks and fuck them in our dorm room. It didn't take long for me to realize Mike had a great, fat cock at least 8in with a thick mushroom head. I took every opportunity to spy on him and jerk off watching him fuck.

    After a few months we were at a party together and we were pretty drunk. Mike had been hitting on a girl all night, but didn't close the deal. When we got back to the dorm Mike and I smoked a bowl or two and he looked at me and asked if I wanted to watch some porn. I said sure.

    Mike through on some porn and we had some back and forth on how hot the chicks were, then Mike whipped out his hard cock and started jerking. I couldn't believe it and couldn't do anything but stare....
    "Not bad huh" Mike said with his usually cocky tone. "Yeah sorry didn't mean to stare, never seen a big one like that"

    "Sure you have, I know you checking me out when I fuck chicks in our room"

    I stammered for a minute and he cut me off.. "Dude its cool...wanna touch it?" I reached out my hand and slowly stroked his massive cock. "Fuck yeahhhh dude" Mike moaned, "Now be a good bitch and take it in your mouth." I was so horned I didn't care about what he thought and took his cock in my mouth.

    MIke coached me how to suck his dick and after a few minutes I had built up a good rythym. Mike started to get aggressive and at this point was standing, feeding his cock to my mouth as I moaned. He pulled out his cock and slapped my face with his cock "Yah take that cock you fucking cock sucking bitch" Mike hissed at me. "Amy would love to know what a great cock sucker you are...."

    Amy was a chick with awesome tits and body that I had been dating. Mike had made it clear he wanted to fuck her. "I bet she would moan over a big cock like this just like you.." I was so turned on, the talk made me suck him harder. After fucking my face for a few more minutes he started to grunt, saying his cock was going to explode. I went to take my mouth off his cock, but he grabbed my head and shot his load into my mouth. His cum quickly filled my mouth and ran down my cheek. he slapped my face with his cock again and made me lick it clean. Mike smirked at me and said "Tastes good doesn't it fag...Yeah we are going to have fun this semester aren't we?"

    Let me know what you think...more to cum

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    College stories are always hot. Please continue!

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    Over the next couple of months Mike and my friendship continued as normal. We partied together and even started rushing a frat together. Every so often, when he didn't score a chick, we would get a little stoned and play with each other. The encounters were very similar. He would aggressively feed me his cock and dominate my mouth. It would get me so hot I would really do anything he said. occasionally he would jerk me a little, but other than that, I was his bitch.

    One night after a party he decided to take it to another level. After feeding me his cock he pushed my mouth off his cock and pulled me off of my knees, turned me around and pushed me face down on the bed. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I was so turned on I didn't care. Mike slapped my ass a few times and I spank my ass with his cock.."I'm going to grind that tight ass bitch" Mike snarled at me. I moaned in anticipation as I felt him squeeze some lube onto my cheeks. HIs Dick pressed in between ass and I felt him grind back and forth against my ass. I moaned as his head would graze by my whole. Mike pressed me down on my shoulders with his muscular body causing me to nearly lose control.

    After several minutes of him grinding and making me tell him how good his cock felt against my ass I blew a huge load against my stomach. Mike a few minutes later, flipped me over and stroked his cock and came in my face. "Fuck yea dude" Mike said, "you look good covered in my spunk"

    I smiled as I licked some of his cum up. I couldn't wait for what would happen next..

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    Like it...more please.

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    You are making me horny

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    So things settled down between Mike and I over the next couple of weeks. We had been busy rushing the frat, and I was hanging out with my gf Amy quite a bit as well. Despite the fact I couldn't get my mind of Mike's cock, Amy was a smoking hot chick and not bad in the bedroom herself. One night we started going at it and she was working my cock in her mouth like she loves to do. Then she tried something new... she started to move her hand across my ass and tight hole. As she moved her fingers around my hole I started to moan and she looked up at me with a devilish smile. "Does someone want their ass fucked?" she said in this incredibly seductive voice. All I could do was let out a smile and she started to finger my ass. One finger, then shortly after, two went into my hole. I went crazy and I was blowing my load in her face after about 5 minutes. "Mmmmm....didn't know how much you liked that, maybe I should get a strap on" Amy said as she winked. I laughed it off, but I was secretly kinda hoping she was serious.

    Later that night Mike and I headed over to the frat for a "pledge event" which basically meant they were going to ask us questions that are impossible to answer correctly and then yell at us and tell us how worthless we are. This night was not any different. Brothers were drunk and we were blindfolded sitting in a hallway in the frat house. Mike was sitting next to me. Brothers went down the line yelling at us as we failed to know random questions like where a brother lived when he was 5. After getting several wrong, Dave, Mike's big brother in the frat, picked me up and said I didn't deserve to be in this frat and led me to his room in the house, had me sit on the futon and sit quietly and he would figure how out how to deal with me.

    Dave was a cool guy. Junior in school, and was a good looking guy. About 6' 3" he had that surfer look with long wavy blonde hair and a fantastic lanky body, six pack and all. After a couple of minutes, Matt came into the room who was my big bro in the frat. "Dude, you need stop fucking up" Matt said in a concerned voice. Matt was about 6ft even and also had a good body, but was definitely more of the all American look. Brown hair and eyes, six pack, but more muscular than dave, but not bulky, kinda like a soccer player.

    "My bad" I replied, "I'll make it up to the brothers, I really want to make it"
    "Sounds like you'll need to" Matt said. This struck me as a slight odd statement, but I quickly shrugged it off. Minutes later Dave joined Matt and had brought Mike into the room and he was now sitting next to me, both of us still blindfolded. "Brad do you even want to be in this fucking frat?" Dave yelled at me, clearly pretty drunk. "Yes sir!" I said back. "Well, you are going to have to prove to us you want this. I was ready to give you the boot, but your big bro Matt stood up for you and your my little bro Mike told me you do anything we wanted to stay in this frat. Is that true?"

    For a second I was struck by what he has said. What had Mike told him? The thought of Mike telling them about me taking his cock, made my dick twitch, but I quickly responded "Yes sir, I want to get in this frat no matter what."

    "Good" Dave said in a hushed tone, "Well Matt lets see how much he wants this." Still blindfolded and Mike sitting next to me, I heard Dave walking towards me and heard the sound of a zipper unzipping then I clearly felt something warm and thick brushing against my face. "Go ahead show me how bad you want this" Dave said in a dominant whispered voice. My head was spinning and my cock was quickly becoming hard but I was also scared of what was happening. I started to stammer, afraid for them to know I was into cock. "Shut up dude, we aint going to say shit" Dave said clearly trying get through the bullshit. "Now suck my cock like I know you want to..."

    At that point lust overcame my fear and I grabbed his cock and greedily took it into my mouth. I couldn't see how big it was, but it quickly filled my mouth. It was easily as big as Mike's, maybe a tad less thick, but it tasted so great in my mouth. I quickly got lost in sucking Dave's big cock. I heard him grunt and grabbing the back of my head and feeding me his cock. "Take that dick bitch" I heard Dave say, "Mike you were right, this fag can take a cock." Mike chuckled. "Don't laugh too soon" Matt chimed in. "You might end up just like him." After sucking his cock I heard Matt come over and Dave took me off his cock and I took Matt's in my mouth. His was smaller about 7 cut, but was thick with a nice fat head.

    This situation had me rock hard, I was going back and forth and two hot guys who were really getting into feeding their cocks. After a few minutes Dave stood me up and quickly stripped off my clothes. He laughed as my rock hard cock popped out after taking my pants off. He supprised me by grabbing it and whispered in my ear. "Looks like someone is enjoying himself" and he gave me a couple of tugs before bending me over the futon. Matt was on the other side of the futon feeding me his cock meantime I felt Dave putting lube on my ass. Then I felt him grinding his dick and I started to think about Amy fingering my hole. After a minute or two of grinding Dave but his cock against my hole and started to push it in. I started to jump up out of surprise but Matt held my shoulders and said "relax bitch, you will love it!" Dave eased into my hole and it did hurt, but once he got it I started to enjoy it more and more (probably didn't hurt I was a little stoned ). Dave hit spanked my ass as built a rhythm and I heard him order Mike to take off his blindfold and watch. After about 10 min Dave dismounted me and switched with Matt. As Matt fucked me Dave came around took off my blindfold and proceded to shoot a huge load in my face. He ordered me to clean his cock and then order Mike to take off his pants, Mike did and had a raging hard on. " You like this shit too don't you? Help out your pledge bro and jerk his cock. Mike hesitated but he was clearly horned up (little stoned too) and reached down and jerked my cock. The combo of that and getting plowed by Matt I shot a huge load into his hand and into the futon. Matt picked up the pace, pulled out his cock and came all over my ass and Mike followed by jerking his dick and shooting another load onto my ass. I collapsed on the futon and Dave and Mike got their clothes back on. "Get dressed and go back home. Brad I think we can use you in this frat" Dave said seductively and they both left. Mike smiled at me and we got our clothes and left.

    PS I exaggerated some details for the story, but this is 90% true. Was incredibly hot and I will tell some more stories later hope you enjoy! Also if you want post some videos that similar to this scenario. I will try to find one too, love visual aides!

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    My pulse picked up reading this...nice.

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    Thanks! link below is pretty close. Dude has the same build as Dave as well. He had the backwards hat on too when he fucked me. very hot


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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    And this top looks a lot like Mike. that muscular jersey shore build.

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    HOT!!! I plan to begin a college story very soon, so this no doubt will provide some inspiration for me. Thank you!

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    Re: My college experience TRUE story

    Great story!!

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