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    Debate over how the CB-6000 is supposed to work

    Hi All,

    I thought this would be the perfect place to settle a debate I am having with my boyfriend. I recently gave into his pleas to wear a CB-6000 for one month, giving him total control during that time.

    We ordered the device; waited for it to come (more him than me ); tried to figure out how to put it together for an hour before looking it up on Youtube; and finally spent another hour or so getting the size of the ring and spacers to where it was secure but also comfortable (relatively speaking).

    There weren't any problems, until my boyfriend started teasing me to get me hard. He's really good at it, so it didn't take long; and I noticed that the harder I got, the more my balls were hurting. I told him to stop, explained what happened and said that we must need to change the fit. He said that the fit was fine and the pain was a normal part of how the CB-6000 worked.

    I was under the impression that these devices just restrict blood flow and don't give the penis room to become fully erect. I didn't think they were supposed to deter the wearer from trying to get an erection through negative reinforcement (pain), as my boyfriend claims.

    So am I right in thinking that there was something wrong with the fit; or is my boyfriend right when he says that the CB-6000 is supposed to hurt your balls when you try to get a boner?

    Thanks for any feedback you can provide; and don't worry if you have to inform me that I am wrong.

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    Re: Debate over how the CB-6000 is supposed to work

    It doesn't matter how it's supposed to work if your boyfriend enjoys hurting you with it, but you don't enjoy being hurt. Take it off and change the fit until it's comfortable and you're just as into it as he is. Otherwise throw it away or give it to him to wear. But don't put the fucking thing on if it hurts you and you're not into that.

    Also, we actually have one at home. My boyfriend was really into getting one for himself, but he couldn't get into it no matter how we adjusted it. I could put it on soft, but I'm not really into it.
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    Re: Debate over how the CB-6000 is supposed to work

    He doesn’t actually enjoy hurting me, it’s not like he gets off on that, although I could see how what I wrote made it sound like that.

    Also, I probably made it seem like he had to do a lot more convincing than he really had to. While I’m indifferent to the whole dominant/submissive part of it, I am really into the idea of not being able to cum for an extended period of time. I love the thought of being horny 24/7, and not being able to do anything about it.

    We tried adjusting the size more, and it is not as bad, but it is not comfortable enough to wear long-term. Is this just something I have to get used to? Does anyone have suggestions for more comfortable alternatives?

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