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    the most beautiful guy

    I saw the most beautiful guy i've ever seen today at the gym. I dont know how to express what i felt. I think I've never felt anything like that before. We left the place at the same time, and he was very nice to an old man who was waiting with us for the elevator. His voice was great too. lol
    Nobody knew each other and everyone was talking to each other in the elevator but I was a bit nervous, so i couldn't say a word. It's not that big a gym, so i'll probably see him there again someday. He's probably not gay. I never told anyone i was gay. I want to get to know him, but i don't know how to approach him. I don't want to be weird or to give the impression that i'm gay or into him. i don't need that, but i'm living alone in a new city and could use a friend. I'm good looking, many girls are interested in me, but i dont want them. it's very weird and lonely. i'm becoming a very quiet and lonely person. i'm stressed all the time.

    thanks for reading. english isn't my native language

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    Re: the most beautiful guy

    You just moved there? Perfect! Strike up a conversation with him and tell him you're new to town and are looking for a few good places to eat, or something like that. That'll hopefully get him talking about what his favorite cuisine is and what restaurants he likes. Or talk about bars. Or sports teams. Whatever you're into. It'll start the flow of conversation. After exchanging a few sentences back and forth, tell him your name and he will tell you his, and shake hands, or whatever the customary greeting may be where you're from.

    Plus, I believe there's something behind our feelings, especially the ones we can't explain. Something is drawing you to him. He may turn out to be a great friend and may introduce you to others so that you can build a strong network of friends.

    By the way, your English is fantastic.
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    Re: the most beautiful guy

    I can imagine how you feel with the loneliness in a new city. You need to find something you can do to relax yourself like meditate or get a massage some time and just imagine yourself already having friends there and it will happen. At least you're not in a small town like me so there's plenty of like minded people around who you could be close to. You just need to be open to it and not be hard on yourself. Just be happy and don't think about loneliness anymore. If you keep thinking lonely then you'll get more loneliness. Just imagine a different, better life and it will start to happen.

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    Re: the most beautiful guy

    "I don't want (...) to give the impression that i'm gay or into him." Uhm, why? You are gay, and you are into him. Do you see how you're setting yourself up for heartbreak right off the bat?

    Anyway, if you're new in a city, you need friends, but I wouldn't go with people you're attracted to. That's a recipy for unhealthy and obsessive behaviour.

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