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    Preppy Clothes Fetish

    I seem to have a very rare fetish that Iíve never heard of anyone else having before. About 95% of my sexuality relies on this fetish, so itís quite necessary for it to be fulfilled for me to have sex or even beat off. Iíll start by saying what doesnít turn me on at all Ė penises, balls, asses, porn of any kind, traditional blow-jobs, or being naked with another guy. Itís not that any of those things are a turn off; they are just not a turn on. I think penises are ugly and Iím not turned on by looking at them, touching them, or sucking them. While many other guys care about measurements, I donít care because I donít want to even see penises.

    As the title says, I have a preppy clothes fetish. This fetish is huge, turns me on immensely, and is a requirement to get off. When I beat off, I only think about preppy clothes 99% of the time. Itís a cute fetish, and could be described as cross-cross dressing, because I like males in male clothing. As my name suggests, I love Abercrombie & Fitch, and it turns me on a lot. It turns me on so much that sometimes I even accidently blow my load in the changing room at the store while looking in the mirror. Iíve spent thousands of dollars at A&F and other preppy stores with the intention of wearing the clothes while having sex. When I wear the clothes I can get turned on enough to have a boner for hours, but go limp as soon as I get naked with another guy. I have tried naked sex with tons of guys, and it has never worked. I like clothes that are super preppy, aesthetically pleasing, and expensive. The better the design, and the more expensive, the more it turns me on. Preppy clothes make me, and other guys, super HOT. I donít mind being naked with another guy at all; it just doesnít turn me on. I have a great face and body, and love how I look. Itís not that Iím ashamed of anything. I think all guys are hotter with preppy clothes. I think hot guys are also hot while wearing bathing suits, but they are even hotter with tons of preppy clothes on. I am also extremely turned on by hugging, cuddling, touching hands, and being sensual. However, I am not turned on by kissing. I am very attracted to guys though -- I can even maintain a boner if Iím cuddling with a hot guy and neither of us are wearing preppy clothes.

    I am posting this here because I want to know if anyone else has this fetish, knows anyone that has it, or knows where I could look to find other guys that have it. My fetish is NOT suit fetish, and I am not turned on by dress clothes. I am also not turned on by underwear, shoes, or hats. Each of my clothing items seem to have their own ďsexual energyĒ that is released every time I wear them (the more I wear something, the less and less it turns me on). I love shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, polos, belts, t-shirts, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and jackets. When Iím online, my version of looking at ďpornĒ involves me looking at online clothing stores, such as Abercrombie. I do not like, and am majorly turned off by whitey-tighties, tank tops, feminine male clothing, or clothing that shows off the male body. I am not into European style ďrunwayĒ or ďfashionableĒ fashion at all, and like preppy clothing for young American guys (such as Abercrombie). Iím young (21) and go to a university, so Iím looking for other hot preppy university guys.

    The problem Iíve had so far is that all the guys Iíve met fall into one of two categories. There are the totally out guys that are only looking for friends or a relationship. Iím only looking for sex, at least for now. The other category is the closeted guys that donít even want to go on a date, but instead, just want to get down and dirty immediately. Even though Iím just looking for sex, Iím only looking for it if the night can be classy. I want to talk to the guy first for many hours on the phone to get to know him, then go on a date, have a nice dinner, watch a movie while cuddling, then have sex. I want to make sure I can trust him and have a fun night that is about more than just sex. My problem is that no matter what category a guy is from (a relationship seeker or immediate sex seeker), Iíve met no one that is into the preppy clothes fetish. They tend to laugh and joke about the fetish, and that is a major boner-killer for me. I want to meet a guy that is a good dresser. Itís a lot hotter when we both naturally are wearing the preppy clothes. Iíve met almost no gay guys that actually dress well or dress preppy. :-(

    What makes things even harder (pun intended) is that I like guys with small bodies (twinks). I like guys that are athletic, but are on the smaller and shorter body size end of the spectrum, just like myself. I donít enjoy performing blow jobs, but I am willing to perform them as a favor. The kind of blow job that I want to receive that actually turns me on is a little different too. Instead of getting a warm slobber bath, I prefer to have the guy simply lick the sensitive, outer edge of my shaft, essentially giving me a tongue job and using saliva as a lubricant. That turns me on much more. I usually go limp in under 30 seconds when I get the traditional, warm slobber bath blow-job. As for sex, Iím only willing to top, and only if, of course, we are both wearing expensive, preppy clothes. Most guys Iíve met think Iím straight and just have a clothing fetish, but theyíre wrong Ė Iím super attracted to guys when theyíre wearing preppy clothes, have a small, attractive body, a hot baby face, and are between 18 and 25 years old or so. My fantasy is to eat dinner with a hot preppy guy, watch a great movie, cuddle, and then screw, while wearing tons of preppy clothes. My version of ďtalking dirtyĒ during sex is to talk about the clothes and how much they cost. I would love to someday have sex while wearing things like a preppy $300 belt, preppy $400 pants, a preppy $500 shirt, a preppy $600 cashmere sweater, and a preppy $1,000 jacket! Just the math of that equation turns me on!

    Iíve heard about tons of strange fetishes, but mine has to be the weirdest one ever. Iíve looked it up online many times, but it doesnít even seem to exist. Where can I meet guys that are actually good dressers? Has anyone here ever heard of a preppy clothes fetish?

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    Wow! Very detailed post. It sounds you do have a completely different fetish that I haven't heard of either. The only thing in this post I can relate is your desire for twins/smaller guys. All I can say is the best of luck and I hope you find what/who you're looking for

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    Interesting, I've never heard of someone having a "preppy" clothing fetish.... Many guys have some sort of sports related clothing fetish which is usually more about the jocks wearing the clothes but being turned on by A&F stuff.

    Although, I'm not sure preppy is the right word since A&F markets toward college frat types. Ralph Lauren is more of preppy clothing designer; if that's what you're attracted to you should find a gay WASP.

    Though, if you're not turned on by a hot guy just being naked and sexy or if you find penises to be a "turn off" that's going to be a big problem and you might need to work through why this is so in the coming out section of the forum or with someone you can trust. Just something to consider.

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    I can tell you for a fact that it is very rare. I know since I have it as well. I am considerably older than you (47) and have had a sexual fetish for preppy clothes since puberty when I was in my teens. I like having sex wearing polos, sweaters, oxfords, etc. I am more of a Ralph Lauren/Brooks Brothers traditional Northeast preppy kind of guy. To this day, if I am trying on a new sweater or other really preppy pair of clothing, I get a hard on (and sometime more). Fortunately, I have a long time partner who is accepting of my unusual interests and engages me. However, over my adult life, I have gotten a few negative reactions from other guys in bed. Most will think it very strange. Some are outright hypercritical. Ignore them. You know what you like. I cannot imagine a safer or healthier fetish than a preppy clothes fetish. No injury or disease there just a need for more dry cleaning. For me, the underlying etiology was the preppy 80s when I was a coming of age teenager with an intense sexual attraction to other preppy guys. Good luck in your search.

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    do these pics do anything for anyone ;-)
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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    A year old thread from a poster who never returned, can we assume he is busy trying to get cum out of cashmere?
    Everyone wants to be heard. No one wants to listen.

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    I know it's a dated post, but I have a very similar fetish! Preppy clothes get me harder than pretty much anything else. However, being in the South, my version of preppy is a little different. I'm more into sweaterman's style, with Brooks Brothers oxfords, Vineyard Vines chinos, Ralph Lauren repp ties, Southern Proper bowties, Sperry topsiders, LL Bean duck boots, J. Crew sweaters, and Barbour jackets. I can't cum unless I'm thinking about, looking at, or wearing preppy clothes. But Abercrombie's post about dirty talking with prices is SO accurate. Expensive preppy clothes are such a turn on. While I'm slightly repulsed by brands like Abercrombie and Hollister, the sensation of being drawn to specific brands and clothes is something with which I identify immensely. Definitely very very uncommon though... I find the suit fetish is the closest I can get to my preppy fetish. Feel free to message me to talk in more detail!

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    Old thread, I know, but I thought I'd add that I might have the similar interest with the original poster.

    But I am not into A&F clothes, I am only into this one brand of clothes called Southpole... I'm sure some of you guys have heard of it as well.

    But I am also into guys wearing mainly the football jersey (as a clothes, NO football uniform gear like the straps, helmet, pads, and more, just the jersey itself).

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    Re: Preppy Clothes Fetish

    Someone who's got the same fetish

    Thanks heaps for sharing.
    In my case the "problem" gets even bigger: I like to get wet in preppy outfits, that means taking a shower, bath, go for a swim, and preferably as layered as possible.

    I live in Belgium, and I have never met a guy with a similar interest.
    So this is a transatlantic cry for help

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