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    Sex In Adult Video Store In Dallas

    Chapter 1

    It was a Friday night, late, almost midnight and I walked into the Adult New Releases video store and then straight into the arcade. I was wearing sandals, jeans and a t-shirt with nothing else. I had a new bottle of poppers, some flavored lube and $30 in ones and fives in my pocket. I walked around the hallway looking at the eager men there. Some were there to get head, fuck an ass or be the willing provider of either of the aforementioned.

    I saw several guys that I liked, fit, older, probably in their 40's and as I walked past each of them, I smiled and passed on by, hoping they would follow me. I made my way around and came to one of the two rooms with a massage table and waited outside, standing on the wall across from the door to the room I wanted.

    I saw not one, but two of the guys I had smiled at come around the corner and to ensure that they didn't pass on by without knowing I was interested in hooking up. I stepped across the hall and stepped into the dark room and waited. The first guy slowed at the door and looked in and then entered the room. As he was closing the door, the second guy put his hand on the door and the second guy looked at him and then opened it up and let him in as well.

    "Ooooh, a two-fer," I thought.

    The first guy moved towards the money feeder on the wall next to the couch and inserted a few bills and the TV's fired up, sounds of sex filling their room and drowning out the dance music that was playing throughout the hallways.

    They both came over to me and began rubbing on my arms and butt and grabbing my crotch. I reached out with my hands and started caressing their crotches thru their pants. I was delighted to find that they both had good size bulges. They lifted up my shirt and lifted it off my body and ran their hands on my chest, stomach, back and arms. They pinched my nipples and I just kept on stroking their hardening cocks thru their pants.

    I pulled away, turned around and kicked off my sandals, reached in and pulled out the flavored lube and the poppers, placing them on top of the TV's, and then began undoing my jeans and letting them drop to the ground with my naked ass facing towards them.

    They stepped up and started caressing my ass and reaching around started stroking my hard cock. I'm only about 6 inches, but it's a nice cock and formed very well. I don't have a lot of body fat or body hair and I keep my ass bare.

    I moved over to the massage table, moved it away from the wall so that you could walk on either side of it, got on and laid on my stomach, opened up the bottle of poppers and took several strong hits before replacing the cap back on and putting the poppers and lube on the corner of the table next to my head.

    I heard the men getting undressed and I just laid there as the warm sensation from the poppers ran thru my body, making it extremely sensitive and increasing my desire for contact. With my eyes closed, I reached down and behind me and started rubbing and squeezing my own ass. The table was waist high level which means that I could lay here and if they wanted, they could feed me their cocks while I lay here and gave them free access to use my body.

    With my eyes closed, I didn't hear them coming, but suddenly, I felt hands on my body, rubbing my legs, cupping my ass and running up and down my back. I could tell one of them me was on my left and the other was on my right. I started moaning as their hands ran up and down my younger body, feeling on my back, legs and ass. They both kept getting closer and soon both were on my ass, cupping and grabbing it, pulling it aside, exploring the inside of my cheeks where my pucker was. I felt fingers rubbing up against it and then I heard the cap of the lube being opened and the liquid was being poured onto my spread ass. Soon, I felt a finger plunging into my ass and I moaned around it and lifted my ass up to meet it.

    They both kept playing with my ass as one of them fucked it hard with one of their fingers and then I felt a second finger go into my ass, stretching out my hole. I felt one of the men, the one on my left, stop groping my ass and shortly later I felt a cock being slapped on my head. I lifted up my head and looked forward at the beautiful hard cock that was presented before me. I tilted my head up and opened my mouth and the man grabbed the back of my head and slid his cock into my mouth while his new friend was continuing with two fingers in my ass and starting to push a third into my ass.

    I moaned around the cock as he pumped into my mouth. He wasn't trying to be nice about it, but instead he was trying to see how much he could get into my mouth and how far he could shove it down my throat. He pumped with hard strokes, grunting as his hard cock filled my mouth and took the straight shot down my throat that was provided to him with my body

    laying straight and my head tilted up. He was a little taller so I had to lift my head up a little bit to accommodate him as he used my face and throat.

    He reached over and lifted the bottle of poppers up and took some strong hits and then put the bottle down by my nose and held it up to one of my nostrils while holding the other one and I inhaled the glorious fumes and felt the surge of warmth flow thru my body. He switched nostrils and did the same thing and then started pushing back into my mouth and throat with slow, deliberate strokes. I loved the way it felt, my tongue swirling around the head and shaft of his cock as it fucked my mouth.

    I felt the other guy get up on the table and straddle my legs on the table. I felt him align his cock with my gaping hole and I pushed my ass up to meet him and encourage him. He pushed down with his weight, plopped the head of his cock into my ass and started pushing into me. I moaned around the cock in my mouth.

    These two strangers got into a rhythm and began to fuck me hard from both ends. I laid there, pinned down and used, loving every minute of it. I let these two men use me like the fuck-toy I was, content and excited to be just a set of holes for them to fuck.

    The guy in my throat was fucking me really fast and hard and the guy in my ass was content to slowly fuck me deep and hard. After a while, the guy in front said he wanted to fuck my ass. They had me turn around on the table so that now I was sitting up with my legs folded under me with my feet hanging off of the end of the table where my head was. This gave the guy that was fucking my mouth perfect access to my pucker. The guy that was previously fucking me stood up on the table and had his cock at the perfect height to fuck my mouth. He grabbed my head and just plowed in. This is why I always bring flavored lube with me because I am not too fond of the taste of plain lube. I always clean myself out before coming here so I am not worried about having to clean shit from a cock.

    As guy number two was holding onto my head and plowing his cock into my mouth, guy number 1 took his hand and kneaded my ass for a minute. He then rubbed his fingers over my asshole before lightly smacking it a few times. He then lined up his cock and started fucking me. These two guys went at me with no style, they just fucked me hard, deep and fast and I, like a good cum-dump, just sat there taking it.

    The guy in my mouth started grunting and pulled out, pointed his cock at my face and told me to open up. He jerked and jerked and jerked while pointing at my open mouth and my extended tongue. He groaned and cum shot from his cock, hitting me in the face and across my tongue. He shot several spurts before sticking it back in my mouth and telling me to clean him off. I did so with gusto, sucking him off, feeling his softening, yet still rigid cock slowly fucking my mouth as I removed all traces of cum from his cock. When he was happy, he pulled his cock

    from my mouth and hopped off the table as guy number 1 was fucking me harder. He grunted as well and soon I felt several strong blasts of cum deep inside my ass. He thrust a few more times and then pulled out and pushed me forward. He began eating my ass, licking and sucking his cum from my freshly fucked ass. The feeling was glorious.

    The second guy was dressed now and opened the door and left the room, closing the door behind him. The second guy finished eating my ass and slapped it a few times saying, "thanks," and then started getting dressed.

    I readjusted myself on the table, took another strong hit of poppers and lay down on the table on my back. I began to stroke my aching cock and I heard guy number 1 leave. As I was pleasuring myself I realized that there was now someone else in the room. I realized this because I felt a cock being slapped on my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw a younger guy there with a big cock slapping my forehead. I scooted up on the table and let my head hang off and he stuck his cock in my mouth and started fucking me with quick, deep strokes. His glorious cock was plowing into my throat as I was stroking my cock.

    After only about a minute or two, he said, "I'm going to cum," and pulled out and started cumming on my face. The kid must not have cum in awhile because cum exploded out of him, drenching my face. He came so much it almost felt like he was pissing on me. The sensations were so great that I felt my orgasm quickly building up in me and I shot, launching cum all the way to my face, my neck, my chest and then my stomach.

    He slapped my face a few times and then put his cock back in his pants and left the room. I lay there for a few moments, coming off the amazing experience that I just had and finally got up, used the toilet paper they provided in the room and cleaned myself off, got dressed and left vowing to myself that I would return the following night to experience one of the other rooms.


    Chapter 02 -- The Glory Hole Wall

    After going to my favorite adult video store last night and getting tag-teamed from both ends on a massage table by a pair of strangers and then throat fucked by another, I was excited to come back again tonight to try out another room and another interesting device in one of the rooms. Tonight, I decided on one of the rooms with the Glory Hole Wall built into the room.

    While most of the rooms were strictly on the inside of the square (rectangle) hallway, there were two rooms right inside the entrance of the arcade and two on what would be the very back wall that are on the outside walls of the square.

    Again, I surveyed the talent here tonight and noticed that it was extremely busy on this Saturday night. There were a lot of men roaming about, some paired off and talking, some (like me) that were walking around and many of the rooms had red lights instead of green lights above them signaling that they were in use and money was in the machine.

    I walked to the back of the hallway and as I did, I saw a man with a hat on, looking down and playing with his phone and, of course, my eyes went directly to his crotch. I saw a tremendous bulge in his jeans with an almost clear outline of his cock. It was positioned to go sideways and extended far enough that if you put your hand in his right pocket, you would be grabbing a big handful of cock at around the lower head / upper shaft portion. He was standing on the wall next to one of the rooms so when I walked down the hall towards the back wall, I was walking towards him and my eyes never left his bulge once I spotted it. I was subconsciously licking my lips and as I got closer, I looked up and realized that I had been caught staring.

    He smiled at me and my eyes never left his as I walked to his right and right into one of the rooms with a glory hole wall. Before I could even turn around, I heard the door being closed and I knew that he had followed me in.

    I walked behind the wall and sat down on the stool, facing towards the hole in the makeshift wall. I saw him walk over to the machine and put some money in and I stood up and reached toward him and gave him a five and told him to add that to it as well. He added the money and as he did, I returned to my stool and pulled out my bottle of poppers. I inhaled deeply in both nostrils, basked in the warmth it provided as it ran thru my body and waited, looking thru the hole.

    Now the hole isn't a perfect circle, but instead, it is about 4 inches wide and about 10 inches tall with a rounded top and bottom. This allows people of different heights the ability to stick their cocks thru to receive their semi-anonymous blow-job.

    I saw him step up to the hole and undo his pants. I was salivating at just the view of his hard cock thru his jeans and couldn't wait to see it unwrapped and ready for my service. His belt came open, his button undone, his zipper sliding down and then finally, he reached in and pulled out one of the best cocks I've ever seen, be that in real life or in porn. He stroked it and I realized that it wasn't even fully hard yet, but was so large; it never really shrank or shriveled like some guys do. I couldn't help marveling at it, drooling over it, needing it in my mouth.

    He stepped forward and the cock came thru the hole like a perfect present to me. I grasped the cock and started stroking. I had to guess that the cock was probably around 8 inches, maybe more in length with beautiful veins running down the shaft and a beautiful circumcised head that sat upon the shaft with great power.

    I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, stroking it with one hand and sucking on the rest. With the poppers coursing thru my body, I took it slow at first, slowly sucking on the cock, trying to become familiar with every inch of the skin. I lifted up the cock and ran my tongue up and down the shaft of the cock and then took his cock head back in my mouth and began kissing and licking the head, essentially French-kissing his cock head. I heard him say, "That's a good cock-sucker, take it all now."

    I reached down, grabbed some more poppers and inhaled and asked him if he wanted some. He said yes so I passed them thru the hole and then immediately went back to sucking on his cock. It was weird, sitting there on a stool, sucking his cock thru the hole. I felt like I was cheating. A cock-sucker is supposed to be on their knees, submitting to the power of the cock in front of them and the owner of the cock. I got down on my knees and began to really suck on this magnificent cock in front of me.

    He pulled his pants down more and moved as close to the wall as he could and told me to suck on his balls. I lifted up his cock, laid it on my face and began to lick and suck on his big, hairless balls. I heard him moaning and calling me names. He told me to put his cock back in my mouth but to keep playing with his balls and making sure that I had plenty of saliva on them while I did. I spit on his balls and started rubbing it around with my hand, massaging them with my palms and fingertips before taking his cock back in my mouth.

    I began to bob up and down on his cock, trying to take as much as I could in my mouth and down my throat, gagging myself on the cock. I sucked on that glorious piece of meat for at least ten minutes before he said he was getting ready to blow. I pulled off and said that I wanted him to cum on my face so he pulled back a little and started jerking off as I continued to rub on his balls. I felt them contract up into his body and then large amounts of cum spewed from his cock and hit me squarely in the face. I moved my head around trying to get it over as much of my face as I could. I had several blasts hit me square in my eyes and even up my nose, but I didn't care. The heat from his cum was amazing.

    He finally stopped cumming and I tried to take his cock back into my mouth to clean him up but he said something about being too sensitive after cumming and I heard him stuffing his cock back in his pants, zipping up and fastening his belt.

    I heard the door open and close and I began looking around for the toilet paper to wipe my face off and then I heard the sounds of the door being opened again. He must not have closed it all the way when he left. I found the toilet paper and picked it up only to have it taken out of my hands.

    Then I heard a man say, "this dude is covered in cum, he can't even open his eyes!"

    "Keep him that way," another said. From their voices, I got the impression that they were black and my cock jumped at this idea. I love big, black cock and I love how domineering black guys can get, especially in a group as they try and one up each other.

    "I'll put some more money in the machine," I heard from yet another voice. Three? There were three guys in the room and here I was covered in cum and unable to see.

    The guy that was around the wall and had told his friends that I was covered in cum told me to strip, but to be sure that when I removed my shirt that I don't wipe any of the cum away. I said that might be a little hard and then I felt hands on the neck opening of my shirt and it was torn open, creating a large hole in my shirt. "Now, it shouldn't be a problem," he said.

    Oh man, what was I getting into here? I removed my torn shirt and my jeans and he took them from me. He pushed me back down on my knees in front of the hole in the wall and grabbed the top of my head and my throat and said, "Open wide."

    I opened up my mouth and I felt a large cock press into my mouth. The guy holding my head pushed me forward and said, "Get some of that big, black cock white boy, choke on it." He slammed me up and down on the cock and I tell you, if I had a gag-reflex I would have been puking everywhere. The cock was much larger than the big one I had just got done sucking and I strained to keep my mouth open wide enough for it. He slammed forward and the guy holding my head pushed me towards it, fucking my face with the big, black cock.

    The cock moved away and another one replaced it, also large, this one uncircumcised. Again, I was used as a pocket pussy, my mouth slammed up and down on the cock. They were talking dirty to me, telling me what a good faggot I was and how hot it looked to see my white mouth taking their black cocks. They asked me if I liked being used by black guys and I mumbled yes thru the fucking I was receiving in my mouth. I felt some different hands on my head now and the first guy let go. Shortly after, the cock in my mouth was removed and a new, big cock was pushed thru the whole. This one was longer, but not as thick as the others and actually made it easier to suck.

    I felt a second set of hands on my head and now, with four hands on my head, I was pushed forward till my mouth forehead was on the wall and my mouth was fully in the hole. The third guy slid his cock all the way forward and down my throat until I felt the wiry hairs of his pubic hair tickling my nose. They held me there as he held his cock in my expanded throat. I felt the lack of air becoming a problem and started to struggle, worried that I was going to be suffocated by this cock in my mouth. I thrashed around pushing back with my hands and trying to get a good hold with my feet, but it was no use. They were much stronger than I was.

    I felt like this was going to be it and then, they finally released me and the third guy pulled his cock out of my throat and I gasped for air. One of the guys reached down and slapped my naked ass and said, "I bet his pussy is great too."

    "Not tonight guys, please," I said, still sore from my ass-fucking from last night. I was still gasping for air and one of the guys said, "That's fine, we can just fuck your face faggot, makes no difference to us."

    With that, I was pulled away from the wall and into the center of the room. My eyes were now stuck shut as the cum had started drying. I sensed them surrounding me and then, it was on. These three well-endowed men started pulling me from cock to cock, shoving them in my mouth, down my throat. They smacked me hard with their heavy cocks and many times stuck two cocks in my mouth at the same time. They made me keep my hands behind my back and every time I tried to move them up to possibly steady myself, grab their cocks or massage their balls, one would hit me hard with their cock before telling me to put my hands back behind my back and grasp my fingers.

    I gave up trying to lift my hands and these three guys continued to rape my face. To be honest, I was actually enjoying the rough behavior and I felt I could have stopped it if I wanted too because they honored my request not to fuck my ass.

    I knew they were stroking their cocks when they weren't in my mouth and I loved it when one of them would grab the sides of my head and slam his cock as far into my mouth as they could go, sometimes holding it there till I started to squirm and sometimes just using it as a pussy. In a weird way, I felt like I was the center of a porno. I had seen so many with girls in my exact same position and guys too and I was always envious of them, there on their knees being dominated by several hung black guys and now I was living out that scenario in real life.

    "Let's all cum on this fucker at the same time," said one of them.

    "Sounds good to me," said another, "I'm getting close."

    "Me too," said the third.

    "Here, let me fuck that throat some more and I'll be ready," said the first guy and my head was grabbed by the guy on my left and his cock roughly shoved into my throat. "I love me a bitch with no gag-reflex and who knows how to move their fucking teeth away from my cock," he said, pounding in me.

    I heard him say he was ready and I heard three cocks being stroked furiously so I presented my face to them and opened up my mouth. "Close your fuckin' mouth bitch, we are gonna cover you," the guy on my right said and I obeyed.

    Almost simultaneously, I felt streams of cum splashing onto my face from in front of me and from both sides. They produced a ton of cum and I could only imagine how I looked as they plastered me with their cum. I felt it splash on my face, ears, hair, neck, chest and shoulders. There was cum everywhere (on me) and I could feel them flicking the remaining cum onto my face. They began to slap their cocks on my face again and told me to jerk off.

    I quickly grabbed my cock and stroked it hard and fast and in roughly 20 seconds I was cumming so hard I had to lean over and place one hand on the ground to steady myself.

    As I came down, I felt one of them slap my ass and say, "we see you around here again buddy, we are just going to have to get ourselves of piece of this fine, white ass, so please, come around here again." The other two laughed and I heard what sounded like clothes ripping and then the sounds of them fastening up their pants.

    I heard the door open and I said, "Can one of you help me find the toilet paper?"

    "Nah, we're taking that with us faggot," said one of them and then I heard the door close.

    "Fuck," I thought to myself. I reached up and started scooping cum out of my eyes, but it was almost pointless. My face with drenched from the four large cum shots I had taken. It would almost take me a whole role of TP to remove all of this cum from my face and body. I was able to get enough out that I was able to open my eyes barely and made it over to turn on the light and looked around. At first, I didn't see any of my clothes, but I looked behind the wall and there were my jeans. "Whew, no jeans would have meant no keys which means I wouldn't have been able to leave," I thought to myself. I looked around for my shirt and then spotted some white cloth hanging outside of the trashcan. I looked in and saw my shirt and reached in to retrieve it when I realized it was torn into three pieces and covered in cum and saliva. They had used my t-shirt as cum towels. They were drenched from wiping off particularly my saliva from their cocks and balls.

    I tried to wipe as much as I could from my body, but I wasn't able to get all of it and what I did wipe just smeared all over me. I finally said to myself, "fuck it," and put on my pants and sandals, opened the door and strolled out. I got several cat-calls and whistles as I walked shirtless down the hallway, obviously covered in the remnants of lots of cum. I exited the arcade, went to my car and got in.

    I closed my eyes and smiled and thought to myself, "I love this place. I'm definitely coming back next weekend..." I started up the car and drove off, already fantasizing about what sort of adventures I would get into next Friday night.


    ANR - Ch. 03: The Harness

    Throughout the week, I ventured up to my favorite adult book store during lunch and sucked off several guys. These were plain, cock-sucking sessions that held me thru the week as I anticipated my next evening session where I would try out one of the devices in the rooms.

    Friday came and I dressed in some nice jeans, no underwear, a t-shirt and some sandals and drove out, arriving at around 10pm. I noticed group of well-dressed white men standing at the smoking area. They were talking and smoking, dressed in slacks and nice polo shirts.

    I walked up, pulled out a cigarette and faked not having a lighter and asked them for one. One of them gave me one and we started up a conversation. They were in town for a convention and decided to check out an ABS for some action as they couldn't risk doing it at home and their wives finding out. They asked if this one had a theater to which I replied it didn't, but when I told them about the rooms and the devices, they perked up and asked me more questions and if I ever used them.

    I told them about my adventures last weekend and were laughing and telling me how hot it all sounded and said things about how freaky I was. I just smiled and flirted with them and said, "hey, what can I say? I like sex and being used."

    They were all crowded around and began asking me if I was here tonight to get used again and I said, " well, that's why I'm here. I want to try out the harness tonight, but where, oh where can I find some good company?" I smiled at them and they smiled back.

    One of them said, "well, we'd be more than happy to keep you company tonight. Show us the way."

    We flicked our cigarette butts and walked to the door, me leading the way, them following. My cock was already hard as we entered the place and went back to the arcade. I led them to one of the rooms with the harness rig and we all entered, shutting the door behind us.

    I went over and put $20 in the machine and found a gay video of one guy being fucked by a group of guys. The men were checking out the harness and how the recipient would be suspended on their back at waist height and how their arms and legs could be strapped in.

    "This will put you at our control, we could do whatever we wanted to you while your in this," said one of the men.

    "That's the point, isn't it? I get used like I want and you can indulge in whatever fantasies your wives aren't fulfilling for you at home. It's a win-win," I said and then peeled off my clothes.

    "Anything off limits," said one of the other guys.

    "Beyond extreme pain and you all taking a dump on me, I'm pretty much game for whatever you all wanna do to me," I replied.

    The men all stripped out of their clothes, their bodies, similar, were slim and toned, a usual for many business men who understand appearances go along way in the corporate world. They all had nice cocks, not too huge, but ranging from probably 6.5" to 8". They came over to me and I got on my knees and the first one stepped up and I opened my mouth, allowing him access. I began to bob up and down on his cock, taking it all the way in my mouth and reached out to grab two more. I stoked those as I sucked the first guy for a bit then moved to the next cock. I went all around to each cock, taking each to the hilt and sucking a bit. It was fun, enjoying the different sizes and feelings of their cocks.

    I stopped as the action was a little too reserved and I looked up at them and said, "come on guys, you can get a gingerly blowjob from your wives anytime you want. This is a time to live out your fantasies. Use me, hard, don't hold back. You won't break me or freak me out."

    The men, noting the sincerity in my voice, closed in and really went wild. They fucked my mouth harder, slamming their cocks into my mouth, one at a time and slapping my face and head with their cocks. I figured they needed more encouragement, so I pulled them by their cocks so that I could get two in my mouth at the same time. I slobbered over the two in my mouth and the other two kneeled down and began groping my ass, squeezing it and spanking it.

    I pulled off of the two in my mouth and said I had some lube in my jeans pocket. One got up to grab it while the other one continued exploring my firm ass cheeks. He returned and I heard the cap being opened then liquid being poured generously between my cheeks. The guy that had stayed rubbed it around before jamming a finger into me roughly. With his finger in, he began to shake my ass, trying quickly to open my hole. I felt the other guy stick a finger in as well which elicited a moan from me around the two cock heads in my mouth.

    They continued to manhandle my hole and open it up. The first guy reached up while opening me up and grabbed my left nipple and began to squeeze and twist it sending waves of electricity thru my body. I felt the second guy insert another finger in my ass to which I pushed back, signaling my desire to be filled.

    "I think he's ready," said the guy with two fingers pulling my ass apart.

    The guys fucking my mouth retreated and the other two removed their fingers leaving me empty. I felt them reach down and pull me to my feet and I quickly walked over to the harness and turned around so that my back was facing it and jumped in. I resituated myself properly in the device and the men came over and strapped my hands in and then raised my legs up, strapping them in as well. I was now at their mercy with my freshly opened ass at just the right angle and height for them to use as they wished. I'm sure if you would have looked at it, you would have seen my pucker quivering from anticipation.

    The guy that had retrieved the lube stepped up between my spread legs and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down the spread crack of my ass. He teased my hole, rubbing the head around and around, starting to push, but then going back to sliding it around again. The two that had been mouth fucking me were on either side groping my body, and rubbing their hands all over. The guy on my right leaned in and began kissing me while the other leaned down and began licking my left nipple and kissing my chest.

    "Beg me for my cock," said my soon-to-be sodomizer and I pulled away from the kiss and said, "please, fuck, use me, fuck my ass, I need it so bad." I wasn't lying either. I needed his cock, all their cocks, to fuck me and use me.

    He pushed with his cock and I felt the head enter and him push farther, my ass opening up to him, letting him in and wrapping around his cock. I threw my head back in ecstasy, enjoying the feeling of having a cock sliding in and filling me as it sent waves of pleasure thru me. With my head back, the man that was kissing me attacked my neck and licked and kissed it sending more waves of pleasure thru me.

    The man started pulling back and then slammed into me and began to fuck me hard and deep. I was in total bliss as he fucked me and two others were kissing and licking on me. The last guy squeezed in on my right side and leaned down taking my throbbing cock into his mouth. The feeling was too much and I screamed that I was going to cum. The man fucking me rammed me harder and I exploded into the other man's mouth. He continued sucking as he drained me and pulled off and pushed the other man that was licking my neck out of the way and grabbed the back of my head and spit my cum out all over my face. He spit a few more times on my face and all I did was moan and stick my tongue out trying to lap up what I could reach. The act was so demeaning, yet so exciting too. No one had ever spit on me before, let alone spit my own cum on me.

    The man fucking me pulled out of my ass saying something about not wanting to cum yet and the guy that had been licking my nipples stepped up between my legs and inserted his cock. He began to quickly fuck me with deep, strong thrusts that pushed me and the harness back every time he buried himself in me. One of the guys got behind my head in the harness and held me still and said, "there you go boy, that way you can feel every inch of his cock bury into your ass, do you like that?"

    I didn't respond right away because I was lost in the feeling and he reached around and slapped my cum covered face and then grabbed me by the cheeks with one hand, squeezed and said, "You fuckin answer me motherfucker when I ask you a question, do you like this better?"

    Shocked, but surprisingly turned on by the forceful, dominating attitude that had just developed, I said, "yes sir, sorry sir, it feels so good. Hold me here so he can thoroughly fuck me."

    "That's better," he said and released my face from his grasp. They got into a rhythm where not only would he hold me still, he would actually push me forward towards my fucker with each thrust.

    "Yeah, fuck him," they were saying, standing on either side and at my head, encouraging the other guy to fuck me. The would rub on my body, twist a nipple or two and stroke my cock that had surprisingly not gone soft.

    They each took a turn in my ass, all pulling out before they came in order to maintain the session. We fucked for what seemed like ages and the would reapply lube to my ass every once in awhile. One guy turned on the lights and pulled out his phone and began to take photos of me. When the guy with the largest cock was fucking me, they got in close and he would pull out and the other guy would take a picture of my gaping asshole. He took pleasure in showing me my hairless hole that was red from the fucking and how it was so thoroughly used that it stayed open by itself.

    He went back to fucking me again with his big cock and said he was close and was ready to cum. He pumped harder into me and grabbed me by my raised legs and grunted before slamming even harder and I felt him spasm and shake as he blasted my well used ass with his cum. The other guys were standing around and the next guy stepped up and instead of sticking his cock back in me, he jerked off feverishly and came all over my spread ass, my balls and my cock. The other two apparently liked this idea too as they stepped up and did the same thing, covering my genitals and exposed ass with two more loads of cum.

    I laid there and they unlatched my right hand and told me to jerk my cock. I grabbed my cum soaked cock and began to jerk off with their cum as lube. It felt so amazing but as I was stroking, the guy between my legs said, "so, we can really use you to fulfill any fantasy of ours that doesn't include extreme pain or shit, right?"

    "Yes," I moaned.

    "Cool, I've always wanted to try something," he said. I continued stroking while my eyes were closed and suddenly I felt a strong, hot stream of liquid hitting me right in my gaping asshole.

    I heard them start laughing as I realized he was pissing on me and into my freshly used asshole. "John, you sick motherfucker," laughed one of the other guys before saying," I wanna get in on this too." I felt another stream hit my body from my right side before the stream of hot piss moved its way up my chest to my face.

    "Open up," I heard him say and I did so, giving him a place to aim for. He aimed the stream up at my mouth and managed to get some in but was still hitting me in the face. The taste wasn't bad and I assumed they were well hydrated because it was very watery piss. When my mouth would fill up, I would push it out of my mouth and let it cascade down over my face and drop to the floor.

    The guy pissing in my ass finished and another guy stepped up and began pissing on me and aimed his stream at my cock as I was furiously masterbating. The warm piss felt great on my cock and I could feel myself getting close. He finished and I expected the last guy to piss on my body somewhere, but instead I felt him insert his cock into my ass and then let go with a stream INSIDE my ass. He would piss a little, pull out and let me empty out while continuing to piss on my hole and then push back in. The feeling of the slight fucking mixed with the strong, hot stream pulsing in my ass did it and I let rip my second orgasm of the night.

    I laid there, completely spent, and the men were all laughing at the huge puddle they had created by pissing on me. "I feel bad for whoever has to clean this up," said one of them which started another round of laughing. I could see them now trying their best to avoid the piss lake on the floor.

    One of the guys unlatched my other arm and my legs and they all retreated to the other side of the room to clean up. I heard them say that they were glad there was some toilet paper in the room so they can wipe off the piss on their feet. I heard them passing it around tearing some off before I heard them start snickering a little. "Hey, you need some help out of that thing?"

    "No, I'm good, I just want to lay here a bit."

    They said ok and one of them asked for my phone number for when they come back in town. I gave it and they said their goodbyes to me and left.

    Shortly later, I maneuvered out of the harness and went to grab the toilet paper only to realize there was barely anything left. Now I know what they were snickering about. Thankfully laying in the harness had pretty much dried my chest off but my groin and ass and lower stomach were drenched from pee and cum. I wiped off what I could and said, "fuck it," and got dressed before quickly leaving the room, arcade and then the building. As soon as I walked out with the lower part of my shirt wet and sticking to my body (my jeans were too, but they were dark so you really couldn't tell), I heard laughing start coming from the smoking area.

    I looked up and saw them before walking over to them.

    "Very funny, guys," I said giving them a playful "mean" look. This got them laughing again at my situation. I couldn't help but join them in a laugh.

    "Well, I'm off to go home and shower. If y'all are still in town tomorrow, I'll be here ," I said and the, still chuckling said that they might just have to stop by.

    I left, walking funny from my gangbang and from the wet sensations between my legs. It had been a good night.


    Chapter 04: The Stockyard

    I have had 3 mind blowing experiences since last Friday night at my favorite adult book store and all were filled with such amazing degradation and debauchery. I again got myself ready, cleaned myself inside and out, put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some sandals and headed up to the store around 10:30 on Saturday night.

    I arrived and noticed the parking lot was extremely full and my cock twitched with anticipation. Tonight was the night that I was going to try out the stockade.

    I went inside and scoped out the men lingering in the halls and I saw a lot of great candidates as well as some pretty nasty ones too. Nowhere is going to have 100% prime choices, but I was glad there were a lot of good ones.

    I saw two average looking white men standing on the wall across from one of the rooms with a stockade. They were talking and I walked in front of them and stopped. They looked at me and smiled and I looked at their faces, then directly at their crotches, licked my lips and walked into the room. I turned around when I was in the room and looked at them again and they moved from the wall and entered the room.

    I placed a $20 in the machine and then immediately stripped and got to my knees. They walked over and I placed my hands on their crotches, rubbing their decent sized bulges. I undid the pants of the guy on the right and pulled out his 6" cock and immediately engulfed it. I slobbered on his cock as the other guy pulled his out. Once it was free, I held on to the first one with my hand and took the other guy in my mouth and took his all the way to the base. His was slightly larger, maybe 6.5". I moved back and forth between the two and moved them closer and eventually took both heads in my mouth.

    "Do you like to get fucked?" the second guy asked.

    I pulled off and in an excited, breathless gasp I said," yeah, I want to be used while in that," and nodded towards the stockade.

    "We can do that," he said and they pulled me to my feet. I grabbed my bottle of lube and handed it to him and walked over to the stockade. They lifted up the top piece of wood and I bent at the waist and placed my neck and wrists on the appropriate places. They dropped the slab down and I was trapped and fully exposed to these strangers.

    They moved behind me and began to grope my ass. They grabbed it and squeezed it, pulled it apart and then I felt a hand smack me hard on the right cheek.

    "You wanna get fucked boy?" asked one of them.

    "Yes, please, fuck me," I said.

    Another smack, this time harder. "I don't believe you. Say it louder. I want everyone in the hallway to know what you want and what we are going to do to you."


    They spanked me a few more times and then I felt the lube being poured on my ass. One of the men stepped up and ran the head of his cock up and down my crack before pushing the head past my rim. I moaned in delight and he then grabbed my hips and began to roughly fuck me, his thighs slapping against my ass as he plowed into me.


    He plowed me for a few minutes before he started to shake and I felt his shoot the first load of the night into my ass. He pulled out and slapped my ass with his cock and then stepped aside. Almost immediately, I felt the other guy line his cock up with my freshly fucked ass and drive his cock deep into me. His felt larger so I knew which guy this was. He fucked me hard and fast and in just a few short minutes, he too unloaded in my ass.

    I stood there bent over (honestly, I had no choice as I was locked in the stockade) and he pulled out. I could feel the cum dribbling from my ass and start to run down my legs. The men zipped up and went for the door and I said, "Hey, wait, aren't you going to let me out?"

    "Nah," said one of them, "I do believe you said you never wanted to have cocks stop fucking you, and I bet since you yelled it loud enough, there are probably plenty out there ready to make your wish come true."

    They laughed and then left, leaving the door open. When you are in the stockade, you face away from the wall with the door and because of the wood, you can't even look back. I was literally on display for anyone that walked by.

    "Holy fuck, look at this tied up, naked white boy in here," I heard a somewhat familiar voice say. I heard some rustling at the door and then heard it shut. I saw the face of a very large black man peer around and look at me.

    "Oh, no shit, yo, it's that faggot slut that we throat fucked last week," he said to his friends.

    "No shit, it is?" asked one of his friends and then I saw another face pop around. "It is! I almost didn't recognize him with out his face covered in cum. Damn, white boy, I told you I wanted a piece of your ass next time you were here, but I didn't think you'd serve it up on a platter for us."

    Truth be told, I was a little scared, but extremely turned on at the same time.

    "Now, we gonna fuck you nice and hard. I love breeding little white boys. We even gonna pimp you out to anyone and everyone tonight that wants a piece of that prime white ass. How many loads have you taken so far?"

    "Two," I managed to squeak out.

    "Well good, lets get started on the next three," he said and walked behind me and slapped me hard on my ass. One of the other two went to my pants and removed my poppers and saw the rest of my money in my pocket. He stuck three more $20's in the machine. I was going to be here a long, long time. He walked over to me and had me inhale some poppers and the warmth ran down my body and I began to wiggle my ass back and forth.

    "Look at this little bitch shake her ass. You are dying to have some big black cock in your little boy-pussy, aren't you?"

    "Yes, please fuck me," I moaned, the poppers betraying my fear of my self-placed situation.

    He stepped behind me and I heard him undo his pants. He began slapping his cock against my ass and I was reminded of his size. The weight alone was frightening, but then he laid it between my ass cheeks and I could feel the size and girth of it. He humped my ass cheeks and the other guy came up and had me take another hit of the poppers.

    The man at my ass lined up his cock and started to push into my ass. I was well lubed, twice fucked and coursing with poppers, but it still hurt. I tried to squirm away, but there was not really anything I could do. He grabbed my hips and continued to push. He was not pulling out, he wasn't going to try and warm me up, no he was trying to bottom out on his first try. I gritted my teeth and sounds of distress escaped me, but I did all I could to try and push out like taking a dump as I knew that this was better than clamping up.

    I felt his pelvis make contact with my ass and I knew he was completely inside of me. I was more full than I had ever been in my life. He began to pull out and then pushed all the way back in. "I knew this faggot would have a nice ass," he said and then picked up the pace. Pretty soon, he was fucking me hard and fast and I was moaning so loud as his cock kept hitting my prostate.

    He fucked me hard and fast for at least 10 minutes and even applied more lube twice during the session. He continually slapped my ass and called me all sorts of degrading names. He finally roared, buried his cock as far as he could and unloaded several large blasts of cum deep inside of me. He pulled out and within no time, one of his friends took his place and immediately went to fucking me hard and fast.

    The first guy then told his buddies he was leaving but to listen for his knock. As he left, his buddy was still fucking me and the other guy was still giving me hits of poppers. The cock in my ass kept hitting my prostate just right and I finally peaked over the edge and my cock started erupting cum. As my body convulsed, this sent my ass-fucker over the edge and he let go with several hot blasts in my ass. He pulled out and the third guy stepped up and as he placed the tip of his cock at my gaping asshole, there was a strong knock on the door.

    The second guy went and opened the door and apparently number 1 was back. "I found the slut more cock," and he stepped in. The room filled up with at least 10-15 guys. When the door closed, the guy at my ass wasted no time and plunged into my ass. He began to fuck me hard, slapping my ass and plunging in deep with every thrust. This spurred the men in the room and they cheered him on and joined in the fun of calling me names.

    Because of the way that you are in the stockade, you are not bent entirely in half which means unless someone is really tall, my mouth was not at the right height to use, but these men were not going to let that stop them. A few of them moved the couch over and one got up and simply said, "Open up."

    I opened my mouth and this stranger began to fuck my mouth. It's a strange sensation when you realize there is no way you can get away from these men or pull away when you want to catch your breath.

    These men used me, relentlessly and I ended up coming one more time. I lost count of the cocks that used me that night. Guys fucked me hard, men of different shapes and sizes. Some cocks were so small that I barely felt them as they fucked me and added their cum to my ass. I know I swallowed at least five loads that were forced down my throat and several more men who couldn't wait their turn had jerked off on my face.

    The first black guy that had fucked me was continually shuffling people in and out but finally ended the gang bang and I was glad. I still wanted to keep getting fucked, even if my poor ass was sore and tender, but my body was too tired and too used. They guys removed the top brace and helped me out.

    "Damn man, I've never seen someone take so much cock at once, not even the sluttiest bitches I know," said the first black guy. "You are some sort of super cock whore. I lost count, but you had at least 15 dudes fuck you after we were done with you and that don't even count the guys using your mouth or face."

    I quietly acknowledged him and walked on wobbly legs over to my clothes. I heard his phone chime and he said, "Hold up, I got some buddies that wanna get in on this and they're here."

    "Oh man, I couldn't possibly fuck anyone else or even suck a cock right now. I'm about to collapse from exhaustion," I said.

    "Oh that's cool bro, you ain't even got to do all that. All you gotta do is sit your ass down on the ground, that's it," he said.

    He opened up the door and they turned on the lights. The main guy came over and pushed me down so that I was sitting down, my folded legs underneath me. I noticed that there were three more big black guys in the room making six total.

    "You got us three all ready to go again by getting fucked the way you did. All we wanna do is take some photos of you with our cocks and then cum all over you. You ain't gotta do nothing but sit there and occasionally let us put our cocks in your mouth for a photo and then we'll dump our cum and you can be on your way," said the main guy.

    I couldn't have put up much resistance even if I wanted so I just nodded and they all stripped and pulled out their phones. They took turns taking pictures of me with their cocks individually draped over my face, with the head of their cock in my mouth, etc. Then they started adding more and more cocks to my face and would snap pictures. Two cocks, three cocks, finally I had all six monster cocks lying across my face. You could barely see me under there except for an eye maybe.

    The main guy then said he wanted to show his boys how good of a bitch I was and came over and told me to open up and look up at him. I did as he asked and he put his cock in my mouth and his hands on the back of my head and slid his cock in slowly, his friends all taking multiple pictures as the black snake disappeared into my mouth and down my throat. Once fully in, they took more pics. Each guy tried out my throat and everyone recorded the events with tons of pictures.

    Once I had deep throated each of them, they went back to taking more pics of me with two or three large, black cock-heads lodged in my mouth. All of them were stroking their cocks, the smallest around 8" and the largest probably over 10".

    "You ready for your cum shower faggot?" asked the main guy.

    I nodded and closed my eyed and tilted my head up to present my face as a target for them. They called me all sorts of dirty names and I heard them all stroking their cocks. I heard one of them roar and large amounts of cum started landing on my face. Shortly before the first guy finished, a second guy stepped up and unloaded on me as well. All six of these hung black men unloaded large amounts of cum across my face and hair, laughing as they finished and slapping me with their cocks and shaking them off on my face.

    They finished and the main guy said,"alright,that was awesome, but we are definitely gonna have to play with you some more. I noticed you ain't got no cell phone in your pants. Give me your cell phone number and make sure it's real cuz I am going to call it and send some of these pics. Now, you don't have to give me your cell number, but I also don't have to give you your clothes or anything to clean up with and you can figure out how to get your naked, just-been-whored-out, cum-covered ass home," he said.

    "Jeez, you could have just said that you all wanted my number so we could fuck again and I would have gladly given it to you," I said and gave a tired chuckle. I gave him my number and he called it and left me a message that simply said, "that's a good cock-whore."

    They handed me the toilet paper and I started cleaning off my face and my poor dripping ass and they got dressed and left. As they walked out, the main guy said, "See ya 'round faggot."

    Even with almost a full role of toilet paper, I couldn't get myself fully cleaned off, but it was good enough to pass a brief inspection. I left the room and arcade and walked like a complete idiot, legs wobbly and partially numb, to my car, got in and drove home.


    Chapter 05: The X

    I received a lot of correspondence from my set of stories concerning my adventures at my favorite Dallas adult book store. Many were from men who asked if the place really had those things, was it really a hot spot because they were flying into town, called me all sorts of degrading names and many wanted to schedule a hook-up there (one even offered to use me like a 10 cent toy, how hot is that?!?).

    One of the emails though really caught my attention:

    ----- Have you ever sucked a straight guys cock in front of his girlfriend? - Jessica

    This has always been a fantasy of mine. I can't tell you how many times my masterbation fantasies have turned to this very idea. To suck a cock (or cocks) in front of a girl while she watches, directs or participates in the action is something that is on my bucket list a few hundred times. I quickly replied.

    ----- Nope, but it's a huge fantasy of mine. - Mark

    I couldn't wait to see where this would go, maybe nowhere, but either way, I couldn't resist the chance of this being the beginning of a dream come true.

    It was a few hours before I received a reply from her.

    ----- Would you want to? - Jessica

    I quickly replied.

    ----- HELL YEAH! What did you have in mind? - Mark

    It took a little while, but I then received a rather lengthy response back.

    ----- Well, I've been dating this guy for about two years. We met our senior year at college and we've had an incredibly kinky sex life. A few times when we were drunk he let it slip that he thought this guy or that guy was hot and I've even gotten him to admit that he's thought about being with a guy before. He's always chickened out when I tried to make anything happen and if I bring it up while he's sober he gets all defensive and always says he was just playing around to get me horny. He knows that guys doing stuff together gets me hot. Well it does get me horny. Very horny! I find myself reading more of the Gay Male stories on Literotica which is how I found you. I was thinking I could take him out, get him drunk and then take him up there. In your ANR stories, you describe something that is like an X that people can be tied up too and I was thinking I could tie him up, get him all worked up and then you can come in a suck his dick. What do you think? - Jessica

    I couldn't believe this was happening. If I played it right, I could most definitely make this come true, however I had two hurdles I had to overcome.

    ----- That sounds so hot and I would be happy too, but I have to ask. Aren't you worried about the deception? Also, do you have any pictures of you two? I hate to be forward but I don't want to get up there and find out you two are fat and hairy and he has a tiny cock. - Mark

    ----- LOL, no, I don't blame you. I've included two photos of me doing to him what I want you to do to him that he took with our camera. As far as the deception, no, I'm not worried about that. We both want this but he's too timid to do it himself. - Jessica

    I looked at the pictures. It was a point-of-view shot looking down over a fit looking male body with only light hair. Crouching over him was a beautiful, fit looking female. She was very pretty and in the first one, she had her hand wrapped the base of his cock and was looking at and smiling at the camera. There was quite a bit of cock sticking up above her fist as it was wrapped around the base. It looked like she could wrap her other hand around it and still have the head poking out.

    In the second one, she had flattened her hand down against his body with his cock being held in the pocket of her hand between her thumb and index finger. She had taken his beautiful cock about half way down and I immediately found myself thinking, "I can do better than that."

    I emailed her back and agreed to introduce her closeted boyfriend to the pleasure that one man can bring to another man. She wanted to do it this Friday night. She said she would get there about 11:00 with him and asked if I could already be there to see what room they go into since she wouldn't be able to text me or call me. I told her which rooms had the X platforms and said that since a hot girl and a hot guy were going to be there, a lot of them would fiddle with the handle and knock to see if they could come in. I told her I would do the old "shave and a haircut" knock so that she would know it was me. I would wait about five minutes after they went in to let her get him ready. I told her to see if she can get him to wear some tight boxer briefs, but to leave them on him when she tied him up. She was a little confused, but agreed to my request.

    The next day was Thursday and I was incredibly horny from the prospect of what I was going to be doing tomorrow night so on my lunch break I went up to the place and sucked off two lucky men and let another one dump his load in my ass. I wish I could say it all happened at the same time, but these were three separate incidents. After returning to work temporarily satiated after shooting off with a cock buried in my ass, I found myself still thinking about tomorrow night. It couldn't get here quick enough.

    Friday came and went, two more cocks satisfied during lunch and I was at home, showering and prepping for the night. I left and arrived at the location about 10:30 and stepped out of my car and smoked two cigarettes as I slowly watched the time click by.

    At 10:50, I headed into the building and back into the arcade and stood up front by the displayed movies so that I could see them come in.

    11:00 came.



    "Damn," I thought to myself. "They weren't coming.

    I had been silently propositioned several times by a few men, either with smiles or nods , but I stayed my course. I was here to suck a straight guys cock in front of his girlfriend. It was a little upsetting though because if they didn't show up, I was passing up a lot of quality meat I could be choking on.

    At almost 11:45, I saw a hot guy and his hot girlfriend enter the arcade and head down the first hallway. I recognized her from the pictures she had sent, but she looked even more lovely than before. She had on a short black dress that hugged her body and some high heels and her dirty blonde hair was draped down about 6 inches past her shoulders. He was wearing some nice jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled down. They had many eyes on them as they walked down the hall and I moved to follow behind them.

    They entered the right room and closed the door and immediately someone else tried the handle and then softly knocked three times. When the door didn't open, he moved to the opposite wall and waited. A few more people tried the same thing but they never opened the door.

    I waited a good five or six minutes and then I approached the door and gave the seven knocks in the pattern we had agreed upon and then shortly after, the door opened slightly and I saw her face.

    "Mark," she asked?

    "Yeah, it's me Jessica," I replied.

    She opened the door and I stepped in and closed it behind me. Jessica was nude except for a black thong and her body was fantastic. She was tanned and tone with a firm ass and perky breasts. I'm sure she would be a lot of fun to play with, but I was here for a specific purpose.

    I looked over at her boyfriend who was fully tied to the wooden X. He was gorgeous, athletic with just the slightest hint of chest hair. His arms were raised up in the contraption and his legs were spread and he had on a nice pair of designer, black boxer shorts. He looked so scrumptious.

    I could see a look of apprehension on his face as he tried to figure out his predicament. He struggled at the restraints but not with a lot of conviction.

    "What's going on," he asked?

    Jessica turned to him and said, "well, this is what's going on. You know how when you get drunk you always talk about wanting to hook up with a guy and then when you are sober, you always deny it and say you only do it because you know it gets me all hot. Well it does Jason, but I think it does you too. You must have been getting off on teasing me but I have a strong feeling you were teasing yourself too. I met Mark here on that site with the stories I'm always reading. We came up with this plan where we can all have our fantasies fulfilled. I wanna see you with another guy and you seem to chicken shit to do it on your own, Mark here has always wanted to suck a cock in front of a girl and you, will I think you've been dying for something like this to happen."

    "No, no, seriously, I've just been saying that stuff for you," he said, again with very little conviction.

    "Well then, you can do this for me too. You don't have to do anything but stand there and get your dick sucked," she said and then turned to me. "So, do you like what you see?"

    "Oh yeah, very much," I replied.

    "Good, then he's all yours," she said and moved the couch around so that she could sit on it and watch.

    I walked up to him, stepping up on the platform. He looked at me with a nervous look and I placed my hands on his chest and said, "just relax and I promise you that you will enjoy it."

    I ran my hands over his chest and stomach and I felt him twitch under my touch. My hands felt his pecs, his abs, his ribs and sides. I couldn't believe I had this new toy to play with. I looked at his face and noticed that he had his eyes closed. I leaned in and began to lick and suck on his nipples. This elicited a moan from him, albeit a small one.

    I stepped back and removed my shirt and then pulled off my jeans exposing my naked flesh. I heard Jessica moan in approval and looked over to see her playing with her pussy and tweaking her nipples.

    I laid my clothes down on the platform and reached in and pulled out my bottle of poppers. I undid the cap and held it up to his nose and pressed the other nostril closed. I told him to inhale and he did so without almost any hesitation. I did the same with his other nostril and then took two large hits myself. I kneeled down and placed the bottle on the platform and then placed my hands on his thighs and began to rub them, moving up and down. With every upward motion I would get a little higher and let my fingers go up under his boxer briefs. He was slightly humping the air in front of him, subconsciously pushing towards my face.

    I could see his cock in his boxer briefs. It was large and pressed up next to his body, jutting out towards the left side of his body. It looked absolutely yummy and although all I wanted was to reach in and shove it in my throat, I wanted to keep this going for a long time.

    I moved my hand up and rubbed across the large cock and lightly explored it. I ran my hands along its length, squeezed it and stroked it thru the material. I did this for a good two minutes, getting him excited and turned on.

    "Please," I heard him say softly.

    "What do you want," I asked?

    "Please," he said again quietly, "you know, suck it."

    I stood up, but kept the palm of my right hand on his cock and rubbed it back and forth across the rigid length, occasionally squeezing it with my fingers. I ran my other hand over his chest and looked at him. "If you want this, you have to do three things before I do," I said as I continued to rub him. "One, I want you to look at Jessica and tell her how much YOU really want this."

    He looked at me pleadingly and then at her and said, " Jess, I really do want this. I'm sorry for teasing you and not being honest."

    "Baby, that's ok, I know you did. This is so hot," she said back, her hand never leaving her pussy.

    He looked back at me and then I said, "very good, now two, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me, graphically, what you want me to do to you."

    "I-I want you to su-suck my dick," he said nervously.

    "Not good enough, try again," I said and removed my hand from his bulge.

    "No, no, I'm sorry, please, please, I want you to suck my cock, lick it up and down, lick my balls, take all of my cock and make me cum, please, I need this," he said with a conviction, yet pleading tone I hadn't heard from him yet.

    I placed my hand back on his cock and he groaned in pleasure. "Much better, now, if you want me to suck your cock and make you cum, I want you to passionately kiss me."

    "Oh fuck yeah," said Jessica and she jumped up and came and stood right next to us.

    He looked at me and seemed tentative, but my hand rubbing and stroking his cock gave him the sexual courage to lean in to kiss me. I leaned in too and our lips pressed together and we began kissing. Our lips mashed together and he surprised me by pushing his tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a minute and my naked cock grinded against his with only his boxer briefs as a barrier. It felt so good. I finally pulled away and looked at Jessica. "I want you to kiss me too," I said. I expected some hesitation, but she leaned in quickly and we began to kiss passionately as well in full view and only a few inches away from Jason's face. I stroked his cock with my left hand and reached up and groped her breast with my other.

    The sensations of his hard cock and her soft, perky breast was an amazing contrast. I knew then that I was going to include her more in this.

    I stopped kissing her, but kept stroking him and her and said, "Jessica, do you have a camera phone?" She nodded. "I want you to get it and take pictures and videos of Jason's first time."

    She smiled real big and went to get her phone. When she came back, I told her to kiss Jason before we started again. She pressed her soft lips against his and the kissed deeply. She pulled away and looked at him and mouthed the words, "I love you."

    When she pulled away, I leaned in and kissed him. I passionately kissed him for a good two minutes, both on his lips and neck and she kept her phone pointed at us the whole time. He was now a willing participant and kissed me back every chance he could.

    I began kissing my way back down his chest, taking time to suck and lick his nipples and then rightfully took my place on the ground. I handed the bottle of poppers to Jessica and instructed her on how to give them to him. She did so and handed it back to me. I took some strong hits and handed it back to her and told her to make sure we got fresh hits every few minutes.

    I then looked forward and began running both of my hands over his straining, enclosed cock and she captured everything with her phone. I leaned in and began nibbling on his cock as my hands continued to caress him. He was humping his pelvis against me. It was such an awesome feeling to be submissive and dominate at the same time.

    I continued nibbling but now I ran my hands up the leg openings and made first skin-on-skin contact with his cock and he moaned loudly. I kept my mouth on his covered cock and stroked him underneath his boxer briefs with my right hand and reached down with my left hand into the pocket of my jeans.

    I pulled out a small pair of scissors. Neither of them saw them until I slipped one side under the leg opening of his boxer briefs on the side that his cock was not facing.

    "Whoa, what are you doing," exclaimed Jessica!?

    "I'm cutting away the last of his sexual barriers," I said with a smile and began cutting up the material. I reached the waistband and before snipping the last cut I said, "here's to your sexual freedom," and cut his briefs free.

    His right side of his boxer briefs fell open, bur they were still attached at his left leg opening. I could see the base of his hairless cock, but the hanging material still hung to the tip and my hand. I pulled his cut boxers down his left leg and his beautiful cock sprang free.

    I reached up and began to stroke his cock and he moaned loudly this time. I stared at it with great hunger as I stroked it. I saw some pre-cum dribble out the tip and I leaned in and licked it up with my tongue.

    I stroked him for awhile and then stood up again. I leaned in and began kissing him and grinding my cock against his, only this time there was no barrier between us. Our hard flesh rubbed together as our soft lips greedily kissed each other. My arms wrapped around him as we kissed and I slid my hands down and cupped his ass. I rubbed and caressed it and pulled him into me as our bodies, lips and cocks were mashed together.

    I pulled back but kept my pelvis thrust into his and asked Jessica for the poppers. I gave some to him and then to myself and handed the bottle back. I told Jessica to point the camera to our cocks and when she did, I grabbed both of our cocks and began to masterbate them together. I stroked them several times, rubbed mine on his and enjoyed the electricity that comes with two cocks touching. I looked at Jessica and said, "now you, stroke our cocks together."

    She reached out with her hands and grasped them both as they were touching each other, his overlapping mine. She stroked them for awhile and all three of us let out sounds of pleasure. As she did this, I leaned in and kissed him again.

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    Re: Sex In Adult Video Store In Dallas

    An amazing collection of adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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    Great story .

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