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Thread: Gay poets

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    Gay poets

    This is a good, liberal site for gay poets: http://poetrycircle.com/forum/

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    Re: Gay poets

    It was hard

    Poking along behind
    old men with tobacco
    drool running off
    their chins and never
    my idea I
    resented being ten
    years old too
    young and scared to force
    my parents to admit
    I had a real job
    so I worked behind
    old men for a buck
    an hour it was enough
    almost to buy the gun I
    needed to put those
    old tobacco sucking
    fuckers away but then
    I got lucky the
    farmer found them one
    hot sunday humping
    young calves and
    probably each other
    all I know was that
    one of them lost
    a finger the other sported
    a new scar across
    the knuckles I asked
    the farmer that did
    the damage he sd yeah
    I was gonna cut
    off their hoses but they
    were covered
    in cow shit
    knew the clap wd do
    the final deed
    he was

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    Re: Gay poets

    I used to like Tim Dlugos's stuff and then lost the collection of his that I had. Anybody else like him? I wonder if he has held up over time - he died 23 years ago.

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    Re: Gay poets

    This is a little something i wrote when i was going through a rough patch. Hope you guys enjoy it

    Where We Are Born

    We are all born,
    Placed in these tiny hovels
    Yet we are unable to do
    Anything, much less escape it.
    We say we're fine with it,
    But really we aren't.

    "It happens all the Time,
    I've become desensitized to it."
    We tell ourselves these lies.
    We make it seem as though
    We aren't sensitive,
    Yet your words pierce
    And slice through,
    Much like a switch blade
    Rips through cardboard.

    Surely you must enjoy it.
    Enjoy seeing the anguished
    Distraught, Demolished, Disabled
    Faces of your hapless victims.
    If not, why would you do it?
    Why toy with our fragile hearts?
    Why raise our hopes and dreams
    So, so high only to drop it so fast,
    Smashing it to smithereens.

    I should have learned by now.
    I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner.
    I want nothing more than to blame you,
    But I shan't.
    I just want you to see your actions
    From my clearly biased perception.
    All I wanted was a sentence or two.
    All I needed was an explanation,
    A reason. It didn't need to make sense;
    It just needed to be there.
    But you gave none,
    So now I lay here distraught
    When I know I shouldn't be.
    I sit here confused and saddened,
    While I should be laughing and enlightened.
    I don't know what to do
    With this mess you've left.
    I guess I'll just start cleaning again.
    Purify my hovel
    And crawl back into it
    Till the next time.

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