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    Real Locker Room/Steam Room/Sauna Stories

    Hey guys!! I love hearing about REAL stories involving men and casual encounters at the gym/sauna/steam room etc....

    I have experienced 1 hot story, and would love to share it with everyone..
    Please share your story if you have one and comment on mine please!!

    I wasn't sure where to post this thread but I thought I would try the "straight and bi" section.
    So Here goes with my story and it is 100% real.

    A few months ago while traveling abroad, I was set up in a ritzy downtown Toronto Hotel for a few days.

    On the second day I decided to check out the pool/workout area. As soon as you swipe your way into the area, you can see the massive pool, and a change room for men and women. I am a very shy individual, so the first time I went in the pool I didn't go change in the locker room (I changed in my hotel room and just took my shirt off near the pool). I had a great swim and went back into my room that evening.

    The next day I decided to check things out in the change room to see what they had available, and to see if my curiosity would get the best of me. So inside the change room was a huge amount of wooden lockers, a door which lead into the showers which were only seperated by see-through doors, a door that lead into a sauna, and a door that lead into the steam room. At the time I thought I was alone, so I opened all the doors to check everything out. When It came time to visit the dry sauna, I opened the door and to my surprise there was a man laying naked across the bench. I immediately apologized and closed the door and went back to my hotel room (I was startled because I thought I was alone). While I was in my hotel room my thoughts started racing, and my excitement levels were increasing exponentially. I kept thinking about stripping naked and joining the man (honestly I couldn't even tell you what he looked like, all I knew is that he was naked). So after hesitating for an hour, I packed up a bag of "pool clothing" and headed down into the gym area.... Except this time I was much more brave.

    I went into the change room, which was empty, got naked and showered then changed into my swim shorts. After a 30 minute swim I went back to the change room to see if I could have some fun (this was at about 10 pm).... I took off my shorts, showered and wrapped my body in a towel. The first thing I did was head into the dry sauna.... Where I found 2 sexy men sitting a few feet apart from each other. I decided to sit in between them.

    The guy on my left was an older guy, probably 35-40's, tall, masculine and blond. The guy on my left was a bit older, probably at least 40, dark hair, super fit, hairy body and nice accent. After a couple minutes the blond guy walked out for a bit which left me and the hairy guy to ourselves... We exchanged a few words of small talk.... Then he unwrapped his towel and was sitting there naked.. I did the same... We then continued to talk for a few moments, until I gathered the courage to grab his cock, which was so beautiful (nice and cut, hairy, just above average). I was rubbing it for a few seconds until the blond guy came back so we both wrapped ourselves in our towels and pretended like nothing ever happened. After a few minutes of silence, I decided to change things up so I got up and went to the steam room (i flashed the two guys my ass on my way out)... The hairy man soon followed..

    Just as we were going to get into the touching the blond guy walked into the steam room so we had to stop again.. This time I left the towel off because I could tell the blond guy was looking at us like he wanted some cock... I think the hairy man was intimidated and he ended up leaving... which left just me and the blond guy in the steam room.

    We once again started small talk, which lead to him going outside and pressing the steam button (which would steam the room for about 5 minutes, leaving your vision blurry). He then sat down next to me, naked, and started eying down my cock... We were both hard a few seconds after that.. I told him I have never done anything like this before and he seemed even more excited... His cock was so nice... I gathered the courage and started to suck him off in the steam room.... I sucked him for a few minutes, the whole time he was filling my mouth with so much precum, it was great... His cock was average size but felt really heavy in my hands.. He then started stroking my cock and licking my nipples with his hot tongue... He kept whispering, "We should go upstairs," but because this was my first time I was too shy and said, "No I want to stay here.. "

    He was cool with that and pushed my head down onto his beautiful cock... I sucked him until he said he needed to cum which he then stood up and came all over my cock and chest... I followed up with a huge load, shooting everywhere all over the steam room.. It was sooo sexy!!!! We then showered and went out separate ways...

    Since that day I am absolutely obsessed with steam rooms/saunas/showers and get hard every time I think about it...

    This was my one and only experience, and I can't wait to have another one!

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    Re: Real Locker Room/Steam Room/Sauna Stories

    Well, you picked the right place to post your story and thanks for sharing it with us!

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