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    Do you know this Daddy?

    He's an older, straight porn actor. He's appeared in a video where he is a soon-to-be stepfather of the girl he has sex with. He and her mother arrive at her college and find she's been partying too much. The mother disappears somewhere then the daughter and older guy have sex on a staircase. Sound familiar to anyone? He's also in a video that's part of a 'My Son's Girlfriend' series. Thanks.

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    Re: Do you know this Daddy?

    Jay Crew, perhaps?

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    Re: Do you know this Daddy?

    Quote Originally Posted by lttoverlord View Post
    Jay Crew, perhaps?
    I thought of him straight away.

    it would help if you describe him physically getmebodied. Is he hairy, bald, tall, uncut? That sort of thing.

    other candidates that come to mind are Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana, Claudio

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    Re: Do you know this Daddy?

    He has dark grey hair, seems tall, has an air of sophistication and has an slim/defined build. He looks to be in his late 40's - 50's.

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    Re: Do you know this Daddy?

    Im kind of embarrassed to know this, but you are thinking of Buck Adams.

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