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Thread: Getting Tied Up

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    Getting Tied Up

    So I've always wanted to do this but the only people I can find to want to do this is the ones who want me to call them master and I'm not into that at all. Anyone else ever been tied up? Enjoyable experience?

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    Re: Getting Tied Up

    I'm not in to the Dom-Sub either ... but tying up a buddy and then a little torture and tickling and teasing can be fun! For both guys! And always causes great boners!

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    Re: Getting Tied Up

    yeah, Dom/sub, not sure, sounds too much like acting.
    But being tied up, teased, tormented, yeah, please

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    Re: Getting Tied Up

    i am big into the dom sub role play... i love to tie guys up or restrain them and then have my way!

    its so fucking hot!!!!!!! i stay hard even between cumming, just seeing them bound and blindfolded... they have no idea when or what is coming next!

    ok, now i need to j/o!


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