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    Video Editing Showcase, Taking Requests

    Hey everyone! I don't really post much here, but recently it has come to my attention that I seem to have a little bit of a knack for using Adobe After Effects. Now, I'd love to further my skill by asking people on here to give me fresh ideas for video edits.

    To showcase what I can do, I have uploaded a video. The video is titled "Incubus" and is exactly what the title says. I have a strange fetish of this mythical creature. The video on it's own doesn't make much sense though, and I feel I should've ended it a bit better. But here it is:

    I will upload more as I make them but they do take time.

    If you would like me to add special effects to your porn videos, feel free to ask here. I can do celebrity fakes too, in video form! All you gotta do is request it here in this thread and you'll be added to the queue. If the Queue is full, DON'T SEND ANY MORE REQUESTS UNTILL THERE IS SPACE. Videos produced will be no longer than a few minutes as I don't have the processing power, nor the time, to do larger videos.

    Be as creative as you want. You must provide the specific videos and materials though.

    If you want something done but are a little shy about it for whatever reasons (fetishes are weird man), please PM me!



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    Re: Video Editing Showcase, Taking Requests

    I got a sinister message at the top of my screen about "malware" by clicking your link so I got the hell outta there ...

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    Re: Video Editing Showcase, Taking Requests

    That's strange. It works perfectly fine for me and no complaints from my antivirus?

    So I made a new video, it's called "Sex with the Devil". The Devil (played by Spencer Reed) walks in to find someone rummaging through his office. In a rage he drops his disguise and forces himself upon the guy, unleashing the devil's fury.


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