hey guys - i am new here. I have been married for several years...to a girl. I have been with guys in the past, but not for a long time. For the last couple of years, I have had a building crush on my wife's ex-boyfriend. I knew him at the time we started dating - nothing ever happened between us. But he is just incredible sexy! I've always had a horny soft spot for cute more dominate guys and he was that. And now him being my wife's ex-bf. I constantly fantastize about submitting to him. I want him badly! lol I jerk off to the fantasy A LOT. I havent talked to him in years. But many many times I've almost messaged him. My wife doesnt speak to him either. Not for years. Its such a huge gamble. But wow...what I would do to be his slut on the side. mmmmmm I did see him naked one time and I still have that image in my head! I just wish I could get the nerve to message him. Its probably not a common fantasy. Any advice?