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    Like father, like daughter

    So, last night I got a text from this girl I know. I consider her a good friend, but she isn't exactly someone I would trust. She has good intentions, but like her father she doesn't follow through.

    So, the text says if I find a good deal on a new laptop let her know. I responded I don't believe you. She asked why and I pointed out I've received that text about a dozen times before over the years. And every time I pointed out an insanely good deal, like half off, she always stayed silent.

    It reminded me of her father. When I decided to go into engineering, I needed an engineering degree. So, I worked full time as a programmer to fund myself getting that engineering degree. When I finished it, that girl told me her dad found out I just got a degree in engineering so he wanted to hire me. Getting the foot in the door was all I needed. Didn't care if it was crappy or not. So, I called him and indeed he told her he was thinking of hiring me. By the way, he owns a small engineering consulting company. We talked and he was looking for someone working part-time. That was fine with me, too. Again, all I wanted was getting my foot in the door.

    Then silence. Called him again. Again, he told me to wait. Then more silence. After half a dozen times of enquiring on the job position, I moved on.

    Don't you hate that? Don't you hate people who say things for the heck of it and not really have any intention of following through? He probably never intended to hire me at all. But he had to say it to waste my time.

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    Re: Like father, like daughter

    If you say weŽll meet at 10 am and youŽre there at 10.01, then I hate you. So I wouldnŽt spend more than 10 seconds on those you talk about.
    šBeware the fury of a patient manš - John Dryden

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    Re: Like father, like daughter

    Quote Originally Posted by aaggii View Post
    If you say weŽll meet at 10 am and youŽre there at 10.01, then I hate you. So I wouldnŽt spend more than 10 seconds on those you talk about.
    Nah, I'm not that bad. I give people a lot of leeway. But why say "I'd like to hire you into my company" and then not ever say anything else? He knew damn well I was looking for a job in engineering, so that had both a psychological impact on me as well as wasting my time. I knew what his company was doing, so for weeks I studied up on the requirements and state/federal protocols involving the work. Even if it was part-time, I was still happy with it. Jumping from IT to field/structure engineering isn't easy, and not many people make the leap, which was why I was desperate.

    It's like seeing someone hungry and tell them to come to your place for dinner but when whenever you see them come down the street you lock the door and pretend like you're not home. Why invite in the first place?

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