First post on this sight, only thing I found to maybe stop all this pain, anyone who could help me would mean more than you could imagine, I promise.

I really like this guy, well at least I think I do, we've been bestfriends for 4 years. Not just friends very close friends for 4 years, and nothing seems to compare to the natural happiness brought fourth when we are together. That is equally understood, a year ago they moved away so I decided to tell then how I was becoming interested in the same sex. They took it as best as can be, except later on, they told people. That ruined all the trust possible and we didnt talk for 5 months. After that time apart we ended up taking things slow, and eventually started jo together normally and without any though or uncomfortableness. I want to figure all this out, it's been so long and they make me really happy i've forgiven and forgotten of their mistakes that they truly regret, and I want to take things to the next level although he's the straightest acting guy what do I do....keep in mind he moved a good half hour drive away.