Chad's a cowboy boi who loves his master Jim,
a handsome virile man who very often
strokes with his bullwhip Chad's cute, sexy ass
encased in Wranglers showing off his slim
slim waist and well developed legs and thighs.
Sometimes his master whips his muscled back
that has resulted from competing on
a team of college swimmers. No prize
he cherishes more than his deeply buried hole
between his sexy melon butt that Jim
often enters as a lover-master's right.
And cherished too the crotch that shows his pole
and the dried cum that points to his vim
and vigor. When whipped, Chad's a sexy sight.


To be bullwhipped three times a day Dean dreams
every second. He wants to be strung up
by his wrists and have only the toes of his boots
in contact with the ground. And the seams
of his painted-on Wranglers couldn't contain
his whippable butt, tool of 10 inches and balls
when they grow hard as steel as the bullwhip
strikes first the seam of his crack. The pain
would be offset by pleasure as cum spurts
from the slit of his tool of which he's proud
for its length and stiff hardness each moment
and which is always on display. All his hurts
he likes when stains on his crotch will say very loud"
"To be bullwhipped's a gift heaven sent!"