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    Dragononfire's Shorts [Stories that is!]

    My first time, and it didn't go so well

    It happened with a friend of mine named Luke. We had known each other for over 2 years when I had my first gay experience. In high school when I met him in 2008, him and I used to hang out alot and he was quiet and so was I but I was the more open one. He liked girls but I got that notion that he liked guys too. I used to fool around with him and poke and pinch him and grab his ass. He didn't mind it too much but didn't want me to do it either at the same time. On Facebook, I noticed he would make sexual or half-sexual remarks on guy's photos and that is when I knew he was attracted to men.

    In January of 2011, I invited him over to my house to hang out. I was alone and we decided to watch a move called "Prayers for Bobby" (great movie I might add). As we were watching the movie, I started to get a little hot and a bit frisky, so I put my hand up his shirt and felt his nipples. I lifted his shirt up and kept touching and massaging his chest and abdomen, and he just sat there. It felt nice to feel his smooth body, but I never did put my lips and/or tongue on it (I should've sucked his nipples, they were nice and soft). I then put my hand in his jeans a bit, and undid his belt and zipper. I reached in his underwear and pulled his cock out, which had some pre-cum dripping from it. I slipped my lips over it and felt the warm, meaty head go in my mouth. I started sucking on it and it didn't taste as good as I thought or wanted it to, and I didn't think I was doing it right but went along with it.

    When I shut the movie off and told him we should go have sex in my bedroom, he suddenly got mad and yelled at me. He stormed off and waited outside until his father picked him up. I felt pretty lame after that and apologized but he didn't want to talk to me anymore. He ended up blocking me on Facebook after we hadn't talked in months and I ended up finding out he secretly hated me the whole time we knew each other and never cared about anything I said or how I felt. I found all this out by spying on him because I didn't know the real reason(s) why he was so angry at me other than the sex. I am actually glad our friendship was cut off, so I didn't have to go without knowing this pent-up hatred he had for me.

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    Re: My first time, and it didn't go so well

    Why did he hate you so much?

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    Re: My first time, and it didn't go so well

    Quote Originally Posted by 123kid View Post
    Why did he hate you so much?
    Beats the hell out of me. Never did figure that out but I can only assume it's because I wasn't his type or something. We didn't have to be anything more than friends but he didn't seem to think I thought that way and just wanted him for sex, which is not true. I was just experimenting with someone I knew and trusted and it went sour.

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    Cute contractor

    Back in the late summer of 2011, my neighbor lady needed her driveway done, so she hired some contractors to do it for her and build a garage for her. For many weeks, 3 or more guys were outside in the stifling heat laying out concrete and putting the garage together. I noticed that one of the guys was much younger than the others, probably around my age or so (he looked like a high school graduate or college-aged). He was really good-looking. He worked shirtless and wore sunglasses and a cap. I would "spy" on him through my bedroom window, which had a view to my neighbor's driveway, and also the window in the back room and living room.

    I recall when they were smoothing out the ground with some kind of machine, that the cute young guy was the one working the machine and he was very close to my bedroom window. I don't think he or the other guys ever saw me, but when he'd come close enough to where I could see his shirtless body, I'd vigorously jack off and finger myself to get off to that gorgeous body of his. I knew I had to get to know this cute guy, so I waited for the right time to approach him.

    One day, as I was taking my dog outside, I got the courage to offer him something to drink, since it was very humid outside. It was a start. He said he was fine and thanked me for my kindness. Another time, when the older guys weren't around, I gathered the courage to approach this guy and introduce myself. He was a country boy and had a country accent. He told me he was still in high school and lived in a city miles away from where I lived. He was really nice to talk to. It was kind of hard not to stare and admire his fit bod glistening in the hot sun, sweat running all over his smooth back and smooth chest, wanting so bad to touch and lick him clean. I might have been a tad clingy but since I don't have much of a social life, I was wanting to befriend this young man. I asked if he had Facebook and he said he did, so I gave him my name and what my profile picture was so he knew what I looked like, or at least what the picture looked like. I am not sure if he ever found me, since I never got any notification from him, and I had long forgotten his name (damn ). Such a damn shame.
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    Curious neighbor

    Back when I was a teen, I had a female neighbor to one side of me and she had a son who is a few years younger than me. His name is Adam. Him and I became friends over time and his sister would watch over us and my brother while my mother was away. Adam is a good-looking guy and I kind of over time, started to have feelings for him.

    The first time I ever got a glimpse of his body was when one day, as I was taking my dog outside, Adam has his bedroom window open and I could see him changing clothes. He was only in his boxers and he saw me staring and just waved. I thought it was hot. There were other times I got to see his body. Where do I begin?

    I recall a few times where he was acting kind of sexual and fooling around with me. He asked me once if I had a hairy crotch, but I never said anything or showed it to him. Sometimes, when he was over at my place, he would flash his genitals or ass at me. The most awkward thing about it though is that my brother was standing right there when Adam would "tease" me. Adam once took off his shirt in front of me and I got hot and bothered. He also showed me his penis and balls once too and again, I got hot and bothered. I got a boner once when he sat on my lap, but not sure he ever noticed. There were 2 big times where I thought something sexual would happen between us.

    The first is when he bent over in front of me and pulled his shorts down and showed me his ass (what a nice ass he has). I smacked it, and oddly enough, my brother was watching. Adam then said "Oh man, I feel so gay". We were just messing around, or were we? The second time was when he slept over at my house for the night. He chose to sleep in my bedroom, even though the couches were not being used and I was like "ok, you can sleep in my room". As he was laying on the floor, he told me I could play with his butthole. I never did sadly, not knowing if he was serious or not and his mom and my mom might've found out if I had, but I so wanted to. When he fell asleep, I started to rub his back and it awoke him but he didn't say anything. When the morning came, he had climbed into bed with me and I just felt so nervous but alright, wishing we could fuck on my bed.

    He never did again do all of those things, and I haven't seen him since I moved 5 years ago. We do keep in touch on Facebook sometimes but I'd love to hang out with him again if he was so preoccupied with his job and partying all the time. Once when I got aroused, I sent him a picture of my legs crossed and he asked why did I send that and I told him I was "worked up". He then told me to stop and that we were only just friends. The last time we spoke, it was when I sent a picture of my ass to him. He told me he didn't like it, to cut it out and that it was against the Bible (how many times have I heard that one?). It must be some of his mother's religious brainwashing again, the Adam I knew would have never talked to me like that. I guess I was selfish into wanting to reignite those times we fooled around and it bit me. Here is the thing though: Why did he do all of that just to years later, suddenly become a homophobe? He had to be curious, no one else who is straight would have done those things to me.

    Here is a picture of Adam by the way. I'll let you be the judge. (click picture to enlarge it)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Dragononfire's Shorts [Stories that is!]

    This is the start of what could be an interesting collection of experiences! Keep them coming Dragonfire

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    Huge ass

    While in high school, I had a classmate named Sam that was good-looking and that I befriended got along with. Something about Sam drew my attention to him, the first thing being his huge round bubble butt. I recall times in Social Studies, that he would rest his head on his desk and slump back in the seat enough to where his shorts slipped down far to expose his asscrack. I was like "damn" and couldn't stop staring at it. He was also in my English and Science classes so I got to see that ass more than once. I fantasized about fucking him down in the dark planetarium and pounding his ass real hard. Wish it could've happened.

    I remember looking at his art portfolio and seeing a drawing of his ass in it and I was like "wow" and that along with the other ass exposures is when I started fantasizing about him and drawing pictures of my dick up his ass in my notebook. He also put a status on his Facebook once that read "I want everyone to know that I have a huge ass" Dip in, it tastes amazing." I grinned a little at it and was like "fuck yeah, I wanna piece of that ass". Makes me wish he wasn't straight, so he could give up that ass and not waste it on a woman. I wanna pound the fuck out of his round jiggly ass.

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