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Thread: Dad: Shaving Lessons

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    Dad: Shaving Lessons

    This story is based on actual events. Sorry if its not your cup of tea. If you don't like, don't read it. If you've read it and want to forget it... tequila helps.

    Part One:

    It had been a long week returning home from the Middle East. I have lived away for 5 years now and the holidays at home get shorter and shorter. It was exhausting, the jet lag, the change in the weather, the different food... all the bullshit of going from one climate to another always took its toll on me.

    I love the people at home but they were also exhausting, my family is huge and every time I come back I find it so tiring being polite to everyone as all I want to do is sleep. They are not travelers themselves and don't quite understand how it feels... I am grateful to see everyone though and love the effort everyone makes. My parents are divorced, so I stay at my Dad and step mother's house, its a nice place when it isn't full with people.

    For the first 4 years, nothing special happened during these trips home, my brothers and sisters usually had a new baby for me to meet but that was about it. No one had got married or anything until this summer and this is how the story starts.

    The house was busy with people. It was the morning of the wedding day. I was still half asleep and when i walked into the kitchen in just my underwear I forgot that there would be people around that hadn't seen me in a long time. Certainly not in my CKs anyway.

    I took in the complements on my body. I had worked hard in the last year to really tone up and to build a stronger chest. It had paid off. I modestly deflected the compliments but enjoyed the words and the occasional poke here and there from I don't know who. My family are often very forward and touchy/feely.

    My Dad had been wondering around to, yelling at people, making sure everyone was getting ready, finding clothes, doing his usual patriarchal man thing. He made some comment as he saw me standing in my briefs whilst drinking a cup of tea.

    My Dad and I aren't very similar, I am tall and like I just said, fit and my Dad was shorter and losing weight. He looked good, if you liked that kind of thing. He was hairy, I was not. We were both different types.

    It was finally my turn to shower. I had casually stood by and watched everyone else go in and out. But it was finally my turn. I was looking forward to it too. They have an excellent shower here. The showers out in the Middle East can be no better than a garden hose. Dad had had this massive shower room built in the downstairs bathroom a few years back and it was fantastic. I was a little too tall for it though but it was still hot and powerful.

    The shower room has no lock on the door and the actual shower is separated from the bathroom by a curtain. Normally I would knock one out in the shower but it would be too risky as the house was so busy. People would normally come into the bath room and talk to you through the curtain whilst you were showering. It was awkward at first but I was used to it now. Usually people stayed out of the way.

    The water hit me hard and fast and I stood there for a while letting my body enjoy the warmth and wet. I rubbed my muscles and made sure that every part of my body was wet. I spent a little longer on my ass and crotch. And before I even got tempted into starting to rub my thickening cock... the door went.

    "You okay?" My Dad's thick voice asked.

    "Yeah cool thanks, this shower is nice." I said. The curtain wasn't fully closed and I saw my Dad head towards his area where he kept all his toiletries. He lived in a house with a bunch of women and I think this place was his private bathroom when there weren't a bunch of guests visiting.

    As I began to soap up, I remembered that I was going to need to shave as I hadn't since I had left home. Now if you had seen me, you wouldn't have thought it. Despite being 25, I can't grow a beard yet or any serious facial hair. I still had hair going on in that area but it was no way beardy. No chest hair either. I hadn't bought a razor back with me. I know disposables are okay to fly with but I just avoid all that shit if I can, to insure a smooth ride home.

    "Dad," I called out. I could hear him banging about somewhere in the bathroom.

    "Yes," his reply was dry.

    "Have you got any razors I could use, please? I need a shave before the wedding and didn't bring any back."

    "What do you need to shave?" My Dad laughed. "You haven't got any hair!"

    "You know I have a bit. It looks stupid. I'm going to need to get it off."


    Suddenly my Dad was stood at the end of the curtain holding a razor. He was standing so he wasn't directly looking at me in the shower but he wasn't exactly standing back so he couldn't see anything.

    "Oh thanks," I said and rinsed off some soap and headed out of the water to get the razor. Now I was in his full view.

    I have always enjoyed being naked. At home, I am naked all the time. I prefer it. I got a little kick in being naked just then. I knew my Dad hadn't seen me like this for a long time and knew that he must be curious about my body and how it had developed.

    I was trying to figure out I was going to do this. I wanted to shave in the shower. It was cold out of the water and I wanted to get it out of the way.

    "Do you have one of those little mirrors anywhere, Dad?" He had walked back over to the other side of the bathroom where he had hung his wedding clothes up ready for him to put on. He was still wearing his jeans and casual polo.

    "Ermmmmmmmm" He looked around for one. "I think... I think one of your sisters took it. I'm not sure. Why do you need it? It will steam up anyway."

    "I'll knock the shower off to shave. I just wanna get it all done."

    My Dad left the room and I jumped back into the hot water. It was much colder than the Middle East. My body tingling at being wet again.

    I began to put shampoo in my hair and closed my eyes as the suds began to build up.

    "Got it." I heard my Dad say as he walked back in the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

    "Thanks." I said.

    I could hear him at the end of the shower putting things on the shelf. Still getting off on the idea of being naked, I made sure my dick was exposed just in case he was sneaking curious glances at my body.

    I was big down there. I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I opened my eyes only slightly when it went a little quiet to see that he had gone.

    "There's some shaving gel for you there too," my Dad said from the other place in the bathroom.

    "Thanks." I said, shutting the water and heading over to the shelf with the shaving stuff on.

    Now normally, I can't be bothered to shave properly but this was a wedding full with people that I hadn't seen in a long time. So I made a good job and took my time. Shivering a little in the cold air.

    After I had finished, I checked myself out and it looked like I had done a good job. I can never be too sure though. I always miss the hair behind my jaw or below my nose. I wanted to get it right.

    "Dad!" I called out.

    "Yeah," he said looking over at me stood naked.

    "Just come and check to make sure I have all this hair, please. I always miss random ones."

    Dad wasn't a prude about nudity. I had seen him naked a bunch. He came from a sporting background and played football every weekend, I knew he didn't care for nudity but I could tell that he felt that this was different.

    "Where?" He said looking up at me.

    "Here." I said pointing to the place behind my jaw.

    He came really close and examined my face.

    "Fucking hell boy, 25 and you still can't shave!" He said in a half joke half serious way. "Give me the razor."

    I was a little embarrassed about it but I was enjoying being so naked.

    My Dad wet the razor and grabbed my face.

    I looked away from him to defuse the tension.

    As he slowly ran the razor over my skin, I could feel a stirring going on downstairs.


    He was focused on my face but I wasn't looking to see where he was looking. He stopped shaving and stepped back a little to have a better look. As he did he put is hand on my side.

    He turned my face the other way to do the other side. Again slowly began to shave me.

    Man, I was semi. Thick.

    He did the same thing again. He stepped back. Put his hand on my side and examined what he had just done. I could only see him in my peripheral vision. I couldn't look at him.

    He made a few flicks under my nose looked at me again and he was done.

    "There," he said.

    "Cheers, Dad," I said. Turning to the shelf and the little sink to splash my face. My Dad stood there. My dick was nearing half mast.

    "You can keep using my razor if you want," my Dad said. "Just don't use it on your balls."

    I turned to my Dad and laughed.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Welcome to JUB, Doug, and to our story board. I liked your story. The affinity between sons and fathers need not be any more erotic than that

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    That was cool, Doug. Obviously Dad wasn't too upset and really didn't seem interested in your semi.... At least not yet anyway. Welcome to JUB and the story forum. Looking forward to more of this little family experience...


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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    "You can keep using my razor if you want," my Dad said. "Just don't use it on your balls."

    I turned to my Dad and laughed.[/QUOTE]

    i like your story and wish to read the rest of it soon.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Where is part 2??? This story is so hot. I can visualize every moment.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Part 2

    The wedding had gone off without a hitch. It was actually a fantastic day. Lots of family and friends, lot of dancing, lots of food and lots and lots of alcohol.

    Most of the guests were staying at the venue the reception was held at and most people had taken advantage of not having to drive home afterwards. I was one of them.

    It was late. By this time, the bride was asleep in a chair on the corner and all the senior relatives had gone to bed. My sisters had gone too, taking my stepmother who had had way to many with them. Now, my brothers and I were sat with my Dad and his brothers, their wives and some random couple I didn't really know.

    They were a hot couple. My sister and I had been talking about them all day. His name was Ryan. He was muscled and tall with this strong jawline. Rugged and Irish whilst she was called Zara and from Holland and had cute funny English with this massive set of tits. They looked real too. They were a nice couple. Totally into each other. They kept touching each other as they talked and he looked at her hungrily as she spoke.

    I needed a piss and I excused myself from the table.

    When I got to the toilet there was only two urinals and they were both occupied. I really needed to go. My uncle's (who just got married) boss and manager were stood pissing and talking to each for what seemed like an age.

    In walked Ryan.

    "Hey man, how's it goin'?" he said, touching my back. He looked at the two guys and sighed.

    The two guys finished talking and the toilets were free for Ryan and I to piss.

    I couldn't help put notice Ryan's dick as he flopped it out. I mean, I don't normally look over at guys pissing but he wasn't exactly subtle about it. He was one of those guys who opened his whole trousers and pulled down his underwear kind of thing. I mean, he didn't have his arse out but he was certainly letting his cock out. And his balls too. He must have been semi.

    "Good day, right?" he asked.

    I took my eyes off his cock quickly and replied, "yeah... knackered though!"

    "Aye... we're gonna hit the say soon!" he smiled.

    And with that he had flipped his cock back in... after swinging it around to shake the piss off of course and he had left.

    Finally I started to piss.

    By the time I got back, most people had left, it was just my Dad, my brothers and their girlfriends and a few other random people at the bar left.

    I didn't sit down.

    "Right, I'm going for a smoke and then I'm off to bed." I said.

    "You don't smoke do you?" Dad said, looking at me confused.

    "Not the conventional stuff, Dad!" I smiled and my brothers stood up knowing what I was on about.

    "Oh... well be bloody careful." My Dad said as my brothers and I left to go out in the gardens. "Don't make noise and wake everyone up!"

    The night had turned cold and the venues grounds were now very dark. In the day it had been beautiful and the kids had ran around playing and the bride and groom had had tonnes of photos done in the sunshine. Now it was super dark. And just my brothers and I out having a joint in a secluded spot away from the building.

    It soon came apparent that we weren't the only ones taking advantage of the venues secluded areas.

    We heard the sound of skin upon skin first. And then a girl moaning. Someone was fucking. Fucking hard.

    One of my brothers giggled but was soon hushed by my other brother as he went to investigate by looking over this group of bushes.

    "Shit... guys... come look!" My brother whispered and gestured over.

    We quietly tip toed over and saw Irish Ryan and Zara totally naked on the grass. He was long dicking her. Big style.

    They were both so fit. Ryan's muscle ass looked amazing as he drove his dick (that had to be over 10 inches) into his girlfriend's smooth snatch. Each time her tits swinging and bouncing everywhere. Fuck. I was hard. I think my brothers were too as they awkwardly began to adjust themselves.

    "yeah fuck me hard baby!" Zara moaned, as her boyfriend kissed her neck. Driving his dick deeper and deeper into her and massaging her clit at the same time. She grabbed his ass and spanked it a few times.

    there was a noise behind us.

    "What's going on?" my Dad asked. My brothers and I jumped a little but quickly hushed him up.

    My brother pointed to the show we were watching.

    "Fuck!" My Dad said. We hushed him again.

    Ryan and Zara were too into each other to notice. Ryan had picked her completely off the ground and was totally slamming her down on to his massive knob. Zara was loving it and exclaimed that she was going to cum. And he did. Fuck. She was so wet.

    That sent Ryan over the edge and he roughly put his girlfriend down on the floor and furiously wanked infront of her face. She was ready. She knew what to do. She opened her mouth ready for his cum. She was fingering herself and licking her lips as he boyfirned kept beating his huge fuck stick down on her nose.

    "Cum baby! Cum!" She moaned!

    Ryan clearly needed no further encouragement. All his muscles tensed up. He moaned really loud and then blast after blast of cum fired all over his girlfriend's face. Some even flew over her. He was such a fucking stud. She was soon sucking down on his dick getting all the last juice from his massive cock.


    "Come on boys! We better get moving." Dad said and we all crept away back to the hotel.

    We didn't really say much about it, my brothers went to their rooms probably to shag their girlfriend's brains out trying to copy Zara and Ryan. Then my Dad dropped me off at mine saying goodnight.

    What a day.

    I was finally alone.

    Finally stripping out of the clothes I had been in since the morning.

    There was a knock at my door as soon as I had stepped infront of my mirror in my underwear to check out the effects of all the beer and food had had on my body.

    I went to the door and looked through that peep hole thing.

    It was Dad.

    I opened the door.

    "Dad, what's up?" I said confused.

    "Sorry son," he laughed, drunkenly. "I couldn't crash at your place, could I? I am locked out! Your step mother is snoring away and she can't hear to let me in."

    "Sure Dad." I sighed. "Come in."

    To be continued...

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    This was kind of disappointing to be honest. You didn't continue with the situation between the DAD AND SON in the bathroom. Took us to a wedding and some horrible HETEROSEXUAL SEX SCENE. Now you've left us YET AGAIN with the dad and son still not in a sexual situation. sorry...just wanted you to continue from the bathroom and get deeper into the father son relationship.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Dad is popping up quite a bit. First in the garden and now at the door. I wouldn't have been standing in front of the mirror though after seeing the show in the garden. I'd have been so horned up and probably in the midst of reminiscing about Ryan that I may not have opened the door. But, Dad does need a place to sleep, what with a snoring wife....... I like this story and will look for the next chapter. Thanks, Doug.


    It's your story, Doug, and you can take us wherever you like. If it is disappointing to someone, they can just stop reading.
    Last edited by Craiger; July 24th, 2013 at 08:06 PM.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    I read this installment because I liked the last one. I don't know how one could "STOP READING"
    I just prefer GAY stories and not the heterosexual ones
    my own preference. The story seemed to be headed in one direction and took a turn not to my liking
    it's not bashing or for anyone to feel offended by.
    just trying to understand how RYAN and that woman play a role in this story between dad and son
    the story is called "dad shaving" or something so i don't think i am being unreasonable here. just critique

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Part 3

    Dad and I were both drunk.

    Drunk and Tired.

    My room was nice and as much as I didn't mind helping Dad out, I was kind of looking forward to enjoying my room by myself. It was a great room. It had a massive bed and had this large open plan bathroom at the other end. I was planning to walk around naked for the rest of the night. I was probably going to wank thinking about Zara getting slammed by Ryan. Never mind.

    Now I was sharing with my drunk Dad, who was just sitting on the bed. Doing nothing.

    "Dad," he said and he jumped. " you want some water?"

    "ERm... yes please." he said, standing up. " I wanna take a shower too if thats ok? All that dancing..."

    "Sure. Go ahead." I said gesturing to the open plan bathroom at the other side of my room. "It's a great bathroom Just not very private."

    My Dad just laughed to himself and slowly began to fumble out of his clothes.

    I was going to shower after him so I just sat down on the bed and waited for him to finish.

    When my Dad was naked, I couldn't help but notice how hairy he was on his chest. Not on his back like some big old bear but he had loads of these long light hairs all on his front. How come he was so hairy there and I wasn't at all? I also noticed how his pubic hair wasn't long but it didn't looked over groomed either.

    His dick was similar to mine... just uncut. You can't help but check it out...

    Dad stumbled over to the shower and I laughed a little as I watched him go. He looked back and laughed too.

    "Long day..." he said as he stepped into the large shower.

    A few minutes had gone by and I still hadn't heard any water running. I looked over at my Dad in the shower and he was just standing there, looking around, confused.

    "What's up?" I called.

    "Erm..." My Dad continued to look around the shower and began to laugh. "I can't turn the bloody thing on

    I headed over to help him out.

    "It's here... I said pulling the switch. A fan came on somewhere. No water. "Oh..."

    Where the fuck was the switch?

    So there I am with my naked Dad looking around to try and find this switch for the water.

    "This?" I heard my Dad say and suddenly this huge amount of water dropped on us from the top of the shower. It was one of those water fall showers. Amazing.

    We both laughed as we were suddenly so wet from the water. Dad looked at my underwear.

    "Sorry about that." He said, clearing the water from his face and slipping a little.

    "No problem." I said, also wiping the water out of my eyes. I was about to head out of the shower when my Dad slipped again and I caught him. We both laughed.

    I had gripped my Dad by the arms and noted how strong they were and how heavy he felt. He soon straightened up again but still looked a bit unstable.

    "I'm worried you're gonna slip and kill yourself." I said and in one quick swoop I whipped off my underwear and threw them in the sink. "Lets get showered and go to bed."

    My Dad poured a bunch of shower gel into his hand but it was washed away by the water. He laughed again. I took the shower gel and stepped out of the water a little. I looked up. i couldn't actually believe how much water there was in this thing. I poured the shower gel in my hand and gestured to my Dad. He came out of the water and i slapped the shower gel on his chest.

    "Thanks." he said and began to soap himself up. I quickly did the same. It was cold outside the water.

    I was watching my Dad soap up his body, when he started to soap his cock and balls. I was kind of at the same place. He kept looking at mine to. Looking back to his and then mine. I think he was comparing.

    "What's up?" I asked. I think if I wasn't drunk, I would have ignored it but then again if I wasn't drunk I don't think I would be showering with my Dad in the first place.

    "Oh nothing." Dad said but I knew there was something. I pushed for it.

    "Are you comparing our dicks?" I said with a little laugh.

    Dad looked at me.

    "I was just curious that's all." he said.

    "I know." I laughed. "Me too. Don't worry. I compared too. I think mine is bigger."

    "What!?" my Dad sounded outraged. "Fuck off."

    "It is." I said, holding my dick and wiping the soap of it so i could show it off. "Look."

    "I don't think so." My Dad had also cleared the soap off his dick so i could see.

    "Ok... so yours might be thicker!" I said and it honestly was. "But I think over all mine is bigger."

    Then suddenly my Dad reached over and put his index finger at the base of my cock and his thumb at the end of my cock. Fuck. My balls jumped right up. He wasn't taking his time. Soap and ran down onto my crotch and he used his other hand to wipe it away. Fuck. His hand went from my pubes over the length of my shaft, grazing my head in the finish. He had finally got his measurement and brought it back to his.

    He cheated.

    "See!" he said, holding his fingers to his dick to try and show mine was shorter.

    "You cheated." I said.

    "Fuck off!" he laughed. "Go on then."

    he gestured for me to have ago measuring. I hesitated but I wanted to win.

    I put my finger at the the base of his cock, wiped away the soap with my other hand and put my thumb near his pee hole. He twitched. We laughed. I brought my fingers to mine as slowly and accurately as I could.

    "I'm longer."

    "Well i'm definitely thicker." he said and reached over to grab my dick again.

    "Ok... Dad... you're thicker." I said. I was getting a bit of wood going on. So was he.

    "I'm just generally bigger. I mean yours is ok. But its not bigger than your old mans." he said proudly swinging his semi hard on around in his hand.

    "Yeah... whatever." I said. "Let's soap off."

    I stepped back into the water. He followed.

    "I think yours might just look longer because you do that shaving thing." My Dad said, still talking about our dicks.

    "What shaving thing?" i asked.

    "You shave the pubes at the top of your dick, right?" He said.

    "yeah... most people do these days."

    "I know." He said. "But not me. That's why yours looks longer."

    "It looks longer because it is longer, Dad."

    He suddenly shut the water off.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Getting a little exciting here. Two drunks comparing and measuring, particularly since they are father and son... I hope the shower doesn't wear any of the buzz off for them. They both seem to be into the whole experience. Where to now, Doug????


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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Part 3 was the hottest so far! Very natural and spontaneous, it could really happens between father and son. Since they were comparing, I hoped for some cock2cock action too, maybe in part 4? Go on writing please...

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    This is a fun read. Hope you come back to it.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    No part 4 then? Last one is two months old now...

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Hot story! Damn I wish there was more.

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Is there more?!??!!?!

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    If the original author doesn't want to go on, someone else could...

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    Dougthat, you have a strikingly original voice, and an authentically alternative viewpoint. I join the crowd calling for a new chapter as soon as you have one ready to share with us. Great story so far!

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    Re: Dad: Shaving Lessons

    This is so hot. Please continue!

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