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    Not sure what it's called

    I love porn where one person is completely naked and the other person (or group of people) is completely clothed minus his or their dick(s) being pulled out to fuck the completely naked person.

    Is there a name for this? It would really help me in finding videos of it to watch if it does have a name.

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    Re: Not sure what it's called

    Edging feels so good. Love to be edged by another guy.

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    Re: Not sure what it's called

    I don't know the name of it but it sounds hot. The closest I can think of is clothed male, nude male. cmnm, one of my favourites!

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    Re: Not sure what it's called

    Exactly, Clothed Male Nude Male (CMNM) is the name for it. Here's a link to some vids you might like...

    I would get REALLY turned off when I would have a guy (a supposed DOM TOP) over to my place for a hookup and he would be so eager to get naked. I mean, he would walk in, and before I could get the door closed he would be down to his socks...and of course I'd still be clothed...a COMPLETE turn-off for me. A guy that's too eager to get naked in front of me isn't very dominant in my eyes, and it certainly doesn't make me feel very submissive. Being naked in front of a fully clothed man gives me that feeling of being totally exposed and humiliated in front of him...he get's to see me totally nude and sexually vulnerable, and all I can see of him is his cock and balls, big and hard sticking out of unzipped pants fly and ready to use my naked ass.
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