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    Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?

    A big fetish of mine is reading stories or watching videos of guys desperately trying not to piss themselves, especially if it results in public urination or better yet, them pissing themselves. Does anyone have a story that they would be willing to share? Please try to be as detailed as you can, such as how much you had to drink, where you were that you couldn't just pee, how long you had to hold it, and where you finally peed. If you have any pics that somehow go with your stories, feel free to post them with it!


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    Re: Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?

    Don't get it. Just go to the bathroom. Write your own stories.

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    Re: Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?

    My friend and I were all alone in the woods, so we decided to get completely naked, to escape the heat and work on our tans. Then we both drank a couple of Gatorades, and held our piss for as long as we could. Then, when we couldn't hold it anymore, we started walking toward the nearest cliff, probably 40 feet up, to see who could piss further. I couldn't hold it any longer, and let my piss flow. He started pissing too, and we stood completely naked, side by side pissing into the ravine. His piss was going far, but mine was going 5-10 feet further. This continued for a couple of seconds, we stood right at the edge, with our hips thrust forward for maximum distance. His stream started to lessen, while mine stayed about the same. I told him that I won, because I had a longer "gun barrel" for it to travel down, then I leaned back and closed my eyes to enjoy the ecstasy of a long piss. When I did this, he aimed his dick at me, and let the rest of his stream loose on me, and laughed a little. It hit my feet and lower legs, and balls, while I was still pissing. So, I whipped my dick towards him and shot out the rest of my piss, aiming for his head, chest, abs, and dick. He was kind of mad that he was soaked, so we decided to hug it out. We embraced each others warm, wet bodies for a couple of seconds, and our dicks, balls and pubes frotted with each others warm wet fluid. Then we headed back to the house and used the hose to rinse each other off under the hot sun.
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    Re: Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?

    I've got a bit of a kink for piss and my have been known to piss in front of strangers when needed. At a concert last year I was fucking desperate and the queues for the loos were long, so I picked up an empty glass and pissed into it, filling it then had to reach for a second to finish off. Got a few disgusted looks but I liked that. The venue should have more fucking loos. At another concert, this time outdoor, it had been raining a while and my jeans were soaked so rather than leave my spot where I had a good view of the band, I just pissed myself. Told my mate and after a while he did the same. We were drenched anyway and I quite liked the warm feeling.

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    Re: Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?

    Quote Originally Posted by Florent View Post
    Don't get it. Just go to the bathroom. Write your own stories.
    If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. This post did not ask if you "got" the fetish, for advice, or what I should do.

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    Re: Anyone have stories of being desperate to pee?


    I have seen this in women....
    ....but all a guy needs in an emergency is a hint of privacy and something that doesn't cause splash-back.


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