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    Sex in the hot, steamy shower . . . .

    Yeah, just spent $1600 on a tankless gas hot water heater Yes the old gas tank water heater was about 10 years old but worked great. You just had to make shower encounters a real quickie, as 15 minutes in you would then freeze to death.

    Seriously had one of the best sexual encounters of my life with my bf, we were in there for over a damn hour. Shower sex is such a turn on for me, I'm just glad he gets it and has really indulged me in this for the past few days since I bought the new hot water heater.

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    Re: Sex in the hot, steamy shower . . . .

    Shower sex is fun! Lathering up, rinsing off, lathering up again.

    Years ago I remember hooking up with a guy on a few occasions who was incredibly hot but just wasn't very thorough when it came to his own hygiene (his foreskin, his asshole). I like clean but I also liked playing with him so it was easy to include a soapy shower as part of foreplay and he never needed to know the reason. But it certainly made me hungrier to rim his clean hole and suck him off.

    I also have a friend who keeps a dildo with a suction cup affixed to the wall of his shower so he can start the day or end the night fucking himself if he doesn't have company!

    Enjoy the new water heater. Sounds like you already are.

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    Re: Sex in the hot, steamy shower . . . .

    To me foreplay with your partner begins with shower. To get both bodies good and clean and head to bed room and get in to the action.

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