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Thread: R&b/jazz/blues

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    I have a massive collection of vinyl and I like really obscure stuff as well as mainstream R&B/Jazz/Blues and Rock as well. I especially like finding really cool performances on You Tube...been to a lot of shows and venues in my life and I like watching the performers sing live the best. I am going to post my favorites and I would love to be turned on to some I don't know already....

    My favorite performance of the past 10 years hands down is Bettye LaVette. I have her early stuff on LP (very rare) and some promo stuff when she did disco in the 70s ("Doin' The Best That I Can" is my favorite)...but when she performed Love Reign O'er Me at the tribute for The Who I was blown away....she is masterclass and easily my favorite performance of the past decade....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Herbie Hancock...Stars In Your Eyes (1984 performance)...I used to blast this in my headphones all the time when it was first released...I think this guys voice is really sexy (and his ass too )

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    George Benson and Rachelle Ferrell.....Everything Must Change...I watch this ALOT...both of them are masterclass...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    George again (sexy man)....and Jill Scott...Summertime

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Patti Austin...one of my favorite artists ever...I have seen her live many times and catch her whenever I can....

    She was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame this year along with John Legend and Steven Tyler....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Another one of my favorite artists...I have everything she has ever recorded...Randy Crawford...Rainy Night in Georgia

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Brothers Johnson...Bay Area Natives....love these guys...they work with Quincy Jones alot

    Strawberry Letter 23


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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    OK...My favorite artist of all time...Chaka Khan....I don't want to gush but when people say "diva" I think of her first.....

    Tell Me Something Good

    You Got The Love

    Once You Get Started

    At Midnight

    Do You Love What You Feel

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quote Originally Posted by DragononFire View Post
    I love me some Chaka Khan.
    You have good taste

    Stephanie Mills...another favorite artist of mine...HOME....I love this performance...

    Never Knew Love Like This Before (she is joined by Anita Baker)

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Jennifer Holliday...I fucking love her...she blew me away a lot but this time I was on my feet...a tribute to Michael Bennett at an AIDS benefit from ARISTA ....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Donny Hathaway...he was brilliant...so sad that he took his own life and especially for Roberta Flack....this is one of his best...

    A Song For You

    ...and this song is one that he and Roberta Flack were working on when he died...some time later Stevie Wonder and a lot of other people helped her out and laid down some track so she could finish what her and Donny had started..I love it.

    Don't Make Me Wait Too Long

    ...finally...Elliot Yamin on AI ....who I also really like a lot.... did Donny Hathaway justice....Donny had a unique style but Yamin paid homage to him and did a decent cover....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    This one is a wet dream for me...BB King, Chaka, Gladys and Etta ...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Syreeta Wright...another one of my favorite singers...she was once married to Stevie Wonder and together they wrote ALOT of stuff...she was a superb songwriter in her own right as well...and she had the voice and spirit of an angel. She was approached first to replace Diana Ross as lead singer of The Supremes but she declined. I love her album cover too...one of my favorites ever...

    Blame It On The Sun

    ....and here singing with Billy Preston....it is hard to find a live performance with her. She passed away many years ago (2004)...I was sad when she died...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Time for some Blues...John Lee Hooker....Boom Boom...one of the best Blues dudes...ever. His music sometimes makes me horny...I love how raw and real he is....same thing I like about a lot of blues....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quote Originally Posted by eastofeden View Post
    George again (sexy man)....and Jill Scott...Summertime

    As the "gurls" would say, YAAAAAAAAAASSS Jill Scott, you SANG miss thang!

    One of my favorite renditions of Night In Tunisia, sung by - hew else - Chaka Khan.

    "There’s death on the horizon,

    and I’ll run to behold your sacrifice..."

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quote Originally Posted by MoufOfKhaos View Post
    As the "gurls" would say, YAAAAAAAAAASSS Jill Scott, you SANG miss thang!

    One of my favorite renditions of Night In Tunisia, sung by - hew else - Chaka Khan.

    ^^^ EXCELLENT CHOICE!!!! ^^^ LOVE IT......

    It is hard for me to pick a favorite because they change all the time..they all get a turn. I have never seen Chaka do anything I didn't like...

    ...these are my favorite songs from her though....there are a few more that aren't on YouTube because they were never released as singles...I always listened to the entire album....so...my top four Chaka songs....

    When I first saw her sing this I thought she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen....I think she is even sexier now.

    Everlasting Love

    Sweet Thing

    Through The Fire

    My Funny Valentine...everyone who is anyone in jazz has performed this...but Chaka redefined it and did the masterclass version....and this reminds me why she has been my favorite artist pretty much my whole life

    ....I have so many favorite Chaka performances ......

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Before I forget...one of my favorite dance artists...Pattie Brooks...I liked her a lot back in the 70s and 80s and have all her stuff...but I gotta say her appearance at the Gay Pride events (she was a big favorite in gay clubs) now that we have all gotten older...I like her vibe even more now than before...I watch this video a lot.

    ...same with Linda Clifford...big icon in the gay clubs in the 70s and 80s and again I have all her stuff and loved her...one of her less commercial successful jazzy albums is still one of my favorites..she was a jazz artist before she entered the dance/r&b arena... but there is no You Tube videos of any of it...her performance at gay pride in SF a few years back is one of my favorites....she was Miss New York once upon a time..

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quincy Jones...one of the most talented men in the business and a kick ass producer...definitely a true musical genius. He has two of my favorite all time albums and he works with a lot of my favorite artists as well (Chaka, Patti Austin, Ashford and Simpson. Brothers Johnsons)...

    This is one of my favorites...Stuff Like That...Chaka Khan and Ashford and Simpson sing the major parts but even the chorus was a whos who...he has a talent of being able to recognize talent and bring it to the table....probably because he is so talented himself...I used to blast this in my car when it first came out...drove everyone else crazy....I didn't care

    ...Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me...one of his many collaborations with Patti Austin...probably the best one though I like them all....

    Ai No Corrida.....a masterpiece...love seeing the footage of Q ...I think he is sexy as hell....

    If I Ever Lose This Heaven...with Minnie Riperton and Al Jarreau...another masterpiece

    Seidah Garrett on vocals...another great Q song...there are too many though so I have to come back to him because I love his jazz stuff a lot too.....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Marlena Shaw...another great artist and she recorded my favorite dance song,...ever...and that is saying a lot because I had to listen too all of them 6-8 hours a day for 20 years so it wasn't like I missed out hearing any of them...and most of them I hated. I was pleased recently to find out how high she ranked with alot of the DJs when they make the all time charts ....

    I like her before her dance floor debut though....

    It is funny...a lot of the artists I like are not very popular here but in Japan and some other parts of Asia they have a lot more success.

    This is the first song that I ever heard from her...love the tone in her voice

    Go Away Little Boy

    and of course the dance song...a cover of Touch Me In The Morning..and a great cover it was. At one time this 12" was going for hundreds of dollars because Shaw had a dispute with her label and they stopped the official release but the promos were already out and in high demand. I still buy one when I see it...I have a lot of them now

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Chuck Mangione and Esther Satterfield...Land of Make Believe. I loved this when it first came out for a lot of reasons but the best thing for me was how long it was....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Betty Carter...Legendary Jazz Great (RIP)...she is one of my Sunday Afternoon "go to" artists...this clip has some great choreography..


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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Herbie Hancock and Bettye LaVette (two of the best artists alive IMO) ...Do You Love Me Still (love this song)...A Tribute to Chaka Khan ....of course I am gonna love it....brought a tear to Chaka's eyes....I love when someone pays proper respect to Chaka Khan....

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Chris Botti and Sy Smith...The Look of Love...a classic. Botti and Smith do it justice...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Teena Marie (RIP)...she did a lot of great stuff but this was one of her first...and my favorite...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    ...and Rick James...I lost my Rick James post...maybe my sex story was too nasty

    I liked his first LP and single the best but I liked everything else he ever did too.....I was dancing to this by myself when it first came out and I met the hottest fuck of my life...he came up to me and invaded my space and was really arrogant ...I smacked him away from me because he pissed me off but that just made him push harder...and push harder he did

    You and I

    and then Give It To Me baby...one of my favorite dance songs and I never got tired of hearing it...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    My other favorite artist next to Chaka Khan...Stevie Wonder. The man is a genius...he writes/produces/plays/performs...and he is blind.

    It would take pages to pay tribute to him properly so I will just do five...

    My favorite song ever written....



    DO I DO



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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    I´m much into Motown/Northern Soul, old jazz stuff. Also, new stuff, like Oceana, Amy Winehouse, Gregory Porter etc.
    ¨Beware the fury of a patient man¨ - John Dryden

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quote Originally Posted by aaggii View Post
    I´m much into Motown/Northern Soul, old jazz stuff. Also, new stuff, like Oceana, Amy Winehouse, Gregory Porter etc.
    I am not familiar with any of them but I will check them out..you can post any of the stuff you like here...I would like to hear it.

    The Supremes...Post Diana Ross...

    After Ross left they actually had some decent hits but they were overshadowed completely and fell into the background...but before they did they recorded some great stuff without Diana...I bought all their stuff of course...it is hard to find these days...




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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Another favorite "Girl Group"...First Choice...I loved them a lot.....they had a lot of killer remixes but they are not online anywhere and I thought about posting them on YouTube...




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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Staying on Girl Groups...I loved The Emotions..I wore out my copy of Flowers....

    I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love


    Don't Ask My Neighbor (My Favorite)

    Best Of My Love

    One more...along with EWF...Boogie Wonderland...this is one of my favorite videos to watch...probably watched it 300 times

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Two More groups I loved...WAR and Undisputed Truth.....

    The World Is A Ghetto...WAR


    Undisputed Truth...You + Me

    Undisputed Truth...Smiling Faces

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    any suggestions for good contemporary and classic male jazz vocalists? the ones ive been listening to have been bennett, sinatra, armstrong, jareau, benson, buble, connick, mcferrin, cullum...surely there must be more good ones out there...any helpful suggestions?
    My new and improved (still working on it) blog. Pictures and videos to watch and download.

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Quote Originally Posted by sammyyummy View Post
    any suggestions for good contemporary and classic male jazz vocalists? the ones ive been listening to have been bennett, sinatra, armstrong, jareau, benson, buble, connick, mcferrin, cullum...surely there must be more good ones out there...any helpful suggestions?
    Hmmm...I like everyone you have mentioned...Benson is my favorite...

    I love TC Carson.....have you ever listened to him?

    ...how about Kevin Mahogany?

    ...and though they are a vocal group The Manhattan Transfer has two male vocalists...they are great...especially live...

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    Re: R&b/jazz/blues

    Since it is Christmas...Mary J Blige and Andrea Bocelli...masterclass...

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